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  1. My old PC Is infected with 'ransom ware '. Had two Antivirus, standard Microsoft on win10, plus either ' AVG ' OR ' AVAST ', Changed the ' C ' drive to ' X '. Then no hard drive available, as bios is lookin for that ' C ' drive. Back in it,s box & Stacked away. spacesailor
  2. Bruce. It,s called a ' scimitar ' and the more preasure it receives makes it lower the standard pitch, when getting to cruise speed it moves to a corser pitch. Tried my wooden home chopped scimitar & notice it had a higher rpm than the standard straight prop, even with an extra One degree pitch increase. ( same Dia ). spacesailor
  3. Even when you have found that ideal instructor! ,to suit your own mentally. You still have to front the senior instructor for your final exam. spacesailor
  4. IF we havn,t got a 103 type !, HOW IS, that ' nano ' kite flying ?, No rego & HE said, " no licence ", No registration means Raa can,t ' find ' him, YES, first hand account. spacesailor
  5. Fabric covering, does it use a " dope " to shrink the fabric. . ( like model airplanes Used to be ) Or is that old school, with the new fabric just pulled tight. spacesailor
  6. My brother hsd a 1950s car ( German ) with a two cylinder two stroke.AND oil injection. The sedan was 600cc & the sports 900cc, he had the van as well. They had cast iron crankcases with an alloy head, very like a Rotax. spacesailor
  7. One more little bit !. In the Hummbird the tailwheel Is faster, than the same plane with a nosewheel behind the prop. So when experienced in that plane, remove the nose wheel & put the tail wheel on. Then start learning all over again !. LoL spacesailor
  8. I thought those gliders with power assist were the better buy !. Two seater,s and they look well maintained ( I think ). Have their own trailer ' hanger ' as a bonus. But VH and l couldn,t get a Raa certificate. spacesailor
  9. News for preloved, Pickles are selling the ' Roulettes aircraft !. Pilatus pc9-A, turboprop . And Schleicher ASK23,M, tandem seat gliders, with motor assistance. No prices & no registration, on planes or trailers. Avalon victoria. spacesailor
  10. Off to another thought ! Scrap an old Drone to use that tiny camera, use phone to view ' camera image' . Only need the mother-board, battery & camera. spacesailor
  11. Is that the reason they put the Tail wheel under the nose !. spacesailor
  12. Say hi , Then ' add files' select documents / images . Hay presto. A photo from my docs. spacesailor
  13. That,s the trouble with, Domestic products, all ancillary components are oversea,s sourced. ( can l ) LoL . spacesailor
  14. Me too, to much fear !. So No inline filter, barbed or otherwise. spacesailor
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