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  1. Hi Mike Saw your plane in the latest email from RA Aus😊
  2. I watched Trent's analysis and I agree with him that it looks staged. It makes my blood boil that someone would deliberately crash an airplane for social media clicks. I hope they throw the book at him.
  3. This was the panel I built in the Nynja, there are some things to note 1) The layout resembled the panel of the Beechcraft Baron with the flight gauges directly in front of the pilot and the engine gauges in a vertical line in the middle of the panel. 2) The color was chosen for high contrast between the gauges and the panel. This made visually locating any qauge quick and accurate. 3) The light panel background in a cockpit with a skylight and full height clear doors gave off a lot of reflections in the doors and was a PITA for photography. In retrospect, the light panel i
  4. The cowling on my Legend matches all the specifications you laid out. It works well on all but the hottest days after a heat soak. There has only been one time when my engine looked like overheating on the ground. The situation was this; My wife had gone for a TIF with and instructor in our plane and had landed. The plane sat for 1/2 hour on the ground afterwards and then we started up and taxied out to the runway. It was 35C on the ground and we were on bitumen taxiways. There were 5 aircraft in the circuit so it took quite a while for us to catch a break where someone wasn't on short final.
  5. My latest flight was a scenic trip around Moreton and Stradbroke islands. With a little digging, I found a lot of interesting things about the two islands.
  6. The one that gets me is when people do an inbound call from a non standard distance without an ETA. I get the non standard distance bit, that happens a lot at our airfield because our CTAF overlaps another one. It's the lack of an ETA that annoys me. I always set my GPS up on my way home with a simple GoTo. It then gives me my ETA which I use with my inbound call and it tells me when I'll be in circuit. Then I hear someone in a plane whose speed I don't know say “I'm over Jumpinpin inbound…” when I call them and ask for an ETA I invariably get something like “Oh, about 3 minutes from now”, and
  7. I think you can safely tighten that u bolt fairly tight. The cross tube is double walled in that area from memory. It needs to be tight enough that it won't rotate. I had a similar issue on mine that I only discovered after I flew home from testing your airplane. If you look at the very last few seconds of this video as I brake to a stop at the hangar, you'll see the leg swivel a bit. https://youtu.be/H0FZq3KIp9M
  8. I recently discontinued the hull insurance on my airplane. If I damage it, I'll pay to repair it. I know that insurance is a “for profit” industry, but IMO lately the profit motive has gotten out of hand. Ithink there are a number of reasons for the rises and not all related to claims. Shareholder returns and executive remunerations seem to be excessive in a lot of businesses and insurance is no different. In any case, I made the decision to “self insure” going forward. If I completely write off my plane, there's a good chance I won't care about it.
  9. What are you pushing on to “do the wiggle”? That may give a clue as to what is squeaking. The noise sounds like the fibreglass (or plastic) squeaking to me. Look for rivets chafing or for shiny areas on the frame. Check that all the connector bolts are nice and snug. Don't overtighten them or you'll deform the tubes. Also, check that all the bracing wires are tight. There shouldn't be any slack in any of the bracing wires. Also, check for corrosion around the bolt connections between the tubes. It sounds like the frame is flexing and rubbing on the fibreglass or the winds
  10. The trouble with "roadable aircraft" is the conflicting demands on the two types of vehicle. An aircraft needs to be built as light as possible and only needs to withstand bumping down a short run on a runway. A car needs to withstand hundreds of thousands of kilometers of possibly very rough roads and needs to be made very robust, which means "heavy duty" with the emphasis on "heavy". This is especially true here in Oz with our crap city roads and worse, way worse in the outback. So if it's heavy, it will be horribly inefficient and possibly not fly particularly well. If it's light, it w
  11. I laugh every time I see a prediction about the flying cars of the future. Can you imagine if we had flying cars all around, that were maintained and driven like the road cars are? We'd have flying cars falling out of the sky on houses, schools and shopping centers like the rain in Ingham. There are a lot of people who shouldn't be behind the controls of a bicycle, nevermind a flying car. Ain't never gonna happen.
  12. I didn't know him well, but had a long chat with him at The Old Station fly in. He greeted me and treated me as a long lost brother. He knew quite a bit about my Nynja build even though we had never met before that. That seemed to be the kind of guy he was, interested, caring and personable. I was a bit shaken when I heard of his death in what seemed like a preventable crash. If it could happen to someone as experienced as Ross, what about me? RIP Maj. Blue skies and tailwinds.
  13. If I was rebuilding a crashed airplane, I wouldn't leave anything uninspected. A little thought would have told him how important bracing structures are in an airframe, and that is exactly what those things are. If he missed those, did he miss inspecting other welds on the frame? And the original owner should be hung drawn and quartered for using zip ties to attach structural members.
  14. The expanding air=lower pressure makes sense to me given that the heated air is not contained in a rigid container.
  15. Yeah, the mass insanity around the COVID vaccines astounds me. I hope someone in authority is looking closely into where this is all coming from. I think a big contributor is Fox (so called) News. Ironically, Murdoch REQUIRES all his staff to be vaccinated or tested daily, including those talking heads railing against government vaccine mandates. Back on topic, what iBob said about mfgrs changing formulation is the key here. Airplane engines are too critical to safety and expensive to play Russian Roulette with.
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