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  1. There is a Corby in my hangar that the guy hasnt flown for about 4 years..has a Jab 80hp in it...it used to go really quick but not sure why it hasnt moved for that time...cowling is off so maybe a engine issue..probably get it pretty cheap
  2. Have not heard about it. I just did a search and its mainly for Motorbikes
  3. Ye I am certainly more partial to the mechanical lever one for sure. Simpler and much less to go wrong..and of course MUCH cheaper
  4. I am sure I have already posted this info in another forum "Our range of variable pitch propellers is currently being tested. Deliveries not before mid-2021, and no prices for the moment, because we have not finished the production machines, so we can't calculate the cost prices. The performance is amazing and the weight... 3,4 kg for the 3-blade, 4 kg complete with spinner all inclusive. we will have the 3 systems: manual, electric and hydraulic, with all the desired control systems. It will take some time but we will offer a complete range. :-)"
  5. Hi Kyle, With reference to the Rotax 912 throttle linkage  modifications - May I request that you add me to your list of interested purchasers. 




    Sean Griffin/Skippydiesel

    1. Kyle Communications

      Kyle Communications

      The que is getting longer. Production versions will still be some weeks away yet as we want to make sure its all correct also CNC wait times are a issue as well.

  6. Daniel Leach and myself have been working on a new way to make the throttle system on the Rotax 912 style of engine with the bing carbs a lot better. Everyone knows what a crap system the throttle with the 2 cables is like. The savannah system is terrible and is a issue with all of them the way they do it. Carbs go out of balance regularly and they never track correctly either. We dont claim to be any genius with this but I saw a guy from NZ's post who was a bike engineer and he came up with a similar system but we thought it would be far better with some revision for mounting, twist and contr
  7. I used a company in Sydney...I think it was called Racetech
  8. All of the people so far using them have all stated that they have had to modify the landing phase a little as you dont get the same braking force now so glide should be a lot further. The prop setup for this being a fixed pitch prop is different for "normal" use compared to a CS unit. The setup is the same as what most setup their props for which is general use. You would never setup your fixed pitch prop for 5800 rpm WOT as this means yes you will get the best takeoff your can but then cruise will be crap...by a big amount. You only setup a fixed pitch prop like that if you were
  9. When the noseleg of the sav was ripped off it was bottom cowl and floor and oil cooler and radiator also a prop and spinner and a gearbox inspection rebuild. Beauty was the insurance paid for all the parts and even paid me to fix it. One of the advantages of building your own
  10. mid 2021 she says so you might have your nosewheel fixed by then
  11. Just had a email back from Eprop...they will be offering a manual and a electric and a hydraulic system for their units
  12. I was told a few weeks ago they are having major dramas with the electronic control...cant get it working well enough. Need some pretty good software guys to get it sorted and that takes a lot of money...believe me I know...The software guy we use for the stuff I develop at work is amazing but he is also paid accordingly Bolly should just start with the IFA much simpler and easier and you can start getting some bucks back in for your development. I am pretty sure a lot of people would just like the manual IFA
  13. I saw one in Europe some time ago not sure who it was from the only other was that Bolly one I posted the video of. That IFA was used on that aussie guys video of the turbine he had on a test stand a few years ago. I think from memory that was a bolly one. I will see if I can find out
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