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  1. Drone sales are not going to keep them afloat - there are fewer than 150 Turkish drones this thread is about. There are very few USA drones that used them - they got retired and replaced with heavy fuel engines as per us requirements for all engines. the number of sport aircraft built even now will be many times the number the drones ever used.
  2. Hilarious to see people quoting from breitbart in general discussion- there is a whole section for comedy and made up stuff
  3. My two cents in summary - a CS prop will provide a modest imprvement in TO roll over any fixted pitch/ground adjustable unless that prop is absolutely optomised for take off (and has crap cruise) - most aircraft coompares I can find only give around 10% improvement in TO performance ... useful if you need 800m to get off the ground, do so great if you get off in under 250m already - a CS prop will provide a modest imprvement in cruise speed over any fixted pitch/ground adjustable unless that prop is absolutely optomised for cruise (and has crap TO) - most aircraft coompares I can fin
  4. Your own post Several after mine shows it - stall speed around 40 is ONLY if flown solo ... therefore it’s only raaus possible if it were solo so much less than the 300kg possible load
  5. But you are not comparing apples to apples. The soneri that is the speedster is limited to 300kg for people and fuel - it is a single seater in effect. And it gets down to the Raaus stall area with full span electric flaperons. And it’s damnably clean in particular the engine cooling etc. mid you have bugger all drag increase with speed increase then your advantage of cs over fixed is limited and the relatively low wing load at the 600kg mtow with full span flaps Means it’s really nothing like your aircraft in terms of lift n drag. You limit yourself to a low wing load and ge
  6. You will not get insurance coverage as the fact is you took off overweight. And your own flight plans and fuel plans will clearly prove it as would a backwards call of take off weight based on what they can see. It’s insurance - they will deny coverage and you will be put to shouting and showing in court how you were not. Not likely to be well received if you try claiming I was under and the 912 only burned 4lph for the flight as might be required to have legal take off weight.
  7. And the reason people do not openly talk about overweight flight in RAAus aircraft is ... the heft of the bricks that can be thrown at you if you admit to it and who can throw those bricks. If you are overweight your aircraft immediately falls outside the exemption allowing RAAus to issues registration and pilots certifciates for legal operation... and your RAAus insurance coverage for third party damage immediately ceases so be extra careful not to hit anything expensive while breaking the CAO exemptions. So if you are flying overweight for the CAO exemption you are im
  8. Well either your picking up added pulses - tiny tachs run off the tripper wire coiled around the spark lead to a plug - or you have the wrong type fitted - they used to come in two stroke or four stroke and of course one reads 1 pulse = 1 rev while the other reads 1 pulse = 2 rev. but a jab engine is four stroke so I’m guessing the pulse wire is on the wrong lead or - and I don’t know this - the jab fires every rev and throws away a spark on the exhaust stroke and therefor need to be set to two stroke mode even though it’s a four stroke. 😛
  9. Sorry to hear Bolly have lost blades and had beta range issues on the IFV prop. I recall watching the tests on the three blade prop in the UK to get it accepted for certification - 100hp limit on the prop and 2800rpm max use required the prop to be spun up to 150% rev limit ... it took dull throttle on the landrover V8 to get there and I can assure you nobody was willing to be anywhere in the propr disc as we went through the power runs to just over 4,200 rpm.
  10. Hard to tell if you will be in the fast/slippery or moderate and draggy camps with the Zephyr. I'll offer two ways to look at and compare to other airframes to decide which camp you are in: 1. hp/kn of cruise. The more HP you use the less you are slippery and the more benefit you may get from CS prop 2. difference in Kn for stall and cruise - the bigger the gap the more slippery is your airframe and again possibly benefits of CS prop 1. is a more absolute number as it disregards the flap effect and allows very simple calc and compare between airframes ... if
  11. Never found the torque rods to be a problem. My issue with the prop - and the reason I changed it out for a fixed pitch - was it really didn’t seem to do much to the performance. There was not enough difference between fine and course and it just didn’t add enough performance.
  12. Skippy, Sorry for the thread drift away from CS props - I of course am considering a Bolly fixed pitch for the my home built - its not even conceivable to consider a CS for a flex wing cruising at 80knts esp. as the cost of any CS is more than I invested in the whole airframe, instrument and second hand rotax engine! Cheers.
  13. Nice to hear about the Bolly prop - it’s one I’m considering for a home built. I assume you put the bolly on the Legend 600 your profile lists as your plane - interested to fine how receptive the manufacture was to your request to change the prop and how easy/hard it was paperwork wise with Raaus and CASA.
  14. Or ... and it had to happen ... a Chinese copy of the 912 for less. http://mobile.zsaeroengine.com/product/fdj/2020-02-13/3.html#menu rotax 912 clones from 80-145hp hirth f23 clones at 50hp
  15. Flight London to London via the coast of Africa - down the west cost and up the east cost. I got as far as permissions for all bar 5 countries back in 2012 to do it but the foreign and commonwealth office lady kept calling and advising against any of it past Spain ... even I was not feeling too good about Somalia but I couldn’t over-fly it as I only had 1400km of fuel onboard with George the fuel buddy in the rear seat. maybe when I retire I’ll choose a slightly less difficult continent to circumnavigate.
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