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  1. ....was looking for a hunk like Cappy, who had just ..........
  2. I’ve had the same experience as 7252. The nose was coming up, I realised what I’d done and had to force the stick forward until I had enough height to raise the flaps a bit. A pilot caught unaware could easily get out of control.
  3. Full flap on the CTSW is 40 degrees. If you are coming in for a touch and go with 40 degrees flap, and forget to retract, then give it full throttle, will the nose head for the sky?
  4. ..........celebrating with buckets of champagne when the Judge called him back to query a missing page from his testimony. It was his criminal record. Speeding, speeding, assault Coyote with brick, speeding, failure to give way, assault Coyote with dynamite, assault Coyote with shotgun to face, and so it went on. "You must have missed this page" said the Judge to Roadrunner, and not only am I finding for Coyote, but I 'm fining you for being drunk in the Courtroom. The TWDL team smiled and they walked with Coyote down the road to Hooters to celebrate with ........
  5. ........very aware of this, and ended their show with a mini-cat version of Sound of Music. As the final "Adieu" started, each cat that stepped off the stage raced for the Cat Door in Tubo's Hummer, safe from any knives and forks. Turbo and Simsy (on which the Hollywood film Lilo and Stitch is based) are grateful for Cappy's thoughtful collage of photos from the Cat performance. Simsy has already started writing a Stage Musical called ........."Cats", and .............
  6. TGA stands for Therapeutic Goods Administration, a Federal Government Body that safeguards us from defective medicines. There's only one of them and if you can't be bothered checking the facts, best not to post any theories.
  7. I bet you haven't even looked.
  8. ........but Turbo reassured him that wouldn't be necessary. Not many people know that Turbo was the model for the highly successful movie The Horse Whisperer; in their search for an actor they were lucky to find a look alike in Robert Redford, but the script was altered substantially for pc reasons. Turbo trained every new batch of cats with a .410 shotgun. By Cat No 6 they invariably could carry out instructions, no matter how complicate or .....................
  9. The Minister is not going to "get involved". A lot of famers have made the same mistake about the Water Minister and flood social media with abuse about the "hopeless" Murray Darling Basin Authority when all they have to do is write to the Department requesting water. The Minister can sack a Council and put in an Administrator if someone writes to him/her with overwhelming, accurate evidence which will stack up in a court, but sometimes the administrator is worse than the Council. What you can do, which is much easier is research the NSW Local Government Act and find the mechanism used to inv
  10. Rather than be a medical speculator, why not check the TGA information as it comes to hand. Then you can see for yourself.
  11. I think Sydney was in that half lockdown, but you can rest your weary head; DHHS Victoria announced this morning that Vic and NSW Police have finished investigations and no charges will be laid. One of the people was fined for not wearing a mask. In some cases furniture is loaded in the one van; in other cases furniture is loaded by a crew in several loads and consolidated into shipping containers, in others some people just need a small module.
  12. ..............FREEDOM!, FREEDOM! His mind had gone back to the days of his great great grandfather, Sir Arthur Lox who was the Armourer and Lock Maker for William Wallace Turbine in those great days of Scottish History. Sir Arthur known as Art to the women of the village moonlighted making Chastity Belts for them. At one stage he was the only one ....................
  13. From memory the furniture removalists involved caused 1 or 2 of the lockdowns, ie were moving when there was no lockdown. Agree that a house in lockdown can't have removalists going in, but removalists moving stock from dept to depot, usually in containers, is a different application.
  14. Well you would think that owners ad operators on the airfield would have an ongoing relationship with the Council. It's not at all unusual for a Council Officer to get a bee in his bonnet and try to introduce a new policy which is either unfounded or non-productive. In those cases, the best procedure is for the owners/operators involved to request the Ward Councillor to organise a meeting one evening with the Manager(s) involved to discuss the two sides of the argument and reach an agreement. Everyone involved tends to go away with a lot more knowledge and in most cases the problem
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