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  1. some of us in Queensland are still waiting for the voting papers to arrive with the first new edition of sport pilot magazine. contacted the RA-Aus head office several times but nothing ever happened, no voting papers and no magazine !
  2. you are making some really big assumptions here about an aircraft being able to be flown overweight in other countries. They may not have the same G requirements as Australia, I believe, our G requirements are based on international standards plus the weather that can be expected in Australia to affect an aircraft during flight. Just because somebody says they fly at 700 kg overseas is probably true but it will most certainly be at a reduced G loading so instead of +4-2 you could be +2-1 in which case your aircraft will either be damaged or break in our turbulence. Ther
  3. The Bolly in-flight adjustable is being tested/developed at our airfield. There have been a couple of blades that have let go and the other day (about three weeks ago) the propeller went into beta mode at about 200 AGL after rotation requiring the aircraft to crash land into a pond. I am not sure if they are going to keep going with the project
  4. I have also lost the little icon thing from the shortcuts on my browser bar ?
  5. I have said this before and I don't want it to sound like a real complaint but every time you change the site I go round and round in circles again and again. It would be good if it was just left the same for us old users
  6. the silicon tape is probably more needed on the fuel lines which in your photos have not been completed
  7. The flight training school at our airfield at Jacobs Well Flight Training – Gold Coast Sport Flying Club Inc is absolutely flat out, they now have three planes and about four instructors. I don't know if this is typical of the rest of Australia but these guys are knocking out huge hours.
  8. Absolutely terrific aircraft, I managed to catch a glimpse at Caboolture and the owner, adventurer Mike Smith even allowed me into the aircraft to sit in the cockpit (and fantasise) absolutely huge in size inside and out. Plenty of room, he even has his own coffee maker inside so he can make his "picalo almond latte's" while he is flying. There is enough room to sleep in the back in complete comfort, huge baggage area and it gets along at about 125 kn at about 35 L per hour or it may be 38 L per hour I can't remember. It is running two Rotax 915 engines and air master propellers. Absolutely
  9. That is the same rim as my wheelbarrow ?
  10. I was talking to my mate the other day about just how far the aviation industry has come since the Wright brothers, but he said he didn't really care. I thought that's just plane ignorance.
  11. This screenshot is from the Comm Bank just now to the USD. There will be about 10% difference between the buy rate and the sell rate, this is how they make their money. What you see on the television will never be accurate because this is called the mid market rate which is the difference between the buy and the sell rate.
  12. You need to go ahead and get a refund, you were ripped off and it went straight into your custom brokers pocket. Do this 50 times every year and you will have a great Christmas !
  13. Item 34 of Schedule 4 of the Customs Tariff Act 1995 Item 34 provides a free duty rate for imported eligible goods. Aircraft parts or materials must be consumed into the whole of the aircraft during the act of manufacture, repair, maintenance or modification.
  14. There is no duty on aircraft or aircraft parts. They are exempt. About the only thing in an aircraft that will get duty applied if it is imported on its own is fabric like seat coverings or aircraft covers but if they are reported as part of a total shipment they are like the rest of the shipment exempt. If you were charged 5% duty then this was incorrect and you are actually able to go and claim it back by contacting your customs broker who incorrectly applied the EIN code when doing the importation.
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