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  1. RFguy: ‘I don’t know you, but in friendship don’t try it. The transition when you finally reach the limit of available lift from the tail is likely to be abrupt and could over stress your wing structure. I am in no way an expert but there is no guarantee that the stabiliser is going too stall in a benign and gradual fashion. To put it another way, you could be into a tail slide or at least an uncommanded stall turn. Unless your aircraft is designed for aerobatics it may fail in reversed airflow.
  2. I don’t think Airmaster has any props for Lycoming or Continentals. They design for rotax engines and one or two others.
  3. Skip, it’s not necessarily foolish. In my opinion what counts is the size of the aircraft performance envelope in terms of stalling speed to maximum cruise. Something like a C172 has a max speed of a little over twice stall (roughly 45 Vso and max 110) However a Savannah has a much bigger envelope about three times stall (30Vso and max about 90). Then you get to RV’S etc and the range is even bigger. On U.S. aviation boards you can read endless discussions from people trying to find a suitable compromise pitch setting with their ground adjustable props. A CS prop gets rid of that
  4. Agreed Nev, there is always the possibility of the regulator (electronic or hydraulic) failure. The regs call, I think, for the ability to climb on full coarse and the fine pitch stop gives you the same. There is a lot of tosh talked about CS props but they are a trade off - performance vs. complexity and weight. A fixed pitch prop is also a trade off. In my case I want more than usual range and a CS prop appears to be the way to et it and still keep within 600kg.
  5. Airmaster CSU props have backup mechanical pitch stops to prevent this type of failure. You set them as partof the installation routine.
  6. They adjust to keep constant rpm. Fuel flow and MAP ‘should” confirm you are making rated power, but I guess an engine analyser with individual EGT’s would be needed to absolutely confirm there isn’t a burned valve or clogged injector somewhere.....
  7. Thruster and RFguy, yes. You have to monitor fuel flow as well as manifold pressure to ensure your CS prop is not masking power loss. You are taught that amongst other things in a CS endoresement. A CS prop saves you from the niggling crap you can see on American threads: “what did you set your prop to? Yadda, Yadda. A CS prop is almost always, by definition, at the optimum pitch for the manifold pressure you have selected. Someone told me “you can buy a lot of fuel for the price of a CS Prop”. True, but I can’t stuff money in my fuel tanks. I bought one for range cons
  8. PUSH NOSE DOWN. GET TO TWICE STALL SPEED. TURN HARD AND COORDINATED. You MUST get to twice stall speed before you execute.
  9. "Coffs & Tamworth are Class G before/after Tower hours and now all weekend as the Tower is only 5 days a week. RAA Pilot Cert & Amateur built legal until the stroke of the clock. All this does is demonstrate the absurdity of the rules." ...It prevents headlines like "Amateur pilot in homebuilt aircraft runs into Qantas B737". I suspect that's what its really about - Government liability.
  10. Agree with the article, have had it demonstrated and practiced it with an instructor. It is a type specific thing. Unless you have trained for it and practiced it in your own aircraft, DON'T TRY IT.
  11. Everybody seems know someone who flies into controlled airspace, but then the qualifications appear. PPL and medical, factory built, with exemption granted to flying school.... It seems to me that Amateur built and RAA certificates aren’t allowed in let alone allowed to land at a towered airport. I can’t find any loophole. To me it’s silly, especially if you have a PPL with an expired medical.
  12. SplitS do you fly a VH registered aircraft? Otherwise it’s illegal to enter controlled airspace without a written exemption.
  13. Just wondering what it costs to hangar an aircraft?
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