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  1. I was just focusing on how the movement and expansion/compression of the gas during the cycle changes to end temperatures dramatically and is an intergral part of finding how to optimise aircraft engine cooling. Valve timing and inlet exhaust diameters with carburetted, naturally-aspirated engines is a fascinating experience in itself. On one engine I was using over 180 degrees overlap. It didn't work too well below about 4000 rpm and at times would backfire and spit carbies off, but the power band increase at 8,500 was explosive - a very tiny sweet spot. If you got ahead you coul
  2. Yes, I just rushed the story, tryingf to use sausages to visualise that the flow through an engine was like a series of sausages starting/stopping/starting etc.
  3. The Power stroke starts with the gas mixture confined to a tiny space above the piston. As the piston travels down, the gas expands and the byproduct of expansion is cooling. Intercoolers and aftercoolers are two different products. The Intercooler cools the air before it reaches the turbo pump section and the Aftercooler cools the air after it comes out of the turbo blower. I was just explaining the principle that by cooling the air you can stuff more in during the compression stroke.
  4. The non-engineering words were to make it simple for more people to understand the principle. I wrote it on the run from memory because in about a decade of discussions on this subject these critical components of the engine cycle have been ignored, so we go round and round in cicles without a solution. By factoring them in, there can be an understanding that perhaps things like carburettor main jet size to suit what's going on might be very important. You can get a fully drafted and edited version in engineering terms by buying the Phil Irving book "Tuning for Speed", this mornin
  5. In addition to the varying temperature phases and their effects on pistons above, there are other factors controlling those temperatures. The compression stroke is to compress the volume of charged gas trapped when the intake and exhaust valves are close. A byproduct of compression is heat, so the piston top gets a charge of heat. Then you get the heat of combustion. The expansion stroke reduces the pressure in the chamber, and a byproduct of pressure reduction is cooling (a refrigerator works by releasing gas through a valve over and over again). So th
  6. There was a landing strip at Orchid Beach Resort, but my exerience with the, at times procession of 4WD traffic is that I wouldn't be trying to land on the beach. It looks good, but once the holiday makers and 4WD hirers get on, head on passing can be on the left or the right based on a last second indicator flash, and I've been pushed into the soft sand often, and close to the water as well. You couldn't control the situation once you committed to land, and taking off would be much the same, so it wouldn't surprise me if a decision had been made to prohibit operations. How a commercial o
  7. Several. Engine running lean, combustion chamber (1000 - 1500 deg) temp rises and softens a valve stem. Valve tilts sightly and you've lost compression. It can then smack itself flat if the Combustion temperature is still high, tilt more and bash the seat on one side, snap the stem and cruise around bouncing on top of the piston, embedding itself in the top or taking out part of the top, or again with the combustion chamber too hot (usually running too lean) soften (burn) the exhaust valve eroding material off it until it leaks like a seive. I think I've managed to achieve all of those t
  8. .........pleased with a 15 strand bull lead he'd made for the Royal Adelaide Show; the rings had been made from pure silver, mined on Starlight Station, and Sid had decided to show the Limousin bull "Doyafeellucky" from Backwater Station. The problem was ..........
  9. .........a liberal donation to Twiggy's brand new RM factory in Adelaide where it belonged, not that there was anything wrong with peasants from Upper Silesia making boots for Australian Ringers. Not many people know that old RM was the strapper for the Kidman properties, and he could make ten pairs of boots faster than an Upper Silesian could make one pair, and the soles didn't fall off in the first week either. RM had to work fast because Sid Kidman had 104 Stations with three or four Ringers on each, so he had to work hard and fast, killing his own Limousin bulls, w
  10. Somewhere in there I think you may have pointed out where the powers come from. There are thousands of Incorporated Associations drawng up rules, enforcing them and issuing sanctions on a regular basis. I was an Appeals Tribunal Chairman for several years and heard a lot of cases, and made decisions, usually on Disqualifcations of Licence for periods from a month up to two years, so issues that had a serious effect on the member involved. My position would have been providing Natural Justice. On a few occasions the Appellant would be represented by a lawyer. The decisions were alwa
  11. The Police investigate, may call in RAA or other body, Police prepare a Brief for the State Corroner. The State Coroner decides what caused the death, not the accident (but still may provide a lot of detail). If you search in the Coroners' offices you may find a report after some months, or in some cases some years. In a very few cases ATSB investigate and post their progress on line, but they normally only handle VH registered aircraft.
  12. .....after a lot of deliberation and consideration for the family, we have to tell NES readers that the two thugs were the sons of Loxie who had trained them in the family tradition of fire fighting. As some would know, the real work begins after a fire when the truck gets back to the station, and someone has to put the hose over their shoulder and run 300 metres down the street, flat out to keep the reel spinning until all the hose is out and can start drying. This had built up their muscles. Unfortunatel he had also taught them the family art of lock picking, and employed them as bouncers, a
  13. ..........to mix with Riverina people, because they picked their noses and continually gossiped. Also they were inbred and all had that straight hair, wide faces and big teeth. These two jerks putting on fake Italian accents were no exception; you could see their bums were wide from sitting on a John Deere all day. In fact one of them had slipped up; he'd dressed up in the dark suit but still had his RMs and a John Deere peaked cap on. He walked over to the limo and kicked one of the hub caps off; what happened next is still talked about ........................
  14. ....an opinion. Turbine, Turbine and Turbine gave him three, charged for all three, and writing the three emails. While this saga was going on, Salty had used his income from the film to finish the Pizza Schitt Ultralight. It really was quite good, and flew very well, wuth very short take-off thanks to its double-Bernoulli wing, and plenty of power, and it landed like a feather in an amazingly short distance. Not even Salty was going to stiff this one up, but ..................................
  15. That's the main subject but it's interwoven with the need to look at the fuel source, characteristics, engineering, emission etc. and there's a parade of them which have come through, all exciting in the beginning.
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