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  1. Hi please help I need to advertise my SK Jabiru but the software won't let me.

  2. Hi All, I have been notified that the software we use on the site here and on the Social Australia site has had a price increase: I’m writing to you to let you know about a few changes to your Invision Community license. Don’t worry, it’s not bad news, but there is a price increase, so let’s get that out of the way first and then get onto the good stuff. We’re switching to annual renewals with a modest price increase. The new renewal cost changes are as follows (per year): Forums: was $50, now $80 (increase of $2.50/month) Blogs: was $20, now $30 (increase of $0.83
  3. Ok, thread is now locked. If you would like to continue with free speech on the subject of Covid please go to our off topic sister site called Social Australia
  4. Please note that users that do not listen to previous warnings are hit with harder suspensions...Flying Binghi has been given a 2 months suspension.
  5. I have created a separate category in the Classifieds section called Completed and 5 days after a classified ends the system will automatically move a completed advert into this category. This will prevent categories from being clogged with expired adverts yet still enable further interaction from a potential buyer after the advert ends...hope this helps
  6. I will look into it
  7. Hi All, this site is provided free of any charge and i am so truly thankful to the small number of users of the site that donate each year a small amount to go towards covering some of the site costs which is well over $3,000 paid out of my pocket. The Aircraft section is now built up to over 800 aircraft as an incredible vast reference for every user making it a great tool for you to use 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Now this has only been made available through the painstaking efforts of one person, the user known as red750. He is a pensioner with minimal income yet he spends much
  8. Please be advised that the user Flying Binghi has been given a week suspension from use of the site as several previous warnings have not been adhered to
  9. I submitted and paid for an order several weeks ago, I sent you a text as well. Cheers - Warwick

    1. Admin


      Found it, sorry about that it went into the universe which hopefully the updates will fix...I will look into what stock I have and the pricing and get back to you tomorrow...thanks for letting me know

  10. I did several very large updates on Clear Prop today...can you advise what the problem is
  11. Please continue this discussion over on the Social Australia site https://www.socialaustralia.com.au/
  12. Guys. I really don't see this discussion continuing on the subject of aviation and I don't think it is going to end well...so I think I should close the topic but I will just see in the very very short term if I am incorrect...thanks for your views and contributions
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