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  1. The spring type spread the pressure better, but I worry that they could loose their tension, my fuel lines are mostly inside the cab behind the panel last thing I want is a line coming off
  2. Next question, which are the best clamps to use on fuel hose, the spring ones you squeeze together and slide on then release or the plain old worm types which is what I have ,
  3. Fuel hose replacement due on my 914, any clues on which is the best
  4. Fitted up skyecho, all registered, turned on , send young bloke up and raced inside to see him on ozrunways but not to be seen , could see other aircraft, what am I missing
  5. Since I removed the disc the vibs have gone, checked the carbs , all good
  6. Pretty sure the prop strike had nothing to do with it, been going on for months, sometimes it was good other times no so , I guess it depended where the weights ended up between flights, will cut it open and see what’s inside, I persevered not realising that was the cause but after fitting the new prop the penny dropped, I only just sold my dyna vibe figuring I didn’t need it
  7. Noticed my plane slowly developing a vibration over the last 6months , ended up replacing my prop, wheels up landing , and the vibs still there so I removed the plate and noticed it had a rattling sound which I didn’t think was there when I fitted it , now vibration has gone , if you have fitted one might pay to get a prop balance to check it out
  8. A inflight adjustable will extract more useful power from your engine , I reckon, factory is good to deal with, look them up, I think they make three sizes in 2 and 3 blade , right and left , tractor and pusher, also wheels and brakes that are fitted to my plane , the controller in mine is a standard vernier type , all available from them , pricey though, your fuel burn looks a bit better than mine , if I hammer mine it will make 130 but burns closer to 25 I think I might bolt on a duc prop and pitch it for cruise, my strip is 800 m heading south , should be ok ,
  9. Happy with the Kašpar , quiet, full fine 5800, about 100 m roll out , cruise 120 at about 5400 and 35 on the map gauge 18 lts , stall about 35, wheels and flaps up climb maybe 1200 at 70 kns. Just clocked up 1700 hrs ,bought at 470 hrs about 10 years ago , 3rd owner, been a great plane , factory certified to 544
  10. It’s a 3 blade in flight adjustable Kaspar 1620mm , made by kasparaero cz
  11. After trial and error with the Kašpar worked out the thrust bearings are shot , to much side play and if tightened up they become notchy, got them a bit better , ok at cruise, big trouble trying to get new prop shipped , so I thought of replacing with a ground adjustable until it turns up but apparently it can’t be done without factory approval which makes it hard because the Sabre mob went into liquidation years ago, the new crowd, skyleader, can’t help, is there anyway around this or should I just fit another prop and get back in the air
  12. Thinking of replacing the prop studs and the flange bushes are they available from floods or the propellor mob
  13. Hell, at that rate mine will be out for sure , I did notice when I tightened the clamp bolts it would change the angle a bit , plane is at lame in deni , I am hoping this is my problem as it is bad enough to not fly it as I said good at cruise but bad when throttling back
  14. If the pitch is not set the same for each blade could that make it vibrate when throttle is retarded, only set the pitch on each blade with a bubble type pitch gauge, took a few goes started off to fine then to course , struggled to reach 5000 on take off, so I split the difference, I was surprised how little movement made the difference , since found out you can use the inclinometer on a phone to check it,
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