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  1. ".......Ooooh! there goes a RAT!" said Turbo, and Cappy's head nearly came off as he spun. When he turned back, Turbo was gone; nowhere to be seen, and not only that but ....................
  2. .........they put 2 and 2 together. The ladies were not happy with the renaming, particularly Jessie who was on the phone for a while and said "Stuff them, I've booked us for Boongara RSL next year." Cappy had lost interest in the girls and had his eyes on Turbo's taxi coing holder. "Get them all out!" he said loudly and there was a general rustling behind him until the girls realised he was talking to Turbo. Turbo's wide eyes alerted Cappy to the situation, but he was too late turning round. Turbo pulled the coins out until the holder was empty; they were all heads an
  3. Can you get to the flange nuts and pull the carby away; I normally turn the carby upside down on the bench and measure float position with a vernier gauge.
  4. .......raised finger that they should stick to the subject which was ..............................
  5. .............to the great Kentucky Fried in the sky heavier than a Sherman tank. So he asked his friend for help on what to eat to reduce the blubber. "Cat meat" said Turbo in an instant. The Cat Farm Cat/Rat ratio had got out of sync and he had tonnes to offload. He'd noticed McDonalds were offering Big Angus burgers and Waygu burgers, so he made a pitch for them to sell the cat meat. He was honest; he branded it CAT in capital letters, and that's how Maccas sold it, and the best customers were skinny young tradies who drove Landcruisers. If NES readers take a look in the car park next
  6. .....storm becase the oldies love that sort of person, even if they've forgotten why. Everything was going surprisingly well until Cappy saw an ad for a Thruster and bought it sight unseen. The photo in the ad had been taken 15 years earliler, so in full Matron's uniform Cappy started to rebuild it. He had done quite a good job because he was a meticulous person, and against all odds he'd completed the rebuild and even though Turbo look at everything several times, hoping for a gaffe, he had to admit there were no faults. So they wheeled it out for its first flight
  7. ....affect his flying, and hopefully soon they'll find an instructor [avref] brave enough to take him for a BFR. Long term NES readers will remember what happened during the last one. On the positive side, Cappy has been located in a country Nursing Home. On the other side he is identifying as the female Matron, and a bitchy one at that, so it is urgent ....................
  8. ....look how that turned out. Word is only just leaking out about who the clowns were that came up with the expanding vote concept. And who left the dollars out of the recipe? - the rumours are it was Don's mate Cappy, ad fox News is about to ........
  9. .........ramp check, which anyone knows is designed to catch those who never bothered with instructors in their lives and..........
  10. ........fline site. Not many people know that most of the CASA dcuments are processed on the dark web. We can't tell you why, because the brotherhood is strong and anyone breaking the bonds of secrecy is retributed, or even worse ..................
  11. ...........tripped on a gopher hole as he was mounting his horse and.....
  12. .........[Turbo prefaces this reponse by advising that RAM stand for Random-Access Memory] about, although a lot more memory than random access; as we can see he is a Mickey Mouse rat these days, unable to .........
  13. .........Lap top. Turbo checked her disk and found a problem. He knew Cappy wouldn't be able to help her because he only had a floppy, and ...........
  14. ..........flag which having been raised, and although colourless, was now a part of La Belle France. Just then Nicolette charged into the shoolyard in her Peugot. Turbo knew what an Ace was and rushed over to her, quickly telling her about La Belle France, and seeing her husband about to lunge again yelled "Refaites-le et je vous couperai les couilles." Not wishing to lose his couilles, the Chairman quickly departed the school, forgetting about his meeting. Lisette moved, undulated really, towards Turbo and........................
  15. .....escape this one; and he explained that he had been doing extra homework, and was six pages ahead of the lessons in the history book, and had noticed that Bastille Day was approaching (The Chairman had a young French wife called Lisette) and he wanted to put up a French flag, but coming from a poor sheep grazing family the only material he could find was a pair of knickers his elderly aunt had thrown out. To make sure the flag could be raised on Bastille Day, he had simply run the knickers up to test the securing ropes and was about to paint them in the Tricolor colours. The Cha
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