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  1. Skippy, Your best bet is to pop over to Bankstown airport and see Kyle at Aviation Welding. 9790 6481 He should have some off cuts that will suit you and it's all high quality aviation grade stuff. You might have to make the doughnut yourself from some sheet.
  2. Right-O. You've had your joke. You can drop it now.
  3. OK. Let's call quits. I set a scenario without ensuring that it was completely debugged. I'm sorry that no one had the ability to look for the main point, but focused on wind, fuel and trim. I was going to pose another question on something else, but I can't be bothered to minutely inspect every syllable to ensure that what I write is blatantly obvious. Maybe I should work backwards. Provide the answer, then ask people what the question is.
  4. Because when I posed the question, I didn't want that to be an answer. I wanted it eliminated immediately from the diagnostic process.
  5. This is a good, first principle question. However, the discussion could be prevented from wandering, as it already has, if an exemplar aircraft was used. Basically, things depend on the position of the fuel tanks relative to the CofG. If the question was put with that addition, then the simple situation could be explained, leaving the hangar doors open for a second question relating to things Flying Binghi has mentioned.
  6. It is an impressive list, probably facilitated by his Party's control of the Senate and Congress which earlier Presidents did not have. He certainly does care to back pedal if he gets an idea. True, some of his ideas divert from the status quo, but at least he expresses his ideas. I wonder if he really cares what the electorate thinks of him. He's got the reins and is whipping the horses. It is a shame that his management style falls into the Management by Crisis category, and he makes the crises. One could compare him to Hitler, leaving out the blatant racism of Hitler. Both were
  7. CofG is probably the crux of the matter, as aircraft structures are built to withstand more than 1 G , the size of the G factor depending on the intended use of the aircraft. However, getting the CofG out of the envelope is the killer, especially if it moves to the rear, creating a tendency for nose-up and subsequent stall. You rarely hear of a CofG being forward of the envelop. In relation to this discussion, stating CofG positions in terms of Percentage of CofG range is obscure. Any example should be presented in actual values calculated from the relevant data. Perhap
  8. WILL YOU STOP GOING ON ABOUT THE WIND! The high barometric pressure and "winds light and variable" was meant to indicate Nil Wind conditions in order to eliminate that factor from the exercise. If you want to go on about the wind, next time I'll give the angle of the dangle, in radians, caused by the winds blowing high up McTavish's kilt.
  9. After checking the earth connection, my next step was going to be to check that it was set to the correct sampling rate.
  10. It is about time officialdom came out of its cloisters and looked at the population. 70 kg is eleven stone in the old measure. I passed through 70 kgs while a hairy-arsed youth. According the Body Mass Index figures someone 178 cms tall (5 ft 10 ins) is healthy if their weight is between 60 and 79 kgs. How many blokes that tall do you know who are that light. I'd say the ones of that height we would now call average are between 90 and 100 kgs. If we take into account population norms (no, not that Norm) then the default weight for aircraft occupants should be 100 kgs. For the Slin
  11. I suppose that little bit was a red herring. I was thinking of a flight from Camden to Moruya when I wrote that. Just because I know the airport is right on the beach. Perhaps I should have been thinking of a flight from Camden to Temora or Dubbo when the orographic effects of the coastal escarpment might be less of a factor.
  12. Not possessing the necessary physique to be able to soar with the eagles, I haven't had cause to look at the HF syllabus in detail. However, since HF relating to flying an aircraft is just one application of the same theories and practices that fall under the broad umbrella of safety that also includes workplace and motoring safety, I reckon I could think up a puzzler to test HF application. Someone got a link to the RAAus HF course? Thanks for enjoying the exercise.
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