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  1. I am guessing it doesn't glide or auto rotate, 30 feet would be more than enough.
  2. A simple angle of attack stall warning system. Works at any airspeed. Works while being distracted by birds.😉 This is old technology so it is probably shit.
  3. I agree the GA accident rate is appalling. If private day VFR pilots dont do these four things the accident rate would drop by about 95%. Stall the aircraft Fly in cloud Exceed airspeed or performance limits of the aircraft Run out of fuel. Not difficult to avoid those things. Looking through this list of all VH accidents in Australia there are not many that fall outside those four items. https://www.atsb.gov.au/publications/safety-investigation-reports.aspx?mode=Aviation&sort=OccurrenceReleaseDate&sortDecending=decending&printAl
  4. I think there was faulty engineering as well. The system should never have had the ability to drive the trim out of the normal range, certainly not all the way to the end. It is not that way now.
  5. There are numerous videos of boats and land vehicles going cross wind with a sail, it is easy to understand that principle.
  6. One thing we can be certain of, a pilot ASIC card will not be sufficient proof of identity to get a director's ASIC ID number. Hope that is clear enough.
  7. If the wind is 10knots and the vehicle travels down wind at 15knots that is a 5knot head wind I think can all agree. So in a dead calm the same vehicle can travel at 5knots except we can hopefully see that is not possible. I dont think that scientist lost 10k, they were just seeing how many would fall for it.
  8. Looks like about 3 litre so only 3 mins, even less since it's ethanol. Hardly worth the bother.
  9. Some of the initial reports by pilots are very good providing all the information required for someone reading the report to understand exactly what happened. Perhaps management could encourage this style of report, it would cut their work load and be of some benefit to members. This is RAAus for anyone not from Australia.
  10. I look on a regular basis. Nosewheel collapse and runway excursions by nosewheel and tailwheel aircraft are all to common. The most recent. 19/9/2021 MKT Aerodrome NT I C P Savannah S Rotax 912 ULS STATUS: Under review EXTRACT FROM REPORT SUBMISSION: On the forth landing of the day, the nose w... STATUS: Under review EXTRACT FROM REPORT SUBMISSION: On the forth landing of the day, the nose wheel partially collapsed. Unf
  11. It is a shame that HKS stopped making that engine. Experience helps one sort the wheat from the chaff more easily.
  12. These filters are cheap enough to buy two each time and do destructive testing on one of them.
  13. The alternator windings are separate from the ignition windings although they are in the same stator part. Normally the alternator cannot be switched off in a 912. Casa obviously wanted the VH gazelle to have this feature like other VH aircraft in the event of smoke in the cockpit etc. It would be interesting to see how it was done electrically.
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