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  1. Gday, Finally the results of testing the EProp in comparison to Bolly and Kool (Luga), using manifold pressure to set engine power exactly equal for each. Once again surprising results that required testing again and again to confirm. The results and analysis are several pages so access them here https://www.stolspeed.com/nid/46 EProp Testing.docx
  2. She was very cool the way she handled that flareup.
  3. That's way out of date; I haven't kept it up. There's way more available now as already demonstrated. Excellent project. Hopefully tied in with OzRunways for convenience.
  4. And these days the USA can't produce enough face masks when they need them......
  5. I've done that but the ad is still up......
  6. Now my question is how do I remove an ad after the item has been sold?? I guess I'm slow but can't find a way to do it.....
  7. I found that these sardine tins do the job very well. Fit snugly around the float bowl. Held up by either light bungy cord or tie wire. Drain tube is plastic drip irrigation line forced into slightly undersize hole. Been using them for 10 years no problems. Light weight and the price is right..... I particularly like their heat shield function from the hot exhaust right below.
  8. JG chipping in here...... Those ICP VGs should just click into the holes provided, in that paired pattern as you see in the photo. If you didn't have ICP VGs then the Stolspeed VGs will just stick on over those holes in the same pattern. ICP purchased their very first set of VGs from me at Narromine. At the time I was importing the VGs from the USA, and ICP copied that style of VG. I never liked that style with the sharp point and the crude base, so I later designed my own. ICP chose to go with the paired pattern that some other suppliers used. I tested both that paired pattern and t
  9. <<do you listen to area frequency to stay safe and informed? >> Informed about what the big jets and IFR aircraft are doing way up there, but nothing about the low level VFR you may encounter....
  10. Thank you. I didn't realize that you need to select the category first step. Done now.
  11. How do I add a new posting in the classifieds?? Maybe I'm blind but I can't find a way in.....
  12. Work the circle cutter by hand. Round and round a few times, from both sides of the panel. Done it many times, safer than a powered drill.....
  13. I watched a country show when they emptied all the oil from an old Vanguard and then took bets as how long it would last. It drove around and around the race track while the evening show, complete with fireworks, took all evening, but the Vanguard was still going well.... Finally it was getting late and everyone wanted to go home but the engine giving no sign of seizing. Finally they drained the radiator and then it only lasted another half hour....
  14. JG3

    STOL comp winner!

    It's a VG.
  15. JG3

    Savannah VG

    There were no jury struts before the 560kg upgrade.
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