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  1. Thanks all. I know a couple of my mates use a dash cam, but it does not record the audio. I like the fact the GoPro does both. So If I can find a solution where I can pump the audio feed into the DashCam, we would have a winner. I might buy one and see if I can do some surgery.
  2. Why are you dumping anything?? If I need to fill up on AVGAS, just fill up!
  3. Hmm... I would not mind seeing the data on this. Yes, fuel changes over time, but 2 weeks. No. After about 5 weeks or so it has a little bit of a change that only make your engine run rich - not what I would call damaging!! Given that I run 95RON as prescribed by Rotax, I am not concerned. https://www.bp.com/content/dam/bp/country-sites/en_au/australia/home/products-services/fuels/opal-factsheet-storagehandling.pdf
  4. WOW! This video now would be a clear beach of CASR Part 101.075. (3) I seriously doubt there would be any approvals in place, as CASA are the only ones that can approve. Not only is it dangerous, it's blood stupid. There is also no mention of this in the ERSA, so again, I doubt approvals are in place, or it would be mentioned. I own and operate an CASA certified drone school (in fact stated the first) and the material is very clear - NEVER over an AD without approval! 101.075 Operation near aerodromes (1) A person may operate an unmanned aircraft at an al
  5. Hey all, So currently I am running a GoPro in the cockpit and it records both video and the audio from our Comms. However, it's a bit of a pain with cards and batteries etc, and so was just wondering if there is a solution (other than go pro) that sort of works like a Dash Cam. Just loops if need be, but can still connect to Comms? What are you guys all using? Cheers J
  6. Hey all, I am looking to get in touch with Chad Summers, whom I have been lead to believe use to run a flight school in Tamworth. Anyone here have details?
  7. Yep! That is my current plan. The Rubber replacement will be done next year as per schedule, and my LAME is telling me the same thing LOL! So far ( I have added about 150 hours) it has been rock solid. No leaks etc. All leak downs are perfect. Burns no oil etc. So plan A is to just fly it for sure.
  8. So just browsing through the thread, but could not see it.... What is the price here for a 912ULS. I have a VERY low hour 912 ULS, but it will be TBO 15 years in late 2021, and am contemplating what I do. My bird is 24 LSA, and I have approval to run on conditions as it's not online, but looking at all options. Engine has less than 350 hours on it.
  9. Hey all, So when I registered my bird yesterday, I saw a link for 6 months free to Lockr Aero (online log book) and first impressions are good. I did have a question though - how does one go about getting the entries and signs offs on BFR and other ratings etc? Anyone else using it? Cheers J
  10. WOW! Those prices are nuts! When I did mine only 4 years ago, was $180 for a dual. Most of the guys I was going through with ended up around the $6000 to $8000 mark. It was cheaper form me because it was my own aircraft. But I know a school in Vic that is $16,000 for PPL, so not sure why you would spend near that for RAA. Crazy!
  11. Yeah right! I have no way to do it though - so it is what it is! :)
  12. Yep! Agreed. Sometimes though, getting above the crap takes you that high, and I am not that concerned about the couple of litres an hour. I rarely burn Avgas. ONLY if I have to!
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