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  1. rgmwa

    Saunders-Roe Princess

    ...or 113 mph, not 13
  2. The dollar was at $0.82 US when I ordered the first of my RV12 component kits some years ago and thought that was about as good as it was likely to get. Wrong! It kept improving as time went on, and like Yenn, I also got the engine at $1.04 so overall the exchange rate worked out quite well, although not as good as a fellow builder who started a couple of years later than I did and ordered the whole kit in one go at $1.10. Those were the days!
  3. Depends where the engine failed. He would normally be airborne about half way down the runway so would have had quite a bit of height if the engine stopped near the crosswind turning point for a normal left hand circuit. For anyone attempting a turnback, a turn to the right would be logical as it would keep you in relatively open country away from the hangars, and probably more into the prevailing wind as well (typically E/SE). If the engine had failed early in the takeoff he could probably have got down successfully in the open area where he finished up. Either way, a very sad event for all c
  4. Or better still let the player decide whether they want to be listed on the public scoreboard once they know what their result was. The public list could include the total number of people who had played so you could get an idea of the interest in the quiz. That way you wouldn’t discourage people from having a go because they don’t want to be identified or possibly embarrassed by getting a low score. That would make the quiz a more effective learning tool, which is the aim after all.
  5. Hard to see how the XP77 even got to the prototype stage if having the cockpit so far back you could see the undercarriage was considered a good feature in a plane intended to be an interceptor. The whole thing is a collection of bad ideas whichever way you look at it.
  6. Might be better if all the scores weren’t visible and ranked. No self-respecting aviator wants to look bad.
  7. Careless reading cost me points. Should have got them all really.
  8. Whatever is the cheapest and easiest for you is fine with me.
  9. I practice gliding, stalls and slips on most flights to try and keep reasonably proficient. Another useful exercise is to slow the plane in 5 knot increments down to about 55 kts and practice shallow coordinated turns to get a feel for how it behaves as you get closer to stalling speed. Do this at a safe height of course.
  10. Like Spitfire, I'm also using a Lightspeed headset (Sierra). Haven't tried adjusting the mic gain yet. I've got an old passive headset so I'll see if that makes a difference.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll have a go. I did have an intermittent loud feedback squeal on transmit that has plagued me ever since the plane was built that I finally traced a few weeks ago to a loose nut on the antenna cable BNC connector that plugs into the back of the radio. Just needed tightening half a turn. I went from readability 2 to readability 4 so that was a good result. The cable was supplied with the kit so it wasn’t one of my dodgy wiring efforts. Now I sound no worse than many other aircraft I hear out there, but I’d really like to get rid of all the noise and have clear tran
  12. Static as in squelch noise, no pulses. Headsets are not the problem. Intercom is good. Mic jack is isolated from the airframe. Headset jack isn’t - all as per plans for the RV-12. I suspect it may be an earthing problem, but where to start looking?
  13. Sounds exactly like the static I get on transmit. I’m not sure that it increases with rpm although it probably does. I’ll check next time. All other checks match yours. Also readability 4. No noise with engine off. My radio is a Garmin SL40 and I’ve been trying to find the noise source too. Engine is also a 912ULS. Side tone is matched to volume. All suggestions welcome.
  14. Would that chuck be at take-off or in the cruise?
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