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  1. A very important consideration is that it has to be light!
  2. Hi FTS. There are quite a number of Savannah owners and pilots in this forum or, like me, Savannah builders. There is a plentiful supply of Savannah information on this great Rec Flying site which is worthwhile reading.
  3. It's just another form of recreational flying.
  4. I am glad they are both survivors! https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/men-injured-after-light-plane-crashes-on-sydney-s-northern-beaches-20201114-p56emu.html
  5. No worries, B E. Whenever you at in touch with, or see, Bill next is fine. It would be nice to get further details one day such as the weight, cost, how this attached, etc.
  6. RE: How and Donald: With 380 million people in the United States, of which 240,000,000 are eligible to run, why have these two candidates been selected to run for the presidency?
  7. A very warm welcome Laurie! Nice to see you join this great recreational ✈️ forum.
  8. eightyknots

    Why I don't fly now

    Hi Ian, I am very sorry to hear about your eye issues. I hope that you'll get opportunities to fly with an instructor from time to time to continue to experience the joys of flight. Greetings to Corinne too.
  9. Unfortunately, the picture of the Savannah is a bit blurry. A better picture would be appreciated. From what I can see, Bill's belly pod looks more streamlined (or less agricultural) compared to the ICP factory unit. Also, the factory belly pod is not available for the Savannah S.
  10. I would love some close up pictures, an idea of the extra weight and the approximate cost of the unit.
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