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  1. 110 aircraft in colour plus three-view silhouettes and specifications
  2. A listing of homebuilt aircraft registered through SAAA including details on the Aviation Register - Rego, name, address, date of registration, including all previous owners, make, model, photo. Separate register of aircraft and construction number. Includes 95-10 ultralights.
  3. Men & women and their machines in the various races and challenges they competed in. Covers 19 events in detail with coloured photos
  4. The history of QANTAS - Vol 3 of 3 - Vol 1 Defeat of Distance 1919 - 1939, Vol 2 Challenging Horizons 1939 - 1954, Vol 3 High Corridors 1954 - 1970. Includes photos, index, bibliography & notes. A good read.
  5. The history of QANTAS - Vol 2 of 3 - Vol 1 Defeat of Distance 1919 - 1939, Vol 2 Challenging Horizons 1939 - 1954, Vol 3 High Corridors 1954 - 1970. Includes photos, index, bibliography & notes. A good read.
  6. Vol 1 of 3 in the history of QANTAS. Vol 1 Defeat of Distance 1919-1939, Vol.2 Challenging Horizons 1939 - 1954, Vol 3 High Corridors 1954 - 1970. From the formation to the start of WW2, a comprehensive history with black & white photos, index, bibliography, notes & table of accidents. A good read.
  7. At least this guy has an aviation background and won't need to spend a year learning about ultralights, CASA regs, etc. Hopefully he is a good manager. Remember our last CEO came from the RSPCA. A previous CEO was ex-military. We have come a long way from when it was run by volunteers in their spare time.
  8. And check Spam. My ISP has started sending bulk mail out emails to the Spam folder on their servers. Means I have to log into my email through the web to access that Spam folder, which is different to the spam folder on my Email client which tosses things to Spam too. Really annoying at the ISP level, because they are Spamming things I regularly read and sending junk like Fishpond and Phishing scams through. I am slowly re-educating it.
  9. Last 2 months, our little club has fielded 4 requests for hangars and more requests for people wanting to fly (we don't have a school, just 18 hangars and 35 members). That's more than we got all last year.
  10. Insurance is going up all over the place due to high exposure to risk and covering past disasters (fire, flood, cyclone) and rising costs. RAA includes insurance for all Pilot members as part of the fee (Non-flying and Associate members don't have it). It will go up as all other insurance did, and because the members have been asking for an increase in coverage. But the membership isn't going up, just yet, which is a good thing.
  11. From the dawn of aviation to the start of WWII, this book illustrates planes, pilots, passengers, terminals, publicity, fledgling airlines, military; from around the world.
  12. This book includes descriptions of all the significant military actions with details of tanks, ships, aircraft and other weapons used. Illustrated with photographs, maps and artwork.
  13. 'We regulate by counting tombstones' US FEDERAL AVIATION OFFICIAL This book is a thorough and meticulously researched investigation into the important issue of passenger aircraft safety. It concludes that not enough is being done to improve flight safety and that improvements are only made when enough passengers die in a crash to force the issues into the public eye. It is a fallacy to believe that flying is the safest way to travel. The statistics have been spun to present the most favourable picture. In truth, if you plot fatal crashes against the number of journeys taken - ONLY MOTORBIKES TURN OUT MORE RISKY. This is a serious ground-breaking, campaigning book which has caused enormous controversy.
  14. Sister Anne Maree Jensen's baseball cap, riding boots and a Cessna aeroplane are not usually part of the image that comes to mind when we think of nuns - but then, Sister Anne Maree Jensen's 'Aerial Ministry' is not a conventional calling either. For the past ten years, Sister Anne Maree has been flying over some of the most remote parts of outback southwest Queensland, bringing companionship to the women who live in her bush parish. Her parish includes more than 250,000 square kilometres of sheep and cattle stations, roughly the size of West Germany. The stoic resilience of these women 'who battle against drought and loneliness in a harsh environment' provides the 'Flying Nun' with the inspiration to pursue her unusual mission. But the The Flying Nun is not the story of Sister Anne Maree alone. It is also the story of the 13 women to whom her life and work are devoted.
  15. 606 ballot papers, each allowed to vote for up to 2 candidates (2x606 = 1,212 potential votes) 1,159 votes cast; (1212 - 1159) = 53 voters opted to vote for ONE only. After the first "Meet the Candidates" I was sorely tempted to only vote for one. However I decided I had to cast a vote for the better of the other three.
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