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  1. Recently we moved our plane from Watts Bridge to Heck field at Jacobs Well. YHEC is very close to the Gold Coast, but more important, closer to where we live. The other day, we had some really good weather and lighting conditions and a new GoPro to test out so we did a fly over the Gold Coast
  2. One of the things I loved about the Nynja was that in turbulence, it was better flown hands off. The more I tried to counter the effects of thermals, the worse I flew. That probably meant it was "stable" but I liked that, especially for long flights. That said, it was still a nimble aircraft. It went where you told it to, when you told it to, no more, no less. It was reasonably light on the controls and responsive. My current airplane is a bit of a handful in turbulence. The phugoid duration is a bit longer and turbulence tends to set up a bit of a porpoising effect. In thermals, I have t
  3. I noticed the fly got real active on short final. Every time I've flown outback, I end up with a fly in the cabin they make a beelinefor your eyes on finals...every time.
  4. That's not anything like what John Robert posted and what I was responding to. For a start, any state owned drones are NOT going to be piloted by pimply computer geeks with grudges. They are going to be serious equipment, operated by serious, trained individuals conducting military operations with significant targets, not just bumping off someone who annoyed them. Secondly, part of what you're describing falls into the category of improvised weapons. When you go down that path, a sharpened broom handle can become a "weapon" and generalizations about "targets of opportunity" apply but
  5. If you truly believe that is how UAVs are used, you need to do some reading. ”drones” are piloted by professional fighter pilots and targets are studied for months before a strike. Even then, a strike is only authorized at the highest level. After a strike, the pilot and/or weapons officer are counselled and debriefed for the psychological impacts of carrying out an assassination. Your characterization of computer geeks running rampant and frivolously firing off Hellfire missles at people who've annoyed them is as ignorant as it is offensive.
  6. Quoting Breitbart ..... hmmm The only thing that would damage a posting's credibility more would be quoting Qanon Kind of like quoting The Betoota Advocate
  7. Also check blade tracking. Getting the pitch the same on all blades is only half the job. Chock the aircraft against movement. Put a chair or a ladder near the prop, but where the prop can be turned without hitting the chair. Turn the prop bringing each blad near the chair and measure the distance. There are specs (RA Aus tech manual?) for prop blade runout, radially and axially. The above is easier to do if you remove 1 spark plug from all cylinders. But as Mike said, pneumatic synching of the carbs is a major cause of RPM related vibrations.
  8. The thing that really troubles me is how most of the Republican party have become a Trump cult. They support him in great numbers IN SPITE of the Republican party having no policies or vision for the country for Trump's next term in office. The official RNC policy for this election is something like “To enthusiastically support 100% of what President Trump wants to do.” How to explain people voting for that, other than being part of a cult of personality?
  9. Oneetrack: I wasn't given any more details than what I posted so I can't confirm that is the same crash, but ... The circumstances sound similar and I imagine there aren't that many Sling 4s about, particularly ones that have been crashed.
  10. "Living is easy with eyes closed," "Misunderstanding all you see..." Apologies to Lennon and McCartney. Re-read my post about WHY "no evidence" has been uncovered ... yet.
  11. Who “hasn't” flown overweight? I haven't. I saw the result of doiing that just the other day. A Sling 4 was being rebuilt at our airfield. It was flown with 4 adults on board (+ luggage?) and stalled on short final. It went into the ground nose down, upside down. I don't know what became of the occupants.
  12. When I had the Nynja, it had a fuselage tank behind the seats. That required constant retrimming every 10 to 15 minutes. The plane I have now has wing tanks. I don't notice needing to trim the elevator, but I have to manually manage the fuel to keep the lateral balance.
  13. Michael Cohen laid out several crimes in front of the impeachment investigation. As for there not being any evidence ... Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence and when we witness the extraordinary lengths Trump and the Republicans have gone to, to prevent ANY examination of his finances, it begs the question "why?". I don't know if he'll be charged for tax violations, but there are a multitude of other offences he has committed while in office and in the run up. Campaign finance violations: Payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal for a start. Then there's the my
  14. “I don't care who does the electing, as long as I get to do the nominating” William M Tweed You needn't look any further than that to find out why such duds as Trump become our political “leaders”. In the US, since the Citizens United case in the Supreme Court, a tsunami of dark cash has sloshed through the electoral system. When the case was being argued, the conservative judges were warned that this would be the result if the case was decided in favor of the (misnamed) Citizens United group*. Those conservative judges tied themselves in logical knots to arrive at an answer their ideolo
  15. IMO a “good” pilot is one who doesn't take unnecessary risks. Flying, for humans, is dangerous enough as it is. Why make it more so? That said, there are pilots whose jobs are to take those risks. They're called “test pilots”. Read anything by or about them and you'll quickly find the lengths they go to, to minimize the risks they must take and the mechanisms and procedures they put in place to protect themselves when a risk becomes a reality. Pilots who do risky stuff (like flying a trike 6 inches over the surface of a lake) are, IMO, NOT “good pilots”. Those who do risky stuff with passen
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