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  1. From the Wright flyer onwards canards have been toyed with, none seem to have made a big impact of commercial aviation?
  2. Yes there is some truth to what you say but it's not a critical as is made out. Just as an aside I held a CASA approval for OXY and TIG with both 4130 and aluminum. Never used it much and with having to sit the complete test at considerable cost every couple of years gave it up.
  3. Depends how it's welded, I've seen fuselages welded with TIG, not stress relived and had no problems. Oxy/Ace stress relives it as you go, with any process as long as you don't do full long welds in one hit. There's a few old wives tales about welding.
  4. Didn't know 737 had a splitter gearbox? https://www.betootaadvocate.com/uncategorized/rex-pilot-apologises-to-passengers-for-repeatedly-stalling-as-hes-not-used-to-driving-boeing/?fbclid=IwAR1M8KXg4RwDTSH56kfUfq8cn76isF82A20YHB3ec85bjyQtdPz_2c1ZLKg
  5. They might have changed, it's been years since I've flown around there. The way things have deteriorated with flying freedoms I would think it would only get worse.
  6. Not in Australia Jerry, they go out of their way to exclude GA, even making large airspace exclusions going out to areas that might only be used a couple of times a year. A good example is trying to get clearance to transit Williamtown coastal, if they do decide to let you through they make it as hard as possible. Don't expect it to change anytime soon, aviation is only going backwards in Australia driven by a Federal government with an anti GA bent and CASA who it seems want to get all aircraft out of the air.
  7. Those are interesting, the Newcastle one especially
  8. Trump is a lying cheating con man. He doesn't tell untruths he lies.........................................he has divided the US more, spewing hate and telling lies, he also lies. How can you lot defend him?
  9. Guido made a replica of that in Toowoomba
  10. Why did it take half an hour? As soon as you reached cruising height you would have checked GS on the GPS. Al this angst over a couple of knots or 250ml an hour difference in fuel flow seems unwarranted. Not as if you have a company on your back to minimize fuel flow and economy for maximum profits. The object is to go for a jaunt and enjoy the flight. If you constantly scanning graphs and charts to get optimum fuel flow and listening out for possible catastrophic failure about to appear your beloved pax might start to worry about your imminent demise instead of salivating over the seasid
  11. Of the estimated possible 400,000,000,000 airstrips in the world surely some sort of area should be included with the pic?
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