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  1. While all the Electron Geeks keep trying to scare us all with the mantra ‘the EVs are coming’. and our ICE cars will become scrap yard inhabitants. I will just grind along in my old Landcruisers, the youngest 20 years old and the oldest 45 years old…….
  2. Surely it would have flown horribly like that?
  3. i have been told I can get a tailwheel endorsement to my RPC, in my 19 reg aircraft?
  4. The reasons Trump got elected originally was because the people were sick of the existing establishment and many before it. They felt he may have been a possible solution to bring the country back to where it used to be AND what the people wanted. The people wanted that and who could blame them? Trouble was, there were no real options other than the unknown Trump. Sadly, it crashed and burned 😞
  5. I would like to hit it in the guts with a few torpedoes……I would lay money they would do NOTHING…….except shout and bitch and make big empty threats. Most of the world is against them…..those that count, anyway.
  6. Exploitation by human beings, of other human beings has been going on since time immemorial. It’s a global phenomena……….
  7. EVs will be a gold mine for manufacturers and dealers, with over the top repairs and maintenance costs. Like this… https://hackaday.com/2021/07/16/repair-hack-saves-tesla-owner-from-massive-bill/
  8. I estimate the conventionally disarmed population have gotten very creative in recent times to offset their lack of lead pill dispensers:-)
  9. Congratulations Mark, a beautiful job in the making 🙂
  10. This was an Australian effort that I was involved in, supplied the Radio Telemetry electronics for the vessel. https://www.clubmarine.com.au/exploreboating/articles/24-3-50-knot-out
  11. One would hope not, but anything is possible in today’s World…..
  12. CASA are copying RAAus, soon it will be CASA Pty Ltd.
  13. We only have the information circulated and can only form opinions based on that. IF something else has actually happened differently to what has been heard, only then will it all come to light in the future IF or WHEN there is any legal action.
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