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  1. Don't ever forget, either (and this applies to any form of insurance) - if you under-insure an item (say, for 2/3rds its true assessed value), trying to save money on premiums - then if you have a claimable "insurance event" (i.e. - a prang with moderate damage), the insurance company is entitled to only pay out 2/3rds of the cost of the repairs, as they will state the overall insurance coverage was only for 2/3rds of the full value, so that also means only a 2/3rds payout on repairs.
  2. ....and practise my French! "Don't worry about your French!", said Bull. "I'll be practising my French words, trying to fly this thing? What position is the 4WD lever in for flying? Are these tyres aviation grade? What do I do for a mixture lever? And does the steering wheel still work the same for the rudder, as it does on the road? Inquiring minds need to know, before we get airborne in this thing!" "No need to worry about all that crap!", said Cappy. "These things fly themselves, even without the WW2 Flight Pack fitted..... (and here, Dear NES readers, we have proof of Willys Je
  3. ......all the riff-raff that hangs around WreckFlyin', out of the area, due to its pristine waters, manicured gardens and lawns, and its beautifully-built bar and cafe. Bridal Springs it got its name from the number of Bridal parties held there - well away from prying eyes, so the women could become completely uninhibited and.....
  4. The shooting down of MH17 is pretty indicative that once weaponry of any type is manufactured, it is highly likely to end up in the hands of poorly-trained operators, who know only how to make it launch at a "suspect target". As to terrorism and drones, it only takes a small number of disaffected individuals to purchase off-the-shelf Chinese drones and weaponise them, as we've already seen in the Middle East. There must be a lot of Western senior military leaders laying awake at night, wondering just how the terrorists will penetrate their "security" next. R
  5. .....fuel flying to the non-existent COVID-19 patients in W.A., and instead, sold their surplus fuel to Cappys Airlines, who had engineered a new delivery contract with some important people in Mexico. Of course, Cappy paid for the fuel in suitcases full of cash, in US$ ("just to avoid unnecessary taxes", he told Turbo), and then arranged to have his airline Headquarters relocated to the Cook Islands, where financial transactions weren't scrutinised to the level they are elsewhere. Meantimes, Cappy got word his AOC was going to be cancelled, due to serious lapses in maintenance recor
  6. ...... chalk sticks, ostensibly for teachers in the schools for orphans in Venezuela. But as everyone knows, Cappys airlines don't fly to Venezuela - and if they did, the DEA would have nailed......
  7. You're foolish to weld high tensile and low-alloy steels without referring to the product manufacturers specifications and recommendations for post-weld treatment.
  8. ......all part of a huge conspiracy to interfere with the freedom of aviation. As to Turbo Bed Linen, the part that he plays in this major conspiracy is very opaque to the ASIO investigators, but it seems there's a substantial family tie-up, involving cat farms, antique aircraft, speedway cars, and even trucks. The range of areas involved in the Turbo Bed Linen is quite staggering to investigators, and they're at a loss to try and explain the diverse areas the Bed Linen Family are involved in - but like all major family groups suspected of dodgy business dealings, and organised crime link
  9. ...the Mosque, much to Al G's great concern. However, his distant cousin, Ali G was passing by and stopped, just as the Vespa slid to a halt against the Mosque entrance door. "Hey Mun, dat scooter be clappin' now, eh?", said Ali G. "Yo betta run befo da Jakes turn up! Dat's wun crump message yo left those Muzzies, eh? You is one Rude Boi!" Al G was not only trying to regain his composure at this point, but he was completely flummoxed by Ali G's talk. In fact, he had no idea what he'd just said. "You talking to me, Ali G?", said Al G. Do you want to talk in E
  10. Yep, Racetech Steel they call themselves. They're a fraction closer to Skippy than Andrews, they're at Eastern Creek. http://racetechsteel.com.au/
  11. Skippy, you need 4130 grade Chrome Moly steel, and this is the same steel grade that is used in both aviation and motorsport. Below is a description of Cr-Mo steel, from a Victorian supplier. https://www.airportmetals.com.au/blog/chrome-moly-tubing-used-motorsport-aircraft-manufacturing/ You can buy small amounts such as you need, either online, from eBay, or from motorsport suppliers, who have online stores. If you want the tubing quickly, I'd suggest Rod Andrews Race Cars, who are located in Seven Hills. They don't have an online store, you need to physica
  12. Arron25, use Google search to find it. Use the search term, (sonerai.net: world record plane 12 years on). You need to register or log in to see the discussion. https://www.sonerai.net/threads/world-record-plane-12-years-on.4975/post-37851
  13. ....forgot all about firing on Huns. He both chortled and slavered in anticipation of loading up with free gin. "Jolly good show! What-Ho!", yelled Algy as he throttled back for landing. But suddenly, and all too early, one of the trigger-happy Huns let loose with a few rounds. Terrifyingly, bullets whistled around Algy, and he instinctively ducked. Then suddenly - total, utter, and complete tragedy struck!! A Hun bullet smashed the only remaining full bottle of Gin on board the Camel!! Algy was absolutely outraged!! His rising fury made him apoplectic with rage.
  14. Trump has shot himself in the foot and sealed his fate with his nomination of the strongly Conservative Roman Catholic, anti-abortion judge, Amy Coney Barrett. The women of America don't want to see the reversal of current abortion laws, to a Fundamentalist Christian approach - as Barrett is sure to do. The women are marching against Trump and Barrett and their Fundamentalist views on abortion, and this will galvanise a lot of other women, who might be currently fence-sitting. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-18/womens-march-organisers-urge-women-to-vote
  15. Mud buildup inside the spats? A few tools gone missing? 79 additional kgs is a LOT of extra weight, and surely can't be attributed to just paint and a few accessories, alone?
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