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  1. Ladies and gents of the brains trust. Seeking some insight Many aircraft that don't actively pump fuel to the motor have vented fuel tanks to ensure air pressure is on the side of gravity in ensuring a smooth fuel flow. My fuel caps have a little forward facing tube bent through 90 degrees. I'm guessing that by facing them into the direction of airflow the intent is to prevent rain dropping in but more importantly to force air in and actively pressurise the fuel tanks to improve fuel flow. I run my electric fuel pump on take-off and landings and at full
  2. Hey Old Koreelah, really enjoyed that! What an awesome machine. from an operational perspective it seems way more pratical than some of the earlier designs we have seen (some of which involved the vehicle detaching wings and leaving them at the landing strip. What a great toy! However, the vehicle must be so lightweight in construction you wouldnt want any kind of a dingle or even a shopping trolley rash on it However appealing the aircar idea I cant believe it will ever catch on, except possibly for autonomous controlled vehicles. Most people just wont
  3. Bruce just to clarify, nobody is saying my insurance is invalid. My current policy was entered into before we had an airstrip (they did ask if we had one!) I'm just concerned that if I have need to call upon my insurance (bushfire being our greatest threat) the insurer could try and renage on payment by saying we have an airstrip. The actual strip is approximately 2 kilometres from my house through woodlands no chance it could have any impact on my residential risks.. It is only for our personal use, no other users. My friend who had the issue ha
  4. Hi onetrack Thanks for your insights. I agree with all you have written. I am not concerned with household insurance covering the airstrip or aviation related activities and assets. Some insurance providers ( trying to ascertain the extent through this thread) see having an airstrip on a property as an additional risk ( even if the insurance does not cover anything aviation related). I guess they assume an aircraft might crash in flames into your house - or whatever (!!) Anyway, it either means they either refuse to cover or offer such extraordinarily hig
  5. Hi folks! Something I've raised here before - having an airstrip on your property and how it impacts home insurance. I'm keen to know from others who have an airstrip how and if it affects your insurance policy. Not looking for comments about "its just a big fire break mate!" That won't help when your home burns down and the Insurance company want to get out of paying out. So people who currently have airstrips, what if any accomodations have you made with household insurers? Cheers Alan
  6. Simple question here. What are peoples views on giving a passenger a 'feel for the controls' in flight? I'm sure it totally contravenes regulations if you're not a rated instructor -but I'm also sure many people have done it with friends and family. My wife holds an RA pilot certificate, but not the part 61 licence required to fly our aircraft. She will transition to a licence as soon as we have time but in the interim I'd like to give her a little hands on experience to get the feel for our aircraft in case she needs to take control in an emergency. A
  7. Hi folks! I just want to put it out there. I love this movie and have always loved it, since I was young child. Its just a great film. A perfect insight into the early days of aviation much strengthened by the authentic flying scenes. Also bloody funny! In some respects its stood the test of time well... In others less so. That final scene meant to represent the future of aviation when the squadron of English Electric Lightnings goes roaring over in V formation lookS distinctly vintage and smokey now... And yet the old Lightning is still pret
  8. Hundred dollar burger? 😃 Alan
  9. Ok just wanted to bring this up to date. Just phoned Aviation Medicine. Nice lady helped me log on by providing code (I live out bush with no mobile coverage). I found my pending application. My GP had actually gone online and entered my details for me. All I had to do was push one tab 'Agree' and my medical certificate was generated automatically! So the trick is to go back online after your medical to push enter button to fomerly complete the process. I have probably been flying illegally for 18 months because of this, but now I know better. Yippee -six months until I hav
  10. Not if the dog is registered VH experimental.👍
  11. Stupid question maybe --but what can you do on a Class 2 that you can't do on a Class 2 basic? Alan
  12. Pm I didn't see a DAME, just my regular GP. He didn't have a clue but figured out there was a section of the form he needed to sign and return. I was told today that I needed to go back into the portal to do more things before my certificate was issued... I suspect it's different with a DAME who probably has authorisation to sign you off on the spot. I'll go to a DAME next time for sure!
  13. Hi Folks! I just got off the phone from CASA to follow up on a query I had. Just as well I did, because I think I've just learnt I've been flying illegally for the last couple of years! It all boils down to the complexity of the medical certificate process which I failed to complete correctly. I think it was an easy mistake to make and so am flagging it here to prevent the same thing from happening to other pilots. Essentially on my last medical certification I did the online portion of the application, printed out the form, took it to my GP, had a medic
  14. Hi Ironpot CASA have brought out new plain English flight operations guides for regs that will come into effect from 2nd December 2021 Check out the CASA site. They're available to download; Part 91 plain english guide version 1.0 (casa.gov.au) With respect carrying doggo's in aircraft, our chums safety, well-being and comfort must be a primary consideration after general flight safety. The Boy is always harnessed and restricted to his bench in a safe and comfortable area of the cabin. He wears passive noise reduction on his ears, the same as human pas
  15. Lawrie I couldn't agree more. Its nuts if some folks choose to exercise dogs on airfields. That's not their purpose and the dogs pose high risk to both themselves and aircraft operations I think in those circumstances the authorities would be right to prohibit dogs on the airfield. The Boy (my dog) is a frequent visitor to airfields. He has grown up around and in aircraft. His responsibilities include clearing roos and wildlife off our home airstrip but he'll provide the same service at other airfields if instructed. He is very serious about
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