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  1. Here's how to make the hub plate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqas0oyUI5U Keep in mind that this bloke is simply making something to hang on his wall as a talking point. However, every step he took would be taken by someone making a prop for an aircraft. Obviously you would trim the width of the boards to suit before gluing them up. The biggest cost would be buying all the clamps needed to ensure good adhesion between boards. I notice that he is using a PVA glue (Titebond), which is OK for his need, but if I was doing it for aircraft use I'd use an aliphatic glu
  2. I'm not a member of the First People Gweagal clan, which inhabited the Kurnell area, I am of that country spiritually as I was conceived and grew up there. It breaks my heart to see that those massive sand hills are laid flat, and covered with tar and cement. This song expresses how I feel
  3. And the US descends into anarchy and we lose the oil we paid for. Whose fault is it that we don't have the petroleum resources? Well, little Johnny Howard sold off our natural gas at 5 cents per litre. The international oil companies in the 1950s/60s failed to foresee the growth in the use of motor vehicles in Australia, so failed to develop refining capability. And finally, the NIMBYs then the Greenies whinged and moaned about having industrial plants within cooee of their dung heaps. I remember when the Caltex oil refinery and storage facility was built at Kurnell on
  4. Wait until the USA collapses into civil war due to its racist culture. Every other country will have learned from the USA's interventionist mistakes and will sit back and watch to slaughter. The only reason that the British stuck their noses into the US Civil War was because the British cotton millers wanted the South's cotton which the North was blockading. Fortunately, despite being thrown out of work through the lack of supply of raw cotton, Britain's mill workers declared themselves on the side of the North and anti-slavery. Workers condemned British “capitalists and journalist
  5. Like Charity, Defence begins at home. We relied on Britain to defend us from Japan, but when the need arose, Britain was unable to meet the call due to its own home defence needs. If the whizz-bangery of Cyber warfare can knock out our infrastructure's control mechanisms with a click of a mouse key, then we should look at basic weaponry. It works in Afghanistan and any other number of economically restricted countries. We might live to see the USA suffer the same meltdown that happened to the USSR. Who says that Russia is a powerful military threat? Perhaps since the
  6. Harley stopped making decent bikes in 1969. A 1968 Harley A 1946 Harley A 1946 BSA 500
  7. The use of electricity as a power source for aircraft it totally dependent on the weight: storage capacity, and the recharge time: storage capacity. I'm sure that world-wide there is a massive amount of time being put into solving the weight: storage capacity conundrum. One point in relation to the motors is their design - inrunner or outrunner. Brushless Outrunner: The brushless outrunner motor has the output shaft, connected to a propeller in this case attached to the case of the motor. The motor shaft when spun would spins the outer motor case. The per
  8. There's not a lot of difference in distance between the bottom of a Jabiru wing and the bottom of a Moran Sierra wing. However, it is not how close your bum is to the the ground that brings you into ground effect. When an aircraft flies at or below approximately half the length of the aircraft's wingspan above the ground or water there occurs an often-noticeable ground effect. Ground effect is the reduced aerodynamic drag that an aircraft's wings generate when they are close to a fixed surface The result is lower induced drag on the aircraft. This is caused primarily by the ground
  9. If you go back the very beginning to the bit about RAAus being the administrator of all things to do with maintenance, then the RAAus has the call on who can maintain an aircraft under the RAAus umbrella. The tech manual says that a person carrying out maintenance has to have approval to carry out maintenance at the level they wish to be. It also says that to be approved at L2 by RAAus a person needs to be a member of RAAus as approval to carrying out maintenance at an L2 level is a benefit of membership. Those LAMEs who decide for whatever reason to regularly maintain aircraft un
  10. I think someone has dropped himself in!
  11. It hurts more when the victim is more than "an 18-year-old man" in the media report, but is "my friend ..."
  12. Seems that what is needed is someone with the training and experience to write up an explanation of possible sources of radio interferences and the methods one could use to eliminate interference.
  13. Don't you know that it is unacceptable on this forum simply to state an idea? You must lay out the whole project, Chapter and Verse, with full technical, economic, environmental impact and indigenous involvement reports?
  14. During the documentary they hit aluminised doped fabric with a spark. It did catch fire, but the burning was slow, much like the amount of burning you'd get from an ember dropped on a carpet. It is true that a mixture of aluminium powered, cotton fabric and dope could be explosive, but only if all the ingredients were powdered so that there was a massive surface area for combustion to occur over. When you add aluminium powder to dope and apply it to fabric, the dope will react with the fabric, but the aluminium is locked in the mixture with the dope. The air can't get into the mix
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