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  1. Well, I guess we get another chance for another submission based on what they serve us up for round 2. Maybe the more knowledgeable among us, can educate us luddites so we can all be on the right page, next time ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Must have good look at my rims, just opened box to see what was in it, did you get the dual master cyl or the single one?
  3. My rims are 2 piece ones so I will fit the tubes.......bit expensive but should be better than Bunnings Aerospace wheel barrow tubes ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Thanks! Once I get my current problem sorted then I can look at doing mine......have to get my 21โ€ tyres too ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Thanks for pics, see you are fitting a disc brake kit, too. I have a Black Max one to go on but I need to sort out my existing problem. Aeropup are making me a new right side leg to match the replacement they fitted to the left side that they replaced when the previous owner ground looped the machine.
  6. They probably should be cheap......after a possible Flying School flogging......?
  7. Be interesting to fact check all of this........suspect there could be a tinge of hype on this stuff.
  8. Wonder IF you are entitled to make a physical inspection before auction, on item of interest? Pull a cowl off an aircraft?
  9. I run off grid 12/24v appliances, no inverters. Doing a system now at my hangar shed, same as 12/24v that has been running 5 years at my farm shed.. Will use Plasmatronics (fanless) PL80 for new system.
  10. One smashed panel, they condemn the rest that are all OK, a big waste but......insurance companies donโ€™t seem to care? Use a Plasmatronics Dingo regulator set 24v panels input to charge 12v batteries! Victron make good regs, too.
  11. $200 bought me 10 x 250w 24v panels 2 weeks ago, heaps for sale up here in Rocky since insurance companies have been replacing hail damaged roofs:-)
  12. Regardless, CASA and ASA are all in the one canoe although they claim otherwise. Don't ever expect regulators to tell the truth. Sadly I even suspect submissions were a waste of time but they still had to go through the consultancy motions to try and convince people they would listen to input......
  13. Wonโ€™t surprise me IF they try it for VFR?
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