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  1. HAHA no air-frame required.
  2. Looking or a Rotax 912 80 or 100hp. Priced on age and hours. In Qld
  3. Time Left: 28 days and 18 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - FAIR

    Brisbane, Qld Australia. I have a 912 UL 2007 build, for parts. About 1500TT 3 usable and complete head assemblies. Cam Crack cases Stator Fuel Pump Oil Pump etc Expect to also have 3 x NEW pistons and heads soon as well.


    Brisbane - AU

  4. Time Left: 21 days and 1 hour

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - FAIR

    Pair Bing 64 Carburettors Rotax 912 jetted for 80Hp. Need general service and new floats otherwise GC.


    Brisbane, Queensland - AU

  5. Kasper, do you have a "engine driven electrical system capable of continuously powering a Mode A and Mode C secondary surveillance transponder". If not, you can fly in Class E without one.
  6. Yes that is correct, the first place I contacted told me it would be a AN5H-26A. None one listed had them in stock.
  7. AHH yes the old "engine driven electrical system capable of continuously powering" requirement. Except in a GAAP. HAHA!
  8. I stopped reading (but will continue too) at this post to make this reply. Where exactly is it mandated "no transponder, no Class E flying"? I can fly in Class E now with out one. Where is the proposal to make it so? I cannot find it.
  9. Happy to give them a try but no good without the details. Who are they?
  10. No I didn't try them - still waiting to see my order filled OS so may give them a call.
  11. No luck in Australia, ordering OS seems the only option.
  12. Thanks very much JG3 but I need 6 so will try and get them all the same - for the prop.
  13. All sorted thanks all!
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