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  1. it is absolutely NOT the same. The oz one requires the commercial diving standard which is quite strict and also requires the GP to sign that you unconditionally meet the standard. How many people over the age of say 50, don't have any medical conditions? If you actually read the CASA paperwork, and your GP also does the same, you will realise its a fake "relaxation" of standards.
  2. The 2021 Birdsville races were on my "To Do" list until today. Now that the Shire Council has prohibited under wing camping, I won't be going. The project was just doable as it was, considering the cost involved and the ever present nuisance of CASA, but to be relegated to a tent city full of drunks instead of the airstrip is just too much. The Council thinks that running the event was too expensive, well, we can help them fix that problem; don't go.
  3. I was saddened by the SAAA submission to the senate review. It could best be summarised as; "Misery loves company". They want everyone on the VH register with themselves and subject to CASAs tender ministrations.
  4. Yenn, I am assuming that we will all be flying in class E with ADSB Sky Echo or better, and a radio. Once we decide that, then the floor of Class E can be fifteen inches for all I care. Needless to say, I already have most of the gear.
  5. I'm glad that the new CEO of RAA is engaging with this process and I like the RAA response so far. Being an optimist, I think this discussion could end up in a win/win situation if we think about it. RAA: - wants access to controlled airspace and airports for suitably trained and equipped pilots and aircraft. The GA licence and BFR requirement is a PITA. - All RAA and GA aircraft want an end to these lethal roadblock airspaces on the East Coast, Sydney, WIlliamtown, Coffs, East Sale, Melbourne etc., etc. Airservices wants economies and safer ski
  6. Flight over closely settled areas can apparently be authorised by designated persons. Is RAA able to authorise this under CAR 262AP?
  7. Thank you for the advice, I guess that is the way I have to go.
  8. RF guy, RAA and other organisations HAVE to reject this proposal out of hand or otherwise they are conceding Airservices the right to make arbitrary decisions. We are then reduced to just being supplicants pleading for a few crumbs from the table. AsA should not have done any of this, but now they have been stupid enough to raise the issue, we are within our rights to request a holistic and risk management derived National airspace strategy that reverses the *** sandwich they have been feeding Australian GA and RAA pilots for years. If you have ever flown into LAX and
  9. you need it in your jacket pocket when flying.
  10. I have a question regarding the use of Dynon Skyview equipment for ADSB. The Skyview transponder is certified, so that is OK. The Dynon GPS it uses for full ADSB (SIl =2, SDA = 3) is not certified but the combination is accepted by the FAA as meeting their ADSB standards (CFR whatever) - the Dynon manuals specifically state this, as does their software setup screen. CAO 20.18 requires that GPS position sources meets clause 3 of Part B of Appendix XI - Transmitting Equipment. This says that the GPS must be an IFR capable unit covered by one of TSO's 145, 146 or 196. Folks, these a
  11. But wait! There's more costs! If AsA mandates transponders AND ADSB then add another $4000++ to the costs. AsA requires that any transponder outputting ADSB signals MUST have a TSO'd GNSS position source (SIL=2). The cheapest of those is over $2000. You are legally not allowed to use anything with SIL = 1 on a transponder, I currently output SIL = 0 which means ASA ignores it. I can't see AsA making a Sky echo mandatory either.
  12. It's not going to be obsolete for another twenty to thirty years because it is built in to all commercial jetliners for at least forty years. You are talking of tens of thousands of jetliners. For them to add another unit will require fully certified installations to be designed for each, depending on original configurations including interfacing with existing equipment. As Dick Smith found out, you are talking billions and billions of dollars. Furthermore the system is not stand alone like TCAS but relies on the GPS system.
  13. Just discovered that I configured my transponder to output ADSB with SIL = 0. My aircraft shows up on Sky Echo units and also FR24.
  14. What I think people need to consider here are the questions of standards and reliability. I went into these in some detail a while ago in an effort to convince myself that a certain GPS was capable of meeting the necessary TSO's. I failed. The simple fact is that as long as Airservices or CASA's backside points to the ground, they are NOT going to allow you to tool around anywhere near an RPT jet aircraft from B737 on up, without a TSO'd transponder and GNSS position source (NOT TSO C199) because they have to GUARANTEE separation. To put that another way, they are not
  15. .....and further reading of CAO 20..18 indicates No use of ADSB - Out from a mode S transponder unless it is connected to a $2000++ certified GNSS unit. Then of course space based ADSB is coming which requires at least extra aerials. Then supposedly there is an Australian SBAS system which may require a different GPS. And then we find that Sky Echo is just a toy as far as CASA and Airservices are concerned, and anyway airliners don't do ADSB, they do TCAS. The entire ADSB thing is just a useless circus.
  16. transponders roughly $3500 each for ?2000 RAA aircraft? Plus installation. $6 million?
  17. An EC device will get you into class E Airspace and nowhere else. What pisses me off is that GPS equipment that is legal in the USA - accepted by the FAA for adsb, isn't legal here because, well, we are special.........
  18. You can stick ADSB and the skyecho up your proverbial. I spent over $15000 on avionics, I have a transponder and I STILL can't get a compliant ADSB installation without shelling out for a high accuracy GPS ($3000+). CASA killed the low cost option stone dead. Read CAO 20.18. Not only that, we STILL cant get access to class D or C airspace anyway. I am NOT putting a box on the windscreen and fiddling with an iPad in flight for anyone. It is simply too dangerous in turbulence to have all this extra stuff floating around, nor do I want to be head down trying to find traffic on an iPad
  19. Then in the absence of further information, the answer is: “it depends”. Why would you use stainless steel instead of alloy or fibreglass? While you need to constrain the edges of a baffle for structural reasons, why try and connect it to a (vibrating) engine? It won’t stay connected for long. What’s wrong with silicon baffle seal material like everyone else uses? Are you solving a problem that doesn’t exist?
  20. Not only transponders $3000, but certified gps to drive ADSB with sil = 3, another $3000.
  21. Their selling point - the '45psi fuel rail pressure in the event of an accident" is problematic. Rotax requires their EFI engines to have a bleed orifice across the rail that dumps pressure immediately the pumps are turned off. Carburettors plus injection? he worst of all possible worlds!
  22. 1. RPT aircraft have TCAS, they don’t use ADSB -IN 2 ADSB is for airservices and GA.. 3. The cost of a certified GPS input for ADSB is at least $3000 and it’s an extra box that does eff all. My Dynon skyview has an $850 gps available that satisfies the FAA but not CASA! As for EC devices, I have a horror of little boxes, iPads and wires all over the cockpit. If the weather gets bumpy you can count on any such junk to end up in a tangled mess under your rudder pedals.
  23. Is it even possible to fly coastal around Australia? I would have thought controlled airspace would preclude it. For example, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin and Perth look like absolute road blocks.
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