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  1. The radio has a issue..it should work correctly above 13.6v. The rotax generator is horrible for spikes and the rotax regulator is nothing spectacular..they get really hot internally and get bad joints on the bridge they use inside this brings all sorts of issues like noise and spikes as well. The best way to see if its your radio is pull it out and set it up on a powersupply on the workbench with a clean DC source then raise the volts and see. This will tell you a lot then. Most regs are putting out 14.2 or so volts when the engine is running . The other thing to check too is the 22uF cap tha
  2. Jack I remember when you drove to Canberra all those years ago to front the dudes at the ACMA..I think Spectrum management Agency back then. hahahah to give them a bum kicking...I think whatever it was about it worked
  3. I just read that CASA document and it is basically the MPC course that SAAA do. Yes its done if you build your own and maintain your own VH registered aircraft. It looks to me like CASA will adopt that for LSA and ELSA aircraft..they come under the pervue of RAA now. The L1 course RAA do is not like the MPC course. Most of the MPC course is literally all the legal paperwork and structures of maintenance of a VH aircraft. I expect if Group G happens for RAA that is what the maint proceedures will become.
  4. The SAAA do courses every year for maintenance. Its for owner builders and you can do all your own maint...legally also you can sign off on anyones W&B as well but it of course is not recommended to do. I did the maint course in Feb last year
  5. Caboolture has a lot of hangars. The airfield is leased from the council on a 20 year lease...this can be taken away literally at any time and all those hangars would go. There were 26 new hangars built a few years ago they were $182k and $212k each if you wanted one..they held a ballot as there were more buyers than hangars...rembering that the lease can be taken away at any time or not renewed in about 18 years time. Best scenario is of course a freehold purchase or buy a block of dirt somewhere and have your own airstrip. But if you want the airfield style of life its pretty much a giv
  6. Actually just ordered a Eprop for a guy over there in NZ about to build a savannah
  7. Its not available yet Hank...they are almost finished testing though
  8. The savannah system works well..although the kit supplied arrangement is crappy and leaks. But basically it a block with 4 ports screwed into it. One is the inlet from the pump then two are to outputs to the carbs and the last is the return to the tank. This return fitting has the .35mm restrictor in it. This restrictor will NOT do anything to your fuel pressure from the pump on the motor. You have a issue somewhere else. The electric boost pump is usually a facet and the number is a 40105 for a high wing tanked aircraft and a 40106 for a low wing tanked aircraft. The 40106 has a bit more pre
  9. Luca ... If you go to this page 17 on my rebuild blog you do what I did on the outer tank sections. I changed my tanks but the process is still the same Have a read through this blog if you havent already this may give you some insights into the construction. I have made mods though to what I want in mine. My previous blog building a new XL is also on here if you ahvent read it..it is the first one I built some 9 years ago and it will show you some tips as well On page 4 you will see I did the same thing
  10. No those pots at te side are audio stuff adjustment. The VCO is internal in the frequency design..its setup at manufacture
  11. radio micro processors can have a heart attack with unclean powersupplys
  12. The engine running shouldnt make any difference unless your regulator on the engine is putting out high volts or spikes..check your regulator output
  13. Voltage Controlled Oscillator...its basically the main frequency control of the radio. It is the frequency driven by the PLL (Phase Locked Loop)...if the VCO or PLL dont work properly the radio is not under frequency control. The microair has a big habbit of just running off to other frequies of its own choice.
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