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  1. At those hours I would bet the cam is gone. If you do buy it take off a barrel and have a look. 1200 for a cam plus lifters. Case needs to be split. Flat tappet valve trains don't last long. New rings for sure 600 bucks. . Barrels should be fine and the heads and valves should be fine as would be the bottom end. Gearbox service is easy as. You need some special tools which you can buy from bert flood. Remember don't hone those cylinders. Crc and and a clean rag is all they need. Also don't touch the valves. They are non serviable. Valve stem seals. New colets. Check your heads for hard
  2. I have placed a simple two way switch on the panel. One way for the panel switch and the other for the ray Allen. Problem fixed. Next question. Is the book correct that the roof can't be done until the wings are on. I want to get as much done at home before the hanger trip and assemble the wings and tail. Thanks Lyndon
  3. I'm thinking a simple toggle switch to interrupt the two wires to the servo. So its either on the dash or the stick. Thus no feed back Lyndon
  4. Yes in the USA. Both are in the neutral position unless held. I can feed the std switch while using my ray Allen as its terminals are not common when not in use. But the other way around. I just just don't know the ray Allen unit good enough. I will call them tonight. Thanks Lyndon
  5. I can't remember how much. I rang them direct and they sent it out. Very nice people to deal with. Lyndon
  6. Has anyone done the trim with the ray Allen stick. My thoughts were to have the std dash one as well as one on my stick as I have bought the ray Allen set up. My issue is will this back feed my stick when I use the dash toggle. Is this an issue. Can I over come it or just use my stick and not wire the dash toggle. Thoughts. Thanks Lyndon
  7. Now onto wiring in the trim on the stick as a piggy back. Now I understand it I'm sure it will go well. Lyndon
  8. I need some info on the rocker switch to wire up the electric trim. On the switch I have 6 pins. The two center are common and switch to the outer up or lower. I have two white wires running to my trim motor. How do I wire this ???? Ray Allen suggest I power it up with the avionics to avoid start up spikes. Any help please. Lyndon
  9. Can I confirm the lexan sheeting goes on the outside of the doors after assembly. My manual is very brief on building the doors. Thanks Lyndon
  10. I will check. Maybe they doubled up. They did double up on my door hinges Lyndon
  11. Nope. Got them. I think they are something from another kit. I'm very pleased as apart from these I have used every part. Lyndon
  12. Yep and I can't find them anywhere
  13. I have come to the end of my parts. But I can't find where these go. Any ideas ??? The straps with the part numbers Thanks Lyndon
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