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  1. Allo Planey. Rob answered the same question on bookface yesterday, it answers all of your obvious questions. I'll see if I can re-find it. **Found it.** How do you take the photos? Husband has a telescope and we had a great view of the moon the other night but trying to take a photo with our mobiles was, well, rubbish I imagine whatever the solution it will be expensive? Emma Louise Hi Emma, a lot is down to the equipment. First, a tracking mount that will follow the stars, and on that, something called an autoguider that watches a single star
  2. One from last night, the Cave Nebula. Had some issues with the computer locking up and having to restart everything and re-cool the camera, so lost a lot of data in the process. This is about 3hrs worth of exposures, not enough for this target really, so a bit noisy. No signs of the hedgehog. Rob Greaves.
  3. Rob said that he was playing a Queen classic, Bohemian Rhapsody . . .I had no idea that he tinkled the bloody ivories. . . but that he got a sketchy applause for his effort.
  4. NGC 281 PacMan Nebula, 2hrs total exposure after rejecting an hour of iffy data. 102mm refractor, L-eXtreme filter, ZWO ASI 2600MC Pro camera, on CEM70G mount. Was accompanied briefly by an inquisitive hedgehog who came across to see what I was up to.
  5. Is there no end to the multi - faceted talents of this young bloke ?
  6. Astro-photographer Rob Greaves: Going for the 'how many gadgets can I fit to the instrument panel' record
  7. Some rainy day reprocesses of old data - Elephant Trunk Nebula with Ritchey Chretien 150mm telescope, and Pelican Nebula with 102mm refractor telescope. Pics by Rob Greaves. Gathering the data is one thing - getting focused shots with round stars and good mount tracking (and no satellite trails!) then the processing of the raw data into finished images is another! Like
  8. Crescent Nebula from last night. A rich area of nebulosity in Cygnus. Just over 2.5hrs of total exposure, 102mm apochromatic triplet telescope, and narrowband filter. Full frame shot, and a crop for Crescent Nebula detail. ( Rob Greaves - Cornwall UK )
  9. When a bunch of Elon Musk's sodding Starlink satellites spoil one of the subframes of a deep sky object you're trying to shoot... ( Pic: Rob Greaves Photography - Cornwall UK )
  10. Just as an aside. . . .In the UK, we have SSDR. Single Seat Deregulated, ie, no Permit to fly regulation. Maintenance purely assigned to the owner pilot. ( crazy, wide open to abuse ) But machines in this category still require Registration ID to be displayed prominently. Interesting that. . .
  11. Merci Monseiur . . . zees was ze point of moi double entendre Mon Ami. . .
  12. Oi ! Don't infect this wonderful site with that french rubbish ! 😁
  13. It's a song isn't it ? First of May. . . .on a Saturday. . .we used to love while others used to play. . . . ( Can't recall the artiste,. . .BGs perhaps. . .I dunno. did you like the 1970s AFTN message layout ? )
  14. MAYDAY. . . .MAYDAY. . . .MAYDAY message ends NNNN
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