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  1. Wooden props are comparitly easy to laminate then, chop. Just like a laminated spar, smaller length makes for easier lamination, Only know of one person who made home composite prop, ( said never again ). And for the very small outlay, easy to make different pitch props. spacesailor
  2. Skippy Try Jato or Rato, seems to work wonders !. LoL spacesailor
  3. " Anyway, this has been a fun thread. It's got us back to thinking through the basics; ". It got me thinking ?, IF suspect mag was switched off, No reduction in revs. THEN switch OFF GOOD MAG and GOSH NO BLUDI MOTOR. HELP, Mayday mayday mayday. engine out over water. spacesailor
  4. Four wheels & four blades on the nose. spacesailor
  5. Doesn't compute on my engine, Fairbanks Morse, mag, BUT Single plug heads. So it would stop completely. spacesailor
  6. The remains are compleatly off limlits to recreational divers, which is a pity as the dive clubs could keep it all nice and tidy. Even repairing or replacing the memorial plak donated by divers. spacesailor
  7. I am told the, scimitar prop will " bend " giving a little pitch reduction on take-off, Max revs on take-off and A corser pitch on cruise revs. spacesailor
  8. 20 July 1947. 2017 divers found human remains in the Fairy Firefly . spacesailor
  9. The English aircraft carrier visiting Melbourne, lost two aircraft from it,s display, and promply " up anchor " and left without trying to recover the lost pilot, who was found many years later, still inside his aircraft. ( memorial plack left at site ) . spacesailor
  10. Very interesting, Never thought about the weight difference in frg aircraft parts ( inciuding carbon in frg ) . Once saw a frg life boat from the NZ Wahine that was made like straw, quite thick but very lite in weight. Not much resin inside the skins, just loose long, chopped strand mat, the resin must have been drained out. spacesailor
  11. Millions of cars have their brakes filled by pushing the fluid up to the main reservoir. spacesailor
  12. I'm a simple wish !. Just to fly my Hummel in the circuit. BUT I haven't sat in it for a long time now, ( new Hip ) and will try to sit in it shortly. spacesailor
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