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  1. Jeff Tonkin at PSB is the guy I deal with for insurance...he was always excellent and came up with the best price
  2. The wires coming out have the outputs..you can get them with the PNP versions there and also NPN...the LED built in is just a indicator of course..with the wire output because it is a switch basically..a electronic switch with a couple of small parts you can make the indication on your panel the way you want There is a whole raft of them and about 20 bucks so you could put 4 on the outside and have the 4 segments displayed on the dash easily Belite (Radiant Instruments) use them although theirs is quite expensive but is a ready to go solution He calls it a bingo as i
  3. There is a sensor you can buy pretty cheap Jack that you could put on the outide of your tank..a couple of them for levels to bring a LED on. a small bargraph with 3 or 4 of them for fuel levels..they are ultrasonic so pass through almost any material https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32623722632.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.507a366bZDhcxh&algo_pvid=37fd848d-728b-4e0c-a17b-dce9c9cee751&algo_exp_id=37fd848d-728b-4e0c-a17b-dce9c9cee751-5&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"59376291433"}
  4. Its a good idea to put rivnuts in the seat covers in the frame...My new arrangement in Mabel although a different setup is all rivnuts...I had to pull out the seat bases in The Girlfriend...it was a PIA. I didnt put rivnuts in when I should have. I didnt do the same mistake on mabel
  5. I know what the issues will be...give me a ring Mike The 701 is similar to the one he is looking it...they have changed it in the later versions Marty
  6. I only ever fly when I am feeling like it...I never upset the Ju Ju One thing Jack though is thermals....start by doing early morning flights...too hot...way too many rough thermals. In summer time down here I plan to be back on the ground no later than 9am...it gets bloody rough after that and its not fun anymore
  7. I used to use Glasurit base coat paint on all my RC turbine jets...lovely paint to use and great coverage with small amount of paint..the killer is to be careful with how much clear coat you put on. Thats what gains the weight...Often they paint 5 and 8 coats of clear. But if your careful then the very light coat then a heavier coat after it tacks off and your done. Glasurit is great but expensive also...from what I have seen lately though all good auto paints are getting very expensive now
  8. Hi Mike...I have printed a couple of those holders as well ...how good is that new kevlar cable...I got both my Zulu 2 upgraded to the Zulu 3 versions I took that $300 upgrade option they had out. but the sockets cant be too far away from where you clip the holder onto...Might have a look at seeing where I can put them when wearing the holder Hank the paint is Akzonobel 3000 its used by Airbus for all their aircraft. Its fantastic paint and is a basecoat system. I dont think I would want to pay the normal price. This was paint that Virgin uses on their aircraft but they changed co
  9. I was told that trikes can dig the nosewheel in and sort of dive into the ground..maybe this happenened as orchid beach runway is sand and pretty soft I am told I hope he has a quick recovery..I enjoy watching his videos
  10. I thought it looked like his trike... I just watched his new video the day before using the latest goPro camera
  11. Eprop is such a great company to deal with...always get back to me almost any day of the week. Ok they are very satisfied with the new Jabiru prop. The issue is they just do not have enough space at the current factory to keep doing what they are doing. You may have seen some posts where they are currently building a huge new factory. They are pushed to the limits with orders and space So the upshot of this is until they get the new factory up and running they wont be producing the new jab prop or any of the undercarriages because they just dont have the physical room to
  12. I used that stuff originally and was going to get some but Danny said just to use the pink telflon tape as these are a BSP fitting so they have the tapered thread and he has always used this. He has been building and flying for more than 30 years. The pink stuff doesnt fail with petrol and it helps a lot with the tapered threads. Thats why I used it. If it becomes a issue then I will change it
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