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  1. The first installment of John Brandon's Flying Tutorials titled "Getting Started" have been uploaded to the new Tutorials Section of the site. Overall John's tutorials contain: Getting Started Aviation meteorology Flight theory Flight planning & navigation VHF Radio communications Decreasing exposure to aerodynamic risk Coping with emergencies Airmanship and Safety Builders guide to safe aircraft materials Airmanship and safety: other online reading Powered recreational aviation legislation, CASA advisories and the enablin
  2. Sport and recreational aviation is no longer purely the realm of dedicated minimum aircraft afficionados but has matured into an authoritative industry, well endowed with professional aviation business people and a number of recreational aeroplane manufacturers in regional Australia. These manufacturers currently produce most of the Australian-made factory fly-away aeroplanes — civil or military. In addition they, and other producers, supply aircraft kits for the many home-building enthusiasts — both in Australia and overseas. At the same time there are many RA-Aus members who are exercising t
  3. 1.10.1 The Civil Aviation Act and the Regulations The aviation Acts Australian sport and recreational aviation, in common with all other forms of civil aviation, is subject to several levels of government regulations and rules. The primary legislative Acts are the Air Navigation Act 1920 which generally deals with Australia's international obligations in regard to international air transport in accordance with the 1944 Chicago Convention; and the Civil Aviation Act 1988, which latter is " ... an Act to establish a Civil Aviation Safety Authority [CASA] with functions relating to civil av
  4. 1.9.1 Accreditation of RA-Aus maintenance personnel Aircraft conforming to and operated in accordance with the Civil Aviation Orders CAO 95.10, CAO 95.55 and CAO 95.32 are exempt from those Civil Aviation Regulations listed in the CAOs. The exemptions include CAR Part 4A Maintenance so RA-Aus assumes responsibility for specifying the maintenance requirements for aircraft registered with the administration organisation and thus, has responsibility for accrediting suitably qualified and experienced individuals to conduct maintenance on RA-Aus aircraft. See the Technical Manual maintenance po
  5. 1.8.1 What is airmanship? The definition of airmanship is somewhat indistinct. With the introduction of computerised control systems, the application of airmanship is certainly more broadly based and complex now than 50 years ago. Some might say it involves pilot proficiency, flight discipline, aircraft system and airworthiness knowledge, and skill in resource management, plus being fully cognisant of every situation and exercising excellent judgement. A few years ago someone did say — in relation to the management of airline transport aircraft — airmanship is "the ability to act wisely in t
  6. 1.7.1 Post-certificate learning The airmanship learning curve follows two contiguous paths. One is the airworthiness path where knowledge is sought — and accumulated — of the engine, airframe, propeller, avionics and instruments for each aircraft type encountered plus the skills and procedures required to maintain and repair airframes, engines and componentry. Thus the pilot is always able to assure an aircraft she/he intends to fly is fit for the operation, without being totally reliant on the opinion of others. Many people find advancement along this path most satisfying because it may ev
  7. 1.6.1 Effective teaching strategies Strategy One: Using adult learning techniques Adults learn differently from children and have different learning needs. They come to pilot training with years of experience and successful achievements in other fields, and need to be given respect for their abilities in their own field of expertise. Instructors have to recognise that adults are goal-oriented and expect to know what they will learn and why it is important. They need to know that the instructor has a plan for their learning and will ensure they progress. They expect a goal for every lesso
  8. 1.5.1 The RA-Aus flight training organisation The RA-Aus Operations Manager is responsible to the Chief Executive Officer, the member-elected RA-Aus Board, and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, for the maintenance of a continued high level of safe training practices and methods, general flying and safety standards and pilot competency throughout RA-Aus. There may be Assistant Operations Managers taking some of the load for a particular area. To implement these duties and responsibilities, the Operations Manager approves and initially appoints suitably qualified Chief Flying Instru
  9. 1.4.1 Medical, health and clothing The basic medical requirement is that your health meets the requirements necessary to hold a car driver's licence. This significant concession allows people to fly who would otherwise be grounded in General Aviation. RA-Aus flight instructors, however, must hold a valid General Aviation pilot's medical certificate. General health considerations are basically commonsense. Do not fly when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some medications present no problem but consult your doctor if in doubt. You should avoid flying when taking prescription dr
  10. This topic has been locked, thank you for your contributions on the subject...this is an aviation site so to discuss politics etc please feel free to engage is discussion on the Off Topic site Social Australia .com.au Thanks for your understanding
  11. 1.3.1 What is an air experience or trial instructional flight? In essence, an air experience flight is a trial instructional flight [TIF], a way of sampling flight training without making any commitment to joining the movement or continuing with sport and recreational flying. Please be aware that a TIF is not a so-called 'joy flight' — although you will enjoy it. Our world of sport and recreational aviation is not permitted to fly for hire or reward, except payment in return for flying training services; therefore 'joy flights' are strictly a no-no! To obtain maximum benefit from a trial in
  12. 1.2.1 Student entry conditions A student cannot fly as pilot-in-command of an RA-Aus aircraft (i.e. fly solo) until she/he has attained the age of 15* and until a Student Pilot Certificate is issued. Up to three hours dual instruction can be undertaken before applying for a Student Pilot Certificate and a further six hours dual instruction may be flown while waiting for the document. However, an intending student can apply for RA-Aus membership and issue of a Student Pilot Certificate, before selecting a particular flight school, by downloading the form Application for membership – Student
  13. Hi, I have enhanced the Editors box with some extra features that I hope you may find useful: From the left we now have: Font - different fonts Size - font sizes A - text colour A - text background colour B - bold I - italics U - underline S - strike through "Chain Link" - add or remove a text link " - quote some text <> - used when adding any computer language code "Smiley Face" - available emoji to use in posts - bullet point - numbered list "Left Align" - align text to
  14. They will return very soon...I have a copy of the solution to install but there are known bugs so I am waiting for the update that was supposedly to have been released last week to be completed. I will chase up again
  15. 1.1.1 Can I learn to fly a sport and recreational aviation aircraft? Of course you can. Generally, as long as you are in reasonable physical and mental condition — equivalent to that needed to hold (and maintain) an Australian private vehicle driver licence — you can become a member of a sport and recreational aviation association and learn to fly an Australian sport and recreational aeroplane, just for the fun of it, and at your own pace and convenience. Your medical fitness usually does not need to be confirmed by a medical certificate, but you must sign a declaration that your medical fit
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