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  1. I have been forwarded the link below which may be of interest. https://www.pilotaware.com/post/skygrid-in-detail Phil P.
  2. https://www.expressandstar.com/news/nostalgia/2022/01/03/citys-proud-plane-waits-to-fly-again/
  3. Cornelia Clark Fort was a flight instructor on Oahu who was conducting flight training with a student in an Interstate Cadet aircraft on December 7, 1941, when Fort saw a military airplane on a collision course and swiftly grabbed the controls from her student to pull up over the oncoming aircraft. It was then she saw the rising sun insignia on the wings. She quickly landed at John Rodgers airport near the mouth of Pearl Harbour. A pursuing Zero strafed her plane and the runway as she and her student ran for cover. The experience changed her forever, later becoming t
  4. Re: PilotAware Ground Station We had a very successful day on Saturday with the installation of a new gound station to the ever-growing network of Pilot Aware Atom Grid Stations. PWOthertn is now live and will make aviation safer by delivering instantaneous traffic and flight information to both pilots and situational awareness for ground based interest. This is possible through the advancements in ground station technology, radio and internet communications, security and integrity providing a bespoke service for the PilotAware ecosystem. For those of you who don't
  5. It was Hand coloured, according to the original source Sir. . . Good though Eh ?
  6. Join us in remembering Stefania Cecylia Wojtulanis-Karpińska, born on this day in 1912. In January 1, 1941 Stefania was appointed as the first foreigner (along with Anna Leska) to the British ATA (Air Transport Auxiliary), which provided airplanes from factories to the airports of individual units and damaged machines to repair factories or scrap yards. Flights were carried out without radio communication, navigation maps, often in bad weather, and it also required learning about the piloting of various types of aircraft supplied, including twin-engine bombers like Vickers Wellin
  7. I'm fine Nev, thanks for asking. I'm sorry if that last post seemed a little depressing !! . . . My good Lady and I are doing OK at the moment, I hope that you are too, notwithstanding the brilliance of various Government people and their weird ideas.
  8. Thanks to the Nanny state, along with the dumbing down of society in general; I doubt we shall see their like in years to come. . . .
  9. Remembering Joan Lily Amelia Hughes, MBE. Joan was a WWII ferry pilot and one of Britain's first female test pilots. Joan started flying training when she was fifteen. At that time, you could fly a plane at any age and so by 17 had she become the youngest qualified female pilot in Britain. As an experienced aviator, Hughes was one of the first eight female pilots accepted into the Air Transport Auxiliary on January 1, 1940 and Hughes was the youngest female pilot to join the service. Initially, Joan flew Tiger Moths from Hatfield Aerodrome, Hertfordshire
  10. On the secondary retirement policy Jerry,. . .no. Abigail is way out of my league mate; . . .but a man can dream ?
  11. Notwithstanding Jerry,. . .I'm still completely in love with Saffer Wimmins . . . . Been online chatting to a self made millionaire Lady oop Liverpool way for some years now. She's in her sixties and has a lovely cruel S.O.H. I knew several Saffers when working in Brisbane also. It was amusing when my good Lady said she couldn't work out what they were saying ! ! ! I think Afrikaaners have a gorgeous Lilt.
  12. Interesting tale Jerry,. . .just one minor detail though,. . .The GORGEOUS Jackie was a 'Saffer' born in Sarf Effrikeh and Not Lahndon. 🙂
  13. I shouldn't say, [obviously at risk of being labelled a pervert of some kind ] But will anyway that this is a really attractive lady. ( Jerry is obviously in agreement, so I'm not alone ) I just wish that I'd been able to see and thank this Lady for her service Personally.
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