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  1. I would have loved to have flown a Boomerang, above all other aircraft..........😔
  2. They have worked out what does it now, I don't mind wearing the glasses it's shaving palms I don't like 🤓
  3. I have thought about ditching, I do a bit of flying over remote areas where there is heavy timber and only flat areas are lakes. My choice would be go for the timber every time. One aircraft I fly has ditching instructions in the manual, they state just before stalling to drop a wing into the water so the aircraft spins around on touchdown to try and stop overturning. Most fixed gear aircraft will overturn when ditched, usually violently collapsing the windscreen disabling the occupants.
  4. Don't rush a forced landing........pretty hard to think clearly. Nobody knows how they are going to react in an emergency situation till it happens.
  5. The first solo has changed a lot over the years, olden days it wasn't unheard of to solo with 3 hours. When I learnt about 10 hours was the norm, now 20? When I learnt the instructors were hour building for airlines and not interested in in the students progress, one of mine used to read a book and smoke most of my training. It's also common now to milk the student all you can, 40 or 50 hours before solo is also common. As usual there has to be a middle road, find a career instructor who cares about the job rather than just adding hours and maximizing the flight school income. Are they still a
  6. Watch a person who flies a tailwheel aircraft for a living, they always wheel them on. A tail low wheeler doesn't use anymore runway than a three pointer. Yes a good three pointer on a grass runway feels pretty good. Every landing I do try, I might just be a bit slow at learning 😁 I try to land on centreline, on the spot where I'll roll through to taxi off without braking. Last of all I try to get a smooth touchdown at the slowest possible speed, a tailwheel low wheeler. At a guess I'd say maybe 175,000 landings, maybe six what I'd call perfect landings. Maybe I need some dual with you Nev? 🤓
  7. Right again Nev, the Sabre wuzza bewdy engine too! H pattern 24 cyl sleeve valve. With all those moving parts what could possibly go wrong?
  8. I have run Lyc's, Continentals and PW engines on mogas, I dislike it intensely. It was a few years ago now, the fuel was always variable and not consistent from lots of suppliers. Hot weather made for problems, there was always a stink from the fuel. At one stage I was using 1000 litres a day and I still used avgas, I was prepared to pay more for decent fuel.
  9. That last sentence is the truth of CASA Ian......................things will never change until CASA makes flying safe, that is no aircraft flying.
  10. Agreed unless it's a Napier Sabre diesel 😜
  11. It makes too much sense for everybody to use the same system. In reality it makes no difference if your speed is knots, MPH or K's. The Yanks have a hatred for anything metric, using furlongs, bushels, rods, ounces, acres, chains makes so much more sense 😁 Makes hard work and room for error in the likes of Canada where they are supposed to work with the metric system but the rednecks want to be Amerrycarn and have a mixture of US and imperial measurements and the products like fuel and chemical are supplied as metric recommendations. I wouldn't have any problem with using K's f
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