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  1. I can see a couple of hurdles for you. We won't let you into Queensland because you won't let Queensland into WA (not your fault I know) hopefully the borders will have opened by then. Then, regarding flight to New Zealand, we have had a couple of people from our airfield try, and it has been a disaster. You will not get permission if you are RA-Aus EVER, and if you are VH registered you will only get approval if you are IFR rated and the aircraft also is IFR approved. The reason is, there are no visual flight references and you must comply with
  2. Showing me its infected with a Trojan
  3. You are forgetting one of the most important things, the slower you are going the longer you are affected by the headwind so you wiil therefore use more fuel than you will going fast because you are affected by the headwind for longer
  4. People use incorrect call signs all the time. When I had a glider I would quite often get landing fees for places like Darwin, Jandacott and other remote places 3000 km away from where the glider was based. It then took three months of arguing to say I didn't fly from Mount Isa to Darwin in one day ! I have no problem whatsoever making a contribution if it goes straight to the operator but when you have 1/3 party taking 60% of the income then it really annoys me. You have to remember that a lot of the facilities are actually partly funded by the government so we are paying for them
  5. Simple, just have a weight limit like a lot of other airports have. Anything under 1500 kg is exempt from charges, anything with an RA-Aus registration is exempt from charges. They have no effect on the durability of the airport with regards to maintenance but they have a huge influence on People buying fuel, Staying in accommodation, eating at restaurants and using taxi services. I know back when I was flying a lot I would not avoid, but have a preference for, airports with facilities that didn't charge recreational aircraft. I am guessing with
  6. Yes i have one to sell and started that rumor ! Honestly I don't know ?
  7. Used in the "Ice Break" milk ads in the early 2,000's I remember them painting the plane in a silicone paint that pressure washed off after filming. Enjoy
  8. The best/worst movie has to be Howard the Duck with some great footage and some terrible footage at the same time. Amazing what the old quicksilver MX2 could do !
  9. I have one for sale, make an offer. Done about 10 kms only
  10. Not everyone flies a 50 knot aircraft anymore. They don't even even make engines for then any longer.
  11. people selling the cheaper aircraft are obviously not making as much money and therefore can't afford to run the expensive advertising that somebody selling a really expensive aircraft could afford. My friend (whose name I can't mention here for some reason) at the airport who sells X-Air's said that he made only just under $1800 on a $20,000 X-Air aircraft. From this he had to take importation costs and other hidden importation fees and in the end it was only about $800-$1000 profit per aircraft. It costs more than that to put an ad in the magazine every month so he wo
  12. I tried giving my 20 to 30-year-old sons a street directory and told them this is how we used to get to where we were going. They were absolutely flabbergasted why we were allowed to drive, hold a street directory, a Coke and a cigarette all at the same time. They just couldn't work it out, What happens when you get to the end of the map and why doesn't the next page just line up with the page you are on.
  13. you should have just gone the JB hi-fi rather than wasting your time in office works. 90% of what they have available for sale is now only available through their website and it is drop shipped by importers. also, to be fair there are several aircraft importers at our airfield and I know they all have stock available for immediate sale so there are people who have the investment in the industry, the future and in sales
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