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  1. Butt ugly?? Northrup YC-125 Raider might be another name for it but I think Butt Ugly is closer to the mark
  2. Then for you I would suggest either factory build or home build from a design you trust. Your profile lists vans rv-12 so you appear to accept something that's not certified but but from a designer you trust. For me I have 1 airframe from a factory that is stock. I have another from a factory that's very not stock. The other three airframes are my design and build. One of those incorporates parts from factory the others are completely mine. For me it's a mix of maths and test. And as I'm the only person who will EVER fly my airframes I'm ok with accepting my desig
  3. If you want. But there are alternates. Take an existing know element from another aircraft and incorporate into yours is perfectly legitimate. As is design by eye and confirm by test. If you are designing a one off self build then you are free to do what you like. That's the point of experimental 😃
  4. My co-owner of a Pou many years ago whacked the flea into a raised bank next to the runway at near takeoff speed … the undercarriage took much of the loads as it came to a stop. The front wing twisted when it struck and the main spar snapped into match stocked at every pickup point. one new undercarriage. One new centre section. One repaired engine cowl and it was up and flying again.
  5. Yes, that is how he specs the tubes - OD and ID in your pic = 1.5mm wall 25OD mild steel and thats what works nicely in a gently failure mode when you whack the ground at speed ...
  6. On the wing struts your OD of 20mm seems fine as they are primarily loaded in tension and it will all come down to wall thickness and how you do the ends on the legs it’s a difficult question to answer as it depends on how you are springing the leg - rubber in compression - rubber in tension - shock springs in compression and then it’s also an issue of which leg component you add the spring to because at least one of the leg members will primarily be in compression and that element greatly benefits from greater OD to reduce the risk of compression failure of a hollow tube.
  7. Carbon fibre rods are overkill - dead weight and $$ Just the foam formers west epoxy to the tube + a fiberglass skin (definitely very light woven fabric and not CSM) will be entirely enough. I've done similar on a set of lift struts for the sapphire (replacing a wrapped fiberglass hollow section streamline) and I did not have CNC so rough cut the sections, drilled the tube hole, assembled the stack with epoxy (glue to tube, flox filler between layers) and then used masonite templates on the ends and a sanding stick to bring to final shape before glassing and finishing.
  8. Why do you expect it? For safety or for process? If for safety whose - Pilot/pax or general public? AUF/RAAus knocked on the head decades ago the link between airframe design/maintenance and risk to general public. CASA/RAAus - despite your opinion on the effectiveness of it - decry all liability for pilots/pax for the operations of the airframes - those yellow stickers are their notice of this So if it is process why expect the same process in RAAus as applies in GA when there is a stated and designed difference? I would ask - do you expect
  9. Simple really. If it didn’t come out of a factory as a fully build and registered aircraft it’s an experimental airframe and engine and you really need to work from that point and not expect anything to be exactly what you might expect from a factory airframe and engine. The reality is that the value of an experimental airframe will vary wildly depending on how experimental it is be that an odd design or components not maintained in the same way and to the same life certified aircraft are. unless buyers and pilots entering RAAus aircraft start working form that point a l
  10. Given the thread drift I'll make the distinction between acts/inactions and underlying beliefs. The belief that difference based on race or nation exists is racism or xenophobia. Choosing to act or not act towards someone based on those beliefs is discrimination. If that discrimination is in the provision of goods and services in Australia then you are in the realm of unlawful discrimination. If your discrimination is not unlawful then it falls to individuals assessing your actions and expressed views that are racist or xenophobic to decide their reactions to you. On
  11. Yep. The only vehicle in our fleet that was replaced early was a Ford ranger … simply because it was always our for repair/maintenance. The rest - all Japanese and Korean - have happily just run in with Std service and get to life and just keep going.
  12. And that's the point - a single very large proposed WA zero carbon could cover all current Australian consumption and would have the ability to location and time shift the electricity to where it is currently used/consumed. There is already wind/solar as a distributed generation capacity attached directly to the existing copper network that can't store ... but there are stand alone storages being proposed to deal with parts of that. That distributed copper network connected generations/storage is growing - companies are already investing in it even without significant Govt. incentives.
  13. Well all that infrastructure out to Roma in Qld could be useful in 10 to 15 years ... In WA they are looking at mixed solar/wind covering 15,000 square kilometres and could produce up to 50 gigawatts of energy ... but putting that energy into hydrogen and ammonia to move not via wires but pipelines/trucks/trains/ships to be used as electrical generation at point of use: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-13/green-energy-hub-planned-for-south-coast-of-wa/100288734 If they did something on a smaller scale out in Roma but stored the hydrogen/ammonia to time shift gen
  14. But Turbo urea injection whilst reducing nox and co does nothing for pm10 or pm5 or co2 and can’t address the fundamental issue of using/releasing carbon from crude oil. agreed that for 99% of this forum audience their involvement in anything developmental in the wider area of alternate energy to transport will be only as a consumer of what’s being offered. but a fair fraction of this forum are very interested in the areas that are possible because they recognise that things will change and they want to know possible changes are considered.
  15. And the query on undercarriage position is relatively variable for you - you can make up a second set of undercarriage tripods to move the wheel positions later if you find them too far back. Moving 100mm would be relatively easy with a set up you have drawn.
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