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  1. Of course it's possible to start by 2035. What this means is that the sale of NEW need to be electric. UK are starting soemthing similar by 2030 all new vehicles have to be electric. This doesn't meant the bowser suddenly dries up. If someone buys a petrol car in UK in 2029, there will have to be infrastructure to support it for at least 10 - 15 years if not longer. Even then there will always be fuel available for the old vintage cars etc. Maybe pricey but will be available. Just as film for cameras still exists today. Same for light aircraft engines. It will take a while for any transition t
  2. My thoughts below for what they're worth. I don't think it's unreasonable to agree inexperience was the cause of the accident. Putting aside the "rich boy deserves it" (which I don't believe is fair), he was legal. However in Australia to get a driver license for a car you need 200 hours experience. This experience is not to teach you how to drive a car, anyone can drive a car with a few hours of practice. It's more around the situational awareness, reading other drivers, learning to drive to the conditions etc. After the Learning permit another 2 years of restricted driving
  3. Thanks Danny, appreciate the input, my requirement would be tricycle. The Nynja is apparently soon to be released as a 600Kg (this has been going on for a few years though). If so it would give a significant payload advantage over the Bushcat. Would need to go for wing tanks to make it competitive, but wing tanks in them selves are more hassle than the fuselage, with the advantage though of better baggage space. I do like the composite fuselage cover on the Nynja, makes for a sleek looking plane. If 600Kg for both, and wing tanks on Nynja, the main differences would be: Nynja - hig
  4. Hi BlueAdventures Thanks for this informative reply. Is there any literature on the widening kit? Could I get in touch with Chris at all to get more info perhaps? I've heard about the wing tanks, and again are there any details I can obtain regarding installation, Header tank requirements etc. Look forward to your feedback. Barry
  5. Hi All I'm interested to know if anyone has flown both the Bushcat and the SR Nynja. I'd be keen to get impressions between the 2 planes, pluses and minuses, and obtain constructive comparisons. I've been through the specs, and it appears the Nynja is a faster plane with a higher payload, and possibly slightly cheaper to buy and build. The Bushcat has a wider cockpit for a more comfortable ride, but I'd be very interested in comparing the flying characteristics if anyone can offer input. Thanks for reading and look forward to hopefully interesting feedback. B
  6. Some pics from Avalon Airshow. They always bring it out at sunset, making great dramatic shots. Can't mistake the shape, silhouette or the exhausts. Love that plane.
  7. My introduction to flying was with gliding. I remember very distinctly going up with an instructor to around 10,000ft on a perfect gliding day with excellent cloud bases providing superb lift. He said he was going to take us up to the cloud base for me to experience the sensation of flying into cloud for a couple of seconds. As expected everything became grey and of course you lose immediate bearings and co-ordination. He immediately applied full air brakes and pushed the stick full forward to exit the cloud base. It was something I'll never forget. The power of cloud base lift and how quickly
  8. flyingbaz

    FS 2020.

    I too have recently downloaded FS2020. I commissioned my son to build me a suitable PC and put in a suitable graphics card. It is quite resource intensive, and does need a well spec'd PC and Graphics card. I have ordered the Thrustmaster T16000 Flight pack which includes the Joy stick, throttle and pedals. Looking forward to it coming next week and practicing flying again.
  9. Is it just me, or does it appear that Bestoff Aircraft (as a result Skyranger aircraft) web site no longer exists in Australia?
  10. Thanks Mark. I have investigated a company in Melbourne who does Alodining, but unless you surname is Martin and first name is Lockheed, they're not interested. But I'll investigate others. I haven't got a kit yet, but just doing my due diligence. Cheers Barry
  11. Thanks again for your feedback IBob. I have a good friend who is an industrial chemist, and works in the metal plating industry. He is a wealth of knowledge with regard to anti corrosion options. What I have learnt from him, is that if you want to carry out corrosion protection on aluminium, there is no easy quick fix. It's the nature of the product. But there are numerous options available, and like you say it's a personal choice at the end of the day. I believe anything is probably better than nothing. Look forward to reading your Notes. Cheers Barry
  12. Hi IBob Your internal structures are all white. Primer I assume. Can you please share what you have done in order to protect from corrosion. I notice you have also sprayed all edges where rivets go as well. Please let me know your process there as well - do you first scotchbrite it, clean in any way etc. Look forward to hearing from you. Barry
  13. Thanks IBob. What you have explained and what I read in Marks blog, is is exactly as I thought. I agree it's not ideal to have free flow between tanks for the reasons you have outlined above, and an additional reason is it would play havoc on your visual Fuel Level display which will change as fuel flows between tanks as you fly and taxi etc. Look forward to more of your progress. Barry
  14. Hi IBob I have a question. Given you have 2 tanks per wing, are they permanently joined, in which case when filling either tank it will fill the other, or are they independently isolated from each other? If so how is this done? Thanks for this well detailed explanation. Barry
  15. Thanks Gents, yes I have already been on your Rebuild Blog, enjoying it very much. I'll be in touch from time to time, and if ever you guys are coming down to Melbourne, would be great to catch up - just let me know.
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