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  1. . other smelly stuff. Now as turdo bounced back into the air [avref] his demeaner and antics attracted international media attention to the point a videohttps://www.flyingmag.com/pilots-places/pilots-adventures-more/stolen-piper-cub-video-youtube-otherworldly/ was released of his flight [avref], here is a copy for other NES readers to watch and then understand why onesie and bull decided that flying [avref] with him would be detrimental to all concerned [demonstrated by Turdo,s physical state in the video] and declined his offer to just go for a spin. I,ll fry with you ,said Sir Nobu,
  2. ....a good feed of Tassie tiger steaks.[sent over from down under by his good friend and kickback supplier Turdy]...Now the ramblings that are occurring on the NES has prompted Eaaannn to fire the new woke moderator and employ the guiding light of the future for the world Mrs Pauline Hanson,[this was immediately opposed by the new senator from Tasmania Lidia Thorp ,who went a long diatribe about her safety in the work place ,and the lack of government grants she could steal and her access to the NES to promote her white brothers ,oops slightly tanned ones ] Now Pauline was a busy lady so she d
  3. Nor has Bull , he has also been studying the effects of tinks ramblings on the native mutton bird and feline populations and has been gathering evidence for the upcoming trial of Turbine industries for insider trading,[they learnt this off of Nancy Pelosi ]and the inevitable collapse of the cat meat market . This was brought about by the NES employing a new woke moderator who has decided that their opinion overrides facts and truth and the NES should now be a guiding light to lead the county into the future.....What shouted sir Nobu [just back from his latest trip to the land of the long whit
  4. jucinta price thingy on the abc radio news,,ranting on about "feeling" unsafe in the workplace,,,several knobs where broken on the corsairs dash as the scramble to turn it off unfolded.Why i think one of those knobs was.................
  5. New president of the good old USA ,,,,why he had them lining up by telling them it was to pick up a 2 grand stimulus thingy check . About a third of the way along this que was Onesie ,Beer in one hand ,gopro in the other ................
  6. NES awareness message,,,,,The rat in mickey clothing ,has seemed to have lost the plot again......but thats an event that unfortunately ,like the rona ,,we will just have to live with that ,,,wont we??? ...the back of cappys mind had slowly started to..........
  7. Broke the through bolts again............
  8. smoove batten to.............
  9. main street used to be in Bone , before that Tom cruise and that Australia movie covered it up in dirt and let cows defecate everywhere. Now do you know where that Cappy is at the moment Bull? Na said bull last i seen him he was feeding the Tassie tigers up somewhere near the Styx valley somewhere. Maybe turdo could.....
  10. hid his Tasmanian ancestry ,as only she knew that he had originally came from strong two headed Tasmania convict ancestry. Another secret about our cappy was he has a brother and sister still hiding away in the unexplored regions of Tasmania who breed Tasmanian tigers. They are always............ [cappys sister/s and his other brother who hides his head inside his head].
  11. started to see that she was having an orgasm and shaking so hard she let him go,,,my god said onesie [who had just driven up in his volvo] she is..........
  12. drainpipe to clear all of the old shower pubes. Bloody hell said Cappy, this is so thick and........
  13. and the rat has contemplated the religion for its OTHER benefits plus the government benefits are pretty good too. He was heard to say as he visited Westfield shopping town and did not see one other people beside islamic people ,But that 4 wife thing sounds pretty cool?,,,, spoke up onesie from over in the corner making a prayer mat . Why even the other day he was telling me about ........................................
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