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  1. I have used this forum for the last 8 years and there is a wealth of experienced people that give out good info,but i have seen a lot of the old names disappear and not much is being posted about building which is the area i am most interested in,however i do log on daily to see what is happening around Aus by rec pilots, Rec flying is what we do so i say leave it at that,but its your choice Ian Cheers gareth
  2. or using no lynx at all, is it me but i detect that most young people teens are rather smelly body odour ,yuk
  3. I wondered where you had got too Geoff glad to hear your medical issues had a good outcome welcome back Cheers gareth
  4. where did you get the new nose wheel from Graham,i am after 1 for my build Cheers gareth
  5. Dont forget VH experimental where you can do all the maintenance if your the builder
  6. I owned a Roko which is a copy of the Bristell(same designer/engineer) and except for an initial cg problem which they came out from Czech to fix i had no problems flying long distance, to slow and in stall would drop a wing, normal training stall were ok point nose down and keep flying, but as was pointed out to me by CFI who gave me instruction on type(i didnt want to bend a new plane) "to slow oh no" got very mushy and hard to control, but happilly flew over the fence 55knots ,i don,t know if the controls are different in the Bristell but i was happy in flying the Roko.
  7. I like your videos but please get rid of the ads,that turns me off watching Cheers gareth
  8. Bill Owen Brokers , always gave us good rates for VH and RAA Cheers gareth
  9. I am looking to get 160 hp, this is achievable with the gearing and ecu, at 5800 max revs ,but will be trial and prop differences when i get to that stage,i am building a wide (1200) cabin for xcountry flying in comfort for my old body(lol) so will have a bit of drag there
  10. I have a EJ 25 subaru and have it stripped to crankcase to rebuild, the crank is very strong,i will be putting new journals and rings and getting new cams put in about $800 in parts , the psru is from Chris Hintz in NZ once rebuilt will then build the engine mount some guys in US are getting very good results from thier subies, if i get to 1000 hrs it will probably be when i am too old to fly anyway, subarus are easy to work on once you get rid of the crap on them,i will use SDI ecu also have spoken to guys on how to set up cooling this seems to be the biggest challenge , i do like to work on
  11. Try these marty 12$on ebay 8 different strobe settings with fixed green/red on 1 side
  12. Hi Skip, yes your right ,I did cut all my holes in panel by hand just to hard to put it on pdf to give to laser cutter and I have changed the panel 3 times before cutting, and all my sheets are cut with and Olfa knife
  13. I had all my aluminium wing profiles cut by laser and elevator/hs cost $400 not cheap but perfect
  14. Just my observations when i went to a chapter meeting at Archerfield a few years ago, but i will go to another meeting to see if has changed and ask some pertinent Qs but Casa may still get in the way thanks all for the input
  15. So looking at SAAA site its 245 per year to join and there are some benefits but, with 750kg in RAA i can self sign my medical declaration,with maintaining medical for RPl i will have to spend thousands of dollars per year just to satisfy casa and takes about 12 months (been there done that) not current with medical, and cannot get basic medical once you have a casa audit (i came up clear on every test but casa doesnt believe other medico,s)VH is perfect in that it won,t cost every year to rego but Raa does ,i can get inspections done and at no great cost, ScOA will be less than 500, so meth
  16. So ,i am building my aircraft with the intention of 750 mtow anticipating that RAA will get the approval for the extra weight but, if not i will go Vh,so my question is do i have to join SAAA to get it through the Casa paperwork or only inspected by approved lames or persons, the RAA is my favoured route if they get the increase , seems that unless you are building a Rv SAAA are biased toward any help appreciated , plane specs are low wing 2 seat, 160hp all alum nose wheel slightly Rvish but more room Cheers gareth
  17. I purchased all my chrome ally from racetech, all the others rip you off even our local asap at caboolture is expensive for parts bought 3 bearings from us cheaper than local, aviation suppliers have a limited market , and dont mention superior in brissie total rip off
  18. Yes Bob I do have blood psa tests every 3 months and see my Urologist same time , so far so good
  19. From initial diagnosis till op took 2 years , and from the tests biopsi, scan ,blood and further psa and the finger in the Bxm it was a no brainer for me ,it was very high ratio and could have spread ,then your on a no win scenario, i want to live longer and not be dying of cancer that may have spread , my uncle died with cancer that spread from his prostate ,he was a shadow of aman when he died it had spread everywhere seek a second opinion as i did but for me it was the right descision
  20. with my prostate cancer i had no symptons, pee normally,etc etc none at all it was only my age that prompted the blood test that gave the high psa reading ,and well the rest is history, get the test done early(not 70 like me) start in your 50s and get a psa blood test done every year, i have 2 brother in laws who have turned 70 ,both take so long to pee but are in denial,i keep saying to go get tested
  21. My prostate cancer was diagnosed and i had 12 months of testing ,final testing was biopsy and i was in the high to dangerous zone so i had the robot surgery with one of the best surgeons in Brisbane , i have come out the other end quite well,no lingering problems, i do pee slightly more than before and (about every 3 hrs) and i do have to use the little blue pills when i get the twinkle in the eye LOL
  22. I had a share in VH-AIG slippery aircraft on a o-235 lyc sadly hit a [ATTACH type="full"]52062[/ATTACH]roo on landing at Kooralbyn(i was pax) snapped rear spar
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