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  1. Filled it out and gave comprehensive answers where asked and sent it…….worthless as it immediately edited most of my stuff out………waste of time 😞 Perhaps I need to send my information it left out, direct in an email to the CEO 😞
  2. And that’s why I think a condition report can be a con job, It should be an ‘airworthiness inspection report’ A condition report can see a flying death trap take to the sky, at worst.
  3. In other words, don’t trust ANYONE until you can prove otherwise. I thought ‘aviation’ was above many other industries etc. Well, the Broker I dealt with has left the same deceptive advert up for a month now? And the aircraft owner is a knowing participant. Makes it hard for any Broker who IS honest? Do they exist? If I find someone is deliberately trying to rip me off……I rain C17 loads of steaming turds on them! I am too old to put up with it any more.
  4. The good old 4 wheeled ‘F111’ 🙂. That 4.4L Alloy V8 found its way into many Range Rovers!
  5. In Aviation, you should have a plan for everything including the management of the fuel regime. IF it’s premix then only mix the fuel just before you refuel, tag the fuel can IF any premix remains in it and try to use within 14 days or so. IF injected make sure oil tank has sufficient oil of correct type and check pump actuation cable adjustment regularly. Injection pump failure is rare but have seen some motorcycles have plastic gear drive failure.
  6. If the quality of investigations is hamstrung for any reason, then the value of them is virtually useless. Wasted time even……
  7. Probably the same quality of the investigations 😞
  8. IF you have sold any $300 rusty Corollas you are ethical 🙂
  9. As a man who has been in Aviation for decades told me a while back……the only thing lower than the Aviation Industry……is the Horse Racing Industry. Guess I got my lesson in dealing with a broker, I would have thought the advert would have at least been edited to reflect the real situation, but no it’s still the same. 😞 Can’t help but think I would rather deal with a sleazy car salesman over a $300 rusty Corolla……..
  10. So you want to buy a $34,000 aircraft that sadly has been the subject of allegedly unethical advertising? Search for Flightstar……
  11. My recent buying experience was a horror story, I found an aircraft in Victoria advertised by a broker that read as a good buy with great credentials, since I could not leave Qld to look at it I needed to find someone to fly it here to Qld, yep that could be arranged he said. I asked the broker IF the owner could take a video of himself entering and exiting the aircraft so I could work out IF I could do same easily. The video came back good. Now this aircraft was advertised as a 2020 model with 10 hours total time airframe and engine. Well the whole deal went down a mineshaft from here on
  12. Probably want one, like a hole in your head 😞
  13. Spoke with Ben Noakes and he combines both aircraft to my one policy 🙂
  14. My skins left Wingtech yesterday, he said they are the last ones to be made……sadly no more since Alan is retiring and all his machinery sold off 😞 End of an era……..
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