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  1. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-13/reports-of-light-plane-crash-near-canberra/100066868
  2. Yeah, Soar aircraft will be everywhere. I would hate to buy one in Bog Orange! LOL! A Repaint ain't cheap. Mine is not a Soar bird - BTW.
  3. I didn't know there was a museum at Baccus. I was just there. Bugger.
  4. Well, I am a new Bristell owner, and I am actually not concerned at all. You stall pretty much most LSAs at 500ft on the final turn, and well, the results won't be pretty. to be fair, go back and look at the fatals in the link above, and see how many of them have nothing to do with the aircraft. I tend to agree that these might not be the best aircraft to be training in. The are like a sports car in the sky, and maybe too sporty for a pilot with little to no skills at all. I don't intend to stall mine anytime soon. I have been trained on stalls and spins
  5. 1. Do you have any confidence in CASA and RAA to provide service, better freedoms and better outcomes for our RAA sport. CASA - Meh.... RAA, well right now I can do everything I want and need to do with my aircraft and enjoy my flying with little interference from anyone - so yep! I am confident we are good. 2. What do you expect to be approved this year in RAA to provide more freedom to our flying Hmm... I don't need anymore freedom. I can fly around the country at will - Sure - can't hit CTA, but then I don't really want to. 3. Is RAA doing a good job for
  6. My understanding is not ALL RAA aircraft can enter CTA. I believe you need a transponder, and to be NON home built. Only then it can enter CTA. That's my understanding, but happy to be corrected. If that is the case, then the add is not misleading. Sure the Aircraft has what it takes to enter CTA, but I also get your argument that the pilot will also need quals.
  7. I didn't know it was a requirement beyond 50nm from departure point. I carry one. Always have. Even on short little blast not far from the AD. I have mine on the belt of my pants - NOT in the cockpit pocket. That way if I crawl out of a burning aircraft, the PLB comes with me. And yes mine is registered too. 🙂
  8. So here's a question.... How many of you know the requirements of having have an ELT or or PLB when flying an RAA registered bird, and how far away that kicks in? I learnt something new today.
  9. Skippy, I spoke to RAA today, and the E24 rego can be reverted back to 24, if the engine was replaced. So a scenario like this.... At TBO, I apply and get issued an E24 rego. That allows me to continue running on condition. Then, 3, 4, or 5 years later (or whenever) me or a new owner can simply put a new motor in, and revert it back to 24 Rego - PROVIDED that any other mods done are approved by Evektor (Glass etc). If do those mods unapproved, there will likely be no way back to 24. Hence why I need their approval, or no glass gets installed.
  10. Not quite! Because when I sell it, if the new owner wants to rent it, train in it etc, all they would need to do is replace the donk. Without Evektor approval, it will NEVER be able to go back to 24.
  11. I don't know the time for PPL, but the RAA theory is not what I would call tough. You can self study at home with the Bob Tait books in between ground and air time with the instructor. If you then wanted to move into full Rec Licence, there is a short crossover course.
  12. UPDATE - I have preliminary approval from Evektor to install glass if I wish. I am just waiting on the LOA. They have provided info on 3 models they approve. D700 D1000 and a Garmin unit. Will keep you updated.
  13. Yep! It's a head scratcher. So what happens when a few pilots are flying between ADs. For example, many many many pilots simply follow the magenta line. So let's pic 2 ADs..... We will call them Simpleville and Dopeyville. These 2 ADs are popular and the route between them is a popular nav route on the way to other places. How do pilots safely separate? If you have even 2 or 3 aircraft travelling between these 2 ADs, remaining between 500ft AGL and 1500ft AGL how do they ensure they are not head on? Everyone will basically sit on 1000ft. Then what?
  14. Nothing - Was just thinking about long navs over various elevations as apposed flying around your home AD.
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