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  1. Noting like a good War to try out all the toys 🙂
  2. Lots of second hand ex military war zone Landcruiser parts on the market. Not many panels, but plenty of running gear! Nobody cares about the source.....
  3. War is a shitty business and never fair, those involved will do whatever it takes. Proves that Rotax reputation for reliability is second to none, for all the wrong uses......
  4. Just dropped you an update on Messenger.....
  5. I have ordered a couple of these to experiment with..... https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/new-batch-of-spark-plug-end-fed-transformers.726702/
  6. Trailing half wave end fed antenna.......
  7. Sorry, but it’s another thing to go wrong, if you are looking to eek out every last bit of performance from your plane because you are not happy with its current performance, get another plane 🙂 You can only make a pig fly so fast!!!
  8. Has the best Chinese restaurant on earth, as well :-)
  9. One reason I got a plane with folding wings, can park it in my shed not much bigger than a carport.
  10. Turtlepac use a Holley pump for fuel transfer from their bladders.
  11. Update! I have decided to buy a new David Clark Headset to go with my new helmet, whilst I don’t want Bluetooth for phone/music but for my iPad to play the checklist I select on screen and listen to it. Sportys Faro Bluetooth accessory add on here.... All of this will work on my Yaesu or any panel radio Sportys
  12. Dingo, Qld. Short taxi to roadhouse and fill up at driveway pumps, confirmed with their boss 3 weeks ago.
  13. One of these is on my purchase list, won’t go over MTOW as a lone PIC
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