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  1. A few points……… Common law recognises that there are situations requiring people’s traditional liberties to be curtailed. One of those is war, a far more common one is epidemics or pandemics where it is universally accepted that behaviour must be modified to protect the general community. ‘’Classic every day examples include water, sewerage, gas and electricity inspectors as well as fire services, who can “trample on your human rights” any time they like if they think they need to in order to protect the community. ‘’So the idea you can protest lockdowns, et
  2. I was idly thinking of attending the Birdsville races by air - Covid permitting. ‘’I noticed a thread on another aviation website criticizing the shire council for prohibiting under wing camping apparently on liability grounds. There was talk of an appeal to the council… ‘’When I looked at the Birdsville races website, the reason the council has banned under wing camping is obvious - money! The Council bastards have partnered with a commercial tent mob and want $520 for a single person tent in their camp ground for visitors coming by air! http://
  3. Planesmaker, reference please. If your reference is related to the VAERS website, it’s BS. Get vaccinated.
  4. If you get a chance to fly, then take it to try and keep current. ‘’I have been lucky enough to have a few friends and acquaintances who are closely connected with the pandemic. I was warned last March of what was to come and I have had occasional updates since. ‘’We knew three weeks ago that if Sydney experienced more than 60 community transmission infections then they would lose the whole State. That has now occurred. Lockdowns won’t work anymore because contact tracing and testing is about to be overwhelmed and thus become pointless. That is why the NSW Premiere ask
  5. Skippy, you are showing your age. Victoria didn’t invest in a rail system after about 1950 for one very good reason that made perfect sense at the time: - we had Communist controlled, bloody minded railway and tram unions that made public transport an expensive and unreliable nightmare for the general public. That was why we built freeways instead. ‘’The unions were always going on strike on any pretext. Productivity was awful. Any new investment in technology was declared “black” by the unions until more pay was extracted, even then technology was hobbled by outdated work practice
  6. Cojones, the problem is not “economic demand” but marginal productivity - my inner city commute is to buy an ice cream - there is no economic cost to making the trip by foot or by bus or not at all. The country trip is 40km to buy 5Litres of Grazon to kill Capeweed. There is a very different economic cost associated with that transaction. That is why 10 litres of diesel fuel is worth more to an Indian farmer who uses it to run a cultivator than to a Sydney housewife who wants to get her hair cut.
  7. KGW and others, yes. We can do hydrogen fuel cells. We can do ammonia. We can do fast EV’s, we can do self driving cars. We can do electric aircraft and people carrying drones. Yes! You are correct! What I was talking about was LOGISTICS. …….And I’m talking about it in the context of a country (Australia) that couldn’t do a set piece fibre optic national communications system - NBN! And today has royally ##4%ed up the rollout of a Covid19 vaccine! ‘’Here is an exercise for you. Visit a Hume Highway truck stop - Gundagai, Wallan, wherever. Park, order your Macdonald’s a
  8. Best investment today: legacy oil production, distribution and refining. Best personal investment - state of the art diesel and petrol vehicles, period. The EV killer is logistics - world production of copper, rare earths(for magnets), lithium, plus electricity production and distribution. Do the maths. ‘’This stuff works small scale and for rich people. European rich cities like Scandinavian ones. ‘’Now try and imagine places like South Sydney, Footscray, Watts(LA), the Banliues around Paris, electric cars and infrastructure for poor people? It’s not going to happen y
  9. From the CASA Flight test handbook, if there is no stall break (as in your power off condition) then the stall speed is taken as the speed when your stick is fully back and reaches the rear stop as you keep it level. I have fixed L/E slats and no detectable “break” -so far…….
  10. My own anecdotal enquiries of the occasional Qantas pilot is that CASA hasn’t had the technical ability to supervise a major airline for at least the last thirty or more years. One of them told me: “they asked questions and we fed them bullshyte answers till they went away”. ‘’However the more important question is whether CASA has more political clout than Qantas? I think not. As for the AG Department, they know nothing about aviation. They can check the paper clip stock records and that’s as far as it will go.
  11. “wandering all over the sky” is safer than following a GPS course between published waypoints.
  12. Today I crossed tracks exactly with another aircraft, exact enough for visual and ADSB confirmation . There was a 3000 ft altitude difference. So what? you say. Absent ADSB I would not even have known to look up and see the other aircraft. If I had been on climb and the other guy on descent, well……. ‘’The ADSB technology disproves, in my opinion, the big sky theory. Near misses are a lot more common than we think.We just don’t notice them most of the time.
  13. Outsourcing CASA will just increase our costs.
  14. believe it or not, some grade 3 instructors dont do it.
  15. Kasper, regarding flap asymmetry, in the absence of an asymmetry cutout circuit, I was taught always to extend flaps while straight and level. That way you will sense a failure as an uncommanded roll. If you extend flaps while turning you may not sense the failure until too late.
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