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  1. Lots of theory here folks. Ultimately it's how you handle what wind there is, I have seen the likes of 182's and 185's landed in winds way in excess of quoted crosswind. Know your own and the aircraft capabilities.
  2. I have been flying 40+ years, still have trouble at times finding the ground
  3. At 30+ million a piece? 6000 litres is the max load. That's 2 X 802's and at 3 million for a new 802. There are something like 60 X 802's on fires in Oz, all privately owned.
  4. Looks to have literally dropped out of the sky, the wooden machines go to kindling when a hit
  5. Yes, it all seems to have got into a urinating contest about who knows the most about stuff. Don't know about yoo flying dog but I just like to fly, keep straight most of the time to get where I want to.
  6. I think the aircraft in England are originally powered, the yanks put twin row Wrights in them
  7. Always used to leave that one off if a DCA/DOT/CASA inspection was due. They used to fuss around and make a big thing of it saying it was essential for aircraft operation. One chap gave me a big lecture about how I should take more care. The aircraft was facing 230 the compass was indicating 330, he noticed the compass deviation card wasn't here but didn't look at the compass ? I admit I neglected to point it out to him. He snagged me and sent out a list of things he said needed attention. One of which he claimed was a cracked exhaust, I knew it wasn't. After taking it off inspecting and using
  8. Looks like when he went inverted he pulled back and it flicked, he kept pressure on with full back stick it continued to rotate till it hit the ground
  9. No idea how many hours in each, I liked both aircraft. Engine issues were from people not knowing how to operate a geared engine. Cardinals were good performers, full flying tail was different but not as much difference as say a T tail on a Duchess, everybody likes the Duchess even though the T tail was insensitive and lacked feel. They liked it because it was a T tail like on big aircraft. How many hours have you on both types Flightrite?
  10. 175 and 177 were good aircraft. 175 good performer off the ground, the engine had a bad reputation from those who didn't know how to operate it. 177 were good performers for what they were and lots of room.
  11. What's the landing fee $30? If you land out and have to hire of borrow a car, you'll pay double that
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