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  1. Yes Planey...you got that right ..all the money lost to the govt for excise and GST on the fuel.
  2. Marty do you really think the current both sides of politics only have the election in mind all of the time and how they can stay in or get in? Dont you think if one party has a idea or a process the other has to be diametrically opposed to it?..tell me when other than a humanitarian disaster when either party has actually said..yeah thats a good idea lets both run with it. I am no Ji Ji ping but the system is so failed at the moment a benevolent dictator would do a far better job than the collection of no hopers we have in the past 20 years. I am no commy either but I
  3. The trouble is the other team of prospective drivers are just as bad..they are all tarred with the same brush We need a complete clean out..too much old useless dead wood
  4. This country has the ability to tell every other nation to get stuffed...we have everything here to make our our stuff ..as Old K says we lack the will to do it...too much namby pamby woke crap here Whitlam could see the writing on the wall even though he was a raging commo but he had the foresight but was chopped off at the knees for it. Mind you I am not a lefty at all but he had the right idea. All these others just want to keep themselves in the obscene wages and super schemes they are in and pander to the minority..who ever yells the loudest they go to not what is actuall
  5. As I said it has to happen...but to get it going within the next 5 years is fantasy..just the refueling infrastructure for hydrogen and the current cost of making it also the battery tech is still no where near it should be and wont be for quite a while. As one other said before..there is already massive copper shortages and it has gone up almost 75% We cant even get a bloody decent road system in place certainly here in Qld. As far as charging goes the infrastructure for the power grid be it coal or renewable cant even handle the solar input charging coming from houses...how the hell is
  6. I havent seen anything so far that gives me a woody at all...sorry its soft all the time. There is currently nothing available for the 45K I paid for my new Triton ute to be able to tow my 10x5 2 tonne capable trailer up to my farm and back. There is a DC charger in Childers but why would I want to line up with the others waiting to get my 10 min charge that doesnt even come close to recharging the battery properly. A charger at the farm???? sorry i would need to buy a new transformer thats on the pole to be able to take the charge current I have no doubt it will all come because
  7. Yes maybe so. Its not hard to fabricate at all
  8. Not that I know of Bob....I would think Peter Gillespie would have the IP for it when he bought Aerokits from Reg. Whether he is getting them made though is another matter. I need a set for Mabel but will probably make my own as it is pretty simple
  9. Norway is also the size of south east Qld barely
  10. The trouble is Marty not everyone lives in a smallish place in Australia like you do. For me to drive the 300km to the farm towing a trailer drop off some gear then head back...can not be done...and some times we dont have any power when we get there due to being on a SWER line...so that dirty coal fired power station up the road is no good to us. I would have to start my diesel generator to try to charge the car long enough for the return trip home. EV cars are only practical for small travel distances and just carrying passengers...until there is a mega major shift in performan
  11. Yes I concurr with all that Bob said...I did exactly the same with all mine
  12. I had one of Reg Brosts door locking system and it worked a treat..it was not hard to operate at all and I am 185cm and 107kg The only was to get a good seal is use a sealing tape and when you make the doors you need to bend them to fit better..also where you mounted your ball hinges for the doors makes a big difference Everyone who has got a Eprop loves them 🙂 Was speaking to a customer today he has a Excalibur (opposite rotation) 4 blade he ordered and fitted to a Aeromemntum 120hp powered RV12....almost 10 to 15 knots better in cruise..fully loaded at MTOW he has over
  13. Would be better if you posted pictures of the damage to be able to see what you are considering to buy
  14. Yes its been a long haul this one. Especially seeing I have a brand new kit here I havent even started thats been sitting here since Oct 2019 And I havent had a aircraft to fly since mid last year since the Girlfriend has gone. There is still a bit to do of course but once the paint is finished then the last run home shouldnt take too much longer. My engine should be back in a week or two after its big bore upgrade and ready to go on.
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