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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/other/californian-electric-car-users-choose-to-revert-back-to-convenient-petrol-automobiles/ar-AAM Have a read of that link, see what you think.
  2. Air strips are a service to the region, hence the rates. A better question, how much revenue dose the strip bring to the district and emergency service like flying doctor and during floods and fire.
  3. What are the landing fees for? We pay tax to have public infrastructures, fuel tax where dose that money go. So landing fees are a simple case of double taxing. The government is getting a bit too handy with their taxes. Just like our income tax a percentage of that tax is supposed to go to an aged pension not any more, not even rescinded. Simple case of grab at any cost.
  4. The airport was there well before all these do gooders turned up. When they bought there the airport was in full operation. Hence there before them or the real estate lied o them.
  5. Trucks fit into this category. Imagine an electric B-Double, Brisbane to Darwin. OR Is that why there is talk about inland rail?
  6. That is all OK...CASA is derelict in duty for signing off before all the requirements are not address and compliant. The manuals must be compliant as a requirement of gaining Part 149. How will the process stack up in an audit? If there is any other process -- could be a case of supposed non compliance.
  7. I am at a loss how did RAAus get granted Part 149 when their manuals are not completed. I am of the view all those manual are to be ticked off before Part 149 is granted. The other missing issue Part 149 is what one is going to do and Part 103 is how one is going to carry out operation. Now Part 103 is now actually a MOS for Part 149, the goal posts have wheels under them. The Glider federation paid a lot of money to have their SMS formulated and the goal posts moved on that one. So happy times. No wonder aviation is going backwards. KP
  8. Bruce you 100% correct. Turbo needs to take a refresher on bureaucrat behaviour and the art of. KP
  9. The first two may be ale to tell a better story. KP
  10. That prompted my thoughts. Brisbane., "Broncos" fit that bill. KP
  11. Has any body heard where the RAAus CEO is heading to?
  12. Yep.. "Good Luck" may you have a win. Most likely not, just a waste of time and energy. You will get sent off to CASA there is the end of the story.
  13. Would you say. "Rafferty's" ?
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