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  1. I have been to tassie a few times over the years but short stays seen most of the tourists stuff but this time going to places off the beaten track oh and catch up with aviators abd talk about all thing's flying lol
  2. Hi felow forumites in Tasmania, myself and wife will be touring beautiful Tasmania in March and April, arriving Hobart on 15th March, then touring around for 18 days, would like to catch up with pilots/builders if possible for coffee and chat any takers please pm me Cheers gareth
  3. Hi fellow Tasmanian forumites, Myself and wife will be touring beautiful Tasmania in march april arrive Hobart 15th march for 18 days travelling around ,would like to catch up with any fellow pilots/builders for coffee and chat, please let me know if anyone is interested Cheers Gareth
  4. I asked a simple question and got a bunch of useless replies .Sheesh ( apologies to the ones that did answer my question and thank you
  5. My main earth block is direct to battery, also will do ground to frame ,but all switches will now go to ground block as will all lights, gauges, actuators plus will ground to frame
  6. Bus for power to accessories just looped to each contact only using 5
  7. Here is my bus for ground and power thoughts? Thanks for your replies
  8. using Tefzel wire sizing for each component mostly 20 22 g 1 overload switch is for battery isolator ,this feeds the on off switch to the bus ,using 1x40 amp 3x10 amp,4x5 amp overload switches i can change these if required,my dash hinges back so i can access all electrical components, also access hatch 300x200 behind the fire wall
  9. Where would i get a bus comb from ,looking at ebay mostly from US and COSTLY cheers gareth
  10. Each switch is per single use other than 2 usb and strobes, radios tx, ems ,flaps, trim,etc all single use cheers Gareth
  11. Here is my bus for ground and power thoughts? Thanks for your replies
  12. Thanks rfguy thats what i thought but asking someone who knows is better than taking a stab in the dark cheers Gareth
  13. I have 8 carling rocker switches with power coming through 8 thermal overload contacts, all switches require led grounding plus grounding for load, can i loop all switches with grounding for led and load or should i go for individual grounding to terminal ground block Cheers Gareth
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