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  1. Mate just bought a jab with a microair radio, for some reason the display lights up when the avionics is switched on but no frequencies show up also when he turns off the knob on the set the display stays on ,the aircraft is new , any ideas
  2. I wonder where Dick Smith stands on these changes
  3. Yep , did that, seemed ok, blasted off, all good, figured it must have been a stuck needle.
  4. Leaking internally, talked to wal, he seemed to think it was something caught under the needle or sinking floats, about to go flying always a worry when engine can get go you airborne and then starts to play up , not a lot of room to get back to my strip
  5. Finally finished changing all the fuel lines and filters, went flying, engine started to run rough below 4500 , managed to get back on the ground where it stopped with fuel dripping from the exhaust, towed it back to the hanger , discovered the right side carby running fuel with the pumps on , pulled it apart can’t see anything fitted it back on, seemed ok , got it started , try again but noticed the fuel pressure above .6bar map gauge 40 on take off, unsure whether the fuel pressure is running to high and forcing fuel past the needle, so I put it back down again , wondering whether something
  6. That’s how it all works , the carby bowls are sealed and the breathers are vented to the air box which pressurises the fuel in the bowls , gives it more fuel when running in the boost range
  7. The fuel pressure has to be .25 of a bar over the air box pressure which is feed by the turbo , I bought the gauge years ago but never fitted it , it’s got the sender one side goes to fuel pressure, wet, the other to air pressure in the intake and the read out which goes to 7psi , yankee gauge, tells the fuel pressure above the air box pressure , not sure if I can t it into the balance pipe or fit it into the air box
  8. Trying to figure out whether i can plumb the differential gauge into the carby cross over tube with a T fitting or should it be getting it’s reading straight from the air box ,and then T the wet side of the senser into the fuel pressure gauge tube
  9. The spring type spread the pressure better, but I worry that they could loose their tension, my fuel lines are mostly inside the cab behind the panel last thing I want is a line coming off
  10. Next question, which are the best clamps to use on fuel hose, the spring ones you squeeze together and slide on then release or the plain old worm types which is what I have ,
  11. Fuel hose replacement due on my 914, any clues on which is the best
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