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    My bfr is due this week, just rang the instructor, was told can’t be done because of the we would break the social distance rules, he was going ring raa and try and get extensions for for me, how will this play out
  2. It makes sense now , just checked out my bird , reckon I’m right to try some spins
  3. I see the bristell has been deemed unsafe to do stalls in because they can’t recover if they fall into a spin , what is exactly wrong with the design that makes this possible
  4. The pilot in question flew for the police air wing, helicopters, but I reckon I will keep checking
  5. Talking with a pilot about checking for water in fuel, he reckons it’s a waste of time after a refuel as the liquid is stirred up that much it wouldn’t settle out in the bottom of the tank, only time is before first flight after it has sat for a while, any thoughts?
  6. That’s what I thought, probably should wait till the end to get the most out of the two years
  7. Bfr due at end of March , is it possible to do it earlier and forward date it to line up with the due date
  8. There was a mark on the ring which I managed to work away with an abrasive tape and reassembled with permatex exhaust goo , but I may be up for a new pipe, do you think the yellow stain would be from the leak , blowing a gale here at the moment so reluctant to go flying
  9. Mine are bolted , 2 bolts , a fitted ring on the header seats against a matching chamfer in the port
  10. 914 rear left , the stain looks like it starts at the exhaust port , it’s on the carby , firewall , oil tank and streaming away outside from the cowl , the only thing that would dissolve it was carby cleaner in a spray can .
  11. Had a yellow stain appearing from around the left side of the cowl , looks like it was coming out of the exhaust where it fits into the head , could it be that the pipe wasn’t seated properly and maybe allowing unburnt fuel to leak out hence the yellow colour, I’ve had a go at reseating the compression ring but haven’t flown yet , has anyone come across this. Greg
  12. Your right, forgot the transponder, how much to fit one .
  13. Is it possible to fly into controlled airspace in a 24 rego under a RPL if the radio and altimeter is certified, I heard is was but not sure , thinking of getting my RPL just for this reason
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