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  1. Got some images of the antenna, not good focus though. Will get a ground plane fitted inside. Also is the ground plane I put in my Nynja build in 0.5mm aluminium.
  2. Thanks RF will pass on, is the 59cm from tip to end of insulation of antenna. So if antenna unscrewed, tip to end of plastic, not including the chrome end base that screws onto the mount. Appreciate your time and comments. Cheers.
  3. Hi RF Thanks for comments. New install. Aircraft has just 23 hours. 123.45 worked good at 3/5 but 126.7 US at quite 1 and gets feedback noise loud while transmit button pressed. I read history of radio is that it was sent to Microair 2 years ago (March 2019) bench test and minor repair, solder etc on mic 2 (cost about $460 all up; appraisal and then 3 hours repair / test at $140 / hr, :-) Always been noisy on transmit. Passed on to try a proven antenna; he may buy a better type antenna, also trying to get some images of the existing one. I would describe the antenna as being a f/g wi
  4. The owner has another antenna on another aircraft, both are screw on to the base and he will change them out as next trial. Be nice if it’s the antenna for him. The rain is bucketing down and the highway is full of potholes so he cannot get to it today. Another mate lives next door to the airfield and he may have time get some images and change out the antennas and test at least a transmission on 126.7. If no feedback will be a positive. Thanks all for replies and I post the results, etc. Cheers.
  5. I use reminder Airspeed correct, appropriate for conditions and ball in the centre.
  6. Aircraft is a mates Skyranger. I’ll check through my images for the antenna and cable as aircraft is over an hour up the road. I was up there yesterday doings its first 25 hour service on its Rotax and repitch the prop. Tried two headsets same noise. Run out of time to look further for him or even adjust the sidetone or mic gain as he had to leave at 4pm. I passed on about the SWR and he will ask local lame at his airfield. Thanks and appreciate info. Mike
  7. Thanks; what is the fix for that. Redo the cable ends or replace with better grade of cable? Thanks for info.
  8. Today a friend showed me his microair 760 version N2 fault which when transmitting on 126.7 the headset get bad squelch type noise and is heard at 1 out of 5 and very unreadable. On 123.45 on transmit no noise and is received at 3 out of 5. Any ideas if adjust mic gain or sidetone pots on side of radio need adjusting. Used both Bose and pilot brand head sets.
  9. Thanks Scott. What tube did you use, the blue urethane type?
  10. The blue is a polyurethane and the yellow is a PVC. A mate returned my phone call and said he uses the blue and it’s ok. He presses it to check it. I’m leaning towards putting blue on one side and yellow on the other side and time may show a difference. I won’t use the clear pluse line again as it went brittle. I bought the blue and yellow hose from aircraft spruce a couple of months ago so should it good products. Thanks for your replies.
  11. What are peoples experience with clear hose for fuel tank contents gauge. Clear, blue or yellow. Also what is the in service life expectancy with them. I recently bought some yellow and blue types in 1/4” I’d from aircraft spruce. I’m undecided with type to use. Thanks in advance.
  12. Sometimes very good definition some times bad. A 360 camera end would be great if / when available. The one direction view is a pain to use at times. Look forward to using a 360 type one day. Cheers
  13. The Nynja's are soon at 600kg and will be factory build option as well. Will make a good trainer flying wise and maintenance wise. Just showed the 600 undercarriage drop test being done on facebook a few days back. My next project is too get another Skyranger and fit 'Puddle jumper' floats as the Whitsundays and other areas a good to visit with on water landing ability. Just realised thread drift, apology in advance.
  14. Should have added question about wing design was 6 years ago. (too late to edit post.)
  15. Favourable reports of Jab engine running on 98. Look at what RF is going through due to AvGas. I'm a machinery person and see added maintenance outside the oil change and other scheduled maintenance times that that away flying time heads off, new valves and rings in a particular cylinder every 25 hours. Before I built what I have now I emailed Jabiru inquiring if a new wing design was on the design board to allow shorter field ops and of course a slower cruise speed comes with that and Daniel there was good enough to give a reply, 'No'. I believe there is a market for a shorter field ops
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