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  1. Cost of training ... for me in the mid '90's training on Jab LSA55s I paid $105/hr when training and $90/hr wet hire after license. I did my AUF certificate in 10 months Jan-Dec of weekends and had the pax and cross country for around $5,775. With inflation that would be $10k today. The flying school still exists today (Dave at the Oaks) and is even using the same airframes (plus new ones) but the hour training/hire rates for the LSA55 today are lower in real terms than in 1999 - $170 training and $140 wet hire.
  2. Yep, Stralan English was always fun with my calls in the UK ... particularly as my plane was G-CCZR ... that "Charrrrleeee Charrrleee" (as the English heard it) was always getting me a smile. But the most fun was the French lady who came over the radio after by inbound call to Abbeville with a correction ... "French Language only please" ... she probably regretted that because my French position calls after that were in even more mangled French than my English ones 😀
  3. The main profile pic is the four seater White Lightning not the single seater Lightning Bug.
  4. You can supercharge a two stroke if its using a second pumping piston of greater volume than the firing piston. For my dream list on supercharged spark ignition two stroke engines that have actually flown I would take the Bernard Hooper stepped piston engine ... 580cc v4 = 30kw/40hp in a flying engine water cooled at 18.9kg. Give me two of those on a slippery two seater ultralight with a belt redrive and I will be happy ... a LongEzi with these as a set of twins would be really nice or one of them on a sapphire ... 27hp cruise on 7LPH of avtur sounds nice
  5. They are spark initiated two stroke diesels with wet sump. If they work out reliable then good'ish news but at US$25k not looking to compete with Rotax but instead the Lyc-a-Conta-saurus
  6. Doors of size “x” when you need “x+” is not a design fault. It’s a procurement failure on the part of the Australian military and/or govt. if the manufacturer said they could/would redesign to “x+” and they didn’t then that’s also a procurement contracting failure - we failed to make sure it is + general serviceability is always an issue for military hardware. It’s expensive to buy. Expensive to maintain. But has to be available. If the airframe was unable to meet serviceability levels with specified usage AND that was in the procurement process then manufacturer migh
  7. Nev, the flying flea or Pou du ciel aircraft are canard aircraft that are not twitchy and will take off with just power … but in the world of canards I’ll agree the Pou are unusual 🤣
  8. Canadian ultralight called the Lazair has inverted V tail ... even has wheel on the bottom because its a tailwheel aircraft.
  9. Wing radiators/surface radiators were used on the Supermarine S5 with the lion engine from napier From memory Corrugated upper surface radiators for the engine coolant were built onto the wooden wing Corrugated surface radiators for the oil were on the rear fuselage sides aft of the cockpit Fuel tankage was in one of the floats - and that float was offset from the centreline by a different distance than the non-fuel filled float The S6/6B used Rolls Royce R engines (the basis for the merlin) and added more surface radiators for engine cooling on the float
  10. If that's me I can only add a little as I only looked after 1 drifter and spoke to Wayne F on what to look for and care for when he delivered it remanufactured/overhauled to this back in the 90s The maxair and austflight drifters do not have a weakness as such at the engine mount to fuse tube BUT that is a stress point AND a corrosion point. The folded metal floor is rivetted to the fuse tube along the tube length and Wayne was clear that the thing to watch was any streaking from a fretting rivet from stressing in that area. That was the point where you needed to unr
  11. kasper

    912 Uls

    I’ll just stick with cruise at 55% power on a fixed pitch prop that at sea level is properly set up to absorb that power at that throttle setting and has WOT that is exactly per the graph. and anyone who thinks the minimum/proper cruise power setting is well over 75% can have the fun of finding out all the bits of the engine that need work when run at high power. I’ll just keep plodding along on a half hours engine that exceeded its years life nearly twice but issued bugger all oil and has compressions that are unchanged in the last 200hrs and 10 yrs.
  12. kasper

    912 Uls

    I can’t say thousands as I’m only a weekend flyer. The engines in all the raven 912 eclipsR trikes have performed perfectly for the past 20 years and there is no history of issues. Only know that because I worked at the factory building them for years and flying them as an owner. we set that engine / prop combo up and it works. As for overpower I’ll agree. But you tell me what 50hp 4 stroke engine was available 20 years ago that would sell to the market? There wasn’t and the market was anti-2 stroke so there was and remains no option except the 912.
  13. kasper

    912 Uls

    I would BUT for the fact it’s a trike and it’s been propped to that power setting. 4300 by the book burns 11lph when the power is fully absorbed. The aircraft burns 11lph when cruising at 4300. The prop is correctly set for the rpm. thw result is that it’s burning the correct mix and it’s ok. The 912 in this airframe goes for hundreds of hours and never misses a beat. The only failure I’ve had on the engine was a failure of 1 ignition unit - and that was found with ign check at 3000 😛 if your engine is burning the correct fuel for the rpm your prop is set to the cor
  14. kasper

    912 Uls

    Well my need to check at 3,000 is aircraft specific ... but is not uncommon for 912 trikes. 1. the same wing I have a rotax 912 on - Raven wing on an EclipsR trike - flies two people on a Rotax 447 with only 40 HP - Raven wing on a RavenX trike 2. the 912 is putting out 46hp at 3,000rpm so its brake system is working pretty well to hold just that ignition check rpm 3. the 912 at 4,000rpm is putting out over 55hp ... there is not enough rubber on the ground to hold it ... not surprising given the cruise power setting for the 912 on the trike is only 4,300rpm.
  15. Ummm. Yes some do. T500’s most had doors - front hinge T300’s could have them - front hinge TST/Geminis are not supposed to have them (or the rear cabin bulkhead) At least two single seaters had had enclosures including doors added - front and top/bottom hinge.
  16. kasper

    912 Uls

    Agree with 3000rpm as my ignition check setting ... can't do 4000 as that's enough to take off and on wet grass all braked wheels will skid at that much power 😀
  17. Those chinook fuel tanks are rather expensive for what you get - 19l of fuel and the tank is over A$500 plus shipping and GST from the USA. if I have that sort of cash for a fuel tank I’d go for a seat tank -two items for the price of 1 😛
  18. Focke Wolfe 19 ente or duck in German. A very Teutonic way to name a canard or duck in French.
  19. You might like to reconsider the quad bike discs. You will find that a flat will have the disc on the ground and it’s likely to twist and jam. I use Vespa hydraulics on the 912 trike and a plane stainless disc cut to be the diameter of the wheel less 5mm. From experience a total flat does not cause disc strike and it pulls up 450kg of trike on grass in under 100m
  20. Less than $3k for the panther xl trike in 2008. The the raven xl trike in 2014 was $1200 but I had to overhaul the engine so that one comes in at just over $2k plus my time. The home built trike has cost just over $6k but that’s all new except engine that was 2nd hand.
  21. Now how about the medium term outcome of LARGE numbers of electric vehicles ... 1. most vehicles sit around most of the time even during daylight hours. 2. If most of the vehicles sitting around most of the day have a large battery inside AND you plug that vehicle into the grid you can pump electricity from solar through the network and store it in a distributive way around the nation and if those cars are still plugged in at night you can draw back from a distributed network (consumer setting minimum levels of retained battery) Yes there are larger loss
  22. I think the reason it’s not in combat aircraft but has been/is in gliders is the restrictions on overall ability to reposition your body in the cockpit to adjust sight to areas not within your sight in the normal position. gliders address the limits of reposition with extensive glazing and they towelling hats. fighters in a seated position have the greatest ability to move their bodies around for max vis options and they seem to accept that gforce management takes a second string to that.
  23. Northrop xp-79 ram. Rocket motor. Prone pilot. Flying wing. What could go wrong? crashed.
  24. How could a battery be illegal on a 19- reg airframe?? The manufacturer of the engine cannot stop you using a battery - its not part of their engine (and you modify that anyway) - and I do not recall any Tech Manual areas that would mean RAAus have anything to say to you ... so how can it possibly be illegal?
  25. kasper

    Fandango F360

    "a single 180 horsepower Lycoming HIO 360 is enough to get the helicopter and both occupants airborne" That makes me laugh ... ONLY 180hp to get two people into the sky ... types the guy with a two seater R447 ultralight that manages to get two people up there on 40hp. All noise and thrashing themselves those helicopters 😛
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