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  1. .................was immedietly arrested again as he walked out of the courthouse,,,this set off a huge amount of ..................
  2. .this just showed the massive resilience of the Australian designed and built old thruster,,,,,,,,, [in another life my first flight was in a T500 gemini back in the late eighties,,lol].,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,as it still managed to climb even with the 3 goons hanging onhttp://031c074.netsolhost.com/WordPress/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/akron-tragedy-e1294254969175.jpg[avref:A bit like this ] soon to be two as a blood curdling scream slowly faded out as one fell off,,,now this upset the girls no end and Bull was stumped what to do about the................
  3. .said ,,what shall we do with these specimens now ,, oh master Bull??? said the lovelys in unison..................................... [after having knocked out all the CATSA goons who where now layed out in neat rows[you know woman lol]on the ground facing the cliffs of doom]
  4. And if cappy keeps sending naughty email notifications to amazon the NES will have to restrict his ability to post converse and interact with other NES members as his .................
  5. .as the accident rate was climbing and this did not go well with the insurance companies. Now the Hackalopters operators where a pretty resilient bunch and soon rigged up an old ejection seat out of a L29 and as the pilot was upsidedown only on takeoff as the cockpit was reversed the risk of early decapitation was reduced[ just dont step out when right side up]. This enabled a much improved operator view of the area and allowed for a vertical exit in the case of an event like the one that CT9000 recently went through [condolences to the nursing home] allowing more prudent and effieceint oper
  6. Turbos zero steer mower broke down ,and we used the trusty victa ,remember that day Turbo ? That was the day that you..........................
  7. and don,t forget free use of the stations hack [f16] but getting turdo out of it was the problem....
  8. and engine options, range from rotax up till rotordyne ,the choice is yours [your flying it lol] all care taken but no responsibility accepted for any reason . What ?? why can i not fit a victa ??? said Cappy..Thats discriminitory and i,ll see you in court. Now the President of the Biopter corporation[Turbo} called for calm as the.............
  9. Bull would like to state they he can NOT confirm nor deny that he is a Major in the TSDF,,,,well i could tell ya ,but then i would have to ...............
  10. from the horizen[avref] and the subsequent landing was a sight to behold and surprised Bull and Cappy as [Turbo] attending anything was a bit strange as he has always had an aversion to shows and such since about 1959,as after a young ringer [believed to have been a very young Turbo]at Cloncurry in Qld back in 1958 at the local show was chased out of town,,,now the story goes that the ladies abulution block had no roof so our cunning young ringer got himself a 44 gallon drum and positioned for the best spot near the showers and began his voyeor/peeping tom career. Well all was fine until one
  11. My dear Cappy ,you are correct on the sticker issue but you must have forgotten that the add was when i was employing old mate Turdo for the other side you know ,,wink wink so it kept everyone serviced and happy,,,good days they where ,,,the days of the blue oyster and cappys leathers and turbo,s fetish with f16,s so i think the matter is settled to all parties concerned and we can call the subject closed . 😎
  12. .which was being driven by a well known media personality in cognetoe/cogneto/ @#it in disquise fuck it you get my point. Now this person was suddenly..........
  13. ....nor worry about his shoes being tyed as he was wearing thongs at the time ,,Now spelling not being bulls best strong point he found it is prudent to reply to our dear Cappy [in other curcumstances is known as Herr Capitan which for legal reasons can not be written] that to deftly imply some doubt about our Bulls straigtness or such is deflametory and does serious harm to Bull,s mental state . This slander must cease immedietly and a retraction issued on that published comment {refer above] as it is seriously effecting his ability to engage in concourse with thousands of others v
  14. This caused an uprising in the NES and new contributers where hovering [avref] over thier keyboards frozen in fear of being attacked and demeaned for continuing the famous NES and keeping it alive. This was uncontitutional and is threatening the very fabric of the NES by not contributing ,but attacking those that do!! Hmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,anyway Mavis was surprised when turdo revealed his..................
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