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  1. What are you driving that has the fuel capacity and reserve for 6185Nm?? A B777??
  2. I would imagine, that typical of so many organisations that rely on volunteers to carry out work, the pool of skilled volunteers at HARS would be declining, and advanced age and declining eyesight would prevent many from carrying out work that is strenuous for them, whereas that work is not so strenuous for a younger person.
  3. Reuters latest news is that the Indonesian National Safety Transportation Committee (KNKT) has issued a statement today that all the FDR data has been successfully extracted from the device. The KNKT statement says that the FDR "has 330 parameters (in its memory), and all are in good condition". KNKT also stated that the information shows the engines were still operating up until the time the aircraft hit the ocean. https://www.reuters.com/article/indonesia-crash/update-1-indonesia-downloads-data-from-flight-recorder-of-downed-sriwijaya-air-jet-idUSL1N2JQ0BN
  4. The two biggest single problems that invade skills over time are complacency, and the gradual intrusion of bad habits. Complacency is familiarity in another form, but it will kill you if you let it intrude into your most important and crucial procedures. Bad habits sneak up on you. You start off by allowing them to creep in, and they gradually get worse. A BFR should identify and rapidly arrest bad habits that have been subtly acquired. I never cease to be amazed at the number of older, highly-skilled, highly-experienced people who kill themselves, purely du
  5. I'd say those users who are getting a security warning have a "top brand name" AV system on their computers. These programmes are often way over the top with their security settings. I don't have any top-level security system on my computer, just a free Malwarebytes program. The classifieds open just fine for me. I'm using Windows 7 Pro and Chrome browser. Google will tell me if a site security certificate is expired, and will block my access to sites they regard as "unsafe". I think Google are probably a bit over the top in their security approach, too. I gave u
  6. Jack, who knows what is likely to go on in the cockpits of low-cost Indo carriers, with pilots who often have poor understanding of aircraft systems? I trust the FDR information soon reveals what happened. Here they are extracting the FDR from its casing and treating it, ready for reading.
  7. Now something interesting has raised its head. A unnamed Sriwijaya pilot has revealed to the Indonesian Tempo newspaper, that this particular aircraft had "been having a repetitive autothrottle problem", for the last month. https://bisnis.tempo.co/read/1423166/kata-knkt-soal-autothrottle-sriwijaya-air-yang-diduga-alami-masalah-berulang While the pilot has not been named, and while investigations are still ongoing, it's interesting to note that an AD (AD/B737/149) relating to the autothrottle computer, as fitted to the B737-300/400/500, was released in December 2000.
  8. .....break open a huge story involving the Don, rigged voting machines, a fake Jedi Rat in Australia, transfers of large sums of money to a small country bank on the NSW border, stolen chooks, false entries in flying logbooks, and well-known aviation personalities, who are currently in hiding. The journalist who cracked the story, one Jeezits Neerlie Aycou, is well known for his persistent and successful attempts to crack open secret deals, uncover corruption in high places, and pin down fraudulent election polls. The involvement of the fake Australian Jedi Rat is unkno
  9. The search for more aircraft pieces, bodies, and the CVR, was suspended Wednesday afternoon, as bad weather whipped up big waves and made diving conditions impossible. However the weather has moderated today, and the search resumed this afternoon. No word yet, on when the FDR will be opened and read. The authorities originally stated that it would be read within 3 days of being found. I suspect we will get no information from the FDR until early next week. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-indonesia-crash/indonesia-to-resume-search-for-victims-black-box-of-
  10. ....which then led to discussions as to what the chook head count would be used for. "Hang on!", cried Turbo, "that's an uneven number of chooks feet, they must've either used a 3-legged chook, or a one-legged chook!" "That's against all the rules associated with utilising chooks for writing! They'll have to go back to scratch (chook ref), and re-write the rules, utilising two-footed chooks only, to prevent any aberrant......
  11. Used to watch the Porter in action in Vietnam, their slow-flying ability was highly impressive to see. They used them to drop SAS troops into strips that were basically just small open patches in the jungle. They carried out a wide range of activities in Vietnam, they were a very versatile machine. Leaflet drops (Chieu Hoi), enemy electronic surveillance (people sniffer and radio transmission interception), target flare dropping, aerial photography, freight and courier jobs, reconnaissance, command and control missions, even rocket ground attack. One was brought down by ground fire f
  12. ....,executed. But it gets even worse than that. The execution is carried out by being tied up, then tickled to death, with a feather on the feet, wielded by Constable Doubtfires sister, Jacinta. But before that occurs, the offender is also tortured. The torture is worse than anything the Gestapo ever thought up - because this is CASA. It starts with a.......
  13. The aircraft involved in this crash, has been reported as accruing over 45,000 hrs TT, and over 24,000 cycles, in March 2012. Even allowing for the aircrafts lay-up for the period of the latter months of 2020, it's highly likely, using the previous average of approximately 2500 hrs annually, and 1333 cycles annually, that the TT of this aircraft had possibly reached 65,000 hrs, with possibly over 35,000 cycles. One could definitely call this an old and "tired" aircraft, without any objection - and if you add in some possible deficient maintenance caused by COVID-19 penny-pinching -
  14. ....approach to a horse. "But, I was only trying to mount it!", cried Turbo, as he was being questioned over the incident. "Yes, that's exactly why we're here", said the investigator, who was a relative of Const Doubtfire, and who was trained to deal with the more deviant types of criminals. She went on, "We've heard some disturbing reports coming from your neck of the woods, and your family assocations, and we need to get to.....
  15. I have to opine that I find it hard to believe that an experienced Captain on a Classic B737-500 would have no ability to control a runaway trim event, given his extensive experience. The original Boeing 737 advice on how to control runaway trim, upon introduction of the model, only covered 3 lines. By year 2000, the Boeing runaway trim recovery advice, still only covered 4 memory items, and less than 20 lines in the QRH. In every runaway trim event I can find, the event usually lasted for a reasonably prolonged period, and involved a "roller coaster" of air
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