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  1. Please note that sometime in the next few days I will move to Xenforo which will provide users with a far more simpler to use site. Most users will know Xenforo as I have used it before so perhaps some will say it is a welcome relief as you can see the differences in the table contained in this thread at I have been working on it for a while now and it is nearly ready with: Enhanced the basic version of Xenforo Some basic colour changes Article Management System installed for Articles, Tutorials etc Audio system to convert .mp3 links to playable audio in posts Automated Happy Birthday email to users Ability for me to change post owners on posts on user requests Ability for users to search their private messages Security advise to me if user tries to have more than one registration Multiple enhancements and extra functions to the toolbar used when creating posts A far superior weekly update email on new and most popular threads A method to communicate to old users to let them know the great extras the site now has An Aircraft Showcase System A reminder to First Class Members that are about to expire An advanced site search system using Elasticsearch A combined Photo Gallery and Video section A Combined Re3sources section that includes both Downloads and Pilot Tools etc Plus many more smaller things to make it all much easier for a user on the site AND it is cheaper for me So, your thoughts?
  2. I have all the files and have been paying for the domain name which has just come up for renewal. Recently we moved servers and the site was dropped so I am willing to reinitialise the site on the new server if someone wants to look after it as I am not a Thruster pilot
  3. Courtesy FAA Airport Signs, Markings and Procedures Your Guide to Avoiding Runway Incursions
  4. This is an aviation site so let's try and keep it to that...there is always https://www.whatsupaustralia.com for anything else
  5. Perhaps we close this thread now. I am sure we are all thinking about those that have lost their homes and or loved ones plus the work and effort of our firefighters.
  6. Hi all, please note that whilst healthy and friendly debate on any issue that may be raised is encouraged I (and moderators) will need to take a closer look at posts where a user is attacking another user for having a different opinion and start issuing warnings for a while until we can get on top of this...thank you for your understanding and please continue to enjoy the site
  7. The What's New issue regarding the condensed and expanded view should now be fixed
  8. The user Fly Tornado has been given a 1 month suspension for antagonising other site users
  9. It seems others are having the same issue...I am calling it the Y2K20 Bug as they are saying ever since it clicked over to 2020
  10. I am looking into it, there doesn't seem to be any difference between the Condensed View and the Expanded View, interestingly it is also the same on the IPS company forums site so it isn't isolated to just here or just one PC. I have reported it and will advise
  11. Can anyone advise if this is happening to anyone else?
  12. Inlet air filters are critical when it comes to keeping dust and dirt from entering the engine, but not all FAA-certified air filters are created equal. In this video, Larry Anglisano from Aviation Consumer magazine looks at three competing filters to see how they compare.
  13. No, there is actually more data allowed with the US server
  14. We have moved over to the new server and the IPS license has been renewed
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