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  1. "Use a syringe with a tube attached to bleed nipple " If you reverse the process, Fill syringe with fluid, attach to wheel brake nipple, push fluid Up the line to the reservoir, just make sure its not over full. Saves fighting the law of, air bubbles raising to the surface, when pushing fluid down the brake-line. spacesailor
  2. With hydrolic,s a simple valve in the brake line will act as a park brake, brakes on turn park valve & brakes stay on. spacesailor
  3. It would be a VERY FAST home built plane to catch up with a jumbo !. Unless it was stationary ( hogging the runway ). spacesailor
  4. Thanks Kasper. The information will help get an idea of what to expect at these auctions. If we ever get the chance to go roaming around Australia ever again. spacesailor
  5. Will we get an update on how much it sold for ?. Please. spacesailor
  6. Up date on title. " Directions: From Yeoval take Renshaw McGirr Way towards Parkes for 4km. Turn left onto Carrolls Road. Follow road for 7.5km to Wallareen. Watch for red flags. " Posted on fasbook market place, sale tomorrow. spacesailoralt=thruster.jpghttps://www.recreationalflying.com/data/attachments/54/54477-c48d5617a70e6b62abae17d7e2cd6120.jpg[/img]
  7. It was on NSN morning news. ( whatever that implies ) spacesailor
  8. I used to register my yacht before going coastal, BUT they changed things and wanted the Names & particular's of All aboard. So I gave that away and only informed coastal radio, while cruising. They are great, Far FAR better than Canberra. ( how is good canberra. took away High frequency radio that you would book customs while a day away from landfall, to short rang VHF, Just so they can hit you with a fine for Not Informing them you are coming in To Them , ) spacesailor
  9. I read somewhere that the Chinese were doing virus research in Canada but were told to go. Now another story has come to light that all is Not as we were told !. " The revelation that the Wuhan Institute was experimenting on bats from the area already known to be the source of COVID-19 - and doing so with American money - has sparked further fears that the lab, " wuFlu.txt " Doctor Li-Meng Yan, who published a study undermining the origin theory that coronavirus naturally occurred, Told Fox News it did not come from nature. “This is created in the lab,” she told Fox News. "
  10. I'm due for my car Driver's licence Medical too. BUT. I CAN DRIVE A 25 TON 42 FOOT BOAT without any restrictions. spacesailor
  11. A wing loading on any 95-10 design defeats, 1.6 "need not be an approved design". If registered after "march 1, 1990" IS WRONG !. it,s FLYING, registered previous but not flown gets DEREGISTERED spacesailor
  12. That same thing happend to the English HummleBird, had to put extra stringers into the monocoque fuselage. spacesailor
  13. Same here with leaking batteries, also the stated life of NiCd batteries is no were near as the makers claim, The NiMi batteries don,t seem much better, the number of use,es that they claim soon passes with the few months of work. spacesailor
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