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  1. I have a quantity of Brand New 6061 T6 Aluminium Tube (140mm D x 1.8mm WT x 5000mm L) still in the packing crate, if anyone is interested. Ideal for Tail Booms or Spars.
  2. I blew it. I should have put 2022 not 2021
  3. I was talking to Kiwi on Saturday night at a party and thats when he told me it will be on in 2021.
  4. Looks like the Old Station Flyin will be back in 2022, sometime in May. So everyone should have a smile on there dial; I know I have, missed it not being on the last couple of years.
  5. I do have a set of plans for the Mini Imp but I wanted to see what the opinions of other were about this aircraft. I prefer a 2 seat side by side, eliminate the tail shaft and make it a mid fuselage prop drive (belt drive reduction is all thats needed). The Mini Imp would have to be scaled up by 10% to suit my ideas and would still keep it nice and compact. Construction would be composite fuselage with metal wings and tail; engine 80hp On paper it looks doable.
  6. Here's some info. The reason there are not a lot of these around is the build time; 4,000 hours. A lot of builders started then gave up. Taylor Mini Imp.pdf
  7. This may help with your question What is TPG.pdf
  8. I think I'll have to refrase my question. I don't require any information off the internet as I have all of it; and some. What I should have said: "Anyone building, or know of someone building a Taylor MINI IMP here in Australia. I'd like to know more about the building process."
  9. Apperantley you've never seen the Mini Imp before; it's a pusher prop aircraft. This photo shows the propeller. Tail clearance is 14 degrees.
  10. Anyone building, or know of someone building a Taylor MINI IMP here in Australia. I'd like to know more about the plane and it's building prosess. Cheers, Graeme
  11. Thanks FB1960, I knew they stopped production in 2013 and only about 100 were manufactured from 1992 with most being used for military flight training and also private flight training. in Europe. If anyone knows of a non flying Skyboy for parts anywhere, let me know.
  12. Anyone here owned an Interplane Skyboy. How many were imported to Aus. how many are still flying. Any for sale.
  13. I wrote to Malcolm Turnbull when he was prime minister and the government was selling off the C130's to Indoneasia for peanuts. I suggested they convert them to Fire Bombers to fight australian bush fires plus any other emergency use; never got a response, but Indoneasia ended up with them. (plus multi millions in new spares)
  14. These may be of interest; CLIMATE CHANGE.pdf
  15. They must be getting water from a lake that's beside the fire; it works out to 3.6 minutes per load ??
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