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  1. Did you happen to ask if the aircraft has Reserve prices on them?
  2. https://www.casa.gov.au/sites/default/files/_assets/main/rules/1998casr/021/advisory-circular-21-02-standard-certificates-airworthiness.pdf
  3. The answer is just a magic carpet ride away!
  4. Caveat emptor would be the answer to that one. I doubt if any legislation which sets rules for the operation of aircraft or qualifications of pilots would involve itself in a civil contract involving the exchange of title to goods. All the regulations would say is that if you gain title to an aircraft, and want to fly it, then you must advise the authority of the name and contact details of the owner. If you wanted to buy a plane and make a static display of it, you would not have to tell the authorities. If Pickles are selling the planes, I think that you will find in
  5. That's a lot of time for recreational flying. Not many others would clock up times like that. It will be interesting to see how many months it takes to clock up the next 59 hours.
  6. There's lots of illustrations of various wing designs like this one, But I recently saw one illustration where there was what seemed to be a vented space in the top surface of the wing near the separation point. The vent opened into the inside of the wing, but I can't find the illustration now, but I believe that the effect of the vent was to keep the boundary layer from separating from the surface of the aerofoil, thus increasing the AoA before separation. Here is the precis of a paper on the subject AERODYNAMIC DESIGN AND COMPUTATIONAL AN
  7. What about calendar time? Surely you don't do 100+ hrs in a calendar year?
  8. Isn't all maintenance, airframe (including instruments) and engines for simple aircraft all based on the same times? Either annually by calendar or hours recorded by a TTIS system, usually tacho or Hobbs time? As the aircraft gets more complicated, individual components can have their own schedules, but still based on TTIS, or cycles of operation (pressurization of cabins, landing gear).
  9. Yeah, I did think that the bag did have an aerofoil shape. It must be filled with only just enough gas to lift the bag and puff it into shape.
  10. Not an "airship", but a "blimp". A blimp (technically called a “pressure airship”) is a powered, steerable, lighter-than-air vehicle whose shape is maintained by the pressure of the gases within its envelope. A blimp has no rigid internal structure; if a blimp deflates, it loses its shape. Good to see that they are OK to fly in IMC, or my standards for classifying IMC too high?
  11. Moral of the story is to get your maintenance done before you set out on a trip that could possibly longer than you think.
  12. A LAME who is satisfied that the item, usually an engine, is still within manufacturer's specs can authorise "On Condition" use, but most LAMEs would only do that for aircraft they have serviced themselves over many years. Bring in your bargain purchase and it won't be a bargain much longer.
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