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  1. I used to watch the Caribou pilots in Vietnam landing in a strong cross wind. They'd crab at an alarming angle until only a few feet before touchdown, then straighten up with a rudder kick and plonk down smoothly and very neatly, in line with the runway centreline. It was quite amazing to watch.
  2. Strawberry growers, Old K? Yes, the stories we read, they're doing it tough. But in the wanton destruction of ripe strawberry crops, I see a failure to address the current situation, and little attempt to find a way to utilise the fruit. Many a grower has had to re-adjust their plans to find a different way to process and sell their fruit, when their normal market area collapsed. There must be some options available to use the fruit to produce a strawberry product in a different form. A friend used to grow about 20 Ha of (irrigated) onions in the late 1970's. But onion prices
  3. Today, a group of 55 aviators in 23 aircraft, have commenced a Commemorative air trip to celebrate Australia's first scheduled air service - the regular flight service from Geraldton (W.A.) to Derby (W.A.), by the-then Major Norman Brearley, and three aircraft of his fledgling Western Australian Airways, on 5th Dec 1921. The commemorative trip is being carried out more than three months early, to avoid the Wet season and the extreme heat of the North of W.A. in December. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-16/brearley-commemorative-flight/100463236 It's not well kn
  4. Another thing to be aware of in paddock, is low areas that become waterlogged in Winter, and where tractors and plant get bogged, and then get pulled out - leaving massive ruts. These ruts are often not filled in. Knew a farmer bloke who loved barrelling around his large W.A. wheatbelt farm at speed on his big 600cc Honda trail bike. All went well until the day he hit a couple of metre-deep ruts (hidden by long rye grass) at 110 kmh - where they'd bogged the Steiger 4WD tractor, the year before. It was Summer, and the ground was like concrete - including the ruts.
  5. Ian, didn't the majority of users agree that the Xenforo software and page layout was less attractive and less user-friendly, than the IPS software we're using now? Didn't you mention to me earlier this week (and I quote) - "IPS is not an easy to manage software solution like for example Xenforo is, Xenforo is very limited though." In what way is Xenforo "very limited"? Another forum I am on is going through this "Xenforo or IPS"? soul-searching right at present, as a forum upgrade is planned. What is to stop Xenforo from pushing their prices up within the n
  6. .....cattle, known as Herefords, who were happily munching on some........
  7. .....their version of MacBeth for an upcoming show in the new Darraweit Guim multi-storey Performing Arts Centre (which was recently built in record time and under budget by Trackbine Industries). The MacBeth story is based on Cappys life and political ambitions, and dramatises the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power purely for its own sake. Cappy's poor physical and psychological condition today, can be directly sheeted home to his ruthless driving ambition, which has led to him committing......
  8. .....and he started running for his life. He'd just realised CT had mistaken him for a very big rabbit, and he didn't want to end up as a pelt hanging off the tray of CT's ute. In his hasty exodus, Cappy had forgotten about.......
  9. Meantimes, here I am in W.A., State population 2.667M, an economy largely booming, thanks to careful COVID-19 control - with a total virus caseload since March 2020 of 1089, total number of deaths 9, and just 3 currently active cases - all of which came from outside the State, and were detected upon arrival. I know where I'd rather be living if I was given the choice of Florida or W.A. And Mark McGowan, our Premier, has the support of 98% of the electorate. https://covidlive.com.au/wa
  10. Bull - Florida has a population of 21.4M, just a little less than Australia's population. Floridas policy of "keeping the State open with no lockdowns", has resulted in the deaths of 48,772 Floridans. If that's a good price to pay for "keeping the economy open" - well, all I can say is, that Florida only represents the very worst of the American Capitalist system - where money assumes a greater value than peoples lives. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/usa/florida/
  11. Bull, you're still missing the point about lockdowns, and preventing "contagious disease" transmission. If everyone just ignores any mandated lockdowns, feels that the regulations don't apply to them, believe that the virus will have little impact on them, then the scene is set for - not "herd immunity" - but a major escalation in death numbers, a major escalation in people being incapacited by sickness over a long period of time, and a large number of businesses being just as severely impacted, as lockdowns might cause. We are now seeing a major resurgence of the virus in Asia, as man
  12. The WHO estimates, on current best figures (given that accurate recording of deaths in 3rd world countries is highly deficient, and is possibly much higher than officially recorded), that the death rate from COVID-19 is around 3%-4% - while the death rate from seasonal 'flu is generally around 0.1%. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/question-and-answers-hub/q-a-detail/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-similarities-and-differences-with-influenza Keep in mind that WW2 was a horror of sudden death, diseases, accident and training deaths - yet the U
  13. It amuses me somewhat that the people here who claim that COVID-19 isn't a serious threat to our society, try to match figures from road deaths, heart attacks, strokes, and a dozen other causes of death - all the while conveniently ignoring the fact that none of these other reasons for deaths, are highly transmissible! What part of "highly contagious disease", resulting in a declared pandemic, don't you understand? Road deaths, heart attacks and the dozen other death causes compared to COVID-19, have absolutely zero relationship to COVID-19 deaths, as the root causes ar
  14. .......xxxing freezing cold day, particularly when you've just crossed the Antarctic Circle, as Capt Cook did on that day. As a result, Capt Cook had no problem wearing the moleskins with the tight crutch, because everything inside his moleskins had shrunk to one quarter their size, at the point of crossing the AC. However, it was when Cappy started parading around in the white moleskins with the tight crutch, trying to emulate his famous ancestor, that he was besieged by a horde of schoolgirls, who mistakenly thought he was one of the more famous rock stars (who are prone to wear
  15. Flightrite offers no explanations, but he's pretty good on posting one-paragraph vitriolic accusations and belittling, without any proof. Seems just like a former U.S. Presidents modus operandi. I guess there's a few of them around, and the Rod Culleton Gt Australia Party is a good place for them all to gather - the Party of Alternative Realities.
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