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  1. Thanks again Mark for making the effort to share the improvements that you make to your aircraft. I would like a set as well if that is possible. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the links 80knots, I will get something sorted soon. Mark, your new avatar is really really good, the lady from Indonesia is very talented. It is so well thought out and extremely well executed. I hope the house plans etc go smoothly, can be a stressful time. You will be glad to get Mabel finished also. I guess you have nothing to fly now. Cheers, Dean
  3. G’day Mark, do you use a carbon monoxide meter/detector? I have been looking at portable ones but would rather something wired in that comes on when the engine starts. I have watched a couple of you tube tutorials on making them. You are an electronics guy, do you think it’s a good idea? You can buy the components fairly cheap. Cheers, Dean.
  4. Thanks heaps Mark for your efforts in sharing your journey. It has been invaluable for every Savannah owner. I certainly have read it more than once and refer back to it often. I need to pull my wing skins off to fix slight leaks in the fuel tanks and will save many hours reinventing the wheel by copying what you have done. So a big Thank You from all of your fellow forumites!!! Dean.
  5. Hey, that’s great that the ‘Girlfriend’ is sold. Lucky buyer!! The finishing mower does a great job by the looks of it. I have a couple of bits of railway line welded about 1500mm apart that I tow over my strip occasionally which does a reasonable job. I will keep it sprayed from now on and it will pack down hard over time. My strip is 18/36 so I am getting used to xwinds but mostly don’t fly if it’s windy. Tomorrow‘s forcast is 1kn all day so a fly is planned!!!
  6. G'day Mark, I fitted your flap bracket a couple of weeks ago and it is heaps better than the original, the first stage is what I use for take off and most landings. I can use it for Xwind landings when I used to use no flap before as the wind used to push me around too much. (Remember I am a novice....) Mabel is looking great!! It will be awesome when you can shift out to the farm. I love being able to walk out the house, open the hangar and fly whenever the weather is suitable. Dean
  7. CT9000, skippydiesel. Thanks for your reply’s. I’ll do a bit of horn hunting online. Cheers.
  8. Hi skippydiesel, I have trouble getting sheep off my strip sometimes and have thought of a siren also, can I PM you for details. Cheers, Dean
  9. Sorry that you lost your wife, that would of been very hard! I can recommend that you go for it!! I got my licence in October and have a farm strip, hangar etc and have logged a bit over 70 hrs now and loving every minute of it. It is great to just go for a fly whenever I want especially now in lockdown mode, just open the hangar, do preflight and go. Sometimes it is just a heap of circuits and the other day it was to find the source of smoke as we are still a bit nervous of fires but it was just a farmer burning windrows 20nm away. I have a Savannah S and it is great, mostly can land in 100
  10. G’day Ian, I think emotion has to be removed from this as it has come to a financial one and needs to be dealt with accordingly. Estimate how many members would be willing to pay an annual subscription and how much money you need to keep this service going. Devide the dollars by the amount of people and that’s what needs to be done. If you had 500 members willing to pay $50 per year, would that be enough? Just my thoughts as a business owner. I will make a donation today. Dean.
  11. I have ordered the tapping drills to modify my fuel tank access panels because i want to modify the fuel system to a manifold like yours and change to the efi hose to reduce the fuel odor. I have also ordered the McFarlane throttle assembly. I have new larger tyres to fit as well so it will mean a day or two in the workshop when I catch up with my real work!!! I need to get a right angle drill attachment and a rivit removing drill like yours one day. I landed today into a 15+ knot southerly and it was a real short landing and a real buzz!! These Savannahs really feel the bumps in the air but a
  12. G’day forumites, I had the privilege of meeting Mark on Wednesday and seeing the quality of his workmanship and being a tradesman (sheetmetal worker), I know quality when I see it. I purchased a set of flap brackets from him as they are a steal at the price he sells them for. Shows the advantage of mass production and the kindness of a man who is more interested in helping others than making a big fat profit. They would still be cheap at double the price. Thanks Mark for letting me come and see you and for the numerous texts and emails before and since. Appreciate all the free advice and your
  13. Thanks everyone for the advice, encouragement and welcomes. red750 I hope the photo I posted was ok in size and format. Old Koreelah I was a bit lazy in not making sliding doors for my hanger, I made them for my workshop but the opening for that is 15m x 5m high and has to be opened in any weather!! I will create an avatar one day as well. Thanks for the instructions how to do it.
  14. Hi Alan, This is a photo of my hangar, (well I hope it comes out that way when I click 'Post reply'!!!) I used 7 x 8m x 300mm Hopleys trusses, I made the front truss out of 75 x 2 SHS and 50x3 SHS, 15015 Zed purlins and 100x3 galv SHS uprights. It is 10m wide (Savannah is 9.2m) 3m high (Savannah 2.6m) at the doors and 8m deep (Savannah 6.7). Only just big enough for the Savannah but its what worked... I made the doors 5m wide and they swing out and hold open with chains welded to star pickets belted into the ground. A bit hard to open in any winds over 15 knots but that is OK as I don't want t
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