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  1. The blurb on that engine is to coerce some investor funding from people who have no idea of engineering that goes into aircraft development. Glossy brochures with generalised claims, nothing specific. Naturally there will be a development time line that will be unachievable. First thing to get rolling will be new Mercedes/Lexus/BMW/some other expensive bucket, so the CEO of the Development Company can hit the road, and leave his $300 rusty Corolla at home 🙂 From here, it will all be down hill, with no blue sky in sight!!
  2. Seems there are some problems for Altimeters? https://www.eaa.org/eaa/news-and-publications/eaa-news-and-aviation-news/news/2022-01-06-5G-Implementation-on-Hold?utm_source=enewsletter_ehotline_010622&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news_2022&utm_content=feature_cta&mkt_tok=OTEwLVNFVS0wNzMAAAGB0GIga1TGATZSZYeHGibt8VmV9wjUtW8-SIvKhk-fdcpSmZsPa5fWbogXft6P1h_LKkhc9BLhDTf44vqB_0_1GCT-1rh8aPB1qsAEVsNuhQ-JZQ
  3. AND, many pilots think they are F-35 Top Gun drivers so they talk as fast as they think they can fly 🙂 Do that and they get a ‘say again’ from me. Communications are useless if they can’t be understood, I am not into taking guesses……
  4. Funny you should mention that Nev, I asked my CFI about premix for my 582 a few weeks ago and he said that to store it premixed. Now, I remember Yamaha was very specific about stale fuel causing holed pistons in outboards, but these were not premix fuel motors. I have ordered a new crate premix 582 engine to put in my Thruster, not because the old one is cactus but to simply have reliable as possible.
  5. I consider my ‘two stroke endorsement” is 5 years LJ50 ownership, wonder if that can be RPL’d? 🙂
  6. Might be some potential for development work to make it happen? I am sure many people will soon be scavenging the world for a 503/582 replacement that can have the technology to do the job. I keep thinking of the new LJ50 Suzuki rag top I bought new in ‘75 with the 3cyl 540cc 2 stroke in it. Did 120k kilometres in it and traded it on a new 1980 18R RN46 Puslux….what a dog that was…..
  7. I am waiting for someone to stick their head up out of the 2 stroke smoke and research demand for a bolt in replacement for the 503/582 engines. IF Rotax runs out of spares, there will be an aftermarket supply? China has a habit of doing this. 2 years ago I was looking for Toyota 12R parts, and found I could buy a complete drop in crate copy motor from China. Now the Toyota 12R would have not been a high demand motor, I would have thought. Last sold in about 1983?
  8. Just give us a replacement for the 582 motor…..
  9. By the time Air Services have finished stuffing up our airspace changes, we will all need Low Level Endorsements just to even fly at all 😞
  10. Dan at Wings Out West near Dubbo does it……
  11. I own enough vehicles and spare parts to keep me in useable vehicles until I die 🙂. NONE of this modern stuff I like, want, or NEED 🙂
  12. And when it breaks out of warranty…..you throw the whole thing in the bin and start again 😞
  13. We had International TD18 Bulldozers in the Army that were petrol/diesel. You fired them up on petrol warmed them up and then cut them over to diesel. Jut had to reverse the situation before you shut them down as it was difficult to restart again IF it was stopped on diesel. Then the Army got wise and issued us with new CAT D7Es, no roll frames or canopies, just worked them sitting in the hot Sun, all day 😞
  14. They show the Scarlet 5s as being still made, but the smaller models are no longer. I was thinking about an 80hp replacement for my 912 80hp. Maybe a lost dream but still worth a look 🙂
  15. Would like to consider the Scarlet 5s to replace my Rotax 80hp in my Aeropup. http://www.vernermotor.com/page1.html
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