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  1. Disconnected lower, where they connect to the bellcrank at back end off control tube that goes longitudinally under the middle between seats. I’ll phone mark at a continent time tomorrow as late evening now. Cheers.
  2. A friend has an XL savannah and when flying it is very stiff to roll the control column for the ailerons. Today I disconnected the pushrods from the control tube bellcrank. (up behind the seats via underside of the fuselage. With these disconnected it is stiff to move the bellcrank rolling up and down. I have not built a savannah. How do you adjust this sort of tightness. Looking at the build manual there is a plastic bearing of sorts in there. Only had about 15 minutes to look at things today for him. Any ideas appreciated.
  3. Hi Jack I just called Ben the owner before Ray. The skins you have were the ones before the new ones he fitted and you will find they are cut up as he used them for wing covers. Not serviceable. Cheers.
  4. Very sad. A great bloke will be missed.
  5. My experience with two wing tanks (52 lts each - total 104 lts) in a high wing (Nynja) feeding into the Savannah 6 litre collector tank is that when the wing tanks are getting to about 15 litres each the fuel flow slows (mix of fuel and air as the fuel in the tank surges. no baffles in the tank, pickup at rear lower position) into the collector tank. I believe that this is due to the pressure of air via the forward facing fuel tank vents within the wing tanks; restricting the escape of air from within the collector tank. I can see the collector tank and its contents level and also the flow f
  6. What winds did you have down there; we had crap NW and same tomorrow so I'm planed to fly Tuesday arvo as pleasant winds for low level local flying. NW is crap as it spills over miles and miles of hills so just rotor stuff constantly. Not the enjoyable stuff.
  7. Hi Jack I find the mini iPad a satisfactory size. (Had a Samsung mini and it was good; but lacked all the features that the apple units display so upgraded.) Also you need the cellular version. Re a mount I made mine out of aluminium sheet and lined with sticky velvet, held in at top with the black shock cord and it fits with its protective cover on. Mine is on panel but you could mount elsewhere or on a knee pad.
  8. I think it was 2mm from memory. I did same for same thickness. You will see when you have the cowl off as you will see the thickness.
  9. Not sure of size, as in image bought an over size piece and cut out of that.
  10. The old one is the stress cracked one, the new was all good. Very easy cut and fit.
  11. Absolutely agree, my take is if fuel quantity not verified what else is not D.I'ed before flights. Fuel quantity not sufficient for the flight etc is a situation of responsibility of the Pilot.
  12. Blueadventures


    You would be best to phone RAAus as $308 is initial reg application. Transfer of ownership is $120 plus condition report - form 013 and yearly rego is as SAJ says $198. They will be to ones to advise your way forward to a current rego.
  13. Blueadventures


    Open raaus and log on then do search for fees schedule. That will take you there.
  14. Blueadventures


    Hi Shane was that renewal of rego. Or an application for an expired rego for an aircraft that has been off the registration for a period. I’m not 100% about my post but it is the way I read the fees schedule. Cheers.
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