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  1. The nursing home staff probably already give them to your Grandad. Stops him rolling out of bed at night...
  2. Yep I've dealt with Andrews Race Cars, they're brilliant. Had to order a piece only 200mm long once, they had no issues with sending it.
  3. More proof of his lack of connection with reality. If (and I really hope this happens!) he gets thrashed in the polls, as a one-term president, even the stupidest of Republicans would not endorse his nomination in the future. That would be like the Democrats putting up Hilary again.
  4. If a Trump supporter told me that the sky was blue, I'd stick my head outside to look. The fact that they could support such a scumbag raises questions about their judgement in every aspect of life.
  5. If you get your news from Breitbart, you'll end up less informed than you were to start with. You don't have to look far for Trump's crimes. The fact that he's paid a total of US $750 tax in the last 11 years should be a good place to start. Claiming $70,000 a year for THAT haircut? I can't wait until he's out of office, he's broken multiple laws in both state and federal jurisdictions. They will be on him like flies on a turd, which is a very apt analogy.
  6. Wonder why they bothered with all that metal around the cockpit. You could replace the whole top with a clear dome-shaped canopy - not like you need any structural stiffness there and you're protected from rollover by the mast itself.
  7. Kind of looks like one of those pretend planes they have as rides for kids in shopping centres.
  8. It's been a while... Fortunately @wideblueyonder just lent me some cowl moulds, so this is inspiring me to get back into it. I bolted the engine back on temporarily to test fit the mould. I got some advice from the Fibreglass Shop in Hobart that the moulds are too thin and need beefing up, so the first job (while on the plane to maintain shape) will be to add wooden strips and fibreglass them on to the outsides of the moulds. After that will be some more smoothing to the insides (surfboard filler epoxy was suggested, with sanding down to 1500 grit), then on to making
  9. Massive thanks today to @wideblueyonder who took me up - not once, but twice - in a Sav from his Midlands Flying School strip at Tunbridge! It was great to fly with the eagles (as long as they kept their distance) - fantastic morning for it. Thanks also for lending me the cowling moulds for the 701 - I stopped in at the Fibreglass Shop in Hobart on the way home and got some advice. (I'm the one with the Santa look...)
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-30/western-australia-pilot-romantic-gesture/12714318
  11. The south west???? The most tigerish of tiger country. If I ever even dream of flying to the south west, just lock me up.
  12. Surely the venerable old bird would generate forgiveness. The Spit, I mean, not HRH.
  13. Borrow a Mk9 Spitfire (after appropriate training, of course!) and depart from Duxford at Cambridge. Track down the M11 to London, buzz Westminster and Buckingham Palace, fly under the Tower Bridge, then head east down the Thames to Margate. Turn south, do a pass of the white cliffs of Dover, then east again over the channel to Dunkirk. A pass over the long beach there, then down to Calais-Dunkerque airport. That'd do me...
  14. Oh. That's a whole otter thing then.
  15. Why? Beaver FUKN... can't see a thing wrong with that...
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