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  1. That is what I did for my Beech Musketeer when I got it many moons ago. Back seat and a big baggage 140lb was al new to me. It will only get out of CG if one did something really silly.
  2. The loss of power is easy to understand. Why the mixture became very rich is a mystery to me. I would assume that when the engine was being "throttled" by the exhaust the constant depression carburetor's slide would drop and the fuel air ratio would be maintained? Anyone got an explanation?
  3. That would cause the mixture to lean, it has to be a blockage of air intake or a float problem.
  4. Skippy, if a turbocharger has no appeal perhaps a shot of nitrous would help you clear the terrain 😂
  5. Thanks for the thread OME. It has made me study up on all things constant speed and manifold pressure. Moruya is a great destination.
  6. Thanks JG3 for the comprehensive unbiased testing and excellent explanation of why it is so.
  7. Thankyou for the kind words Glen. The RV series are beautiful well sorted aircraft.
  8. Agree with a fixed pitch prop. If the aircraft had a constant speed and the power was set at 23inch manifold pressure and 2300rpm and one mag failed what would the two gauges show and why. The engine should still run smoothly but there would be a power loss.
  9. We can be thankful the winds are light for the landing. Looking forward to the next enlightenment.
  10. It can't be a loss of power because the airspeed is correct. Unless the ASI, tachometer and engine all have faults, a one in a million event. I am predicting a disappointing end to the quiz.
  11. As per the fox bat article and looking at the 912uls performance curve you will "pick up a bit", maybe 4kw for takeoff and almost nothing for high cruise with a constant speed. If you really need that extra 6 horsepower to operate at a strip it is still going to be marginal.
  12. In the real world the pilot would assume that there is a head wind and no diagnosis would happen.
  13. I feel you are suggesting there has been a slight loss of power, does the aircraft have a Constant Speed propeller to complicate the diagnosis 🤔😂🙄
  14. As you gain more experience you will be able to fly different aircraft and quickly adapt to the control responses. I always sit in the seat that allows controls left hand throttle right, so I would fly a jab from the right seat, same as my thruster.
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