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  1. May have gone off topic but I am grateful for the info posted:-)
  2. RAAus not interested in Part 103, never will be. It requires a separate organisation totally......it can’t be adopted directly from the U.S. because their training regime does not exist. Everyone flies on a wing and a prayer. It could be modified for Australia quite easily. Anyway another forum has been started for those interested, so best to go there and discuss.......not clog up here and Rec Aviation with something RAAus will never want anything to do with.
  3. As RAA flying school hourly rates skyrocket, seen $320 per hour recently.......flying schools buying expensive aircraft to impress potential students. The principle of RAA is fast disappearing as a reasonable cost route into Aviation. Bring on Foundation Aviation FAR Part 103 no rego, no licence, low cost fun flying 🙂. In this case we have to copy the U.S.
  4. Wonder how many will have buyers remorse after that lot?
  5. Sadly, everyday I see examples of public liability issues in the real World, welcome to today’s society where insurance companies PDS documents are now thicker than a Los Angeles phone book. You can sue anyone for anything......whether it gets up in a court of law, who knows? Best turn into a Hermit and stay under the radar where humanly possible. Me? At my age i am getting close to EOL and am fast running out of f....s to give. With what I see every day, regulators are fast becoming a pack of idiots who’s fuel tanks have run out of logic, fairness, common sense and workable rules.
  6. Best policy is to stay away from Courts and Lawyers, either way.....right or wrong it’s gonna cost grief and money, regardless.......
  7. My days of buying at auction ended years ago, these days they are a con job, in the main. Zero ethics anymore.
  8. Not sure how/if legal action could be taken against a dead PIC as an investigation could not be completed.......dead people can’t talk. Assuming the the crash was fatal for the PIC:-(
  9. I just downloaded the book.......could be scary, might have some ideas for me to try 🙂
  10. For what it’s worth.......this is the reply from the EAA about Part 103 training...... Hi Jack, Thanks for the email. We do not have any Part 103 flying schools. No training or pilot certification is required for Part 103, nor is there any flight instructor designation for training people to fly under Part 103. Rather, the best one can do to receive training to fly an ultralight is to find a FAA certificated sport pilot flight instructor training in a N-numbered light-sport aircraft. Someone could choose to complete the sport pilot training testing and receive a sport pilot ce
  11. Sounds a whole lot safer to fly at 500 feet under the old AUF rules than in those places.....even a truck on the Federal Highway is in danger 😞
  12. Sorry, I pissed myself laughing 🙂. It’s a wonder they did not get him for no rego and no CTP. IF I was a CFI, I would have to sign off on his ‘ground handling’ 🙂 Sorry, but he failed to deal with the missing wings on his pre flight!
  13. Come on down brother, I and lots of others are hearing ya 🙂 This post should make the CASA lunchroom today, I will open my house windows to hear them all laughing 🙂
  14. Other parts of the world administer Aviation in different ways.....I was just adding what others do and indicating that many ideas come from others good or bad.
  15. You can fly anything, anytime you like.....No Rego, No Certificate. They are NOT prerequisites to fly. However, IF you don’t have the ability to fly then best to stay on the ground. Illegal has two meanings......unlawful and description of a sick bird 🙂 Unlawful can find you in deep do do. A sick bird is just that...a sick bird! Now IF you want to relive the good old days and not be unlawful, then pull the elevators off, technically you are not an aircraft......just do ground runs, in your own driveway/property. Stay off public roads! Or get one of these:-)
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