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  1. The use of electricity as a power source for aircraft it totally dependent on the weight: storage capacity, and the recharge time: storage capacity. I'm sure that world-wide there is a massive amount of time being put into solving the weight: storage capacity conundrum. One point in relation to the motors is their design - inrunner or outrunner. Brushless Outrunner: The brushless outrunner motor has the output shaft, connected to a propeller in this case attached to the case of the motor. The motor shaft when spun would spins the outer motor case. The per
  2. There's not a lot of difference in distance between the bottom of a Jabiru wing and the bottom of a Moran Sierra wing. However, it is not how close your bum is to the the ground that brings you into ground effect. When an aircraft flies at or below approximately half the length of the aircraft's wingspan above the ground or water there occurs an often-noticeable ground effect. Ground effect is the reduced aerodynamic drag that an aircraft's wings generate when they are close to a fixed surface The result is lower induced drag on the aircraft. This is caused primarily by the ground
  3. If you go back the very beginning to the bit about RAAus being the administrator of all things to do with maintenance, then the RAAus has the call on who can maintain an aircraft under the RAAus umbrella. The tech manual says that a person carrying out maintenance has to have approval to carry out maintenance at the level they wish to be. It also says that to be approved at L2 by RAAus a person needs to be a member of RAAus as approval to carrying out maintenance at an L2 level is a benefit of membership. Those LAMEs who decide for whatever reason to regularly maintain aircraft un
  4. It hurts more when the victim is more than "an 18-year-old man" in the media report, but is "my friend ..."
  5. Seems that what is needed is someone with the training and experience to write up an explanation of possible sources of radio interferences and the methods one could use to eliminate interference.
  6. Don't you know that it is unacceptable on this forum simply to state an idea? You must lay out the whole project, Chapter and Verse, with full technical, economic, environmental impact and indigenous involvement reports?
  7. During the documentary they hit aluminised doped fabric with a spark. It did catch fire, but the burning was slow, much like the amount of burning you'd get from an ember dropped on a carpet. It is true that a mixture of aluminium powered, cotton fabric and dope could be explosive, but only if all the ingredients were powdered so that there was a massive surface area for combustion to occur over. When you add aluminium powder to dope and apply it to fabric, the dope will react with the fabric, but the aluminium is locked in the mixture with the dope. The air can't get into the mix
  8. That was one hypothesis, but during the documentary is was said that if the doped covering was the cause of the spread, then the fire would have burnt for many hours. If you watch the spread of fire you will see that the flame front moves internally from the rear to the nose. In fact, in the latter part, you can see the flame front venting out of the tip of the nose before the skin rearward is engulfed in flames. Can you recall back in high school science generating hydrogen in a test tube, then igniting it? The hydrogen and oxygen combined as the flame front moved down the test t
  9. My pleasure. Too bad the documentary is not readily available. It was one of the better US produced ones. A point to note: sometimes people say that the Hindenburg collided with its mooring mast. That is not correct. The error comes from the camera viewing the airship with the mast between the camera and the airship. If you watch most of the films, the airship was out in the open field when the fire started and it remained out there.
  10. Thruster's post giving a real example does clarify the jurisdictional issue. Basically, in the case that Thruster described, Joe Citizen could have done exactly what the RAAus did and reported straight to CASA. This shows that RAAus has no authority. A good case in this digital age for the manuals to be made available in pdf format so that people could have ready access to the contents. I'm always going to the State and Federal sites to access Acts and Regulations, but you do hove to know what you are looking for to find the correct bit of legislation.
  11. Is it possible that once we develop ways of applying renewable energy to moving people and goods around the place, then what we use from decomposed dinosaurs for doing that job would be used for making recyclable products like the multitude of plastics and fibres. We would still be pulling oil from the reserves, but at the end of their useful life, a lot of products could be recycled. There will be losses, but the rate of loss wouldn't be as fast as it is by burning oil and coal for power.
  12. An interesting submission, which seems logical - 320kg MTOW limit in 95.10 and the aircraft is out of RAAus jurisdiction. But how does that compare to this situation in the Law: Speed limit is 100 kph. You do 110 kph. Has the Law the power to punish you? I'd like to put the argument that in the example of MTOW of aircraft, the RAAus is like a stockman working the flank of a mob of cattle. While the mob moves as a compact herd, the stockman does not have to react, but as soon as one beast moves out of the mob, it's his job to push it back. The power of the RAAus is to e
  13. It will be a big win if they can do it. There's many a step between concept and completion. No doubt our Federal Government is keen to provide support if simply in the way of tax concessions, he said with a ironic grin.
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