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  1. You've brought up dust devils a lot over the years. How many have you been caught in?
  2. .........,for a fee, concoct spells and Point the Bone (not the Bowen bone) at particular CASA devils who may have charged them with aerobatics, FNQ beach beatups (with the added excitement of seeing how high a sleeping croc can jump), failure to carry navigation equipment, not having any fuel, carrying more than one passenger (seven in one case), and failing to attempt to make an aircraft fly [multi-avrefs]. That RA owners, builders, drivers and supplier Bunnings could go this far caused ....................
  3. Captain Cook Treasures Inc. (by appointment to the Queen) whose invoice stated 12,000 14 carat gold medallions..........
  4. ...And so it became popular to place a Saint Turbo medal on your instrument panel for good luck. In developing the medals Turbo had consulted a bookmaker who told him the odds of retiring unscathed from RA flying were about three out of five, and that was good enough for Turbo. The two that didn't make it couldn't ask for their money back anyway and the other three would go forth swearing that Saint Turbo kept them safe, and ...........
  5. This happens sometimes when all the various witnesses have put their ten cents in.
  6. I've had seizures with an oil injected outboard, beginning to turn my attention to the oil injection. Can you provide more information on "most of the time the oil injection is not at fault?"
  7. RAA Inc officers used to go further than that - not up to the level of ATSB because RAA doesn't have the exemptions to lawsuits that ATSB has, but more detail. Probably needs members to request more details (but not so many that RAA has to respnd with what I just said about its liability.)
  8. ....do something in case they decided to dump him in the boiling cauldron where all rats deserve to be. He was familiar with old halls and the TWCL was no different; there were some OLD witches there, and he knew what they used to scour the kitchen and hall after the depraved dancing. His eyes went for the top shelf and he found it! Phenyl! There was nothing worse than a spilt bottle of phenyl and sitting up there was a vintage bottle. He threw ............
  9. .....don't need that smell in our kitchen. Cappy aka Ratso was mortified at forgetting his underarm deodorant, but ....................
  10. ..........the bone foreshore which is slated to be Gold Coast 2 within 30 years by Anastasia Pastrycook, who.....
  11. Personally I don't mind flipping over and over and over because each grind of the frame on the ground slow the aircraft down and reduces the end inmpact force. It only becomes unsafe when the cabin deforms and a tree comes and sits in your place or the safety harness fails in a high speed sudden stop or the stop is too sudden and you die from brain injury. A nose wheel provides extra progressive crumple force reduction.
  12. ......decided to run a Devil Night as a fund raiser, with a series of floor prizes to be supplied by the ...............
  13. You'll get a good idea from RAA Incident reports, however before drawing any conclusions you have to find out which way the pilot was taught to land the aircraft. A few years ago a few people on here flogged the miltary nose-down way of landing - controlling speed with throttle elevators to descend. Inevitably if you are going to misjudge the landing, the nose will be pointing at the ground and the nose wheel will hit first and you'll be trying to prevent a porpoise with no chance of saving it. Alternatively if you have been taught to land the aircraft on the "backs of the wheels" w
  14. .....shipped to bone international harbour. The Queensland Tourist Industry is on its knees after it sent Japan broke, India broke, and China broke with their exhorbitant Theme Park fees. bone had none of their features but the bone business association thought they could attract some tourists with a Black Devil Exhibit, and bone concrete was even now building a Big Devil out on the highway where ...........
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