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  1. Time Left: 16 days and 5 hours

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    Pair Bing 64 Carburettors Rotax 912 jetted for 80Hp. Need general service and new floats otherwise GC.


    Brisbane, Queensland - AU

  2. Kasper, do you have a "engine driven electrical system capable of continuously powering a Mode A and Mode C secondary surveillance transponder". If not, you can fly in Class E without one.
  3. Yes that is correct, the first place I contacted told me it would be a AN5H-26A. None one listed had them in stock.
  4. AHH yes the old "engine driven electrical system capable of continuously powering" requirement. Except in a GAAP. HAHA!
  5. I stopped reading (but will continue too) at this post to make this reply. Where exactly is it mandated "no transponder, no Class E flying"? I can fly in Class E now with out one. Where is the proposal to make it so? I cannot find it.
  6. Happy to give them a try but no good without the details. Who are they?
  7. No I didn't try them - still waiting to see my order filled OS so may give them a call.
  8. No luck in Australia, ordering OS seems the only option.
  9. Thanks very much JG3 but I need 6 so will try and get them all the same - for the prop.
  10. Need some AN5-26H. Any suppliers in Australia?
  11. All sorted thanks all!
  12. Friend needs a 582 urgently - this week. Any leads?
  13. I wouldn't be so sure about that OME Also still a few primary gliders around or being built... They don't glide so well, be a great challenge.
  14. Agreed erroneous. L/D is not just best glide. Best L/D also changes i.e with weight, as does your glide ratio depending on many factors and more than just published polar data (lets avoid McCready theory discussions). Required glide ratio or a required glide slope: Same thing, if you have it = safer. Again what relevance is ILS terminology to VFR rec aircraft? None. When I fly a glider my instruments tell me when I am above the required final glide slope and even give the cross section required GR, actual GR (avg) If you have a glide approach you are above or on the (required) glid
  15. ILS approaches have no relevance to recreational aviation so it would be unusual to refer to glideslope (glide path, approach path, glide approach, 'final') in that fashion. If you are on, or have, glide slope to your designated landing point it is correct to say so... anywhere in the pattern, not just for ILS. Semantics Nev.
  16. Every landing should be on glide slope IMHO, but I do fly gliders 🙂 You should (MUST) know best glide speed of ANY aircraft you are flying and also min sink speed. I will be corrected on this but I think (particularly with more than one blade) a prop at idle (or free spinning) actually creates more drag that a stationary prop. Ergo: you will glide better with a prop that has stopped than one which is still turning. Any aircraft can climb in lifting air without thrust, just depends what the min sink speed/sink rate is vs the lift available and how you could use it - including how mu
  17. Hi, Does anyone have a copy of a manual or POH for Fisher Mk1 (Drifter). I recall Wayne had one available on the Spectrum Aviation website years ago. Cheers, Tex
  18. PS I have a suitable EarthX here, used no longer in use if you want it PM
  19. As I said above....I have consistently used Lifepo batteries in aircraft for a number of years. They were of the brands Antigravity and EarthX. I have used all variants of LiPo/Lifepo4 etc in hobby use for RC aircraft for many years as well. I have had no issues with the brands I used in my aircraft but (given my experience with RC hobby batteries) would not recommend using the RC variants because you really need do need something to act as a shut off in low or high voltage or balancing cells type situations. The EarthX has a BMS inbuilt for that purpose. The best option IMHO. Unless wei
  20. This is Lake Wivenhoe from the south getting close to the dam wall (it is off to the right a ways). Fires in the distance.
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