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  1. .......can franchise it around the world." But CT dind't know how to catch wombats. He and Dave roamed the hills of DG on moonlit nights but Dave hadn't done his homework or he would have known that wombats can outrun dogs, and ..............
  2. Ironically these days with a lot of mogas users, a lot of the fuel excise and taxes goes to roads, or more precisely goes into general revenue and comes out to pay for upkeep and new infrastructure. 98% of the population may not agree with any money being taken out of their taxes to pay for recreational flying. 98% of Council Ratepayers whould probably give you a faster answer on taking their money. So I don't think there is double taxing, and at a lot of airfields, ratepayers are kicking in. A percentage of income tax still pays for an aged pension, unless someone else has
  3. Why are you calling Covid-19 WuFlu? What's this 'Herd" immunity? In Australia, some people who have been vaccinated show some symptons and can spread the virus. However, as more and more people complete their vaccination programme, less and less people will die.
  4. I said for a short period, and for that period no, we are not a democracy in terms of health. Of course we are not, these people are risking the lives of many more people. These are not Government decisions; they are commanded decisions or any word you want to use.
  5. When a State of Emergency is declared, and there are 9 of them in force around Australia, we are not in a sate of democracy, we are taking orders from the people appointed to bring the pandemic to an end. Where democracy fits into this is that governments only decare the SOE for a short period, so the powers expire. In this pandemic SOEs have been renewed many times.
  6. That line of thought has been pushed regularly around Australia and particularly by employer groups who don't care about deaths. The latest in Victoria is a push to be able to remove masks when seated at work. So people come in to work in the morning from all quarters of a town or city, sit down, take the mask on and a friend comes over to talk about the footy infects the person and they spread the disease back in the suburb where they live, nightclubs, restaurants, sports events etc. That's community transmission. That would extend our lockdowns and cause more. Australia hasn
  7. The epedemiologists know all that and have an algorithm which has worked very well all around Australia; the problem is Sydney people seem to have a death wish and flout all the rules.
  8. Our CHO looks like he'll be taking us out of lockdown tomorrow Skippy.
  9. I can’t help you Skippy you are on a dream cruise. NSW is in. State Of Emergency with a Commander, the CHO.
  10. Neither Gladys or Scomo are the CHO. There's been no gross incompetency from any of our CHOs; Australia is one of the most successful countries in the world at managing this pandemic
  11. Perhaps they read the rules. The Health officers have a complex formula which, combined with testing thousands of people, gives them a good prediction where the hotspots are and where they are likely to spread. That decides whether to lock down a town, a region, a whole city or a whole State. Because the Delta strain spreads on the wind and not just on the droplet trajectory, people are catching it outside as well as inside, so we have to adjust our learning a little bit more and increase the spacing and walk away from restaurants and venue where there's a crowd.
  12. No, it's more likely they'll just keeping driving to their favourite nightclubs and restaurants making it an impossible task for the Health Dept unless some very firm ation takes place.
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