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  1. I have been trying to sell a disassembled aircraft for ages. A 172D in pieces. The aircraft has an STC to fit a 180HP engine. The aircraft is complete without an engine. The STC includes new prop and engine mount. I was asking 15K (the STC is worth more than that) all I got was tyre kickers, time wasters. While not a kit aircraft it's cheaper than any kit.
  2. The NSW Gov has made it clear they do not (With the insistence of Feds) want to have a State wide lockdown. Glady's quote "I fear for Victoria and worry about what their government may do. I hope we have demonstrated to other states it is possible to manage an outbreak and not shut down a city" She feels pretty foolish now I bet.
  3. Yes but.................if vaccinated you won't get as sick and it hopefully won't kill you
  4. Give it some time, after a while you should start to relax. I suffered from airsickness when maneuvering, got used to it and have been flying for a while now.
  5. Funny how any Trump criticism is "Vitriol" yet he can lie, cheat and try and steal the democratic election and that's just politics. The US is broken while ever Trump is touting his own version of "Demockracy"
  6. Found it funny today that The Beetrooter was complaining about the Chinese not wanting American ships in the South Chins Sea then the next breath complaining about a Chinese spy ship off the coast of Oz! Do as I say don't do as I do.
  7. Done for a reason to stop drifters from parking up and staying in areas. I can see why some get a bit uppity about it. They pay exorbitant rates to live somewhere only to have some one pull up in their rusted out Varargo and dreadlocks blocking the view
  8. I'm not saying what I do is "THE" way, it's just what I do and have done the last 40+ of AG flying. 30 years of that was Topdressing off all sorts of AG strips with all sorts of aircraft. I use full flap and slowest landing speed including very steep uphill strips.
  9. I've always used full flap on landing, turbine/nosewheel/piston/tailwheel, never understood landing without flap. If the surface of the strip is that bad with rocks that it does damage you shouldn't be working off it. Full flap gives you a lot lower landing speed. Different pilots use different techniques. I'd rather land slower and just roll up to the dumpsite, easier on the gear. I think it's quicker too, you can land further up the airstrip because of the less braking distance. Yes you can use reverse but it's not nessacery, maybe just click into no thrust but not reverse.
  10. The days of aerial spraying in England and pilots working in North Africa are long gone. Now Oz pilots go to North America in our winter season, I do a fire season here and now go to Canada for 5 months in our winter. The US and Canada never have enough pilots, except maybe this year where the drought has decimated agriculture. Col Pay or David Reid bought a few Fletchers from Pakistan. Tom Watson used to buy Beavers from all around the world.
  11. The Fletcher was designed as a topdressing aircraft for NZ. In my humble opinion the best machine (With it's derivatives) for the job. John Thorpe also had a big hand in the Piper series aircraft, full flying tailplane and similar design to the Flitch. Turbines have made a big difference to AG work. But as usual if you give an AG aircraft more power the hopper size goes up till the advantage gained is negated. The Dromader is an example, 2500 litre hopper for bulky products like seed and some fert. They stuck a turbine on it and blew the hopper out to over 3000 litres then filled it with retar
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