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  1. Bruce you 100% correct. Turbo needs to take a refresher on bureaucrat behaviour and the art of. KP
  2. The first two may be ale to tell a better story. KP
  3. That prompted my thoughts. Brisbane., "Broncos" fit that bill. KP
  4. Has any body heard where the RAAus CEO is heading to?
  5. Yep.. "Good Luck" may you have a win. Most likely not, just a waste of time and energy. You will get sent off to CASA there is the end of the story.
  6. Would you say. "Rafferty's" ?
  7. This hands on maintenance course. I wonder why these manufacture's courses do not carry any weightage. I have in mind the Jabiru workshop for the 4 days. This covers the engine and I found it was a wealth of knowledge. So why is this not recognised? KP
  8. I think you missed one!!!!! - What is the murmur from the glider federation? Things are not that pleasant in that camp. This exercise is a complete waste of money, the running around in circles with document writing is not a concern to CASA as they just sit back and watch the turmoil. Their money is still the same for the CASA bureaucrats. They have to be seen doing things to make the boffins think they are doing something useful instead of sipping Lattes'. KP
  9. A rule of thumb for cruising.. 1/5 Lt per HP per hour.. That is a mental arithmetic equation. Yes there engines either side of that however a good guide of fuel usage.
  10. Hello Kyle, I will not or say too much -- however go and discover how the Glider Federation was treated after advice was given. You will see "adverse treatments demonstrated" for want of a better descriptive term, remember they acted on advice. KP
  11. In there is the beast. The agreement we all signed, "Our information is to be kept private". Q1 As to where did we give permission to change the agreement? (Not at all). The other point which the press are currently up in arms, "Your right to Know". We have heard it all for the last two weeks. Q2 Is this a case of the member's "Right to Know" disregarded? I think so. All this has surfaced after a few strokes of a pen which no member has had a clue about. If the issue of landing fees is so big? Why not Avdata send a list of landings and RAAus pays that bill, then we all wil
  12. OK?? Regarding the privacy issues with the matter of theses organisation *AAA *OAIC *RAAus. Here is another clear case of "Right to Know" over the last week and a bit the issue of you have the "Right to Know" has been broadcast loud and clear. To me this is just another case of telling people when it is on the road to be well planned. The instigators should be held to account, they are keeping secrets from us. To me there has been a lot of secret planning happening behind closed doors. Why have not we been told in the planning phase. The members/public get to know what the shenanigan
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