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  1. I’m talking more the linkages and moving parts of both the throttle and the choke, as per the rotax manual.
  2. Interesting you say don’t lubricate Skippy, when it’s actually a requirement in the Rotax Maintenance Manual. It states to use engine oil. I personally didn’t use oil. I used a marine based lanolin spray
  3. Update - SOLVED. So sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. The problem was staring me in the face and I could not see it. I decided to just go back to basics and look at what in the system can cause a mixture issue. The very first thing that came to mind was the choke. So I tested between full choke and no choke and found that the choke was binding and not returning to min. It would appear that the Lame that did the last 100 did not lubricate the throttle components. I also found the idle mix screws to be way out. Once I fixed that and lubricated all link
  4. Ok. Some further info lads. I have been flat out and so only just managed to get on to this now. I still have the CHT issue. So I swapped the sensors and the problem remain unchanged. Pulled the plugs and found passenger front (closest to prop) both top and bottom are black. Rear passenger are a nice grey. Swapped plugs around and problem remained. Did full leak downs. All perfect. All cables are good. The sensor on the side that has the black plugs is reading high temp. Only other choice now is to check floats and sync ca
  5. Go Pro or Garmin camera will do a similar job!
  6. Like I said before, you are not reading the legislation, and how it will be enforced, So here is an example... Mr Birddog, it appears you missed a vitral radio call. Is that true? - Yes, that appears to be the case. You do know there is legislation that states you must monitor the appropriate frequencies right? - Yes. I do. So, did you have your radio on, and on the appropriate freq? - Yes. I did. So how did you miss the vital call? - I don't know. I certainly didn't hear it - even though I was obeying the regulation and was monitoring the correct frequencie
  7. Google is your friend.... Part 103 of CASR will consolidate the rules applying to people who carry out recreational aviation private flight operations, maintenance, and training for recreational aviation in the following kinds of aircraft: gliders (including sailplanes, hang gliders, paragliders and powered variants thereof meeting defined criteria) rotorcraft that meet defined criteria and are administered by a recreational aviation administration organisation ultralight aeroplanes (defined by weight and stall speed) that are administered by a recreational aviatio
  8. You are actually not reading that regulation correctly! I deal with CASA regulation every day, and you need to read it, as it is written. For example... The regulation states... (1) The pilot in command of an aircraft for a flight contravenes this subregulation if: (a) the aircraft is fitted with, or carries, a radio; and (b) the aircraft is flown by a pilot who is qualified, eligible or authorised to use the radio: (i) for an Australian aircraft (other than a Part 103 aircraft or a Part 131 aircraft)—under Part 61 or 64; or (ii) for a foreign registered air
  9. For me, I spend less time looking inside. The screen directly in front of me has everything at a glance, so doing a systematic scan is now simple, as all the data is grouped. The extra stuff I need/want is available on extra pages if I want it. I don't have to swap, but I can get access to everything like, Fuel pressure Fuel Burn Endurance Calculations Terrain Traffic Maps Flight Plans Charts Airports info and the list goes on I still carry my ipads in the cockpit, and one is mounted, so I can have the likes of
  10. Yep! I have 2 Gopros in the cockpit, and use Final Cut to swap between cameras in post. Works a treat!
  11. I have just moved from my old aircraft with steam, to a new bird that is all glass. Garmin G3X system with 2 screens. At first it was a little strange, but now that I have had time in the machine (about 15 hours) I hope I never have to go back. The glass is way better, and I feel more connected to the machine (sounds weird, but true) There is much more data - which is great.
  12. Just use a GoPro and buy the cable that plugs into your intercom! That's what I have, it's fantastic!
  13. Hey all. Has anyone successfully connected the GDL50 to a G3X touch? It appears the cabling is not as simple as I would have hoped. Cheers J
  14. Hmm... I thought there was - or is it oil?
  15. Thanks Skippy. So I take it only one cylinder on each side is monitored?
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