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  1. Had a bloke ring me and talk to me endlessly about an airplane I was selling. He asked lots of questions which I patiently answered. Further down the track he said he wasn't really interested in a 19 reg plane. I wished him well in his plane search and thought no more about it. Fast forward a month or so later after my plane has been sold, I bump into the guy in a flying school nearby and he rips me a new one for "blowing him off and being rude"! I couldn't figure out what was the problem until I probed him a bit and when I wished him well on his plane search, he took that as "blowin
  2. OK: Great footage of the snow and not too shaky IMO, but do you ever clean your windscreen? Looked like some mega bird plop on there!
  3. KGWilson: I think your suggestion of a new radio is the go. I had a trike with a rev Q microair radio and I'm not a fan. A really good sub that will fit in the same hole is the Trig.
  4. We went to the Mother's day brekky fly in at Gatton. I commented on their lack of organisation before so I won't get into that again. This flight was the first one with a new GPS recorder I designed and built, based on an Arduino. It stores the autopilot data sent out of the GPS's serial port. I then use that data to create info overlays in a 3D graphics program called Blender. Then I bundle it all up in my editing program, Davinci. All the software is free to download. I will be making a series of videos in the future about how I did this. In the mean time, have a butcher's hoo
  5. Yes, that is correct. Here's a pic of my recorder.
  6. I use Lightspeed Zulu 2 headsets Garmin gtr 200 radio A digital audio recorder (iRiver brand?) bought from JB hifi a long time ago A 1 to 2 splitter. Where my headset plugs in that taps off to the audio recorder plugged into ... The line in socket of the audio recorder with the input volume in the recorder turned down as low as it will go. I was just lucky that the recorder doesn't have AGC (as I mentioned in my earlier post) on the line in input. BTW, I see you're location is listed as Wolongong, so here's another video for you... https://youtu.be/RgKlpDKuoC0
  7. Want videos? I got plenty for you. Try this one to start https://youtu.be/Hh_I6W5vpAY
  8. I agree that a good quality noise cancelling headset is a must, and a starting point for good cockpit audio recording. But that is not the whole story. Another very important element is to find a recorder that doesn't have Automatic Gain Control (AGC). This is the hard part as most cheap recorders have that feature, but won't let you disable it. The problem with AGC is that when there is no audio present (from speaking or radio reception) the AGC essentially turns the volume up full in an attempt to capture some audio. In a noisy environment all this does is capture electrical noise and coc
  9. Brokers work for the broker. Full stop, end of story. Viewed through that lens, it is easier to understand the motivations of the brokers, that is protecting their income by obfuscating rego numbers, selling dodgy stuff with minimal or no documentation, and savage discounting for a quick (and dirty) sale. That is the most important thing, closing the sale. Any problems that arise after that are the buyer/seller’s problems. I avoid brokers and agents like the plague where possible. That also goes for lawyers. I've done plenty of real estate transactions in my time and every conveyancing la
  10. Have a look at the Flight Data FC-10. It's about the cheapest one available. What Skippy said is the case. It costs very little extra for a manufacturer to put those extra features in the software. The expensive part is the sensor.
  11. Do you have to ring for PP before landing there? I would like to try that out sometime.
  12. A bit of a mixed bag with this one. Yesterday we went to the Gatton Mothers day “brekky”. The flight from Heck field to Gatton and back was a dream. Smooth as silk even at low levels. The “brekky” was another matter entirely. Officially, it started at 7:00 am. We arrived just after 8:00 and they had run out of food already! There was still a queue waiting for food, and, starving, I joined it hoping for a nice hot brekky. After 30 minutes it became apparent the line wasn't moving at all. There were people “cooking” but no one was walking away with meals. After another 20 minutes in line, I
  13. Yep I did! Thanks for reminding me.
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