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  1. Now I know `why Michael Smiths Searey was N registered.
  2. I found out the hard way that you can’t hire an aircraft from some organizations without a current ASIC.
  3. Turbo, I have a ppl and did the training. but $800 for a bfr and then a medical on top of that, just so I can “go coastal” once a year is crazy. Have you ever flown into LAX as a passenger in daylight? You would have seen all sorts of aircraft from a C172 upwards, mixing happily in that airspace, but not here.
  4. Turbo, I’m sure you are right. What you are saying, it seems, is that RAA pilots have no rights. That said, my point stands. With no rights, then the 60%+ of Australians living under CTA on the East Coast should not be flying RAA. You can fly suitably equipped RAA aircraft in CTA with a ppl, bfr and medical certificate). ‘’That begs the question of medical self certification for GA, if that happens then the floodgates are open for the RAA pilots with a PPL as well.
  5. Why even fly the East Coast? It’s just a series of road blocks. Jervis Bay, sydney, Newcastle, Coffs, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast. Seven of them - and not one of them makes a provision for RAA pilots or a sensible fuel efficient corridor. How many Light Aircraft pilots and pax have been killed because they couldn’t plan or get clearance through these toxic zones?
  6. No point commenting. They don’t listen and don’t care. All you are doing is providing window dressing.
  7. While it doesn’t affect my flying, on my travels in outback Australia I have occasionally been given advice about camping places to go, or to avoid, from local Aboriginals which is based on the spirits inhabiting various locales. I have great respect for that advice. Some locations are beautiful but downright spooky for no apparent reason. Others are somehow welcoming, I know not why. I once ignored that advice and ended up leaving as fast as possible next morning, such was the feeling of dread that hung over this otherwise perfect spot.
  8. Spenaroo,regarding boats, I see plenty of $150k wake boats bring pulled by 100K+ of trailer and Dodge Ram 4WD. Most of these appear to be owned by young tradies. The hourly running costs are stratospheric. The question remains - why aren't aeroplanes maintaining market share of the Australian toy market? Judging from american youtube flying videos there are plenty of young folk in the American GA scene, why not here? ..But we know they are unsafe! Why, they even permit children to touch the controls! ...And the takeoffs and low flying! Suicidal!
  9. Thruster, Turbo, you both make relevant points. Like Thruster, I too am lucky to be able to fly and am left alone. I also note Turbo’s statistical evidence that not much has changed. I agree. However this doesn’t change the conclusions I have reached. There are two of them: - While statistically not much has changed, that begs the huge question of whether it should have changed by increasing in line with the rest of Australia’s economy as measured by GDP. Australia’s GDP has almost tripled from 2000 to 2019 (from roughly 0.5 to 1.4 trillion). Has the activity of the GA sector trip
  10. My sense of the current state is that GA is on an irretrievable downward spiral. GA has no supporters and plenty of detractors. You can start with local government who see airports as prime development land. Then there is the RAAF and RPT crowd who look at anything smaller than a B737 as air pollution. Then there are the nimby/green/ left wing types who hate the idea that anyone should even be able to afford to fly an aircraft. GA has no friends. It is therefore ripe for sacrifice as well as a convenient whipping boy for the public service.’’You can’t win. it’s over. ‘’
  11. Agree with Jackc. Very few kids have the faintest idea about salesmanship. Having said that, those that do understand won’t be working for office works.
  12. The other day I had to explain to a twenty something what a crank handle was, then how to use it to manually start a diesel engine, including use of decompression lever and the finer points of removing crank handle before it goes into orbit, breaking arms, etc. I felt very old having to do this. ‘’Fast forward - I need a new iphone, I asked twenty something about the new iphone 13…… “no need - you won’t use very much of what is in there” was the reply.
  13. Ignition, you raise very valid points. I’m past 70 but I wanted to fly from age six. I don’t frequent aero clubs for exactly the same reason you don’t. Mentally I’m still a 20 something in love with aviation. I offer my kids free rides anytime - mostly too busy, always on their phones. Grandkids? Their mothers won’t let them. ‘’What I personally think is missing from aviation these days is the sense of wonder and pure joy in becoming airborne! That spirit has been rung out of the activity and flushed down the sewer by over regulation - hence a suggestion that aviation is now a gui
  14. What, I think originally got my attention was the pprune posters opinion that: "Is it just me or is there a real decline in the people using these forums and therefore the amount of information we are sharing ? To me, it looks like everybody is just losing interest". Ii thought that this was relevant because perhaps coincidentally, The Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee of the Senate has apparently commented on the scarcity of submissions to its latest aviation review compared to the previous forsyth review. In my opinion, there are two reasons for a lac
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