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  1. He was at idle and low speed and unable to get the nose up, he was going to check the deflection degrees of the elevator. He said it was better and I did not get details of what they did. He is a well experienced from building and now owning a factory 230. He was asked to have a fly of the other 230 at another airfield he took off from there and was landing at our field so he knew the approach and numbers well. I know about the needed to have elevator adjusted to the specs. As always at annual time measure the deflections and then see how it feels. On my present aircraft I adjusted in
  2. Can agree with that as an owner at my field with a 230 was helping a guy with another newly purchased second hand 230 at another local field with flying and landing it and he could not get enough up elevator on flare to get the nose up like he could with his. They sorted it and I expect it was to add more up elevator in the adjustment (within spec of course). As I don't have a Jab I am not farmilar with the deflection degrees of the elevator. Would be worth the owners contacting jab Bundy and ask thier comments as the POH may need additional info for the pilots flying them. I know it opene
  3. List what temp your gauge is showing say at end of climb and general cruise. Then people can comment further.
  4. I’m sure they would ask does it remain or go with the aircraft every flight. If it remains it would need approval and a yearly fee.
  5. Will be in about 2 1/2 months time unless I get some spare time in between. Just need to arrange the dynavibe when I'm ready to do it; as I will re run the readings as the prop is and then fit the balance master and repeat the reading. This will show the benifit / performance result - static. However it's our good diving period as well and we can catch Barramundi up until 1 November; and other fish so when the weather is right I'll be diving in the blue water rather than flying in the blue sky so much. Just finished the annual and engine service (takes time out of flying) and will do the f
  6. I had one on and noticed improvement. Took it off at present as a mate loaned me his dynavibe unit and the balance is close to perfect. And the engine feels great. I’m keeping the balance master as I will put it back on after next time I do a dynamic balance. Worth getting and fitting.
  7. Nev, just saying as an option to get in some flying fun between looking around. Finding the right aircraft (condition / price) could take 18 months; more or less. this way you have a hangar or hangar space organised and can fly on demand pretty much and be involved in aviation more. Still can rent to keep current in others. Never know what you hear about on the grape vine about aircraft for sale or available to buy, also the good and bad history of such. Cheers
  8. Replaced the oil hose with the recent engine service (250 hours and almost 5 years) and fuel hoses are next and put silicone tape on ends.
  9. Replaced the oil hose with the recent engine service and fuel hoses are next and put silicone tape on ends.
  10. For two person side by side perhaps a good condition / priced XAir, fully enclosed and fun. Nothing beats airtime, and as the post says it will get you to other airfields and some flyins where you could chase up some share flights in other types and your preferred at the time machine. Such would allow flying when and where, no already booked or time constraints. Just an idea for consideration.
  11. You could also consider an hour builder aircraft; not your present choice but still you will have fun and gain valuable experience. That would allow you to fly to some other airfields and do some share flying with people to get the feel of 170 /230 and other. Probably not be doing the of or on but you will observe the performance two up. Also then you will have sorted a hangar and if you buy at a nice price should be able to resell at same price. The experiences will be very beneficial and educational.
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