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  1. Trust CASA to make simple things like a medical, as obtuse, confusing, and difficult as possible! Is this what Carmody got a gong for?
  2. It's Snoopy!! Is that the Red Baron I see approaching?
  3. True. The Russians declared war on Japan on the 8th August 1945, after the Hiroshima bomb was dropped, and a day before the Nagasaki bomb was dropped. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_invasion_of_Manchuria
  4. There's one simple basic reason that Japan lost the South Pacific Air War. The Japanese built 30,000 aircraft in total - and the Americans built 90,000 aircraft in total. The Japanese were simply overwhelmed by the industrial might of America, and I don't think any individual differences in aircraft designs, had any major bearing on the outcome. Both sides had equally brave pilots, and individual war actions demonstrated that. What is probably not well known, is that the Allies were stunned to find upon entering Japan, that the Japanese had approximately 2,500 operationa
  5. Trump is the master of the "corrosive falsehood", which he continues to promote, even after he has left the White House. His disingenuous lies, constantly repeated, have seen him banned from the largest social media sites - including the one he loved most, Twitter. If that's not a sign that a very large number of important people and leading lights of the media believe that Trump is a danger to democracy with his lying and abusive behaviour, then I don't know what is. https://theconversation.com/trumps-lies-about-the-election-show-how-disinformation-erodes-d
  6. Meantime, Cappy, after his outstanding career as a decorated WW2 Spitfire pilot, has returned home to find he's regarded as "just another pilot" (serious avref), and has taken to tramping the empty streets of Darraweit Guim in gloom, pondering where his life path will take him now. Suddenly a shot rings out, and Cappy hits the ground in abject terror, thinking the Huns are after him again. But then he realises it's only CT9000 popping bunnies - with CT9000 pleased that he's now got the right again, to place another rabbit "kill" symbol on his 4x4 mudguards - just as Cappy did with
  7. The blokes who really do earn and deserve AO's, are typified by the bloke in the link below. The public servants like Carmody deserve bugger-all awards, they're just overpaid desk-pushers. https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/awards/leading-melanoma-researcher-appointed-ac-c-3101163
  8. You could easily acquire a high RPM, high power output engine - but the two associated problems are the weight of the alternator, and finding an alternator capable of sustained high RPM. This one is capable of a sustained 6500RPM, but it weighs 20 kgs. That's before you add an engine. https://www.outbackmarine.com.au/j180-mount-98-series-24-volt-220-amp-brushless-alt
  9. Plenty of motorcyclists do that on a regular basis - with the engine doing 8000RPM or more - between their knees.
  10. .... and XXXXed her large XXXXXer." Despite Cappys intensive poetry work, it was all doomed to end up in the round file at the side of the desk, as no-one was interested in it. This caused Cappy to become somewhat depressed, as there was no mental health support available in WW2, and the only way you could cure your depression was getting into the cockpit of your fighter, and shooting down a few aggressive Huns, thus giving you a feeling of elation that eliminated your depression. Cappy decided he would like to shoot down some Huns, because he hadn't come across any he
  11. Just taking Trump simply as an employer - not as the "Leader of the Free World" - he would have been sacked purely for his viciously abusive and denigrating behaviour to anyone under his control/employment. He sacked dozens of important people with vindictive viciousness, and abused and denigrated them, as he sacked them. All the sackings were based on the person disagreeing with Trump or his agenda to continually promote himself, his investments and his properties - against U.S. law. Many important people resigned just before they were viciously sacked. And we are talkin
  12. .......ollowing some kind of wartime secret coding, because I can't make any sense out of it!". "The reason why the message is garbled, is because of all the pigeon shXX spots!", said OT in exasperation. "If he'd utilised properly trained pigeons from my large stable, we wouldn't have this problem of trying to figure out what are letters and numbers, and what are pigeon droppings!". "And besides, he's obviously lost several carrier pigeons because he let them fly too close to the Darraweit Guim Clay Target Club (DGCTC), and they took a few potshots at the pigeons, becau
  13. The real estate ad photos show a total of about 6 residential-type buildings on the aerodrome, but I couldn't be sure if they're all residential accommodation, or if some are training classrooms.
  14. I must confess I've made an error in presuming the 26 residential properties are located on the aerodrome land itself. The real estate ad doesn't make this clear, but there are only about three residential properties on the aerodrome land - the remaining residential properties would be in the Merredin townsite itself. For the aerodrome to be turned into a quarantine centre, there would need to be a substantial building programme undertaken. Also, the tower located at the aerodrome, despite being raised, was not built to commercial aviation standards, and does not meet standard airp
  15. It's offered up for "expressions of interest", so that means the liquidators are simply looking for an offer that raises as much as they can get for the aerodrome. I suspect any offers will be far lower than the total amount of money spent on the place. I would not be surprised to see the aerodrome change hands for a figure that's in the low hundreds of thousands. The 26 residential buildings on the property, plus the sheds and hangars are about the only realisable value, the airstrip itself has little value to most buyers. The pavement isn't capable of taking heavy jets, so that limits i
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