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  1. I do a similar thing after being taught and shown what can happen if you relax that back pressure on landing. The machine can easily want to fly again and a "bounce" can start. Keeping that nose up also means you are basically keeping the aircraft in a stall - so assisting in preventing it from wanting to fly again - keeping its wheels on the ground. It's also really handy on gravel runways to try and prevent your prop from throwing crap up.
  2. Agreed Skip. The only thing I’m very cautious of is handing over too much power to government and relinquishing our freedoms. Remember, we we still a democratic country, and yes I want leadership, but with checks and balances. And just to restate. I’m not anti nor pro vax. I’m just a normal dude.
  3. Yep. There a few sources I trust, that’s for sure. A bunch i don’t as it becomes very clear of the agenda. It’s amazing how polarising it is. It’s the new religion and I’ve seen friendships end over it because one person has a different view. We just need to all respect the next persons right to believe in what is best for them. We don’t tell people which mythical creatures that apparently lives in the sky, they should believe in. we respect their faith and smile and say, good on you. If we don’t hang on to that mutual respect we are doomed, and sad
  4. And what might that be mate? I’m not allowed to think for myself. You dont think I deserve that respect. I’ve probably lost more people I know from Covid now than most of you. SEEYA!!
  5. Just to be clear - I don't have a view either way. I am certainly no expert. Just looking at the data and trying to understand it. But understand this..... 2 weeks ago, my friend (double vaccinated) caught covid. Gave it to his mother (double vaccinated) She died. (over 70) Today, one of my flying buddies tells me his wife (Double Vaxed) is now in hospital fighting for her life. (over 70) Like i said... Just trying to make sense of the data without influence from so called Drs and Scientists who are paid for the pleasure.
  6. I get that. But that was not my question. Let’s look at a scenario…. they don’t want to let unvaccinated in a pub. Ok Goodo. Let’s roll with that. 99 vaccinated people in there, and the next guy walks in also vaccinated but has Covid. what was the point of keeping the unvaccinated out? Was there any benefit to that? Now I can already hear people say “it reduces the chance.” Ok. Reduce but not eliminate so we can pretty much guarantee one of the vaxed will have it (it’s delta after all) so the actual level of chance is unimportant.
  7. I guess the first question is. If I’m in my 40s. What is more of a risk? My flying me aircraft or dying of Covid? Of course the government does not want me getting it and passing it on to someone who is 70. Sure. But the vaccine does not prevent that, so what is the actual point then?
  8. I’m not saying we do nothing. Don’t get me wrong. Of course Covid is a problem but I think the response needs to match the threats. These images attached are again from the governments own site and data. Make of it what you will. But let’s discuss. I would like to hear what we all think of these graphs. Source - Health.gov.au https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/2021/09/coronavirus-covid-19-at-a-glance-1-september-2021.pdf
  9. Source: Australia's COVID-19 Delta outbreak is pushing frontline hospital staff to the brink (6 Sep. 2021) https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-06/covid-hospital-health-care-workers-stress/100423832 dude I have plenty of family in the health system and ambos. Don’t believe all the crap you read. Keep perspective.
  10. Let’s get some perspective lads. This straight from the ABS. link below for you. IN AUSTRALIA There were 5,043 deaths from respiratory diseases between January and May 2021. NOT INCLUDING COVID. There were 766 deaths due to influenza and pneumonia recorded between January and May 2021. NOT INCLUDING COVID. 20,143 deaths from cancer occurred between January and May 2021. Why are Covid deaths more important? Source. ABS https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/causes-death/provisional-mortality-statistics/la
  11. Let’s bow we go the way of Denmark. These Covid passports are going to be a PITA. https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/coronavirus/denmark-becomes-first-country-in-eu-to-drop-all-covid19-restrictions-as-nation-passes-70-per-cent-vaccination/news-story/da8aebff81793d807a017fed4ec3772c
  12. Again... just thinking out loud, and like a good aviation student, thinking about the what ifs..... So here is the scene.... 100 people allowed in the pub. Stats say... Less likely to get it and pass it on. So what... 1 in 100 chance? Cool... so now we have one person in the room with the other 99 that is infected with Covid. Then what? The other 99 now also have the possibility of getting it, and now taking it elsewhere! Do we know if this is a REAL possibility - Israel will say it is. Just doesn't make sense to me. But maybe I overthink things too much!
  13. Less likely is very different to can't! If you are sitting at the pub across the table from someone with it for 3 hours, I am pretty sure we know the outcome!
  14. So here is a question... and I am just playing devil's advocte here... The Gov is saying if you are not Vaxed, you can't go to the pub. Why? If vaccinated people can still carry it, and still pass it on - what's the difference?
  15. I am not sure we are ever going to reach 100% vaccination.
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