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  1. Hello Skee, I noticed that you have a red light on your extended rudder (as per the attached YouTube screenshot). I am building a Savannah currently and will be using an extended rudder. Could you tell me how you ran the wires from the moving rudder to the fixed airframe? I look forward to hearing about your wiring approach and whether this has been successful for the five years that you have been flying the aircraft.
  2. Make sure you buy a Southern Hemisphere version.
  3. It sounds like you're building a Zenvannah.
  4. I wonder how good Solagard would be on metal skins (eg a Savannah)?
  5. Jack, I am a bit worried about flying over terrain, with your aircraft painted like this, and then not being seen by other other pilots.
  6. That looks great so far. What kind of paint are they using?
  7. What kind of paint did the industrial chemist recommend?
  8. Perhaps the Aeromomentum AM10 makes a good replacement? See: www.aeromomentum.com/am10.html
  9. It is great to hear the real-world experience of this Savannah owner. He said that he was so "satisfied" with the E-props that he decided not to change out the engine for a more powerful one. Thanks for sharing.
  10. I am weighing up paint options right now. Perhaps you could tell us how the two paints look different.
  11. Hi Doug, It's sad you have to give up flying. Nevertheless, I wish you well and God's blessing in the years ahead. I hope someone will come along soon and pick up a T85 steal! Beat wishes, eightyknots
  12. I bought one from the previous dealer (Reg Brost) when I was at his place. I am not up to the point in my construction where this will be needed yet. Hopefully, it will be all good when the time comes.
  13. So far, I have built the horizontal stabiliser, the elevator, the trim tab, the rudder (and the ICP rudder extension), the fin and all four flaperons. So far, all the holes have lined up somehow in all of these ten parts. In some cases, they did not initially appear to line up but (in the manner described by Bob above*) I have always managed to line up the holes so that the rivets could join the components. I would strongly advise that you do not run the drill through any of the the holes to make them fit, but instead, try to make the holes line up with a podger.
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