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  1. Funny how that happens, when you stack the committee with people who work in/own/have substantial interests in gas.
  2. PM sent. Although I'm quite happy to send them to you, if I was doing it over again, I'd get the 750 plans instead. The 701 has MTOW of 500kg where the 750 has 600.
  3. Been a while!! I finally bit the bullet and did a test piece from gel coat + 2x layers of carbon fibre + peel ply, using polyester resin. I bought an oven tin so I didn't destroy any of my wife's existing ones, did the gel coat first with a paintbrush (might use roller for bigger pieces) then let it cure for a week or 2 before doing the rest. I used 6 x coats of wax, buffed back each time, then a spray release just before the gel coat. It worked a treat - popped out of the mould perfectly. While I'm very happy with the mould release and the gel coat, I put in w
  4. Look, there's a documentary about what happens when you give military hardware too much autonomy - it's called "The Terminator". (Ok, so it's not a documentary, but bloody good series of movies! One of the rare ones where the sequel is much better than the first.) The decision to deliberately take a human life - and the responsibility for doing so - must always rest with a human.
  5. It was getting hot in there. He's just sticking his head out for some cooling.
  6. Defense acquisition is never about value for money. If Russia or China produced a 5th generation fighter that outflew and outgunned anything that a five eyes country produced, at 1/10th of the price, we still wouldn't get it.
  7. Hey folks, Currently in our caravan at Crayfish Creek, leaving tomorrow or Wednesday. Any builders / flyers in the local area who have an aircraft I can drool over? Cheers, Marty
  8. Wow, that went sideways fast. It was just about the planes for me, and let's face it, if it's happening anywhere else in Aus but your place, you don't get to see them live anyway.
  9. On now (ABC TV) - hopefully they'll repeat it. Just saw some warbirds - Mustang, Spits, Wirraway, Catalina, DC3, etc etc - plus 3x F35, standard Hornets, Super Hornets, Growler, KC-35's, C-17's, now showing Roulettes. Fantastic day in Canberra by the looks of it - wish I was on the banks of Burley Griffin watching!
  10. Where d'you find one of those Lisa Juicy figures? 😄
  11. Cheers Gareth, it was good talking with you! Funny bumping into you again at the restaurant today, but Hobart's a small place. Glad you got home ok and hope QLD clears up this latest cluster pretty quick.
  12. What am I thinking of? Must be "scrum". I dunno - don't follow sports. I remember there was one bloke called Hopoate who liked whatever it was.
  13. Actually I think the entire post was correct. Plus I thought it was easier keeping things here on Earth rather than sticking them in Uranus...
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