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  1. Do you have a ground lead to your body when you are flying ? I would recommend around 1100 mm of braid attached to your thigh with a small screw for each flight
  2. Wasn't the flying Dr all started by John Flynn ? Anyway, I saw the program and thought it was really good
  3. FlyBoy1960

    Titanium Explorer

    I was looking at one of these with a friend at the airfield not long ago but I don't know if the manufacturer is still in business because there have been no updates to their website since 2016 ? Reports were that they are a very nice machine to fly
  4. Yes, i was always cold plus 2 as the final setting, you just leave it at that. You wont loose hearing people because its so sensitive.
  5. thanks for the clarification, if it only happens when you receive does it happen at idle, that cruise and at full throttle or is it a different level of sound or is it the same in all three engine settings
  6. Start by identifying where the noise is coming from. It is pretty simple; use the intercom on/off/isolate switch to turn the Intercom to the off position. If the noise instantly stops then it tells you that you need to raise the squelch level on the intercom which needs to be adjusted higher until the noise goes away. If the noise stays there exactly the same then you need to turn up the radio squelch until the noise cuts out. If you can't cut out the noise using the radio squelch whilst the intercom is turned off then you have to look for other problems.
  7. Sorry Ben, i cant remember. Kylie Communications on this site would know
  8. looking at the holes above the radio it appears to me that your aircraft was originally set up for a microair using a separate intercom system because you can see the holes there for something like a Sigtronics SPA-4S or something similar. I would pull everything out including that extra board which is not needed with the XCOM and just wire it up according to the diagram which I sent through. This is exactly what I did and it worked perfectly for years until I sold the aircraft and is probably still working fine today
  9. Thank goodness for Glacier Backup XCOM-Radio-UHF-WD.pdf
  10. I would get rid of everything that is there because it is unnecessary. When I built my old plane I had an XCOM with a VHF and UHF. There is an intercom switch which is on/off/isolate and then there is another switch which moves the microphone from VHF to UHF. This means you cannot transmit on UHF and VHF at the same time which is obvious but you can receive on both. The wiring harness was nothing at all like what you have got in there. I think the aircraft may have had another brand of radio but you certainly don't need anything like this with the XCOM. so
  11. what amazes me is that people don't do stalls at a real throttle setting. Doing stalls at idle is a waste of time because the aircraft are normally behaving at their levels of best behaviour. When my original training was done stalls were always performed at about three quarters power setting and sometimes at full power setting because that is when you are normally going to get bit. When you are climbing out and trying to get over some trees ahead of you or something like that. Stalls at idle really don't simulate real-life stalls. I would like to see a video of stalls at let's say 5000 rpm
  12. sorry but I can only quote what they told me and many others at the meeting that nothing has changed with 95.10 since it was introduced. if there have been changes then you should contact the RA--Aus and ask why changes have been made to civil aviation order 95.10 and how they affect you. What they did say is that anything that ever gets changed is preceded by an NPRM by a certain period of time to allow for industry consultation and comments from those affected. Most of the time there are no comments so the changes just go through. They did say that for 95.10 pilots nothing had changed sin
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