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  1. The last engine I had reconditioned (a few months ago - a forklift engine) the reconditioner wanted all the pistons to check for accuracy in dimensions, and to hone each cylinder specifically to each piston.
  2. One of the problems with utilising "resellers" of Telecommunication services (i.e. - those "pop-up" companies that offer a "great phone/data deal", when they have no investment in any communication infrastructure, and have only been created to try and gain a slice of the luscious telecommunications pie), is that, in many cases, these resellers are not given "full access" to the full range of telecommunication facilities, that the infrastructure owners such as Telstra, Vodafone and Optus, own. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus ensure that only those customers who they have a plan with dir
  3. onetrack

    Vultee A-31 Vengeance

    One of W.A.'s most enduring aerial mysteries involved the loss of Vultee Vengeance A27-295 during a training mission in the W.A. wheatbelt on 27th August 1944. A book has been written about it, published by the Shire of Yilgarn (which is centred on the town of Southern Cross) - but the book is now out of print, unfortunately. The pilot baled out of the lost aircraft after sending a Mayday call, and he walked into a remote farmhouse some 4 days later, after travelling through thick scrubland nearly all that time. The young Flt Sgt, Clyde King, baled out befor
  4. ....Cappy saw what had happened with his design, and became enraged. "Now you're well and truly up Schitt Creek, for stealing my Pizza Schitt Utralight build!!", he raged. But Salty set out to calm Cappy down, and pointed out that he'd only gathered up all the pieces from all over the countryside - at his own expense - and he was only trying to help Cappy to get back on track, (avref) with his design work. He had no intention of stealing his design, because he knew that the Pizza Schitt name was permanently entwined with Cappys name and reputation. Not long after Cappy had reb
  5. Is there any reason you can't fit piston cooling jets to the Jab engine? Get-M Garage make piston cooling jet installation kits for the LS, BB and SB Chevy's, BB Mopar engines, and some Ford engines. Watch the installation video on Youtoob and you'll see there's nothing really complex about their design and installation. The only question might be, if there's enough "meat" in the bearing support region of the Jab block, to accommodate the squirters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Cljwe1dkdc
  6. OME, CBT keep a very low profile, and are no doubt concerned about intellectual theft and industrial espionage. I have no doubt dozens of universities, research and engineering depts, and individual inventors, are chasing the holy grail of a lightweight battery, with low costs and improved energy density. The CBT battery and the Chalmers structural battery are quite different in the execution of the structural battery idea. The Chalmers battery has only 20% of the energy density of the standard Li-ion battery - a seriously backwards step, IMO. The Chalmers battery is focussing
  7. There's an old fella from W.A., with a long track record in innovative technologies - you might have heard of him - Ralph Sarich. Besides being a pretty nice bloke (I knew him when he was a bulldozer salesmen, in 1965!), and a philanthropist of note - his brain obviously never stops thinking up new, and innovative, and forward-thinking ideas. Now, Ralph never managed to get his Sarich Orbital Engine to a commercially viable stage, due to many inherent design problems that were deemed too difficult to overcome, way back in the 1970's. But Ralph's Orbital Engi
  8. No, CNG hasn't died - not here in on the left Coast, anyway. The Public Transit Authority in W.A. operates 1138 diesel-powered buses and 512 CNG buses, which are diesel buses converted to CNG. The CNG buses are very acceptable to the PTA, but the life-cycle cost of the CNG buses is affected by big variations in the price of diesel. When diesel prices are high, the CNG buses are in front. When the cost of diesel falls substantially (as it did in 2020), the CNG buses are at a disadvantage. The CNG buses in the first decade of this century had a sizeable advantage in reduced emissi
  9. ......had decided that "Yabbies from Schitt Creek" was the greatest marketing name coup in recent years, and when Turbo suggested he could use Turbine Marketing Inc to promote his product, using the lines, "When you eat one of our Yabbies, you'll know it's Schitt straight away!!", which Turbo promised, would make sales go ballistic. Meantimes, Cappy had found out about Schitt Creek, and decided he couldn't let his best mate Turbo get all the action - he wanted to get in on it, too. As a result, Cappy decided he'd set up an ultralight (avref) manufacturing enterprise on
  10. There is a far greater likelihood of a battery breakthrough with regard to increased energy density, than there ever is of hydrogen power becoming an economic reality. I know a group of Japanese car manufacturers (Toyota included) are intent on creating a range of hydrogen-powered vehicles - but I personally think they're trying to fly a lead balloon. Hydrogen has way too many inherent problems with regards to handling, transport and storage. And at the end of the day, it still has poor energy density compared to petrol or diesel. A hydrogen leak is more dan
  11. FV - You're going to have to bite the bullet and pay the $195 for the 18M roll of fade-out drafting paper. Note that this material is designed to accurately keep its dimensional stability over any substantial length. IBob's advice is critical. Anything else you find, will suffer from serious dimensional stability problems, and that is the last thing you need for plan accuracy. https://www.draftex.com.au/product/clearprint-fade-out-graph-paper-roll
  12. .....Cappys innate and overwhelming fear of water (he spent his childhood in Pommyland). Cappy got a death grip on the handrails and nothing the sailors could do, could prise his grip loose. They gave up and went back to their card games (because all sailors are excellent card players - there's nothing else to do on the water). Cappy, meantimes, had slunk off to the lower deck, looking to see if there was something he could....... [Dear NES readers - we need to find some type of rapid medical relief for Cappys awful, chronic, repetitive state. He's obviously swallowed an LP re
  13. Here's the explanation behind the Martin 404 cylinder pop-out. The engine really did lose a cylinder, but it went right out into the atmosphere and was lost somewhere over Northern Arizona. The Martin made an emergency landing and finished the trip on a replacement engine. They never bothered to fix the cowling as it was the aircrafts last trip to a museum. Once at the museum, the people there decided to position a spare cylinder in the hole. The intake and exhaust on the rear of the cylinder are plugged, a real giveaway. Nev is right on the mark. https://generalaviationn
  14. ....Cappy failed to even see the sea, which left Dalton seeing red, and seething with anger at Cappys inability to see anything beyond his (large and bulbous) nose. A thought occurred to Dalton. Perhaps if he burst into an appropriate song, Cappy would finally take the hint. Accordingly, and to soothe his nerves, Dalton burst forth with the classic lines, from that great old Wartime song - "We joined the Navy, to see the world! And what did we see? - we saw the sea! We saw the Pacific and the Atlantic, But the Atlantic isn't romantic, An
  15. ....."totally deficient in every area, and he should not be allowed to be in charge of anything powered by an engine over 2HP. In fact, this man would be a danger to himself with a rubber sword, and I would recommend that he be placed......."
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