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  1. Yeah, it may not be there yet, but still, ideology aside, the idea of recreational flight with no need of handling nasty fluids sounds heavenly. Filling up cars is not so bad - or even proper planes of the VH type - since it's mostly done by bowser, so convenient and clean. But the heavy jerry can shuffle is getting old; even faster than the flyers who still manage to do it.
  2. 'Meditate' like 'navigate' might need a little interpretation 😉 No yoga mats needed; just a wee pause to tell oneself in measured tones to cool it and "perform actions deliberately and carefully so you don't make errors".
  3. Yeah, for me, one of his most telling observations was this: "It was like someone slipped me the 'stupid pill' and sucked every ounce of competency out of my brain!" That panic reflex is really the joker in the Human Factors pack. Our thinking powers depart just when we need them most. We can't really know how we will react; and it's a tough one to train for. How do you simulate losing it? Maybe the mantra should be "Aviate, meditate, navigate, meditate, communicate, meditate" 😉
  4. In (almost) real time this video shows just how disorienting it is to find yourself suddenly in IMC on a VFR flight, even - as here - if you're IFR rated and AP equipped. FROM THE YOUTUBE DESCRIPTION: "I am publicly sharing this embarrassing video of an inflight emergency that was totally due to pilot error! I hope it will help someone else learn from my mistakes. I've decided to turn on the "comments" section so that others in the pilot community can learn from each others insights and comments. PLEASE be gentle on me! In the comfor
  5. Another Flight Channel recreation of another tight turn gone wrong.
  6. Apart from being very impressed by this wise and eloquent AusALPA letter (linked to above by Ironpot) https://www.ausalpa.org.au/Portals/5/Documents/Submissions/2021/210215 AusALPA Submission to Airservices re Lowering Class E on the East Coast V2.2.pdf?ver=2021-02-23-134706-453 My attention was caught by this bit where they're scathing of the Airservices 'Fact Sheet' “Class E does not restrict access for VFR aircraft” This Fact Sheet heading is completely misleading ... // ... The change in airspace classification will also change the VMC requirements (Class E has
  7. Lessons here on decision-making, performance-calcs and, absent all that, canyon-turning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nature_Air_Flight_9916 Probable Cause and Findings [NTSB] The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be: The flight crew's failure to maintain airspeed while maneuvering to exit an area of rising terrain, which resulted in an exceedance of the airplane's critical angle of attack and an aerodynamic stall. Contributing to the accident was the flight crew's decision t
  8. As I understand it, the CS E-prop is not yet available and the one referred to in Mark's customer's reports is a fixed one. And a feature of these props is their light weight compared to the competition.
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