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  1. Is it even possible to fly coastal around Australia? I would have thought controlled airspace would preclude it. For example, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin and Perth look like absolute road blocks.
  2. she wasnt a victim at all. She didnt get a scratch. She was "traumatised".
  3. There is a mathematical basis to this discussion which I think it is important to understand (but not the maths) these are termed "transfer functions" that govern how the control input gets converted to an output and the feedback provided. Transfer functions explain the difference between "Nice", "easy", "hard" etc. The best way to explain it is by reference to Mercedes Benz. A cars "feel" is a transfer function of the tyres, suspension geometry spring rates damping etc, right down to the seat geometry and padding. Mercedes years ago put billions into understanding the transfer fun
  4. KGW, have you logged in to the website and checked your email address recently?
  5. Let’s all do our best to support our new CEO. From my brief reading of his resume, he has very considerable aviation experience. He deserves a fair go in implementing the RAA business strategy.
  6. BFR $220??? My last GA one was $840 - 2 hrs!
  7. I see lots of young tradies with a Dodge Ram or similar towing a $150,000 wakeboard boat. By those standards an aircraft isn't that expensive. I have one acquaintance, in the concrete business, who just spent about $350,000 on his Jetranger overhaul. Yesterday someone paid $4.3 million for a relatively modest house in my old suburb. Aircraft aren't that expensive consideriing......
  8. Well that's progress for you. When I started sailing, sails were cotton, the ropes hemp. You were always cold and damp because nothing was waterproof including the deck. It was still expensive although you could swap a few bottles for a fresh cray. Maximum speed maybe 6 knots. These days warm dry breathable goretex, carbon fibre, spectra, titanium , autopilots, powered winches and GPS. 20 knots surfing on occasion. I know which I prefer but we still have some beautifully restored antiques for perfect weather use only. I built a quicksilver hang glider from plans circa 1
  9. I had Conversations with two different engine and airframe agents recently. Both said, without any prompting from me, that sales were excellent - better than normal. One put it down to the pandemic - intending builders who now had time on their hands and the money to pursue their flying dream. ‘’Anyone asked RAA how busy they are? New pilots? New aircraft?
  10. RFguy, Mogas has a higher energy content than Avgas (3-5%). If your engine is designed to use it, it will perform better with mogas than Avgas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avgas DO NOT USE FUEL WITH ETHANOL. Ethanol dissolves water into solution. Under some circumstances it can reverse and dump that water into your engine. It also plays hell with your fuel system. https://generalaviationnews.com/2016/10/24/ethanol-and-aircraft-just-say-no/ ‘’As for fuel quality, do what others have advised and buy brand name fuel from busy outlets
  11. The equation is volume of air in cylinder is proportional to actual air pressure minus manifold pressure. As you go higher you are opening the throttle wider but that is offset by the falling external pressure.
  12. Be careful what you wish for......... ‘Every time you ask for a change in regulations, you are creating an irresistible opportunity for an aspiring bureaucrat to increase his authority, salary and number of subordinates- at YOUR expense. ‘’When someone asks for RAA aircraft to be incorporated on the VH register at no charge, the true bureaucrat is asking why, if RAA aircraft pay annual fees, why shouldn’t VH aircraft do likewise? That would increase CASA revenue and incidentally require more staff and computer systems, making our bureaucrats job bigger and more importan
  13. It happens at the best of airports. Watched a baron come in against the flow at YMMB. There had been a change of runway a few minutes before and this guy didn’t get the message. The controller in the tower was yelling “break left! break left!”.
  14. There is no need for a plastic card any more. We don’t need car registration stickers for the same reason, Electronics will pick you up if you are not registered. What is needed is the management of registration, not the card. Management costs money. As for a few hundred dollars in annual registration fees, you can either pay it or pay for your medical every two years as well as your hundred hourly maintenance bill. I know which is cheaper. ‘’As for registration in perpetuity being cheaper, I think not. The simple fact of the daily issue of available VH marks and the ma
  15. What concerns me is that light aircraft flying is starting to “go underground” which is considerably less safe but avoids the endless double bind situations you might face trying to comply with regulations. By that I mean: - if there is no flight plan, there is no evidence to convict me. -if there is no transponder, I can’t be identified if I break controlled airspace. - If I don’t have ADSB, I can’t be flight followed and identified. -If I maintain radio silence, nobody knows I’m flying. - If I don’t get treatment for my illness, Avmed won’t cancel
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