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  1. Hi all, Trying to work out whether I can get away with 1/4" ID aluminium tube from the wing tanks down to a Y or T junction before the Savannah header tank. From there the single hose can be 3/8" which I think is the barb size at the top of the header. (I can also use 3/8" from the header to the engine). Reason being, I have 4 panel-mount quick release fittings from Aircraft Spruce which I want to use in the wing roots, in case this becomes a trailerable aircraft. These are 1/4". Back of the envelope tells me the area of a 1/4" cross section would be 31.66 sq.mm
  2. My 172 instructor told me not to worry about sheep in a forced landing situation - he said they'd either get out of the way or slow me down!
  3. I learnt to hang glide in Western Vic - think it was near Beaufort, about 26 years ago. My instructor was a real character. He'd been in some competitions in Europe and told us about landing in a field in the Netherlands, which was filled with tall dark green plants. It was a fortunate choice, as he found out later - there were quite a few buds from these plants in the back of his harness bag where it was unzipped for landing!
  4. Thanks Bob, that's excellent. Gives me the position nicely. Given the 701 doesn't have that nice rounded corner on the fuse sides, I may be able to get it even closer to the side so that port connector isn't so close to the flaperon mixer. So - if one of your big barbs is the breather, where does it run to? I'm assuming somewhere high!
  5. Received the header tank (2nd hand) from Aerokits today. All looks good and has complete wiring to the test button - although not to light, so will have to figure that out. I think the harness that I have on already has the test button and connectors so will probably use that one. Now obviously the tank sits behind passenger and drain cock protrudes below the aircraft (and I'd always thought of it as a "her" before now!) and looks like two small bolts hold it in position. Questions for the Sav owners: 1. Is there any reinforcement below the tank or does it sit o
  6. Question re: hangar doors. Wouldn't it make sense to use a hell of a lot of hinges and build extremely big concertina doors? Tall but narrow, running in tracks top and bottom. Thinking maybe 1 - 1.5m wide, hinged to the next one. Shouldn't be an issue with wind, pretty strong because of the track connections every panel, allows pretty much full width opening apart from the combined thickness of the panels, can be built from whatever you can get cheaply. Downsides would be hard to seal especially top and bottom (maybe a rubber flap fixed to the frame), and the cost of the track hardwar
  7. You had to move the WING? That seems like a big step for a 2.4kg reduction in weight (presumably at the firewall if you're moving the wing aft).
  8. Bit late for that! Hopefully I don't have to put a lot of weight down the tail end. I can move the battery if necessary but I'd rather not.
  9. My fault for not fact checking - I had no idea what Brazil's population was but the maths stuck out like dogs balls. So, my apologies @bull, it's actually 0.278% - NOT 2.9%, but equally not 0.02% as you stated. The fact does remain that comparing it to other causes of death are not really helpful, as those other causes were the same before Covid and deaths from Covid are an additional factor. Far from "being fearful" as one punter puts it (hint: he seems to bounce between "funny" and "caution" responses, in equally inappropriate ways) - it's common sense to use all re
  10. Check your maths, 20 mil population with 586,590 deaths is 2.9 percent not 0.02.
  11. They're devils, not tigers - like Elvis the tiger has been extinct for a while.
  12. Hi Dalmo, What plane is your kit? The Aircraft: in your avatar says Jabiru 230D - if that's what you're talking about then some of the folks who have Jabs could probably give you some info. Your first port of call though would be the factory that produced the kit. Many types have semi-official builder sites that have a lot of info - for example I often look at Zenith.aero because there's bound to be a user who's posted useful photos of whatever I'm working on. Good luck with your search.
  13. Agree 100% there are industries where vaccination should be mandatory. If you're medical staff in a hospital or work in an age care facility you can't be moved to an area with reduced contact. If there is some medical reason the person cannot have the jab then the employer will have to deal with that another way - maybe regular testing etc - but if it's just a choice, then perhaps they should be looking at a different career.
  14. Wrong question, really. If you're going to compare the two, think of it this way: If there was a slight change you could make to your flying, either a piece of safety equipment or a change to procedure, that would make you a little bit safer and also make aircraft around you safer, and it was totally free, would you use it? Because that's what the vaccine does. Saying the vaccine does not prevent you from getting Covid and passing it on to someone who is 70 is not entirely correct. The vaccine both reduces your chances of getting it, cuts down the viral load so your
  15. Must have bloody strong spars to withstand those G forces. Lot of pressure with long glider wings.
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