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  1. 📸 We look forward to lots of pictures!
  2. Sorry to hear about the sudden loss of oil just after takeoff. A very sad report. The occupants didn't have a chance.
  3. You could try ringing them: +61754954951
  4. If you feel a bit troubled, it is better to simply ignore the troll. Don't give any of them any oxygen. If they get no response(s), then eventually they fade away and either troll elsewhere or spend time weeding their garden.
  5. I am using Cortec VpCI-373, a corrosion inhibitor that is recommended by Zenith. VpCI-373 is frequently used by North American aluminium aircraft builders. So far, I have found it easy to apply with a brush. This Cortec product is supposed to prevent any vapour (and airborne corrosive salts) entering into the small gaps between the riveted parts which may eventually cause corrosion.
  6. The sound will always be projected ahead with RAAus aircraft but they don't work for aircraft flying faster than Mach 1.
  7. The tapered wing roots certainly look 701-esque.
  8. Does your one have the 600 kg wing? ...or are you planning to 'beef up' your wings to the higher weight performance??
  9. I wonder why there is no dealer Down Under?
  10. It cost about twenty million US dollars.
  11. A great variety of artistic work on these planes❗
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