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  1. I knew you were going to say this even before you did! The little chip you had implanted during your injection told me. Seriously, I agree with you. It is now gone too far not to get vaccinated
  2. Hirth are no longer made from the last news i heard, that was about 2 years ago. The new Yamaha might fit that market perfectly !
  3. They stopped building new ones last year with the start of Covid, they are selling factory inventory stock at the moment, this is expected to last till the end of 2021. You must be reading a different report to me ?
  4. https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/component/k2/item/75-rotax-582-end-of-production
  5. https://biology.stackexchange.com/questions/60164/do-birds-ever-fly-in-clouds
  6. All of this and it can only lift 10 tons and do 80 kn ? I saw the good year blimp at Oshkosh trying to land just before a storm front. It was one of the most dangerous things I have ever seen. As it happens they were actually doing a live cross at the time for the Chicago news which got replayed just about everywhere and the reporter was getting violently thrown around, one minute she was on the floor, the next minute she was on the roof and she was screaming "we are going to die" they cut away from the story after that but said afterward she survived without a scratch. She did a f
  7. You really are a glass half empty person Spacey ! 😇
  8. To do this properly you need to run a trailing pitot and static. I will see if I can pull-up the report on all of this. Its very interesting how you can't use the built-in system for absolute accuracy. the photo was a design from the leading edge on an extension pole which could take normal readings and also readings without angle of attack measurements and you could see of the differences, sometimes many knots. They also trailed sensors out the back about 30 m behind the aircraft away from influences, there was a retractable system that came out of the w
  9. The Mudgee aeroclub brought a thruster that did exactly this, it would porpoise at different power settings, really aggressively. I know one of the guys down there and will see if they can remember the cure. It must be at least 30 years ago now that they got this aircraft and they crashed it on Boxing Day rolling it up into a ball but it did fly again. I have a vague memory it was something to do with the fabric on the tail feathers but I will have to ask them because I just don't remember.
  10. You are missing the inspection of the aircraft step, It HAS to be inspected by L2 or a CASA appointed person, then issued with a CofA, THEN you can fly
  11. I do believe you need some clarification here. the RA-Aus will register anything, registration is only one of the processes of putting an aircraft into the air. Honestly, I could register a wheelbarrrow with a plank across it but that doesn't mean anything it just gives it a registration number. If you don't progress to the next step in the regisstration process your registration will automatically expire after I think 12 months. The next step after registration is to get a certificate of airworthiness. The registration doesn't mean anything at all, it is the certifica
  12. it proved one thing to me, hot chicks like science ! Shame I am not smart enough !
  13. CASA is there is a safety regulator. To get the absolute best safety results you need to minimise your exposure. In this case if you stop aircraft from flying then you are significantly reducing your exposure risk. In a perfect world from a CASA perspective, I am sure that they would only like to see Qantas and Virgin type of operations which are by statistics very safe, they can then, pack their back, give themselves a wage rise and declare they are doing a fantastic job. All they need to do is to get rid of GA and RA-Aus because these are the segments which are affecting their s
  14. it is by their own admission that they had mistakes in the POH and all of the weight and balance documents. That is one simple fact that they can't avoid. The other fact is as I have mentioned previously, they lied on the weight and balance documents in Australia so that the aircraft were not overweight. Some of them were listed 60 kg underweight !
  15. Now they have cancelled AusFly at Narromine ? What's going on.
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