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  1. I have been told I can use my 19 rego aircraft for my tail wheel endorsement.
  2. Maybe they should take up flying weather balloons......safe for them and everyone else......
  3. Yes, he is operating at Gympie and is doing the C of A on my aircraft, I will be seeing him probably next week.
  4. The only thing that MAY hold growth back is Flying School hourly rates charged for RAA aircraft and instructors. Some school aircraft have bells and whistles and charge accordingly. i have seen $320 per hour RAA. I think that is over the top. One school I phoned for enquiry....I thought I was talking to a vacuum cleaner salesman.......
  5. Less service for our membership costs, what’s next? It’s a company now, after all.
  6. Jeez....all this, all I wanted was a rego card for my plane 🙂.
  7. In that case.....why even bother with a licence, the way things are today.......IF I studied enough You Tube videos I could just jump in and fly, from a bush airstrip!!
  8. RAA should be allowed to fly in controlled airspace with required instrumentation, too.
  9. Qld ditched them a few years back, now there are rego reminder apps and all sorts of things. Cameras won’t be at all airfields though......I always had a sense of pride in displaying my vehicles credentials, clean number plates, sticker in the right place...... still clean my plates and lights. Well, suppose I can make up my own plate and put it on the plane.....RAA will feeds us some b/s for abolishing the rego cards.
  10. Typical of services provided these days, it’s a wonder CASA did not say something but then they might go the same way with GA. I have to register an aircraft with RAA and I will be demanding a card to a fix to the instrument panel. IF they refuse me, I would have to say why register the machine? Don’t have to be registered to fly 🙂
  11. Looks like no registration cards to attach to our aircraft anymore? If this is the case, no one can readily see the aircraft is officially registered? I think this is poor on part of RAA, another service not provided as part of membership and rego cost.
  12. Sorry, you made a mistake and selected a file photo of the last parliamentary sitting for the year 🙂
  13. For what it’s worth, the SAFETY buck stops with me......doing a preflight with a CASA guy and his book of rules looking over my shoulder will do nothing, because he probably does not have clue on the aircraft I am preflighting. When I am flying, am I gonna consult the rule book before I do something at 4000ft? No, I am flying the plane the best way I know I have been taught. I will fly as safe as I can, and nothing CASA ever does can save me from a disaster if I get it wrong. Like everything in this life, I just do my best...... CASA will never save my sorry arse......
  14. Noting like a good War to try out all the toys 🙂
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