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  1. He has a Jab engine so only certain props can be used because it is a direct drive engine Eprop are testing props for those style of engines now and will soon release their versions. There will be 2 and 3 blade available I am told
  2. Yes there is one at Caboolture for sale It looks like that one pictured
  3. I use the Telstra 5gb one its $50 I just redo it every year. I only use the that Ipad for flying though
  4. Its the level of noise that triggers the vox operation...your issue is the frequency of the noise I think. Once the mic is open it is getting the higher frequency audio of the engine noise. So you have to desensitise the microphone a bit to compensate
  5. Try the Intsqh Thats the vox tripping for the intercom that will also tell you your audio out level quite a lot if you ahve a mate beside you..he will hear how much noise is in the cockpit in the background and that will allow you to adjust the internal micaudio level Its a adjustment you need to play with..its like running a pool at home its a balance of salt and chlorine and PH to get the levels you want. I have a new MGL V16 radio here and its a digital version it also has issues that are caused by all of the adjustments and how you do them but when you get the balance
  6. I will look in the manual Vox is the sidetone audio pickup level. Thats a good indicator of what level you should be using as it is the same audio (and background) level that goes out when you hit the PTT button
  7. Bob Your turn the mic gain down on the mic element then you have to turn up the internal mic audio on the radio. On both my Lightspeeds the mic gain was almost totally off to get really good performance...when I adjusted the mic element it was orginally set from new about just over half way which was way too much. Its a balancing act but you only want your voice to be picked up. Your mic on your headset should be sitting about 2mm from your lips...no further out this keeps the ambient noise especially at high rpm away from the mic as your voice level will be the only thing it should be hearin
  8. Nev The parts in the kit are very well made. All the CNC stuff is really nice. The manuals are very good although you use 3 manuals to build. A text manual, a figures manual and a assembly drawing manual Lots of videos out now too with guys doing their builds and any snags or tricks to help the build Just have to get Mabel painted and down to the hangar then I can finally get to start mine
  9. The S-21 TD is extremely tame. I didnt do any takeoffs or landings as I dont that that endorsement but was watching and there was virtually no dancing at all on the peddels for take off or landing and I had 2 flights over 3 days. The last day and its on my video in the last 1/3 of it all that low leve; the winds were 20kts and more that day This is me filming back in 2018 and my mrs was pretty excited after her flight
  10. Tail dragger 🙂 Got to do a TD endorsement yet. If Group G isnt ready when she is ready to fly then I will do my RPL in a TD aircraft I tried to cover both bases
  11. No it doesnt.....the Group G is based on the MTOw The Titan is 818kg..as I said before it fits the flying specs easily but does NOT fit the gross spec. The Rotax powered version is 727kg gross
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