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  1. Thanks Red, enjoy a nice break. If ever in Mackay call in. I enjoy you posts. Cheers Mate.
  2. Nice looking strip and the hills look nice and clear skies.
  3. Hi give the guy with the Blue Savanah VG for sale Kylan. He has a engine about 300 hours he is parting out bit so may have the oil tank for sale. I listed the add for him so the phone number is in the add.
  4. Flylight Airsport in UK sell the main wheel spacer parts and are awaiting supply of the wide nose fork, I'm waiting on one for a mates Skyranger. I've got the main wheel spacers for the Nynja but not fitting at present. Cheers.
  5. Hi I've been away on a camping holiday, no phone reception so missed the question. 8 x 6". I'm fitting my mates at present, did the nose wheel this afternoon and will do mains tomorrow. Were waiting on availability of the the wider nose leg, supply chain and build quality issues so they are chasing satisfactory quality of build. 2images of the camping trip for 12 days in December.
  6. Yep, another is m/s. the only one I remember is 26 meters per second is 50 knots; I work of that. Only good for trivia I reckon. Cheers an if ever your in Mackay your welcome for a fly. I have taken a couple of forum friends for a fly in the past. Cheers.
  7. This is Brian who designed and built the first Terriers with he last project before he left us; a great person and I was fortunate to have him share a flight in the Nynja. He was a great mate to many up here and everywhere he took his aircraft.
  8. 185 kts or kph? Won't you leave the wings behind at 185kts?
  9. Keep at it mate; that's what the after flight debrief is all about and whenever extra flights are needed its for yours and the aircrafts benefit. I did a bfr in a Foxbat 22 years ago; I had to return for another flight. Had never flown a foxbat 22 or yoke controls. It was a bit disappointing at the time ect; but hey got another lesson / flight with a great instructor and I was better for it. The second flight was straight forward and he introduced me to some new skills during it. And I was current again. Cheers.
  10. Thanks Scott, I read their email last night but did not download the images. That's at Poolies Island near Carmilla south of Mackay. I sengt the image in years ago for one of those photo comps. Cheers
  11. Flyboy has good advice above, there is a terrier at Childers. If you were looking at getting one it would be worth a drive up a meet him and I'm sure he will explain in detail what he had to do to get it good. A phone call to the Isis flying club will put you it contact with him. Cheers
  12. Yes still an active strip. I have never been there so did not comment about it. During the year usually meet up with 3 aircraft from there. Also known as Anthill plains.
  13. If you go say from Flinders Street east the distance would not be very different to either location. Just saying Donnington is an option. Every time I've been there excellent surface and welcome.
  14. Time Left: 23 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - GOOD

    For sale is a well maintained vg Savannah 2014 build. Has 490 hours. Flown 230 trouble free hours over the last 3 years. Has four 36 litre fuel tanks which gives 8 hours flying time. Has 100hp 912uls rotax with a bolly prop. Also has a transponder. Aircraft currently being flown. Plane is located in Mackay, Qld. $46,000 ono. Ph 0423418861 ask for Kylan


    - AU

  15. What lead boots do you have. Usually need the plug with the removable cap so boot fits to the thread, not the solid end one. Difference is the code on the pack not the spark plug designation. (would have to check my notes tonight to send the details or you can look it up on NGK site or rotax forums. You may have the correct plugs without caps.
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