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  1. The Devil’s Carbuncle. Shades had a Moth Minor and invited bull to DC for a flight. The Moth Minor is a very old aircraft and the best way to describe it is like the Minor Keys on. Piano. They’re smaller than the white ones and don’t have a wing on top. No sooner had bull applied his Queensland Fingers and thumbs to the joystick than......... [Cappy is to be congratulated for his 7000 posts, beating Colleen McCulloch by 40,000 words, albeit most spelt wrong]
  2. .......hunting. Not many people know that Earl Gray, as well as owning Tea Plantations in the Sub Continent, which originated the Marketing Policy adopted by ...........owned vast hunting Estates in southern Tasmania, a legacy from his great grandfather Hiram Grey and his wife, born Black. The Unique and wonderful Tasmanian Tiger lived in this area, a creature well-suited to climate change which could find food anywhere, and always shared it with his family and friends. It never killed prey unless it needed a meal, and even then would leave good looking birds alone. The mati
  3. Well they'd probably just say "There goes Sunny again" and get a cup of coffee. Legislation has to spell out what is included and what is not included, where something is allowed and where it is not etc. It takes longer to read a piece of legislation than its much simpler meaning, but after a while your eye tends to skim the positioning statements and focus on the subject matter. There will be another piece of legsilation somewhere specifiying which aircraft are to carry radios and which aircraft are required to carry specific types of radios or multiple radios, and additional
  4. ........were able to conquer it. It was a poem wrtiten by Cappy when he was a Spitfar Pilot in the Battle of Britain. These brave boys would have to sit around on the lawns in old two shilling lounge chairs until the radar operators picked up huns inbound. They would then Scramble; some would run to the aircraft, but Cappy would run for the forest, but that's another story. On one of these waits, Cappy had written, and the Bletchley girls had decoded (except for the parts they thought would harm 21st century readers: "The body stood on the burning deck His
  5. He is; the descriptions above aren't correct; he cares about a lot more than his property. I once got him to stop a half billion dollar spend of taxpayer money on a problematic development by laying out the pros and cons in detail. He had to give up parliament in the last stint due to prostate issues; long meetings can be near impossible to handle. This time he's standing for the Senate, the House of the people, so if he gets up his job would be quite different.
  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Ouch" he said as the bullet shaved his ankle and richocheted into the nice new RFDS PC12 nearby, where a CASA F............ ...................in the nearby levee bank where Paddy was having a sleep. "What are you doing under that corrugated iron" yelled Doubtfie. "That's my doona" replied Paddy, who ............. .......................rat Loxie, when he ................. ????????????and does it need ointment? but he was reassured that the word came from an old Viking term meaning "Saves Cuts and other problems" after several hu
  7. ....Range Controller, Captain Jeremy Cook, even if you have to wake him up, and even if he's ....... [Point of clarity for NES readers: In unnumbered Post # above the Captain refers to ending his unnumbered Post # above with '............s?' when in fact it the ordinary post, above the side comment which started with bold text in the above unnumbered Post #, ends with 'alive." ' indicating the end of a sentence as clearly as the buffers at the end of the railway line into Wagga Wagga.]
  8. Turbo draws the attention of the entire social media world including his 3.2 billion followers to Cappy's regular gaffe, the locked NES, ended with a full stop. This happens when Cappy gets excited; he gets worked up to the point were he involuntarily jerks his leg up which then kicks out and this goes on repeatedly with a short stream of p slipping out with each kick, manking a mess on the footpath - very similar to a young dog when he gets excited. What brought this on was Turbo dropping a bait about a rifle sight, branding it a Bushnell, knowinghe is mad about the LG
  9. Blueprinting is very expensive; worth it for a race engine, but not for an aircraft engine you're going to replace every few hundred hours. Holman and Moody used to go through hundreds of pistons at the Ford factory to find 8 matched to what they were looking for. You can only buy so many and get a credit. In some areas you're removing resistance, so power gain through eliminating power demand, in others you might be bring one cyclinder up to the performance of the other three, so the other three cylinders get an easy life, and if you set the installation up so you only use the same power, the
  10. "........"could you show me how to shoot like that?" "You need button rifling in your barrel" said OT "and you need to breathe out and hold your breathe when you are ready to pull the trigget" OT continued. A few days later they spoke again and OT asked how many bunnies he'd busted. "I paid $2,000 for a rifle with a button groove, fitted a 12 power Bushnell scope, zeroed the barrel in to the stock with epoxy resin, and held my breath, but I haven't got one!" replied OT. "Did you hold your breathe when you pulled the trigger?" asked OT. "I did, but you didn't tell me to pull
  11. .....up to then successfully wiping out the enemy. NES readers can see OT’s not backward in padding a story, but the waffle was now going to have to change into action. OT was up to the job, crack! his rifle rang out and a few leaves at the top of a nearby tree floated down. The men sniggered but then three VC snipers dropped down; three with one bullet. Cappy ......
  12. Be careful selecting the edition; some of them have been edited by other people and don't contain all Phil's information.
  13. ...examiners. OT faded like the horse you put your money on, and was quickly turfed out of the hospital bed, and lined up for his medical which was being conducted by the authorised doctor who was an ex SAS Colnonel in the medical corps. "Come her ya little rat" he said, and gave OT a kick in the shins, rabbit-killer in the neck and a punch in the gut. "Stand to ATTENTION when I'm talking to you" he bellowed and OT wryly thought "CASA have found their man here", but not many people know that OT was a former member of Z Force, so skilled that we can't tell you, who did things we can't
  14. That's a good point; they did that because they couldn't meet the ever tightening emission standards. The wankel principle now has a much more stringent environmental performance to achieve than it did in its heyday.
  15. Marine has the advantage of a continuous suppy of cold water, so a slight advantage over auto radiator temp but fuel consumption these days is a key factor becaise of the cost of petrol.
  16. I like it and the idea of 3 bangs You can see it still has the two types of seal used by Wankel, the wiper seal around the two sides (front and rear here). Notice a little carbon build up out to the seal. The apex seals are reversed, mounted in the housing and scraping the apex. The million dollar questions are: 1. Will the three bangs allow a smaller fire, and therefore a cooler chamber, so lower temp to stop the seals burning away at full power? 2. What is the torque, rpm and power compared to a 4 hp 4 stroke. I think he gave us the hp, but with the rpm we can work back
  17. Yes, Facthunter’s post sums it up, a circle is easier to seal than something with corners plus a swept path combined with face seal.
  18. There's a very extensive thread on Wankel somewhere. I would summ it up as not enough torque, but Torque x rpm - horsepower, but when you use the rpm that produces suitable horsepower, the fuel demand doesn't suit the expected hourly consumption for Recreational Aircraft, and as a secondary issue it works well in intermittant engine applications because it can cool down between power bursts and produce reasonable seal life, but in the constant power application of an aircraft the most rapid seal deterioration occurs.
  19. I can't remember which series mine was but I used it for travelling out in the country, so just about all at highway speed. Mine topped out at about 110 mph.
  20. Yes, he wanted to go to England for something so he rode there via Canada (using ships for the water crossings). He got a job with HRD and he was the driving force with the Vincent dominance. I bought a Vincent 500cc Comet; 44 mph in first, 77 in second and put a gugeon into the bore at 173 km/hr. I used his principles for building race engines and you could pretty much do what he said, assemble the engine and sometimes double the power. Jack Brabham wanted Repco to build a formula 1 engine based on an Oldsmobile V8 They hired Phil, and he and a Repco engoneer built it and won a World Cha
  21. .....envelope, but Turbo didn't make it to Kilmore Gap. He would have had no0 trouble adapting to the conditions in the J170, which was flying like a bird, albeit at a very slow speed, but he became bored with the scenery and decided to make an Outlanding [raghead ref] . He landed beautifully on a farm paddock. As he expected , the wind was roaring so he tied it to a tray. While walking up to the farm house he had an accident, tripping and suffering a broken arm and head injuries, but as we know he is tough and after he had a cup of tea with the farmer who showed hinm dozens of rabbit jackets,
  22. .......and kill sharks too. Turbo will report in on the storm later in the morning, but is planning to go up for a flight to see what damage has been done. Sure the Met report doesn't look good, but they are usually wrong, so you can't be put off by that. The Kilmore Gap looks a problem, but there should be some breaks in the cloud some time during the morning. Caclulated TAS is fifteen kts due to the strong winds, but the trip is only 100 Nm so there should be plenty of fuel left at the end, and there is always one of the Fire Strips he can use up in the mountains where ..............
  23. ....Turbine Rodents (Turkey) Inc. Some NES readers might be alarmed at OT lapsing into rabbit talk. In the East we all know that rabbits can't talk; we learn that at about the age of five, but, good readers, if you ever go over to WA you'll quickly get used to the bunnies talking to each other and ..............
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