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  1. Thank you all for the posts regarding my queries - If you have time here are a few more questions that I'm trying to figure out. The aircraft I'm buying is a kit build that is almost complete as built by the original buyer. It's now wiring , major component assembly and engine However the kit was purchased aprox 8 years ago and before what I believe is the current RAAUs requirement for progressive build inspections by an L4. In which case am I heading for a big headache with construction inspection and certification at rego time as fuselage wings and tailplane are all
  2. Thanks Kyle- for the tek info and the clips link- after some of those STOL landings I think my 380 metre strip look too long :) One further question - looks like you've done a lot with Rotax engines. Given that Ive been advised the Rotax bottom end is good for up to 5000hrs. Would you recommend a full strip and reco at 2000 hrs or just buy a new motor?
  3. Hi All Been a member for years but this is my first post so apologies if I'm in the wrong forum. I am a prospective Savannah VG buyer because of its STOL performance but have some tech queries if you can assist 1. Can the VG be upgraded to 600Kg MTOW or is it limited to the 540Kg U/G kit/ 2. If you fit tundra tyres is that an engineering mod that requires an engineering sign off or is it a builder elective? 3. Short field landing performance - I have only one possible landing area on my farm due terrain . Its a one way grass strip 3 degrees slope 380 metres long. Land
  4. Been an avid reader since 2010 but little flying experience so not much to offer forum wise However now I'm doing my Navs - RaAus style . 2 hrs up 10 + to go and now over 100 hrs in the log book Love all the posts rgds supacat
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