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  1. Admin

    NEW Video Library Implemented

    The video should display and fit to the screen size you have. In other words it will shrink to a mobile phone display and expand automatically to fit on a 24 inch 1680 x 1050 monitor size.
  2. Admin

    NEW Video Library Implemented

    Do you mean something like this: I copied the address of the YouTube video which was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKGZmqhDeFo and simply pasted it into this post and it was converted into an in post video. If I post the same link you posted in the Harrison Ford post I get: So as you can see it works in the forums but obviously not in a reply post withing the video library. I will look into it and see if that is possible
  3. Admin

    Why I don't fly now

    Went to my eye specialist as my eyesight is extremely bad now. I have had a detached retina in one eye for about 6 months, my bad eye which now has a plastic lens, a cornea graph and still can't see out of it, which has now got worse. I close my eyes and I still see a coloured lit area that makes it hard to go to sleep. My good eye has a cataract so I see double and my glasses are pretty darn strong already so basically I can't see out of one eye, see double with the other and having dancing lights when I close my eyes and try to sleep. They are stuffed It was hard enough trying to land when you have no 3rd dimension to know how high you are or how far away things are but now seeing double and on an eye steroid every day due to 2 cornea rejections it was time to hang up the headset.
  4. AvSafety seminars for pilots and engineers March 2019 Enhancing pilot skills in a Dynamic Environment In 2019, CASA’s Aviation Safety Advisors (ASAs) will run a series of AvSafety seminars—Enhancing pilot skills in a Dynamic Environment. This seminar will discuss how knowledge of human factors in three essential pilot skills will enhance aviation safety. Communication Situational awareness Threat and error management Using practical examples, the seminar will look at enhancing the skills involved with radio communications around aerodromes and maintaining situational awareness in a dynamic and changing environment. The seminar will also introduce the role of threat and error management and discuss techniques to complement the technical aspects of flying an aircraft. The seminars are an ideal opportunity for you to interact with your ASA, discuss local issues and ask questions of the regulator. Register now via Eventbrite. Attendance is free. Locations and dates are as follows: Cooma Wednesday 6 March Register Now Point Cook Thursday 7 March Register Now Broken Hill Wednesday 13 March Register Now Deniliquin Wednesday 13 March Register Now Swan Hill Thursday 14 March Register Now Kalgoorlie Friday 15 March Register Now Bundaberg Tuesday 19 March Register Now Maryborough Wednesday 20 March Register Now Mildura Thursday 21 March Register Now Innisfail Tuesday 26 March Register Now Latrobe Valley Tuesday 26 March Register Now Mareeba Thursday 28 March Register Now Bairnsdale Thursday 28 March Register Now Albany Friday 29 March Register Now The presentation includes references to the CASA website. Please feel free to bring your tablet or smartphone to follow the information live. New Engineering knowledge development—awareness through education If you work in airworthiness and aircraft engineering, we want to keep you up to date with changes, advances and the high level of safety knowledge you require. This is a complex discipline, so if you’re an engineer, operator, trainer, HAAMC or CAMO, we want to help you have access to the latest best practice, information and resources. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with CASA and ask us questions. Some of the topics that this series of seminars will focus on are: leadership and Mentoring for AMEs. specialist maintenance certification. flight Safety Australia maintenance articles regulation review update. Your Aviation Safety Advisor will be available to discuss Part 66 license questions and issues both during and after the presentation if required. Register now via Eventbrite. Location and dates are as follows: Maryborough Wednesday 20 March Register Now A list of all seminars and more information is available on the CASA website. Help make the skies safe for all, attend a CASA AvSafety seminar in 2019.
  5. Yes, I tested it by uploading an mp4 file from my Samsung phone and all ok so unless Apple does anything different with their mp4 files it should be all ok...but please note the 20mb file limit and that the speed of playing a locally hosted video file compared to the massive YouTube world wide infrastructure which is much much faster
  6. Hi All, I have updated the Video Section of the site that is found in the Media Section (click Media on the main menu then Videos in the sub menu). It is much much better, a lot easier especially when adding YouTube, Vimeo etc videos. If there is a web site of videos like YouTube that you want added then please let me know...you can also add Facebook videos. When you add one the system will automatically get the title and thumbnail plus more from the video url you are adding making it very easy. You can now even add your own videos directly into the Video Library here however please note that I have capped it at 20mb file size as anything bigger would be a strain especially on the user as the video doesn't get compressed when uploading so it is always better to upload your video to YouTube and then add the YouTube link into our Video Library. Now I can start moving all our existing videos into the Video Library as I feel it is now much better than the last one...enjoy
  7. Admin

    Bloody Jetstar

    Tried to board the plane that I was moved to but they said I am unable to board...they're trying to sort it out...bloody deathstar
  8. Admin

    Bloody Jetstar

    Talking to jetstar now and looks like I have lost my seat and they are only going to compensate me $12 for the inconvenience
  9. Admin

    Bloody Jetstar

    I gave up on jetstar and have been flying Tiger without any real problem...the latest my flight out of Sydney was ever delayed was about 40mins and I never had my early Monday morning flight cancelled...BUT...I thought I would try jetstar again, first flight back with them is this evening and already received an SMS saying my flight has been cancelled. I have had to be moved to another flight and looks like I have lost my 1F seat that paid extra for. STAY AWAY FROM JETSTAR
  10. Admin

    Are you happy?

    Hi All, well it has been some time now using the new software platform of IPS after moving from Xenforo and everything I think is starting to come together and settled. The 3 months I gave it is up so I want to hear if you are still happy with the site software now. The next 6 months was planned to be the development of everything for the site followed by the final solution to my dream for the long lasting future of this great resource. So please vote in the poll and post anything here that you would like to say about the site and thanks always for your comments on how I can do things better
  11. Announcements New edition of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Careers Guide now available We’ve published a new edition of the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Careers Guide. This edition provides helpful tips on how to become an aircraft engineer; how to get a licence and where to go for the appropriate training. Visit the CASA website to download your copy. Consultations New registration and accreditation scheme for drones Consultation is now open on CASA’s proposed new registration and accreditation scheme for drones. We are proposing to introduce a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) registration and RPA operator accreditation requirement as a way of monitoring the safe and lawful operation of RPAs, commonly known as drones – and we want your feedback on the details of the scheme. Modernising the fatigue rules Public consultation on the draft CAO 48.1 Instrument 2019 closes soon. Don’t miss the chance to have a say on our proposal to modernise Australia’s fatigue rules by 10 February 2019. Visit our Consultation Hub and make sure your feedback is counted by the closing deadline. Advisory Circular defect reporting Consultation has opened on draft AC 20-06 v1.0 - defect reporting for aircraft and aeronautical products. This AC replaces Civil Aviation Advisory Publication (CAAP) 51-1(2). This AC introduces information on defects that do not need to be reported to CASA and applies to aircraft maintained under CASR as well as CAR. Visit the Consultation Hub to provide your feedback. Summary of consultation on proposed Part 101 MOS We’ve published the summary of your feedback to the recent consultation on the proposed Part 101 (Unmanned aircraft and rockets) Manual of Standards 2018 which provides details on the rules for commercial and professional drone operators. Summary of consultation on CD 1804OS – proposed changes to the rules for rotorcraft air transport operations – Parts 119 and 133 We’ve published the summary of your feedback on our recent consultation on the proposed changes to the rules for rotorcraft air transport operations. Exemptions New exemption for flight examiners We’ve remade the exemption CASA EX146/16 to allow certain flight examiners to conduct a flight test for the grant of a commercial pilot licence (CPL). View the new exemption (CASA EX159/18) on the Federal Register of Legislation website. Projects Project approvals We’ve approved the following two projects this month: Project OS 18/08 - Amendments to CAOs 40.7 and 82.7 to align with CAR Part 5 and balloon class definitions in regulation 5.01 of CAR Project US 18/09 Remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) registration and RPAS operator accreditation scheme Project closures We’ve closed Project OS 09/24 – Early implementation of some proposed CASR Part 61 Policies via CAO.
  12. Admin

    Site speed - any difference poll?

    That's actually good news that there has been no negative impact on speed by changing servers. The reason I say this is that we were using a very efficient software platform Xenforo and moved to a more resource intensive solution of IPS. Next we moved from a local Australian server based in Sydney to a server based in Los Angeles USA which would mean a big impact in speed due to latency i.e. the time it takes for the data to go from the US to Australia. The US server has higher spec's than the Aussie server and for only a little more costs so the higher spec's has been enough to overcome the latency which is good. The other good thing is that this was a strategic decision as well...having the server in the US allows the site to be more appealing in terms of speed for Google and all the potential new international users. So overall it has worked...if necessary I could look at doubling up the SSD drives into RAID 0 as forum sites performance comes from, and in order of, Disk Drives then Ram, then Processor Cores/Threads and lastly Processor frequency (speed). Database solutions need to get the data off the disk as fast as possible and then hold as much as possible in ram. This data and PHP functions need as many processor cores/threads to process the data that is given to it. The spec's of the new server are currently [LA] Intel E-2176G, 16GB DDR4 ECC, 500GB NVMe S 970, 1gbps port, 30TB out, IPMI, /29 Note the 500GB NVMe S 970 is the Samsung SSD and are the new types and the same as the 2 I have in my local PC set in RAID 0 for development...they are the best Drives you can get. Thank you all this that voted in the poll as information like this really helps me to do a better job for you all
  13. Thanks mate and I also forgot to mention that Flying Clubs and Schools and Aircraft Manufacrurers, Distributors/Agents and things like that are ALWAYS welcomed to post in the forums about what they are doing and offering as I see them as an important part of our aviation community
  14. That's ok as it is not commercial to you...the point is I don't want people to use the site as just a means to make money for them greedy selves when I have done all the work and paid out all the money to provide the site...I hope you can understand that and if in doubt at any time just simply ask, I respect that. Remember we have the Classifieds for members to sell their own private stuff, we now have the Supplier's Section for the Commercial stuff, let's try and keep the forums for community discussions of interest and help each other. Many years ago I had a user register and then start to saturate the forums with their products, this I didn't like as all they saw the site for was a way to make money for themselves without anything else, this is what I don't like and will stop.
  15. Please NOTE that Commercial Advertising is now allowed here at Recreational Flying (.com) as long it is aviation related and IS CONTAINED IN THE SUPPLIERS SECTION ONLY. No commercial advertising is allowed in the forums and we are strict on this as we don't want to see the community discussions plagued with advertising posts. Also note in terms of Pilot Supplies please don't create commercial entries in the Suppliers section for Pilot Supplies Stores as this will conflict with our very own Clear Prop Store, hope you understand