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  1. Plus they are very noisey and that is not favourable for flying quietly over close by houses, also noisy during run up on airfield and on shut down. Every time I am at Shute harbour airstrip I feel sorry for those who are staying at the caravan park next door. Turbines are a nice sound; but regular noise is not welcome in our under 600 kg aircraft. I’ll take cover now and await some replies.
  2. F10 I’ll did up an image or 2 when I changed mine out years ago. Cheers.
  3. They are easy to change out. When I did mine I placed the old screen over the new piece drilled the corner holes and installed Cleco’s and drilled the other holes. Holes need to be over size so the swelled / pulled rivet doesn’t crack the screen.
  4. Hi Jack Sorry to here there a faults with your aircraft; as you posted the work was being done by the factory people of Aeropup at Gympie surley there is a small claims case for the poor work and reportable maintenance matters that need addressing by RAA and perhaps CASA would be interested. Hope you soon enjoy some nice flying. Regards Mike
  5. The worm drive in the image above looks ok, not a full penetration through the band type.
  6. To perhaps add to Turbo’s information, I believe that the coroners findings has over recent years have lead to enhancements in the way we are taught to fly, how bfr’s content is styled and enhanced the maintenance and qualifications / training; all in a positive way. The coroner will present his findings and recommendations in a list and in our case RAA will take these on board and require us member pilots and maintainers to achieve certain extra things in an effort to reduce the number of deaths that can be assessed as preventable to some extent.
  7. Hi F10 with fuel hose I use Gates carby type hose it’s USA quality, some of the super cheap stuff can fail as it’s not quite the same quality and some won’t accept any ethanol in the fuel so if the companies mix the fuel a bit it may affect the hose causing the liner to breakdown and clog some filters etc. Just posting for info and if you like look up the spec for the fuel hose you bought, brand should be on the side of the hose. There are some other good quality fuel hoses mentioned in the Savannah threads. Cheers and enjoy the Gazelle. Also there is a full copy of the Gazelle mainten
  8. That could be a whole new list under classifieds they just need a friend to help with the advert / listing as could help out both sides. Need some details, images and a price with ONO; otherwise not worth the effort in chasing up or considering. It could then be like an online boot sale at the markets or car, bike meets. When I went to Temora in Easter 2010 there was a display of items with process on from aircraft parts, tools and equipment. I both a couple of things. The sellers weren't there just had a price and contact. People manning the stand took the payment
  9. Pretty much agree, did read they would be happy with 6,500 or 2,000 agl. Will need to read again next couple of days. Cheers.
  10. Update is that today we changed out the radio to an older model micro air and give clear excellent 5/5 comms on 126.7 and 123.45 with engine at 4,800rpm on ground and using a handheld and 500 meters between aircraft and handheld. Noticed engine mount rubbers soft so will be replacing before it’s next flight. Therefore the serviced radio has some sort of issue. At least next flights will have the aircraft radio all sorted.
  11. If the report content is right, could say he / they murdered the Avenger. Like they drilled most of the holes in the Swiss cheese. IMHO.
  12. For 45kts stall I will approach between 58.5 and 63 kts. (1.3 to 1.4 times stall). Depending on wind / weather conditions.
  13. My stupid question, for the day - can you shim the head? Gasket type material?
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