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  1. I always use a fuel stabilizer in my fuel. It solves the problem of how long you can leave fuel in the tanks. Obviously not for 12 months but for 4 to 12 weeks is ok
  2. ARO...that is a whole other minefield I can tell you. A couple of us have been using O2 sensors in the exhaust to check the level to see what the tuning is like.. This also changes dramatically with different muffler systems. We have found the engines we have measured on the ground and inflight the engines are running a fair bit lean in cruise. The jets need to be upsized and actually quite a bit. Both my new Savannah and the RANS S-21 yet to be built...but both engines are built for them. Both engines are big bore kits and I fully expext that I will have to upsize the jets quite a long way to
  3. My boss at work has a modified street car with 650hp engine...he does not fill up at his local servo because every single time he does his car is hard to start and runs like a hairy goat...it is a Puma. He fills up about 10km further towards the city at the BP...same fuel grade and it runs perfectly. He is no fool..he programmed the ECU by himself every single parameter and knows a lot about engines in systems. His car is fuel injected as well...so if there is no difference in standards then why does this happen????
  4. I only use 98 and from Caltex or BP ..One of the guys in our club worked for the refinery here before they closed it and he only uses them. So I do that on his advice seeing he was on the cracker for more than 25 years. Never use anything with ethanol as stated above the reasons why. If I had to use 95 then obviously thats all you can get but I would be trying to get it from a good servo not a "cheapie" brand Mark
  5. Just need a current drivers licence medical for RAA and of course instruction and if your good enough you will get signed off and you can go fly..thats why RAA is so popular..its the self declared medical and if you back it up with a medical sign off from a doctor to drive a car then go for it
  6. Havent been able to work on Mabel since the last post. Just too much going on with my family at the moment. Managed to get a break up at the farm though thank god..helped to keep me sane for a while. Last night I managed to sand a lot of the big lumps and bumps off the resin and microballoons I used first to strengthen everything up and hold the rough shape. Got some special car body filler thats supposed to be easier to sand and I must say its the best filler I have used. The show car guys use it. My boss put me onto it..not cheap but great to work with. So started sanding it today to ge
  7. Hi Luca I have been watching your build as you put up the pictures and you are doing a very nice job. It will be a very good build. We can not fly above 10,000 ft here..well its actually 9500 because you must stay away 500ft from the level so a turbo is not such an advantage except for the extra 14 hp Make sure you use a Eprop as it has been proven that you get a 5kt increase in cruise speed and also slightly better takeoff performance. ICP now have this prop as one of the choices for their factory builds I will see if I can find some pictures when I get home as I am away
  8. There are several 914 savannahs here in Australia..they seem to go well but surprisingly not as quick as you think due to the sav being a bit of a drag bucket. From the AP setups I have seen the roll servo is mounted on the flaperon mixer and the control arm from the servo goes to one of the belcranks on the end. The main stick for elevator the servo is mounted at the connection belcrank point on the elevator
  9. The RANS S-21 with a Rotax in it complies as per the specs from RANS. With the Rotax the MTOW is 1600lbs (727kg) and the stall is about 33kts from memory. The Titan powered S-21 is 1800lb MTOW (820kg) so can not comply even though its stall is 35kts.
  10. Turbo ...760 is now legal...just not the nuts and bolts paperwork and of course this has spanned 1 day so no one can find out any information about this rego until RAA are back from holidays or The Flying Auctioneer pops up here and tells us. So you like all of us will have to wait until we get more information. The rest is just discussion and presumption and bantering....stop getting your knickers in a knot and settle petal 🙂
  11. Glenn Group G is the new 760kg RAA designation Yes under the current rules it could registered but as I said not allowed to fly as yet. A C of A would be required and maybe not issueable now... dont know thats why I would like to hear from The Flying Auctioneer on here
  12. It maybe registered in Group G as it officially does extist as a category. Whether it has a certificate to fly though is another matter. Maybe Flying Auctioneer may be able to tell us some info on his discussions. I was looking at the specs that Red750 has posted. 130kts with a 912 seems pretty hopefull.... at 400kg empty
  13. CASA has approved it on the 2nd December and as Mike says RAA now have to come up with how it will be implemented and all the processes for maint and proper licence conditions etc. CASA then have to approve this but from what I hear it will be along the same lines as the experimental that is in place now for GA. I think RAA hope to get it done early this year maybe June but also they need to have in place any courses and specs for those courses and course material to comply with the rules
  14. So long as the weight is 760kg or lower and the stall speed is 45kts or less at any weight between 600 and 760kg is my understanding
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