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  1. ( d ) THAT didn,t work for those 16 Hummel builder,s Who had seen REGISTERED 95-10 Hummels flying. With their cirtificated registration. Even l have that cirtificate. spacesailor
  2. I also will give my whole hearted thanks, Great work, OR Is it an enjoyable Passion. spacesailor
  3. BUT ,! A Spitfire Will never be the same, without that huge RR motor in front ! Who will buy a Silent Harley. I love the sound, also the Radial motor H A R S, aircraft, when having a flying dispay. Don,t like 'Big Bore motor ' noise,! Use quality ear protection. spacesailor
  4. AS 95-10 Hummel Birds found out through no fault of their own !. spacesailor
  5. One hour duration,! Not that great Yet. The model afro's seem to fly forever on their little batteries. spacesailor
  6. NOT all of us !. If we see an aircraft, even looking like landing, l and the convoy, turn Up the beach to give more rhan a wingspan for it, to land safely. spacesailor
  7. SQUELCH,. The sound of mud between your toes. The sound of Water in your wellies. LoL spacesailor
  8. I tried the Aldi. $ 100 for 365 days. BUT It just used my starter monthly pack, & l lost that $ 100,s. No one seem to know how to make the sim use that addon $ 100. spacesailor
  9. I Like, The idea of buying a ' not to be registered caravan ' Then turning it into a ' toy hauler '. New designated use, should be new registration caturgory ?. Saw one New but stolen caravan, covered in ' fingerprint dust, ' never to be re-registered because of insurance payout, going for a couple of $ thousands. Would have suited me .to the ground. spacesailer
  10. Were do you put your EYE ?. spacesailor
  11. Another OXYMORON Government reguations to clean diesel engines !. You need power, so accelerate, Then the exhaust Gas reticulate. System puts more exhaust gas Into the engine lowering power, so to compensate, More acceration required, gives more EGR, causing lower power output, untill your ' flatout ' Pumping lots of smoke, just to compensate for Bureaucracy. EGR ' BLANKING PLATES ' available from OEM . Tells us something is wrong if they provide the FIX !. spacesailor
  12. OR Take the pilots out of your Cessna 210, and have better clime And range. BUT Thats the drone, spacesailor
  13. I too have model planes witn IC motors, it,s illegal to fly them around here, those Beaurocrates say Only electric. spacesailor
  14. OME. Me too !. Some of my " aeromodler " plans have by necessety, been put onto 35mm film. (, l have a microfiche machine.) The idea at the time of leaving the UK, was to use a projector, at the correct distance, to get the scale to match by a steel ruler. NEVER had the time to even look at them. spacesailor
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