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  1. Interesting video. So Lycons have an engine failure rate of about 1 per 1000 engines per year of which about 20% are big bang broken metal failures or 1 per 5000 engines per year. USA data but it seems inline with oz. I would say that is very acceptable. As pilots we can avoid the other 80%.
  2. 2 THE PROCESS 2.1 To apply for a Level Two Maintenance Authority a person must: (a) be an RAAus member; My reading of the tech manual simply says a LAME meets the requirements for L2. They still have to go thru the process.
  3. All the major manufacturers of air cooled steel barrel or liner engines such as Continental, Honda bike and industrial, VW and lycoming all use solid skirt pistons. Why?
  4. Here is an example of how it works. Thruster Gemini Rotax503 DCDI STATUS: Review complete STATUS: Review complete The pilot was reportedly conducting ground strip runs and "hops'', however on one of the runs the aircraft became airborne and climbed and then lost control. RAAus determined the pilot did not hold current RAAus membership, was not appropriately endorsed for the type of aircraft, his BFR was overdue and the aircraft was not registered. His Pilot Certificate has been suspended and the matter referred to CASA as a breach of Section 20AB of the Civil Aviation A
  5. This diagram shows the effects of flap on takeoff.
  6. So our electric cessna 210 could have a 420kg battery providing 67kwh of stored energy with current battery tech. A cessna 210 in cruise at 65% power is producing 146kw. The battery would last 27 minutes.
  7. The problem for electric aircraft is battery energy density. This is how far we have come in 100 years Will there be big improvements in batteries of 10 fold magnitude? The periodic table lists all the available ingredients so nothing new there. Scientists have no doubt considered every combination already. Battery safety is also a consideration.
  8. For us simple day VFR pilots the big test could come in the form of engine loss of thrust. History shows the very simple task of maintaining airspeed and therefore control is not that simple following engine failure.
  9. Thruster88

    Titanium Explorer

    The two double fatal crashes due to structural failure may have something to do with it. https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/investigation_reports/2018/aair/ae-2018-073/
  10. How do we ask if a litre of water has a mass of 100 grams in Socratic?
  11. Agree the costs are very high and they may never be used. The after sale extended service is maybe what it is all about if things go bad in a big way, Russian, Chinese or American? I have made my choice.
  12. No RAAus membership means no flying RAAus aircraft regardless of other pilot qualifications.
  13. We will never get good crash protection in light aircraft so better to focus on pilot performance. Stall and spin the aircraft it is all over, no amount of engineering will change that. Land the aircraft under control following engine failure will in about 99% of cases result in minimal injury. This RV6 with minimal damage was a double fatality due to minimal energy absorption under the seats similar to most sport aircraft. There is no room to make it any better. The chairs in a modern cessna 182 are so heavy they are difficult to remove for the annual inspection, they are rated
  14. Welcome Peter, the Cherokee is one of the all time great aircraft.
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