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  1. Crescent Nebula from last night. A rich area of nebulosity in Cygnus. Just over 2.5hrs of total exposure, 102mm apochromatic triplet telescope, and narrowband filter. Full frame shot, and a crop for Crescent Nebula detail. ( Rob Greaves - Cornwall UK )
  2. When a bunch of Elon Musk's sodding Starlink satellites spoil one of the subframes of a deep sky object you're trying to shoot... ( Pic: Rob Greaves Photography - Cornwall UK )
  3. Just as an aside. . . .In the UK, we have SSDR. Single Seat Deregulated, ie, no Permit to fly regulation. Maintenance purely assigned to the owner pilot. ( crazy, wide open to abuse ) But machines in this category still require Registration ID to be displayed prominently. Interesting that. . .
  4. Merci Monseiur . . . zees was ze point of moi double entendre Mon Ami. . .
  5. Oi ! Don't infect this wonderful site with that french rubbish ! 😁
  6. It's a song isn't it ? First of May. . . .on a Saturday. . .we used to love while others used to play. . . . ( Can't recall the artiste,. . .BGs perhaps. . .I dunno. did you like the 1970s AFTN message layout ? )
  7. MAYDAY. . . .MAYDAY. . . .MAYDAY message ends NNNN
  8. It could well have been Sir. . . RF contributors Do post lots of interesting content; and the Youtube comments suggest it wasn't very recent.
  9. I don't know anything about this character, other than the obvious fact that he is lucky in the extreme. Eldest Daughter saw it on her Bookface news feed and forwarded it as she always does if it's flight related. The bloke was obviously in shock, it took him a while to cut the engine ! Happy dayz. . .
  10. Idaho is mentioned, but the bloke doesn't sound yankish as he struggles out of the wreckage muttering "I'm OK. . .I'm OK" Wire strike occurs circa 3:44. I wonder if his surname is 'Kerr"
  11. I would have thought that Black Country Pics would be possible; but pilot and Photosmith mate Rob Greaves and his gear is located in Cornwall's Lovely clean Air !
  12. One from last night - the Pelican Nebula in Cygnus. I had planned for about 3hrs of exposure on this one, but the USB comms crashed whilst I was snoozing on the sofa at 2am. So I only got about an hour and 20mins. The image is a bit noisy as a result. The best of a bad job!
  13. Grumman Avenger, they'd just spent 18 years restoring it, not too much damage though.
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