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  1. For me parking outside was the same cost as hangaring. Hangar fees use maintenance costs added together seemed to remain constant. Maintenance costs went very high when no hangar.
  2. In the 80's I owned a Piper Cherokee. I hired it out. Continually dirty. Watched as one pilot continued to attempt to start engine with loud grinding noise coming from engine. Did damage to starting system that would have been far less than if he had aborted the flight. Never rented my Mooney. Most guys I know that have rented aircraft to help pay for ownership end up just selling the aircraft. I considered renting the Mooney by putting it online with a flying club. The terms that they wanted were so one sided. So I sold the aircraft rather than not use it when the wife refused to leav
  3. Use only Tefzel wiring. It is similar to Teflon but I'd less toxic when it burns. PVC wiring is much heavier as the insulation needs to be much thicker for the same wire cross section. A cables ability to carry current is a function of the temperature that the insulation can stand and still be functional. Teflon and Tefzel can take higher temperatures than PVC. A thinner wire will get hotter than the same current through a thicker wire, so a thinner wire will get hotter but the Tefzel can take the increased temperature. Lighter copper and insulation, good for aircraft
  4. Don't solder connections in any vibrating machine. It will cause wire fatigue breaks at the solder/ wire interface. Use professional crimping with PROFESSIONAL crimping tools, this ensuring a galvanic connection.
  5. Have two distinct electrical systems. One for power the other instruments and radios. Each should have an earth bar. Connect each earth bar by one only connection. Do this and you will reduce problems with earth loops that an affect instruments and radios. Shield all instrument and radio connections earthing the shield at one end only, very important to also stop earth loops.
  6. I read an article once where the ashes a guy distributed from his aircraft ran along the skin of the aircraft on release and damaged the aircraft paint work. Apparently they are very abrasive.
  7. Yes all the Teflon style of wiring is hard to skin, even with a skinning tool. In the 70's we used lots of Teflon wire for control cabling in very large control installations. Packaging density very high but the gas given off is really bad. When Torrens Island power station had a fire in their computer control room the fumes subtly destroyed most control cards in the system. The insurance company paid out for a complete refit control system. Hans I would replace all wiring in an aircaft if I ever had a small fire anywhere in that aircraft.
  8. Actually aircraft wiring is not Teflon, similar in properties but with less toxicity when burning.
  9. The downward force that the aircraft exerts on the air supporting it will increase! Then as time progresses the aircraft will get lighter! To raise the potential energy of the birds (increased height above the earth) the birds must exert a force on the floor of the aircraft. This requires a thrust downward from the wings of the birds. The birds will increase the altitude of the centre of gravity of the craft. This has the effectiveness of pushing the aircraft downward, the velocity of the downward force will increase its force under the wings of the craft. When the birds reach a constant
  10. Ian, how do I start a blog of my aircraft build? Is that ok with you?
  11. I am a habitual user of this site. Can I get notified on my android of new posts? I would like to see blogs of what people are doing! Be it Recreational aircraft, GA Aircraft, regular public transport, model in fact anything that is above ground and uses air to support it, even hovercraft. All can be recreation of some sort. I would also love to see pics of cars being restored, maybe not aircraft but still of interest. I have not blogged my aircraft, I will, but I get all sorts of agro from she who must be obeyed.
  12. I left Facebook after criticism from my left wing family of my right wing views. Total intolerance and criticism. Why be criticized. I look to this site to exchange information about mother nature and our battle with her to fly. I need to build cowlings, the thread was just what I wanted. But I am not good with writing, a little Asperger's, I got lost in the words. I am guessing many of the people interested in this website maybe similar to me. I would like to see pictures of some of the ideas and methods. Open discussion on all aspects of aircraft big and tiny. Of all types of ways of
  13. Many years ago I read a report from a retiring six crash investigator. He said: 95% of accidents involving death the pilot was doing something illegal at the time of the accident 1% was bad pilot training 1% was bad maintenance 1% was pilot medical episode 1% was something I can not remember, old age memory. 1% was bloody bad luck So I used this as my philosophy, fly legal, it is legal for a reason. Seen me safe for 40 years of flying. Still have a class2 med. Reaction time is still in the .3 seconds. If this goes I will retire from flying.
  14. I will be ok in the test ? Turn on lane assistant and let the car steer itself. Just have to tap the steering wheel every few seconds. It can be scary, cars follow the centre during turns, drivers tend to go towards the inner side of the corner. First few times you think the car is not steering correctly.
  15. I am old. Waiting for my medical episode while driving. Bought a car that automatically applied brakes for pedestrians, walls etc, other cars inline of sight and if my face becomes unresponsive. I figure that I may not create a serious "problem" and be able to continue driving. With a licence continue flying...... maybe not.
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