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  1. As per person who started the thread - let's call it to a close here - happy fathers day and safe aviating.
  2. To be honest, I think it's a very impressive edition. I was concerned for a while (after Mark's untimely departure) that it may disappear altogether... but it's back, and I think he would be proud. Anyone else have thoughts?
  3. BTW - on the topic of flying, I made some polite enquiries today... it seems some Victorian aviators may be operating under some older guidance (eg https://mfs.com.au/staying-safe-covid-19 - example only, this company is not presently flying although others are). Perhaps this explains the ~10 or so training flights I could see today. Even though I am vacinated and would be of no risk to anyone with a solo flight, perhaps it's the optics of if that prevent me. Hang in there everyone!
  4. The observation is that multiple Victorian training aircraft are in inflight in Victoria, right now, including the one from a major university (an organsiation that you would expect would take a conservative view). Is there a "recreational flying" guidance / exemption / "understanding" that anyone has come across.
  5. It's probably more an observation (from FlightRadar) than a a suggestion. I know that people movements on roads are steadily increasing. Personally I would have hoped any activity that results in no human contact would become tacticly or implcitly permitted, given we are likely to be in some form of restrictions for the x months it takes to get to 70/80/90% vaccination levels.
  6. OK so I am in Melbourne, in lockdown 6.0, and using Flightradar24 app I have observed various private aircraft flights around the state, typically without any regional landings. I have also observed [xxx] Aviation Academy flights. There are probably many more without ADS-B. So I am aksing if you have any "friends" (no names) who may be keeping their skills current, and what approach they may be taking. In my situation, it's my own aircraft, so zero other human contact would be required to fly it. I spoke to the nice lady on the Victorian COVID hotline, and she has
  7. OAT - not sure to be honest, probably 0-ish. There is a cabin heater in the aircraft... but I encouraged my wife to wear warm socks. She also brought a big loose "throw around", which frankly I found a bit loose as it hung over the controls etc. But she was warm enough to fall asleep just after that photo.. it might have also had something to do with the wine she had at Milawa (YILA).
  8. Thanks everyone.. flew back home over Mt Buller yesterday with no sign of icing. IMG_0746.MOV
  9. Thats a shame.. only available to tour operators licenced with Parks Vic!
  10. I did a volunteer drive today for Angel Flight (shameless plug for charity here = https://www.angelflight.org.au/). The person I had the privilege to transport had never flow to Melbourne before, but they had flown from Mallacoota to Gabo Island! "Gabo Island?" ... yep, he stayed in the assistant lightkeepers cottage which is heavily booked https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/bookings/place/gabo-island-lighthouse-reserve. As a non-pilot, he said the approach was very "interesting"...it felt like they were going to fly into the cliff - presumably 06. There is not much information on it o
  11. This is something I either never learnt, or forgot, from my RAAus cross country.. so seeking your collective advice. I am contemplating a flight soon at 7500. The GAF has conditions per the below image. Aside from using the cabin heater, and not flying near any cloud, using carby heat on descent, is there anything else I should watchout for generally (eg icing on surfaces). The engine is a 912.
  12. Telstra wholesales parts of it’s mobile network to Aldi and others, but the Boost brand, which is Telstra-run within Australia, has access to the larger Telstra coverage. This webpage has a comparative coverage map https://www.whistleout.com.au/MobilePhones/Guides/Telstra-network-coverage-vs-ALDI-Woolworths-Belong-Boost
  13. I am by no means the expert, but I have found it handy to use a web tool https://www.geo-fs.com/ (with the 10 euro HD option) I'm not much of a gamer (hence no FS2020), so I mostly just use the "autopilot" to fly my proposed route, at the altitude I expect. This enables me to watch the satellite imagy and moving navigation map to get more familiar with the various landmarks and circuit on approach to unfamiliar airports.
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