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  1. I believe that some flying schools had/have special dispensation to operate RAAus in Class Ds.
  2. Speaking of getting past Coffs ... on the assumption that a clearance to track coastal abeam YCFS was un-gettable, (not to say unavailable) I've been researching some route options through the hilly country to the west. Of course, it depends upon WX on the day but I was wondering which track might minimise the hostile terrain below. Checking out Google Earth it did appear that the farmland valley running north-south just north-east of Bellingen might be as good as any (cutting across to Nana Glen [northbound] near Lowanna, following the power lines.) But any comments or suggestions
  3. So authentic sound effects - or plausible plots - were not top of mind, then. (I needn't have bothered. ;- )
  4. LOL, this reminds me of my young days in the film industry in Sydney. Supreme Sound Studios where I worked (as an assistant in the sound and editing departments) was involved in the production of a kids TV series called The Adventures of the Seaspray which Wiki describes as "a 1967 Australian TV series about a widower journalist who travels the Pacific with his children in a sailing boat.[1]" ( TT It so happened that the storyline of some episodes involved a small, yellow, float-equipped biplane which could land alongside the good yacht "Seaspray" to assist tracking down whichever s
  5. (Every hangar should have a rotisserie!)
  6. Yes, we can only hope that CTR transit for RAAus craft eventually comes through to allow for the coastal route (and/or overhead clearances ). And the proposal's apparent freeing up of the lower half of the VFR lane Dungog - Maitland (D589A within R583B) is of little use since in order to stay under 2000' you're pretty much stuck in the old lane anyway, due terrain. At least it gives you 400' more headroom than is the case now.
  7. Side and rear view mirrors on cars were the high tech gizmos of a hundred years ago. And they've been distracting drivers ever since.
  8. https://www.avsef.gov.au/sites/default/files/consultation/pdf/national_-_avsef_-_proposed_williamtown_airspace_design.pdf
  9. A bit more Aussie Twin Pin history here - and in the YT comments.
  10. This may have been posted here before but I couldn't find it. Anyway, worth another look. I wonder where she is now.
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