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  1. MTOW: VTO: 47,500 lb (21,546 kg) Empty Weight: 31,818 lb (14,432 kg) Operationally, that's about 6000 kg, or 6000 litres of water or fire retardant. They'd make great fire bombers. Fire retardant = 1.5 kg/litre.
  2. Off we go, into the wild blue yonder.... This will interest you: https://www.adriansmodelaeroengines.com/catalog/main.php?cat_id=59
  3. Monstrous metaphors. Pernicious puns. Sympathetic similes. Malevolent malapropisms. Spontaneous spoonerisms. It all comes from my DNA. An early ancestor in the Jurassic dined regularly on Thesaurus.
  4. Dealing with airport noise is itself a headache for airport operators. The Bankstown Airport Master Plan Chapter 5 Page 43 and following goes right into this subject. https://smafiles.blob.core.windows.net/balmasterplan2019/191128_Bankstown Airport Masterplan-Final_C_web.pdf Studies of aircraft noise impacts presented for Bankstown Airport were carried out using the United States Federal Aviation Administration-approved Integrated Noise Model (INM) Version 7.0d. This internationally recognised, computer-based noise simulation model calculates contours from an analysis
  5. Ha Ha Ha! Have a look at the KFC video to see how he gets the drums rotating. I see your point about having each drum powered independently in order to provide roll movement. From the video of the KFC buckets I formed the opinion that the engine should be a pusher, and set out like the Royal Aircraft Factory FE2D The video also indicated that there needs to be a lot of weight forward of the CofG. Perhaps the everything forward of the cylinders could be set out like a regular plane, and the pusher prop driven by a shaft.
  6. Kasper has found the flaw in the otherwise flawless plan - if the drums stop spinning there is no Lift. Fortunately we now have recovery chutes. They would need to be an essential component.
  7. Interesting that it has a crew of two, with 40 - 48 pax. You'd think that "crew" would include cabin safety personnel (cabin crew), but I suppose that in the specs, "crew" refers to how many people are required to actually fly the thing. A crew of two could be used on strictly freight operations. The Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey is probably the closest descendant of the Rotodyne.
  8. Once again the meeja starts bashing aviation. When was the last time it published anything about "petrol heads" altering their cars' exhaust systems for more noise, or the lack of silencing on motorcycles? I live on a minor feeder road in a residential area. It has a 50 kph speed limit, but that doesn't stop people creating a hell of a lot of noise as they race from one roundabout to the next. Poorly silenced, high revving engine are a constant annoyance. I can even hear vehicles dragging off from the traffic lights on the main road half a kilometre away. Now and again, a light ai
  9. Summer's coming and we'll see lots of polishing of cricket balls so that the bowlers can get lateral movement through the air. How so? The principle the cricketers are depending on is the Magnus effect. The Magnus effect is an observable phenomenon that is commonly associated with a spinning object moving through the air or another fluid. The path of the spinning object is deflected in a manner that can be explained by the difference in pressure of the fluid on opposite sides of the spinning object. This effect has been used in the past to replace the wings, or rotors o
  10. I've been watching this bloke's videos for some time, mainly starting with his crazy RC stuff, but I can across his latest ones which show his current ultralight aircraft. It is an interesting construction - poplar wooden frame for the rear fuselage; chromoly tubing for the forward section. He first used an ICE from a para-glider, but later on installed an electric motor. His wings are made from cut out foam, covered with a type of vinyl. Unfortunately, his videos are lacking in discussion of technical details, but at least he goes to the trouble of testing his idea wit
  11. Hi Mark,


    I tried responding to your contact but ended up with Ian Baker/Admin - You will be most welcome to visit & view my poor Zephyr (repair work has yet to commence). Call me on 0499030659 or e-mail [email protected]




    Sean Griffin/Skippydiesel

    1. skippydiesel


      Hi Mark,


      I tried responding to your contact but ended up with Ian Baker/Admin - You will be most welcome to visit & view my poor Zephyr (repair work has yet to commence). Call me on 0499030659 or e-mail [email protected]




      Sean Griffin/Skippydiesel

  12. The Airfix kit was re-released in 1996. http://www.modelingmadness.com/review/civil/pietrotodyne.htm
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