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  1. Yes you can, even pilots of VH certified aircraft can do that. CASA schedule 8 applies As a raaus pilot you become an L1 after doing a simple theory test, then annual inspections can be performed on your own aircraft.
  2. And really good maintenance at Lachlan Valley Aviation, (we do a few RAAus types) plus a well regarded GA flight school Flyoz.
  3. You would never get approval for a temporary structure at a major airport because of the safety risk.
  4. A link to the final report here Investigation: AE-2019-034 - Accredited Representative to the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority investigation of the loss of control and in flight break up involving GippsAero, GA8 Airvan registered SE-MES, near Umeå Airport, Sweden, on 14 July 2019
  5. Can't help you Spacesailor, I did not attend. One of our members was unsuccessful with a fixed bid unfortunately. The end.
  6. I believe the FAA regulates all flying machines without the need for sao's.
  7. Only if you can stop that wing spinning?. No money in gyrocopters for RAAus, they would be viewed as competition.
  8. Glen, why not continue your training (flyoz) to RPL or PPL and get more useful load now plus controlled airspace.
  9. One of the features of a Thruster is their simplicity. A collection of straight aluminium and steel tubes bolted together with mechanically tensioned skin bags (no glue). Disassembly, inspection for corrosion or cracking is easy. No places for rats to hide?. I am confident this thruster will live on just not with me, more to come.
  10. The manual says coolant temp min 65°C max 80°C for the blue head, CHT 150°C at the spark plug seat. My thruster blue head with the tall radiators sits on 65 always, the old grey head with short radiators would get up to 85 on a really hot day at climb power.
  11. Ozrunways or similar is a good back up snail trail in the event one cannot give a mayday call or activate their ELT. Mobile phone coverage is required. MDX a c210 was on a flight from Brisbane to Sydney and on radar at night in poor weather when it diverted into the hills after a coastal clearance was denied. It's general location is known.
  12. There is a clearing sale just down the road on Saturday. I remember seeing this machine at Narromine and meeting Neville? The owner many years ago. Might have to attend.?
  13. Congratulations Glen, nice to meet and get to know you. All the best for your future flying.
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