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  1. Looked good, did he shut it down? He didn't try a restart. Mellow music pretty good.
  2. Just ease into it, if you feel your getting crook stop. Only do it for short periods to start, building to longer as you go. Do it at the end of a flight (after circuits or just flying around getting comfortable) so when you start to feel off land straight away. Remember your doing it for fun, when that ceases you should stop. Flying sick or uncomfortable you will not learn anything. Make sure the instructor knows what you want and is the right man for the job. I have had aero instructors who were only interested in showing how good they were, they are there to help you not show off.
  3. Usually weather limited with clouds and terrain. Ruling out those there might be maybe 20 days a year you could fly in perfect weather?
  4. M Coates said "I have been through Coffs Harbour control area at least 100 times, never had anything but polite and courteous controllers happy to do anything they could." I have been to and through Coffs many times, the times ATC made it easy were in the minority. I have struck that with most areas with ATC. The only times ATC make it easy is when I'm flying a Bomber on fires, they can't do enough to help then.
  5. To travel coastal past Coffs you still need a clearance. They used to be very hesitant to issue clearance coastal, if there was any traffic within a bulls roar they would deny. I have even been given a verbal bollicking for landing long at Coffs. I landed long into the North to avoid taxing, They preferred I landed on the piano keys and spent the next 15 minutes taxing back in the hot sun. The easiest way to transit Coffs is wait till the tower shuts down.
  6. Yes he did a lot of things he shouldn't, fact remains if he was let through some quiet airspace at the higher level he would not have flown into the ground. The airspace around Coffs/Tamworth/Williamtown is very safe when you don't let people through, plan or no plan.
  7. There will not be any general aviation in Australia shortly. CASA, controlled airspace and local councils greed are all working to keep GA out of the air.
  8. Watch an AG pilot for a while Nev, somebody doing solid fert
  9. .I like the Alpine in the background. The cockpit section reminds me of a factory auto gyro from the States a few years ago. McCulloch?
  10. I disagree nev, if you put them on the spot you want then buggar all distance difference. There is very little difference in speed between tailwheel just above the surface and touching. People flying tailwheel aircraft for a living usually tailwheel low landing, generally try to spare the tailwheel. One reason for a full three point landing would be if you were VERY limited in your landing distance. Not as if runway distance is limited in most cases.
  11. Flew down final into Jakarta in a Lion Air 737, the aircraft was banking 45 degrees either way. All the way down final, that late I thought it was going to scrape a wingtip. I refused to fly Lion Air after that so I travelled Sriwijaya Air!!!!!!! The flight crew start smoking as soon as they sit down, you can smell it throughout the flight and while they taxi in.
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