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  1. Agree re Skyfox's after owning a Ca21 version. the Gazelles have a larger tube fitted at build time for the wing strut carry through. I fitted the AD extra carry through tube to my CA21 taildragger.
  2. I ran a 3 blade bolly on an 80hp Rotax in a CA21 (25-0606); it was good.
  3. My post above (May 27) is what you need to consider doing.
  4. I cannot say specifically, but sometimes in marine Diesel engine heat exchangers I have had to restrict (reduce) the flow rate to improve the cooling as it allowed better heat transfer due to the slower flow.
  5. You will only get the removal of heat if you include a larger or additional oil cooler. The thermostat will maintain the warmup to operating temp. I believe.
  6. Duncan if your close to Caboolture drive to the airfield and at the Gliding club ask for Bert, I saw two vintage aircraft he built with original metal parts and all new timber and covering, he is a legend and knows about this stuff and the glues and the preparation to glue. If you find him and he has time take notes or even record on your phone what he tells you.. I have learnt great stuff off him and Bernard (Speedy) in the past. Worth the travel I reckon.
  7. Thanks for all comments and advice. I have just finished setting up a Telstra plan for the 40GB, 365 days at $150. Will be travelling out west in the Central and northern parts of Queensland so chose Telstra for the hopefully better coverage and hoping the 40Gb is enough.
  8. Going to call at local Telstra shop and signup for it. Have connected to my mobile but sometimes it’s a pain to connect so going to spend the coin on a dedicated SIM card plan.
  9. I read Telstra has a data plan for 40GB foe 12 months at $150. Looks about the best data plan foe ozrunways use. Any ideas.
  10. I agree and would ask advice from the few very experienced wood aircraft builders, restorers, repairs for example Bert Perrsons at Caboolture or Nigel Arnot Boonah etc.
  11. Maybe ARN + owner of a VH registered aircraft only get the email.
  12. Should be ‘No Fear’ in a w&b being done on any RAA aircraft or any presented for sale by CASA staff. They are welcome to weigh mine anytime either in the hangar or at an airfield I land at. We need the aircraft within the requirements. If mine was done I would check the figures they record for my verification that it’s being done right. IMHO.
  13. Good move, sorry to hear the unfortunate surprise, however better to be safe, eg hire out for a trip and load some baggage that places behind aft cg limit.
  14. Hi Danny. Post description, details, some over all images and price. The market sorts the rest. Buyer then should check and verify happy with build so far and then move forward on the build. Hope this helps. for example a mate purchased a built Skyranger, not flown or registered. Seller said had done 2 hours wheels off. Built with L2 and checked by L4. I was asked to fly off first hours, my reply was I needed to check thing throughly, mate was a bit surprised but understood my reasons, basically with all respects of L2 and L4 inspection still won’t trust anyone. After a number
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