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  1. We actually had 99 aircraft visitors at that Fly-In. . . . Plus loads of road visitors. . . I Look forward to a similar event when things calm down. . . . ..
  2. The visuals on this vid are excellent. .. but the Approach into Opalocker Airport is horrible. .. I Liked the story of the Bees though. . .
  3. I'm not personally into Narrow boating, but only due to an utter lack of interest from my spouse, who prefers lounging on beaches in Turkey, Greece, or Portugal. . ( and Pre 1983 ), In various parts of Australia. I have spent time with other boat owners though, who have taught me some of the basics. If the thought of travelling the cut at Four Knots, ( Max UK Speed ) and having to stop at hundreds of canalside pubs to sample their wares, appeals to you. . .. Then you may well enjoy this pastime, whether renting, . . .or buying a boat and living on it. . .
  4. I have tried my old What's Up password but no joy, I tried to register but the message I got was not encouraging. . . any ideas ? Cheers in advance. . . Phil P.
  5. Anyone who has the Guts to fly the Simpson Desert in a home made airyplane at 1500 Ft behind a Rotax engine definitely has MY vote in the 'GUTSY' stakes. . .Irrespective of his Floppy . . . . :roflmao:
  6. Test of L-eXtreme narrowband filter on the North America and Pelican Nebulae last night. Only five 3min exposures = 15mins. Was hoping for an hour or more but clouds rolled in. Redcat 51 telescope, which is effectively a 250mm lens.
  7. I hope that our BEX and family has some high ground nearby, 1 Metre of rain is forecast by next Wednesday. . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UsF6yPf7BI
  8. SSDR - Single Seat De Registered. Aircraft in this category require NO Permit to fly, and are not logged on the CAA Register.
  9. Thanks Nev, . . . I feel cheated, gave up he smokes six years back ! . . .saved some cash though.. . hoe I don't have to give up Asian Curries, . . .the Doctors told me that there was no real reason that I should,. . but both being from India, they could have been biased ! Currently having to get used to my new daily medication regime, ie. Eight assorted pills & capsules and a good slug of laxative. . . . will have to leave it for a while to consume my 70th birthday gifts, which included some Vodka. Sloe Gin and Cava, as these arrived two days before the hospital jobbie. . . Jo
  10. I apparently over did the Birthday cake on the evening of the 2nd June,. . .this ended up with a visit from the Doctor and an ambulance ride to the heart & lung unit for a week or so. Had an angiogram followed by Angioplasty, to stent one of the cardiac blood vessels. May have to return in future to have ongoing as an 'out' patient. I managed to escape from the hospital on Wednesday evening just gone, feeling rather sore and sorry. BUT Glad to be still here.
  11. Reply to Onetrack re Jet costs at Boston Logan airport. . . Good job it wasn't a Bigger Jet. . . . .
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