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  1. ...but it and many conversions like it had problems with the propeller flogging the crankshaft at the oil seal. The model T engine had its crank flange held in place by the sump pan. I much prefer the look of a conversion with the Rotax box on it for this reason
  2. https://www.rideapart.com/articles/317518/flying-wheels-motorcycle-engine-planes/3922907/ In my opinion this is a very very silly idea
  3. You could say the same thing about a Holden red motor or a Ford Model T engine now. Doesn't mean its good for putting in an aeroplane, or ever was. Yet, people do.The model T was used for the Pietenpol Sky Scout and the Ford Model A went in to the Pietenpol Air Camper. The Model T engine was built for 19 years. Lord knows how many were made … one estimate was ~300,000. The O-200 started in 1947 and is still in production *cough, argh remember Cessna SkyCatcher?* All variants would number around 20,000 So where did all the Model T engines go?
  4. https://issuu.com/contact.magazine/docs/alternative_engines_volume_4_previe
  5. Having two slick magnetos off an O-200 then only using half the poles seems a bit of overkill. I agree this looks like a solution in search of a problem. I wonder if the motivation to use a half O-200 is more about the perceived availability of parts and experience, mounting/packaging options and instrumentation rather than using an engine like the 582. A couple of notes to consider - the 582 needs liquid cooling which implies a temperature gauge and a radiator plus it has parallel cylinders and its a two stroke which may not suit the aesthetics of the build. Yo' money, yo' choices
  6. Aircam on floats over the Noosa swamp - I mean "Everglades" - I mean Noosa River wetlands
  7. The school in Canberra I was using appears to have gone into deep sleep however I will send an email to confirm. The airport owners made some noise about closing (I presume the Terminal Building) on Tuesday's and Sundays. If this situation escalates which seems likely, things will be quite strange indeed. no flying training at any price?
  8. So how is this 150 Gb to be delivered?
  9. I just read the sales blurb for the new BMW R1250 Boxer engine. Apparently variable valve timing has led to an increase in "sovereignty". So, take a big displacement motorcycle engine that already needed a bunch of electronics to keep the operator safe from themselves and ... and ... add more complexity? Ugh!
  10. We had a serial offender here who waxed lyrical about a certain murder cycle engine for years. A bit of digging proved the engine in question was capable of over 80hp continuous around 7800 rpm. The operators in Europe were guessing their cruise performance was more like 34hp based on fuel consumption figures. Their comment was that this power setting contributed very strongly to the time between overhauls. I will leave it to others to comment on the validity of these statements and the validity of the statements made by the original forum poster
  11. The model A was used because they were the common engine of the day. 1ZZ-FE out of a Corolla? Probably not. By the time the variable cams and immobiliser are stripped out, a proper aero engine is looking more attractive. Not to mention any twin cam auto engine will have single spark plug heads. Some exceptions: 1100cc Kawasaki Zephyr Nissan Gazelle/200sx with a Z20 engine (NAPS-Z) Mazda Renesis (if you must)
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