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  1. I see jacks and my t300s have rear walls. Must have been fitted to the later builds maybe.
  2. How long do have before you can pick up your plane now. I Am hoping to go and get mine next week.
  3. Mercury had plastic drive gears which used to fail too.
  4. I am only going on what i have read from marine mechanics and some i have spoken to over the years. Nearly every failure i have heard of has been on 1 cylinder rarely all cylinders. Mainly omc vro systems which had a horribly undeserved reputation. They actually over oil when they fail although i believe some were known too deliver insufficient oil from new and were not tested for oil delivery as recommended by omc when installed. Sudden oil injection failure damages all cylinders and crank. 1 cylinder failure which is the most common is a lean condition in that cylinder. I am sure you wi
  5. Premix is fine. I have owned more premix outboards than injected but i prefer the injection because its cleaner and more economical but 99% of outboard owners are convinced their engines are going to sieze if they don't remove the injection. Now i am getting into ultralights the same old arguments are present here as well. I guess it will be a mute point in the near future when our 2 smokes get banned.
  6. How many 582s have failed because of oil injection. Just curious because this argument has gone on about oil injected outboards for years but most of the time the oil injection is not at fault.
  7. I didn't realise i was looking at your thruster flying around on u tube. I was watching it today and recognised the number.
  8. Sounds good . I will get some.
  9. What is the best oil currently available for a 582. Mineral oil that is.
  10. Captain beaver i apologise for hijacking your thread.
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