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  1. I await your advice on availability, let me know. I will suspend my research. Cheers PS I still have not found a property to store my current project
  2. Skippy you don't seem too keen to sell. Maybe you will do it yourself! When lockdown is finished I will contact you to see if you are still selling. If so I will go to the Oaks.
  3. What constitutes a tyre kicker? Someone that looks but doesn't buy? I once bought an aircraft on first sight. A stupid purchase. These days I do much more research. Seen quite a few aircraft, only bought one. Sometimes one does research by seeing what is available and prices until a real bargain is discovered or that special aircraft is found.
  4. I could not agree more. I love building and fixing things far more than flying. I am a career engineer. I was 14 when I found out what an engineer was, that was the moment I knew I was going to be. Even in retirement I still love being an engineer.
  5. At the end of the day I feel that it is a risk vs benefit issue
  6. Has its SIDS been done? I overhauled an engine a few years ago, I did most of the grunt work under the direct supervision of a LAME. Cost me $40k! After you have an aircraft restored you have spent a fortune or spent thousands of hours and what do you have? Often a very out of date aircraft or a patched aircraft that is hard to resell. What if you bought an old or damaged aircraft and soon after getting it you realise that it is just not worth it, now you have to get rid of a large amount of sheet aluminium and steel or composite junk. Not a cheap exercise. The engine and instrumentation
  7. I have been researching the aircraft for a while. Two problems, is it repairable with moulds and where could I store and where could I repair aircraft. Limited workshop space, completed aircraft will not fit in my garage. Started researching a few weeks before covid lockdown, about to go to the Oaks for research. Then lockdown. I will resume after lockdown. No point trying to remotely solve issues.
  8. I am interested. Not knowing what instruments etc that could be sold of it ends up impossible to be fixed.
  9. Could you please send detailed parts list and pictures? Cheers Geoff
  10. The way that I remember it is that the restoration of Muja was proposed by Kempe in an attempt to make a fortune. The result was dismal. Similar to Transfield and Collinsville.
  11. I was contracted to Kempe for design services. I had previously worked on the restoration of Collinsville where we had problems with boiler leaks due to rust under lagging throat had sat in the cold elements for years. I mentioned that to Kempe, they told me that that had checked for corrosion and shut me down. Then they had the steam pipe rust failure. Not a site I was going to work in. However I had the Mooney then and could have flown in and out from time to time, however got consulting contract with a Sydney Water job, a water turbine generator the a BHP contract and didn't want anythi
  12. Current electricity generators are very frightened of investing huge money in a power station only to have it stopped and the money lost. Take Redbank Power station. Killed by Labor government. If Liddell was shut down today the price of electricity would increase and it's present owner would make more money. Liddell was first commissioned in 1971 with a design life of 20 years. In 1988 a study did woyon what was required to extend the life to 2000. How it still operates I don't know. I know its output is severely reduced. They really don't care how energy is generated, they just
  13. It pays to thbe green and know that black lives matter if you are going to be allowed to mine the community assets. I have knowledge of these situations but cannot supply information as I am bound by confidentiality agreements from when I was actively consulting. Hey I reckon that we should go renewable for several reasons, one being emissions another saving of critical assets for future generations. I just don't think that we are going in the right direction.
  14. Not an untruth, but the situation could be misconstrued from what is written. I am fully in favour of renewable energy. But without a planned transfer and analysis of the situation we will see blackouts before too long. The attached file shows what happened in the recent Queensland failure. Gas came to the rescue. As older coal generators give up the ghost we will have little or no backup to cover failures. x1.png.pagespeed.ic.0VmDUTsi93.webp
  15. I have worked on the Newman installation. What you read is half the truth. How is the mine powered? There used to be 3 GTs. I worked on one.
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