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  1. I have two sets of unused plans myself, 701 and Affordaplane. No way I'll build either and no way I'll pass the plans on.
  2. I wonder how many plans that were purchased never end up as a completed aircraft??
  3. Warm water means active crocs, lots of them......
  4. Sunset 21 June 2021, shortest day of the year, as seen from the Sunset Tavern, Karumba N Qld. Great place to be this time of year. JG
  5. Have a look at the new map now. Much more useful this way I think.....
  6. I've had a look thro the old map and most is already duplicated and updated on the new one. I'll go right thro the old map and add any info that's not already on the new one. I'll also mark airfields with a different colour where fuel is an easy? carry of a jerrycan.
  7. Don't know how I mussed Dunmarra, I've fueled there a couple of times. On the map now. Sandfire also now on the map.
  8. Leongatha no longer supplies mogas on field.
  9. I've now updated that map with the new suggestions and highlighted the airfields with PULP on field by orange markers to make it easier to find them. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1HDxCTbbdJ7DiSSakAVEBsIzGCrg&ll=-27.40189582364664%2C133.53847499999998&z=4 Check to see if I've missed anything. Sure would be good to make this map easier to access. OZRunways did ask for a copy and I sent it to them but don't see it used... That would be the best site for a link to be displayed for easy access when you would most need it.
  10. Is that mogas PULP at Yarram or avgas??
  11. Are you saying that isn't available to visiting aircraft?? It sure would be good to have that facility to top up before heading across to Tassie....
  12. It's now on the map. Phone number??
  13. Also you can post any new info on OZRunways ‘Public Notes’
  14. Just post the changes needed here and I will update the map.
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