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  1. when i joined this forum there were quite a few builders contributing,sadly some have passed and there now seems to be a core that are regular contibuters, however home/experimental(other than RV) seems to have lost interest, i am building again and look for as much info as i can gleen , whatever happened to Daffyd Llewellyn? he had a lot of cred here, is homebuil;ding dying in Aus?
  2. Jack,did you buy this off Mike hille going to catch up with Mike on Friday
  3. 2 radios and transponder all up cost 1200 from uk
  4. Hi Marty Snap, your dash looking good
  5. In turbulance if you had a firm grip it would be a bit bouncy was told by instructor to let the plane fly 2 finger grip cruised about 115 knots indicated had no trouble with flare and you could place it where you wanted ,in saying that one time i came n at 70 knots and it did float , my best aproach speed was 70 over the threshold and 50 to 55 at landing , we also found the rubber doughnuts for nose wheel where to soft and put in slightly harder ones ,my wife would fly in the Roko because she "felt safe" unquote but didnt like the RV6a go figure ,they are built light but if i could afford a
  6. Yes i had the Roko via flew it for 2 years before my flying buddy needed to sell his share to buy a bigger industrial premises,we had a cg problem (when 2 people stood on wing walk it would tip back) as well but only moved the seat rear (back support) forward by 50mm and about 4 kg on the psru front all done by the factory engineers from Czechslovakia no problems to fly great aircraft did 135 hrs myself There is a vid on u tube with my son and i flying and he weighed at the time 120kg and i was at 105kg with 100litres of fuel the plane handled great .
  7. They are sales people , lowest rung on the ladder (same as pollies) so dont expect the truth, they want to sell as quick as they can to get thier commission ,just like parasite real estate agents(dont ask me how i know) best bet is to find out the owners details and get straight from him, cheers gareth
  8. Whats his age have to do with it,ageism working again, condolences to his family
  9. I have just spent 6 days in and around Mildura and i am with Telstra,their service is abysmal 10mins out of town zero signal our freinds pay apremium but they have virtualy no reception without goint to the roof of thier house stand on 1 leg and whistle dixie ,and as you are aware it is flat country out there Telstra is still amonopoly for country folk
  10. Hi Marty we are now touring victoria for 2 weeks and will be staying in mildura for 5 days catching up with an old work colleague and another experimental builder(not on the forum) so lockdown in brissie may be ovet when we get back cheers gareth
  11. I had a bottle of penfolds grange present at 50 opened at 70 it was crap cost was i believe 100 then we by 7 dollar reds and whites they taste good
  12. Met up with Marty D in tassie and had a few hrs talking building,like Marty i am scratch building his 701 is coming along and great workmanship in a very small area keep the good work up Marty and thanks for the welcome and coffee. Its good to meet people of the forum puts a human touch to the words we all type thanks again and wrlcome in brissie anytime cheers Gareth
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