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  1. Just to balance the books, I've always thought this scene was pretty good. Jimmy Stewart was an experienced WW2 bomber pilot and colonel in the US air force, so he would have known how to start an engine.
  2. Needs more signwriting practice then, or maybe a better dictionary.
  3. I believe they're not going for the mainstream routes, and you can get a Dragon Rapide down just about anywhere.
  4. Could mean Borrowed Off New Zealand Airways for all I know. Most of these cheap fare startups have had a short life in Australia, but maybe they’ll find a niche market and survive. Time will tell.
  5. Bonza Airlines? Not a name to inspire much confidence. Cheap fares, cheap planes, cheap maintenance?
  6. Only time I ever needed an ASIC was after landing at Tindal in the NT. The exit gates were remotely controlled and security wouldn't open them without an ASIC.
  7. The record at SABC was either 34 or 39 years for a Piel Super Diamant. First flew in 2016.
  8. Out of interest, I just looked up the first flight records for the Sport Aircraft Builders' Club (SABC) based at Serpentine in WA. The first recorded homebuilt to fly was in 1967 (Jodel). The number of first flights for each decade since then are: 1970-1979 - 22 1980-1989 - 20 1990-1999 - 51 2000-2009 - 40 2010-2019 - 30 In 2020 there were 5 and from memory there have been another 3 or 4 this year. Obviously membership has also grown since the early days, and there are currently about 350 members. Quite a few of these are just social or associa
  9. Same type of plane that had an EFATO at Serpentine not long ago, but unfortunately with a worse outcome.
  10. Rutan Defiant is not a common aircraft. What's it like to fly?
  11. My instructor told me he had a student freeze on the controls once and he ended up having to punch him to make him let go.
  12. If you do have an autopilot, best to engage it early before you become completely disoriented and put the plane into a situation where the AP can't recover it. It could be a lifesaver though, provided you have the presence of mind to use it and trust it to do its job. May not be so easy when everything outside suddenly goes white.
  13. Yenn, you're correct for all the RV's except the 12. Vans manufacture and sell the RV-12 as a completed fly-away LSA (SLSA), and they also sell the kit which the builder can register either as an ELSA or an experimental (EAB). If it's built as an ELSA, which most of the ones in the USA seem to be, it has to be an exact copy of the original with no deviations, and Vans then remains the registered builder - even though they didn't (crazy system). Therefore, because it can be either an SLSA (factory built) or ELSA (homebuilt copy of the factory original), Vans has to provide the POH and acceptanc
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