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  1. Thanks for all your hard work on the Showcase to date, Peter. It's certainly been a big job!
  2. Anyone using UL Power engines? They have a range of 4 and 6 cylinder designs and seem to be pretty well thought out, using modular components across the range and being suitable for different types of fuels. Costs seem to be up there with Rotax and Lycoming as far as I can determine, so they aren't necessarily a cheaper alternative.
  3. I use 95 from a high turnover BP in preference to the 95 available from the recently installed 5,000l fuel facility at our field. I used to use BP98 but got concerned that not flying as regularly as I should meant it stayed longer in the tank than was good for the engine, so I changed to 95. I'd prefer to use 98 on a long trip if it was available.
  4. In the same vein, this is a fascinating documentary I stumbled across a few days ago. It's a lecture about the theory and development of `Colossus', the computer they built to break the Enigma Code. Some of these guys involved in codebreaking were simply geniuses. Well worth a look.
  5. Well, in that case it's a pity he didn't go down with the ship like a proper captain.
  6. I'm still not convinced the writeup is a true story. Surely nobody could be such an irresponsible fool and then brag about it. Because it was in Kathryn's Report, I assumed it was real, but then there is this disclaimer.... Disclaimer All the news articles and pictures on this blog to which we link are the property of the respective owners. We have and claim no copyrights or other interests in these articles and pictures, which are collected from various internet sources and are in the public domain.
  7. Only an idiot would have kept going after it was obvious he'd bought a lemon. It's astonishing that he survived, and even more that he's been willing to write about the whole sorry saga. Luckily the plane sank, or he'd probably still be crashing it.
  8. Plane looks like it was a bit of a wreck to start with judging by the state of the wing attachment points, but still painful to watch even if it was for show.
  9. This link lists OzRunways capabilities for both Apple and Android: https://www.ozrunways.com/store/features.jsp?region=AU
  10. Sad news and condolences to family and friends. WBL had its first flight at Serpentine in 1977.
  11. I've got the Precision compass in my panel. It's very nice and wasn't expensive for a TSO'd instrument, but readings are biased and I can't seem to get enough adjustment to correct them I'm sure the compass is fine and the bias is due to proximity to other stuff in the panel, so I suggest you play around with locations and check for bias before cutting holes.
  12. Looks to me that he did what most pilots would have done apart from perhaps the early left turn although maybe that was due to his engine problem. No steep turns, didn’t stall in the turn, although perhaps tried to stretch the glide and stalled wings level just before he went in. Would probably have come out alright if the gear had been up.
  13. Recovering from an inverted spin as a warm-up for recovering from a stall seems a bit extreme, but whatever works for you, I guess.
  14. That’s a lot of money! Hope it’s insured. Can you even get insurance on these models? A far cry from the CL models we used to fly at the local school oval.
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