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  1. Can confirm Skymasters707's comments above. I landed there in late October 2017 in a C206. Just keep the power on when you are taxiing, especially when you turn - it would be easy to get stuck in the sand. It is a serviceable airstrip, but if you haven't operated on soft airstrips before, you may not be comfortable landing there.
  2. I have an iPad Air which makes it 2013 or 2014 and an iPhone 7 which would be around 2016 model
  3. I’ve noticed that my iPad has terrible reception for mobile data compared to my iPhone. My dad seems to have the same experience. It’s annoying because things like weather data or traffic often does not function on OzRunways on my iPad, but is fine on my iPhone. My iPad is about a year or so older than my iPhone, so maybe that makes a difference, but does anyone else have comment on this? Thanks, Andrew
  4. Hmm, something new like the resort owners operate a bit like a fortress! We are booked, do will see how I go! Hope it’s a nice atmosphere.
  5. Thinking of flying the kids over to Morton island for a weekend away. Just wondering if anyone has recently landed on Tangalooma Airstrip and what sort of condition it is in? I’ll be in a C206 Thanks, Andrew
  6. Thanks SDQDI, I'll give it a try. Here is the instructions out of the manual "ComPriority is turned on or o by the bottom-most controller button. With ComPriority on and when radio communications are detected, the volume of auxiliary devices will be signi cantly reduced. To enable ComPriority, turn on the feature, plug into your intercom and talk into the headset microphone while playing music over a wired device. If enabled, your auxiliary music will decrease when you start to talk. During cell phone calls, the other party will be muted, so disable ComPriority before making calls.
  7. I have a similar problem. It 'clips' the first few seconds whenever the other person talks. Nothing to do with radio coming over the top. Bird dog, have you tried unplugging the headset from the aircraft and making a call?
  8. Hi, I'm thinking of heading into Boona tommorow morning. Just wondering if anyone knows how much rain they have had and what condition the strip is in? I see the Pilots touring guide says the strip is 1060m long but talks about only 582 m between displaced thresholds. How much effective strip is there for takeoff and land? Cheers, Andrew
  9. Yeah, No wonder the mining industry is broke with this type of breurocratic rubbish.
  10. I'd like to land at Moronbah airport, but the ERSA says 3 days prior notice required. I sent an email and they tell me that I require BARS accreditation to land. Aircraft Operator | Flight Safety Foundation - BARS Program From what I can work out from the FAQ page, The BARS program requires a 35 day notification period and then an audit to be completed. · It costs US $35,000 to be a lowest tier member · And also requires a 2 day audit that costs US $19,000 http://flightsafety.org/bars/sites/flightsafety.org.bars/files/upload/252%20FAQ%20V6%20April%202015.pdf But I'm to
  11. Sorry, just saw the post about the 5 X 5M one that was epoxied to the hangar floor. What a great idea! Only my hangar floor has plenty of cracks in it... we are on black soil that swells and moves every time is rains so concrete always cracks here. I'm thinking I could screw plywood to one wall of my hangar and somehow attach it to the ply. Not sure how I would protect it from moisture and dust- I don't imaging anyone can laminate a 3 X 3 meter map??
  12. Thanks everyone for the comments and help! Bevan, I'm excited about the opportunity to get a print run of your MegaWAC! I'll measure some wall sizes and get in touch. Is it possible to go bigger than 2m X 2m ?
  13. It's not a WAC, but this is the best I can find. Australia Mega Map
  14. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy a large WAC chart that i can put up on the wall? I'd like one that covers all of Australia Thanks, Andrew
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