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  1. 58 kts. must have a tail wind will the 2 stroke engine reach TBO before it gets to you ???
  2. My Xwind landing are all sideslip/wing down/wheel down.... (high wing) . I learned that way, the Brumby had a very effective rudder, espesh with a bit of power on as you do .... Never attempted a short field in max X wind, I tend to chew up runway getting the wing /wheel down. Maybe the crab might be better for the short fielder at max Xwind... dunno.
  3. What was the OAT Bruce? I could look it up if you are not sure, what altitude what location ? I see 110-125C CHT at 50% fuel flow cruise and OAT=5.
  4. will probably be sliders now due to structural excesses for supporting a rather heavy tilt door. Yes fabric on them is quite common.
  5. I have a good softstart kit sorted. and simple . but its using a part I only had one off and more are 6-10 weeks away, I will buy more. BRUCE- BTW the engine in my aircraft a 2010 J230D, was replaced in 2013 with the new last gen3 I have now (that I also rebuilt) you know why they had to replace it - in the field, flying, the flywheel fell of in flight...... they landed on a road (they were flying along) out western QLD without issue.
  6. it's not printed on LIFEPO batteries LIFEPO discharge capability can depend on a bunch of things , just like lead acid batteries. If you have a lead acid battery not specified for high discharge currents, you'll strip the plates off it whenyou hit the starter ! So you got to look up the numbers for that battery. The upside is : Is that the LIFEPO will usually be 11.5 - 12V instead of 8 to 9V when subject to starting currents, so the starter may run at a slightly lower current (because there is more voltage) .. (or do much more work - depends on the winding and motor) .
  7. fine business Mark. where is the chute ? even with LIFEPO batteries, I'd still budget at least 4kg (912ULS) (6kg JAB 6 cyl ) in a LIFEPO battery. anything less and it doesnt have good starter discharge capability.... LIFEPO can save some space though.
  8. probably depends a bit of the overall weight of the aircraft..... in the J230, for 2 pax no bags and 2/3 fuel, moving the 6kg battery from up front to behind the front seats (which is under the max chord on the wing approx) moves the CG aft about 1.2%, which is very welcome actually for these rather nosey aircraft.
  9. flexible silicone gasket compound on inelt charge plenum pipes flexible o ring on inlet charge manifold pipes coupling 4 inch hose, inlet charge plenum to head manifold pipes coupling hose between carby and inlet charge manifold. anything else ?
  10. actually most LIFEPO will do 3C, a good percentage will do 5C continuous , and 10C for a short time - 10 seconds but some will only specify for 2C max for example, standard Thunderskys ( a economical brand) https://www.evlithium.com/thunder-sky-winston-battery/lifepo4-40ah.html they'll do 3C all day, 10C for 15 seconds. entirely suitable for a 6 cyl jab. *putting aside the charger issue* These cylindrical cells will do 10C https://www.evlithium.com/Headway_Battery/headway-40152s-17ah.html
  11. Note the FullRiver HC18 and PC625 (used in the Jab) have their positive terminals on opposite sides so that may not work for Jab owners, depending on current lengths.
  12. mmmm. I know another who fitted a smaller master cylinder (VH exp J430) Stuart, any other hand brake operated GA around, how long is the lever compared to the short Jab one ?
  13. Nev - yeah well summer is a time to be VERY ACTIVE on the power dealing with thermal sinks and rises. You got to be onto it like a tiger. Why is it bad luck that sinks seem to occur just before the fence ? Turbs. great writeup. OK, I will gather all the information in the entire system and go talk to a brake engineer. The Brumby I learned on was super in brakes- but it had differential tow breaks pushed by my legs IDLE should be 800-900 rpm. currently 1050-1100. Bob. OK on the float. I wll check.
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