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  1. I'm moving my trike from ESNU to Harrlanda . This is the flight to the new home base ..
  2. This was a magic evening, still air and a friend in the back of the trike. What more can you ask for..
  3. Here are some pictures of it, the first 2 images were the test version in Italy and the 2nd 2 were after it was painted
  4. I once looked at getting one of these many years ago and even went over to Italy to look at its testing and was extremely impressed however the company went broke and the design was sold to other manufacturers
  5. Hi everyone in the gliding fraternity...do any of you remember a guy by the name of Dennis Sumner?
  6. Posts have had to be removed due to racism. This site does not support these types of posts...please help to keep this a great site for everyone, thanks
  7. The ability to upload attachments along with many other extra features are only available to First Class Members as they help to support the site...sorry about that...you could become a First Class Member if you like
  8. Click on your avatar at the top of the menu and from the popout click one of the options there like "Account Settings"
  9. I think it's a good idea...In The Clubhouse set of forums...any thoughts on this (funnies will be combined) General Off Topic - for all the general stuff Politics and Religion - politics yes but not sure about religion Autos and Bikes - cars and motorcycles and boats and trains etc Sports or Health - most people when they get together, especially in Melbourne talk sports but I also wonder about whether we could help each other in terms of health
  10. The next question is whether or not to merge both the jokes/funnies forums together? We have Aviation Laughter forum here and have Funnies forum on the Whats Up site
  11. Is that 6:60 pm or 7:00 pm OME
  12. Yes, that was planned if it went ahead
  13. I am looking at condensing the Whats Up Australia site (www.whatsupaustralia.com.au) forums down into say just 4 forums and migrating them back into here at Recreational Flying. The Whats New will have a new sub menu for just the Off Topic forums so any Off Topic posts won't interfere with the main Aviation Whats New entries. The IMPORTANT thing is I want to hear from you all on your thoughts on this before I do it so PLEASE speak up what you think, every answer/post is correct and very informative so EVERYONE please have your say...thanks and I greatly appreciate it
  14. Ok, I have created a new section called "Aviation Accidents" and it is contained in the "Media" section of the main menu. I will start populating it with accidents over say the last 3 years from the entries in the Aviation News forum to build up the list of entries for discussion so the entries will get older and older as I go but I will also add any new ones that come in as well. There are several categories: Recreational General Aviation Commercial Military Rotary Other Each entry will also contain the tags of the Date of the accident and also the Country of where the accident occurred. These should help in steering any discussion. I also would like to add the strict site rules when discussing accidents: Accidents and Incidents posts are to be made with consideration to them being a learning tool for the betterment of all site members No conclusions shall be made on the cause of any accident. No allocation of personal blame shall be made directly or indirectly at any person. Possible causes, or contributory factors, of an accident may be explored and opinion given based on the poster’s demonstrated reasons for giving such opinion. All posts shall be sensible of the feelings of family and friends and expressed accordingly.
  15. I moved the Aircraft menu item back to the main menu for the time being...I still have not finished populating the other sections yet to start on building up the Reference Section
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