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  1. I’ve always wondered how engineers on Catalinas tolerated the engine noise when they were stuck up on their elevated perch between the two of them. They’ll must all have gone deaf.
  2. Vans have two RV12 demonstrator aircraft, one with a 912ULS and the other with an iS. They found similar results for fuel consumption to that described in the article.
  3. If the aircraft weighs 600 kg then as a minimum your two wing tie downs would need to take at least 300 kg each to keep it on the ground. I think I read somewhere that tiedowns should be able to take 500kg.
  4. Being tightly strapped in should help to stop you from hitting your head on the canopy or panel, but even with an effective roll bar and a canopy breaker of some sort it won't be easy to get out without help.
  5. Maybe the downturn in forum posts in the last few months just reflects less aviation activity as a result of Covid plus winter weather, leaving people with less to talk about. Even at the best of times, probably more than 80% of the posts come from less than 20% of the users. I'm one of those who comes here regularly but don't post that often, but I'm not on Facebook either.
  6. I landed there a while back. There was quite a lot of activity with RPT and Bungle Bungle scenic flights but quite OK, especially with Ozrunways. Probably much less traffic at the moment anyway.
  7. Wine and chocolate are good when things are going well, but if you think you can buy her off cheaply and then go flying, think again. Staying home with the family instead of heading for the airfield on your day off might be a better idea in this case. Just hope the weather is bad so you'll feel better.
  8. Nice landing. The constant cockpit checks are interesting to follow. Seems like a lot of work, and the precision required to fly the plane accurately is impressive.
  9. The recrystallisation temperature for steel is typically between 400 and 700 °C, beyond which it softens rapidly. It doesn't need to get anywhere near the melting point to fail under load. It also takes a long time to prepare a large building for controlled demolition, and if you did you would typically put the charges at the bottom, not two-thirds of the way up and at a time when the building is fully occupied. Buildings that are demolished by controlled demolition are stripped until they are virtually an empty shell. That certainly didn't happen here.
  10. I wanted to be a commercial pilot when I was young, but ended up with a career in engineering instead. It was only in later years that I was able take up flying. I really enjoyed the challenge of getting my PPL, was able to build my own plane and can now fly when and where I want. However, while training and in the time since I've also had the opportunity to get to know and talk to professional pilots and realised what a long road the young instructors I knew have in front of them to get into an airliner's left seat, and what they have to endure both financially and in terms of life-style to
  11. Learnt with a yoke but much prefer the stick. Was unsure how I would adapt to the stick, but it's very intuitive and direct.
  12. Are your doubts about whether airliners were flown into the buildings, or more about why the buildings collapsed after the event? Just curious.
  13. I used an adjustable circle cutter similar to this. General Tools 55 Heavy Duty Circle Cutter. Adjustable 1-3/4 Inch to 7-7/8 Inch: Amazon.com.au: Home Improvement Not too expensive and did a good job, but use a solid bench drill, clamp the panel securely and keep your fingers and anything else you value well out of the way.
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