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  1. I was not aware of the new cushion seats. How are they different from the fairly complex to construct (but an engineering marvel!) adjustable seats? I am 186 cm tall so I may be interested in comfy seats for taller people, especially if it will (a) save weight and (b) save me seat assembly time ...this is all depends whether these new seats can be retro-fitted, of course. BTW: finishing up under 300 kg is really impressive: yours may the the lightest Savannah S on the New Zealand register!
  2. Well done Microman 👍. I can't wait until my Savannah build is complete.
  3. It seems to make sense to me. Where can one sources these Chinese fuel selector valves in Enzed?
  4. Thank you iBob. That puts my mind at rest regarding the bubble trouble: I can stop looking for the information now.
  5. Hi Kurt, I am also toying with the idea of using an Aeromomentum engine. What kind of cowl and FWF setup will you be using?
  6. I read somewhere in the Recreational Flying site that a bubble in the reserve tank sometimes hinders the float switch from working and this gives false information to your flashing light. Someone had proposed a "fix" for this but I can no longer find it. Does any other Rec Flying forums reader remember reading this?
  7. Hello Skee, I noticed that you have a red light on your extended rudder (as per the attached YouTube screenshot). I am building a Savannah currently and will be using an extended rudder. Could you tell me how you ran the wires from the moving rudder to the fixed airframe? I look forward to hearing about your wiring approach and whether this has been successful for the five years that you have been flying the aircraft.
  8. It sounds like you're building a Zenvannah.
  9. I wonder how good Solagard would be on metal skins (eg a Savannah)?
  10. Jack, I am a bit worried about flying over terrain, with your aircraft painted like this, and then not being seen by other other pilots.
  11. That looks great so far. What kind of paint are they using?
  12. What kind of paint did the industrial chemist recommend?
  13. Perhaps the Aeromomentum AM10 makes a good replacement? See: www.aeromomentum.com/am10.html
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