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  1. The short clip of the model on the treadmill at first glance will convince some, look closely and you will notice that she holds the model for a short time so that energy is put into the system and on releasing it drives the model, basicly the treadmill is spinning up the wheels while she inputs a force to keep the model stationary instead of it reacting and moving backwards, the whole description is cleverly tthought out and explained, but its a joke
  2. You can't get more than 100% efficiency in any energy conversion, this device is a joke cleverly explained
  3. Sorry to be blunt, but taken as read that is complete nonsense P.S. Just read the attached file ..good grief does that guy sell Dihydrogen Monoxide
  4. Apparently Captain Kirk is going up next....To boldly go where no 90 year old has gone before🙂
  5. Now I've heard some silly things but...
  6. Blimey is it?, I thought it was a type of material used to make jackets out of 🤪
  7. I thoroughly agree
  8. I've been reading Internet forums for a loooooooooong time (probably too long and I think I can honestly say I've never seen anyone dig such a big hole for themselves....astounding
  9. Its really pretty, but the flight model for the prop singles is not great in some aspects, Landing the taildraggers is way too easy you have to try hard to mess up, you can climb at <Vx with no rudder needed to keep the ball centered and on the take-off roll the slightest crosswind from the right (2-3 knots) will completely overcome the tendency of the included taildraggers to swing left on raising the tail and swing you the opposite way as if the crosswind was 10+ knots..... very unrealistic Turbulence seems well modelled Its multiplayer function is awesome Overall X-
  10. Agree on the lack of tech pieces in UK Mags and far too much emphasis on personal stories of some awesome trip which generally have the same effect on me as people showing their holiday snaps and describing how great the service was at the Tapas Bar. Saying that, the last Flyer mag had some good stuff
  11. Red

    Jab engines

    Should I close the Jab Engines group?, it seems to be superflous with 99% of activity in this thread. Probably better to keep all the info in one place....what you think?
  12. Hello Bruce, I'm a newcomer to Jabs, but have a lot of time on Rotax 912 which uses same carbs I tend to view Hoses as an 'on condition' component carb overhaul for the bings If I havn't touched them in 5 years then I will take apart and replace anything needed )Diaphragms I change regardless of how they look). Carb Socket I will also change if it has lasted 5 years (in my experience some can go bad much sooner) I use only Ethanol free fuel, if using fuel with Ethanol id be looking very regularly at my hoses and carb floats Jabiru Fuel pump is a bit of an unknown to me right now
  13. Such a shame these projects ended up in the hands of Walter Mitty
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