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  1. At least you didn,t make that trip !. I drove for hours from Sydney to Leeton, & never got to see the engine l wanted. spacesailor
  2. Best answer yet. Thank you. spacesailor
  3. Thanks !? but I asked a question ?. As reported survivers have been left with a lot of severe ailments, Lungs, liver, kidney & heart problems. " what will the vaxinated have to endure after their infection " ?. spacesailor
  4. One has to Worry, if we are overstepping the mark, & risking a suspendfull evening without any correspondence! . LoL spacesailor
  5. I didn,t post a theory, but a question. " what happens to the immunized, after they get the virus ? ". ( just hoping someone has read ALL the TGA papers ) spacesailor
  6. I can,t get over the Dehavaland Comet fiasco. Bad design ,bad build, then a big cover up. I was certain there were more than just three. After googling, no mention of a pause in the flights. After accusing " terrorist bombs " taking them out. The Comit two had a compleat redisign. Morry Hummel , has done a good job with his designs, AND has taken ideas from his custemers slowly changing his design. Another is the new 'part 103 ' rules design, not a bad looking all metal aircraft, ,. spacesailor
  7. About a dozen TGA ( whatever you call them ), possible, click ' here' sites. BUT No, l didn,t go into any of the sites, as l didn,t see ( at a glance ) were to go & coulden,t be bothered to ssearch all those sites for, what l don,t really whant the answer to. Just incase it isn,t good !. spacesailor
  8. I don,t think They want us to know too much !. spacesailor
  9. Carefull !. They have two taxes on fuel. We don,t want a Third tax, on top of those other two. spacesailor
  10. The wife has 'large packets ' of moisture/odor absorbant crystals. For her joggers, purchased fron the " dollar store ". They look good & they,r cheap !. spacesailor
  11. Thanks for that information, onetrack. spacesailor
  12. BUT What does the covid do to the immunised, when they get it ?. There,s no information out there yet. spacesailor
  13. Has no,one suggested yet !, Take Panadol or other headache pill Before getting the jab . I did & had a couple of days discomfort, nothing too bad. Jab two and not even a dore arm !. ( hope it wasn,t a placebo ). spacesailor
  14. What about the seller having a change of heart. I went from Sydney to the outback, to see if an engine was in any usable condition. Only to be abruptly turned away. The seller seemed upset that l had used the GPS to drive to his address in Leeton NSW. spacesailor
  15. I don,t think those Damprid are crystals! .( revive, interior dehumidifiers ) it is has white pellets above a gey collection area. I could be wrong, but the cats ' litter tray ' crystals are completely different ( in looks ) . spacesailor
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