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  1. .....left nostril - which regularly made for angry goannas. And when you've got a number of angry goannas, it's time to look out! However, the Stumpy Tail Lizard Farm, being another subsidiary of Turbine Industries Inc, rarely let the odd angry goanna bother them. "Odd Angry Goanna?", said OT, "That's sounds like a winner of a name for a new movie featuring the Outback, two or three crusty old pilots, some wildlife, wild animals of the interior, possibly a few camels thrown in for good measure, and several ultralights that the pilots are fighting for ownership over!" "I
  2. Our family raised a wedgetail eagle from a chick, back in the late '70's. We had a 5 acre block on the outskirts of a country town in the W.A. wheatbelt, back then. We used to do a lot of farmland clearing in that era, and finding nests in downed trees was common. We took home this big wedgetail chick we found in a nest in a felled tree, and raised him to adulthood. Couldn't do it today, too many wildlife laws, we'd be hung drawn and quartered for not having a wildlife permit, taking a protected species, and a dozen other laws, I probably don't even know about. He was abo
  3. ....show everyone at the meeting, the numerous "hacks" you could do with used chopsticks. He showed them as suitable for use as paint stirrers, how they were good for toothpicks (they get big gaps in their teeth in Tasmania), how you could use them as knitting needles (whereby bull promptly knitted up a pair of thick socks for protection against the cold at 4000 feet), how they can be used to unclog glue and sealant tubes, how they could utilised as picture frames, how they can be used as a kitchen whisk, and how they could be used to rescue toast that was stuck in the toaster. In
  4. ....took a fighting stance and flexed his biceps - and the Tyro tyre automatically assumed an inflated position. "So, who says I can't fly sh*t??, demanded Cappy menacingly. "Do you know who I am?", said aggressive XXXX. "No, who exactly are you?, said Cappy in response. And just like Norm in the Newcastle Song, the aggressive XXXX replied. "You find out, mate!", and he promptly swung.......
  5. ....being a closet gay, and this was reflected in his choice of drinks. Many a time, Cappy was asked to leave bars in the wharf area when he ordered a gin and tonic, whilst everyone else in the bar was drinking XXXX or VB. "I can't understand this rampant bullying over my drink choices?", he complained. "It's not like I've.........
  6. Wouldn't a set of wheels left down and left to spin at takeoff speed, after takeoff, take a considerable length of time to slow to low RPM's? - and wouldn't that set of spinning wheels, which are usually unbalanced due to flat spots from landing, provide a level of gyroscopic imbalance to the aircraft?
  7. There would have to be a very sizeable proportion of the population engaged in growing kelp to provide the quantity required for our current levels of fuel usage. Australia consumes 90,000,000 litres of petrol alone, every day. Daily Gasoline consumption of the U.S. is 1,285,000,000 litres. Jet fuel consumption for the U.S. is 170,000,000 litres daily. And these are 2020 figures, when fossil fuel consumption figures were subdued. I think solar-produced hydrogen, and solar-produced electricity, have vastly more potential than trying to grow our fuel requirements.
  8. The key to Google searches is using multiple keywords, variations of the keywords (different names for the same thing), reversing the position of keywords - and scrolling through multiple pages of results. Google will find it eventually, if it's there on the 'net. The only thing a Google search won't find, is discussions on forums where the forum webmaster has deemed the forum is not searchable by search engines. I'm on another forum like that, Google and Bing bots always show up in the "who's online", but they're blocked from searching the forum threads. Not the case with th
  9. I immediately get suspicious when sellers never post any photos of the actual article - not even the crate! Just photos of "similar" item. Maybe it's just laziness on the part of the seller or maybe it's something more devious. After 40 years in storage, I would like to know the exact style and position of storage. Mechanical items in storage corrode and deteriorate just as fast as items in use. I've seen fully reconditioned engines seize up solid with bore corrosion, after just 2 years in undercover storage. Coastal storage areas are the worst, the air is full of windborne salt.
  10. Oh Dear! If he'd spent much less time on the paint job, and a whole lot more time looking for dodgy repairs, and previous crash damage, he might still be flying in it!
  11. ....especially when he became animated with regard to various arguments on positions that he was in favour of - and the animation was in conjunction with some serious spear-waving, in the general direction of those who opposed him. We managed to find a video of Turbo running one of these meetings, and of course, he's the one wearing the suit, and being a little bolshie with the safety officer, who.......
  12. Here's some more on the Hill Pterodactyl, with further explanation that the design didn't meet expectations of speed and efficiency, and all the Pterodactyl aircraft suffered from excessive pitch sensitivity (as with all flying wing designs). The combination of pitch sensitivity and a poorer maximum speed than expected made the Air Ministry lose interest - particularly when the prototype Hawker Hart light bomber was 20mph faster. The site below also features some fairly poor footage on YouTube, of the one of the earliest Pterodactyls, the MK-1A. It's interesting to see
  13. Interestingly, one Capt G.T.R. Hill designed a number of swept-wing, tail-less aircraft called Pterodactyls between 1925 and the late 1930's. These designs were all built with the principle of a "stall-less" aircraft in mind. Hill was taken on by Westland and the aircraft were designated "Westland-Hill Pterodactyl", with numerous versions produced. All appeared to be aimed at a military market and military orders. Despite the fact that the aircraft all proved to be quite viable in operation, the Ministry cancelled all orders for Pterodactyl aircraft just before WW2, and procee
  14. .....coal pipes, which he had designed himself, and which he had a patent on. The coal pipe smoked so clean, the majority of people didn't even know it was lit. Nancy was impressed, she'd always had a "thing" for manly blokes (such as pilots) who smoked pipes, and who wore smoking jackets, and who looked as if even a 7.3 Richter earthquake wouldn't faze them. "That coal pipe is just amazing! Look at how clean it is! That is going to be the secret to meeting world emission levels in the next decade! All we have to do is convert all cigarette smokers over to Wallys pipe, and the ozo
  15. The link is freely available via a Google search using the pilots name and pprune as search words. I can't remove the link, it can no longer be edited. The evidence the police have gathered over the last nearly 18mths will almost certainly overwhelm his alibis and lawyers arguments. Victoria Police are obviously extremely confident that they have a good case, and their investigative work has been outstanding. The presiding judge will advise any jury to ignore anything they've read or seen on the internet, and to simply deal with the facts as presented. And if he tries to ge
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