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  1. you are not even allowed to fly over fraser, let alone land. https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0031/167962/op-pk-vm-landing-recreational-craft-qpws-managed-areas.pdf
  2. RF I'll check next week and report back. There do not seem to be any other radio or intercom issues.
  3. RF, radios are on, they feed through the intercom panel. Its not alternator noise that varies with load, metal airframe. Everything grounded and shielded, no strobe noise, etc.. Not affected by frequency or squelch. No hiss. Just tapocka, tapocka, tapocka when i touch the metal throttle shaft (not the bakelite knob).. I will check grounding of the throttle body butterfly shaft. The body is attached to the airbox and that has rubber connectors to the inlet manifold, so the grounding of the airbox/throttle body may be the culprit. How sweet it would b
  4. Jab, Yes, I have grounded the engine block to the airframe. You raise a good question about the grounding of the throttle. I think it is grounded through attachment to the butterfly on the throttle body but I will check.
  5. Facts and Jab. The noise occurs only when I touch the metal throttle shaft. The knob is insulated and there is no noise when I touch it, nor is there any noise when I touch other metalwork. The noise is coming from a running engine only. On the 912 iS, the throttle cable is pretty close to the wiring loom and I suspect "crosstalk". The outer case and inner wire are grounded to the throttle body on the inlet manifold. What I have not yet checked is the ground between throttle body and airframe. The 912 iS also has two electrical systems for redundancy that have separate
  6. That could work but on reflection, I like a small screw now and then.
  7. I've tried an alligator clip to my ear but it interferes with the headphones.
  8. I don't know where this subject belongs, so I'll try here. I have Bose noise cancelling headphones connected to a Dynon intercom. I have a fuel injected Rotax 9912 iS engine. Whenever I touch the metal shaft of the throttle, I get ignition noise in my headphones. Otherwise there is no noise from strobes, lights, etc. As far as I can tell everything is grounded as it should be What is going on?
  9. Pity the rest of AUstralia - whose taxes pay for the RAAF, don't get to see the display.....just the leeches in Canberra.
  10. Just watched a Youtube video of the factory test pilot demonstrating stalls in a Bristell. By his own words each recovery took of the order of four hundred feet and the video shows a wing drop on each stall. 400' is too much compared to the GA standard for a C172/ PA28 of one hundred feet altitude loss. Such a loss also means that an error in recovering the dropped wing at circuit height is going to be fatal because it will delay recovery if not stimulate an incipient spin.. In my opinion and I'm not an expert, this is not an ab initio trainer by any stretch of the imagination.
  11. Just so you guys know...... At least one state -Victoria, has legislation where a GP can refer a car driver for a medical review of their drivers licence after an accident or injury, even if the injury is not related to driving a vehicle. My friends in the Police tell me that the pass rate for such reviews is effectively zero. The answer is almost always NO to keeping your licence. This is basically the avoidance of liability by the reviewing medical authority. Draw your own conclusions about the effect of this behaviour and Avmed's on the creation and maintenance of
  12. To be fair to CASA, they are also in a difficult situation because they are caught in a historical bind as well as being on the horns of a dilemma. The historical bind is their program of regulatory reform and its cost and results. Sooner or later someone in government is going to perform a cost benefit analysis and conclude it’s a zero sum game. The dilemma is simple. You cannot write prescriptive regulations that efffectively micromanage while at the same time claiming you have no liability for outcomes.
  13. I am no expert but that description of Bristell oscillation with flaps down sounds like neutral longitudinal stability, however the maths of stability and control does my head in. However i’m not sure that such a condition is disqualifying at close to 1.2 - 1.3 Vs. The C172N has something like that mentioned in the POH in side slips.
  14. From reading Facebook and other websites, it is alleged that RAAust has been involved in the disagreement between Bristell and CASA over the spinning characteristics of Bristell aircraft. I hope, if the allegation is true, that RAAust involvement was regarded as constructive. Is any statement forthcoming from our Board on this matter?
  15. the idea is to get 3000+ raa aircraft to pay air navigation charges. As always, follow the money!
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