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  1. ....with great care that he carved an "e". on the end of Cook in the cell, and pored through the Ancestry trees to find another tree which still had Captain James Cook in it but followed a different route down, all lawyers, Emporium owners, African Explorers, and in more recent times Professors. You'd almost think he'd rigged it. Not many people know that Cappy was a personal friend of the Queen in their younger days, and she taught him the three finger salute. "There are times when one has to put up with right bastards she said", sipping her tea. Cappy's face turned red as he tri
  2. .............cappy is a multi millionaire, has a bigger Twitter following than Novak Djokovic, and is wabed straight through the Australian border regardless of the rules, and ...................................................
  3. ....pants down in an echelon salute to the CATSA officers down below armed with only their notebooks and iphones. [The Tasmanian Government had banned CATSA officers from carrying firearms because they did enough damage with their note books as it was.] What the Thruster group hadn't counted on was that the CATSA group would slip a case of Apple Cider to the VicPol SWAT team in return for rounding up the Thrusters with the new VicPol SWAT helicopter, and Afghanistan gunship with the guns left in place to cool off the gangs in Sunshine. Vicpol used a tactic the Thrusters had no answer
  4. .......draped in Grid Chicks and photographed for posterity. Then they all rolled out to the airstrip to reenact Mangalore I and II when all Ultralights which showed up for the Airshow were entitled to take off for the finale, all at once, all at the same time. These were spectacular events with dozens of buzzing aircraft flying towards the spectators at head height, the outer ones collecting the limbs of gum trees and spinning down around startled cows, the dozen or so EFATOS landing in the carpark and denting Fairlanes, others landing in the kids playing area, and others lan
  5. .......and as much it might seem certain for a Rotax 582 to sieze at this tiny lubricant rate, I've never seen one fail yet, and 200 Rotax 582 owners nodded sagely and thought "If there are no failures I might as well spend the money on this brilliant product which will cost me a fractiion over the long term of what I'm paying now", but ................
  6. RFguy I know you like to do theoretical sums, so I'd recommend you think about my deadly serious post.
  7. .....fixed by a chain of LatteBeetle stores combining the staple diets of Victorians and the new beetle nut chews from the Apple Isle as many Victorians still refer to Tasmania even though the last apple tree was rooted in 1972. The owners of the Chain, TurbineBeetle, have been interested to read the debate on which fuels RA pilots should be using, and will be building a string of Airport Refuelling Stations selling both Avgas and BeetleJuice a form of Mogas. This provides ......
  8. ........Newspaper reporter in a $2000.00 suit, smoking cigars, Lambo in the No Parking Zone out the front and his typist and researcher, two females who looked to be under-age, bull was smiling to all his admirers but smart enough to keep his mouth shut to cover yhose blackened teeth....................
  9. ......admit that he had built the Thruster, and notwitstanding that had built it without any CATSA approval documents, and notwithstanding that told bull he could run the engine on SquirrellGas, a US fuel not found in Australia, which led to bull accidentally using Pimms No5, and notwithstanding that was prepared to admit he had been flying the Thruster for the whole time it was in Tasmania. With this confession and some swearing the CATSA troops prepared an extradition order which the Premier of Tasmania signed with his thumb print. Lord Dan couldn't get rid of him qui
  10. ....eventually fell asleep. He woke up to find the Thruster was gone, the princesses were gone, and the CATSAs were in a very bade mood. Out came all the books and they wrote novels. It looked as if Bull would not be out for a very long time.
  11. ......situation. Somehow the CATSA officers had endeared themselves to the Princesses. This was a dangerous trend which could see bull extradited back to Tasmania. Cappy of course was keen to see what they had been doing up on that net to see if he too could attract Princesses like he could in his days in India where the days were spent drinking gin and shooting tiger, and the nights were ...............
  12. .....Can of Brylcream. While this may seem to be an odd object in the NES, bull has been emotionally moved to read all the different types of fuel RA people use in their aircraft, and all the different types of lubricants, so he went to his barber and said "What type of oil should I be using on my bluehead?" The barber looked at him for a few moments and said "Id recommend Brylcream; I've been using it for forty years and never had a problem." bull had bought the can at a bulk price, and kept it for just a time as this when the Rotax might need a little help. He thanks the girls for
  13. ........but bull had overlooked the fact that the Princesses all had mobile phones and avidly followed Turbo's escapades on the NES, and they had just seen bull's sarcastic anti-female comment "you know woman lol". There was a huddle; "He's laughing at us" said Elizabeth, "He won't laugh for long if I get him in a squirrel grip" said Jasmine who as Turbo can attest, has a grip of steel. They turned from the CATSA bodies and advanced on bull.........................
  14. Neither of these has anything to do with the fuel blend and the problems which can occur with some blends.
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