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  1. Like a powered Sailplane, best of both worlds !. spacesailor
  2. And now I have them asking for " renewal fees " , not too bad, BUT Iv,e never used them, even when instslled on "new PC ". spacesailor
  3. Diesels are not smupposed to be left idling as it Glazes the cylinder,s. BUT turbo diesels have a timer to let the turbo bearings cool down !. spacesailor
  4. ENGINE HEATERS! . Not only do heaters warm your engine, it Will also stop condensation, inside, as well as outside your motor. That was the uptake from, lots of happy car owners when they, Chopped up mums electric iron, to use on the sump of the car, one very cold pommie winter.
  5. Doen,t look used a lot. Like mine was 40 odd years ago, !. spacesailor
  6. I would expect. Aileron's further out towards the Tip, would roll quicker than the same Wing, with inboard ailerons, !. ALSO the size/percentage of ailerons to that same wing span would also change the roll rate. I'm just an Old balsa & tissue modeler. spacesailor
  7. who ordered 90d turns ?. The instructors of course. " make your turn when the end of the runway is 45d ". What don,t you do all at once !, " BUMFISH ". spacesailor
  8. " If someone prangs because of something I didn't explain well or even teach " virgin galactic rocket plane disintegrated, because the crew were Not told of the consequences of doing something when at speed. the wing rotating lock was pulled too early, to give the pilots more time for the next job . with all their training it happened. spacesailor
  9. Just a thought, on electric !. If an electric plane runs out of juice, would the windmilling prop produce a little power back into the battery. Just enough to get power to flare on landing ?. spacesailor
  10. They ( boffins ) designed lots ( books of them ). You can design your own, not too hard, just have to know exactly what the final wing will be used for. The new designs are all a composite,s of bits to do things a single wing can,t, flaps , extensions both leading & trailing. Sailplanes have the most efficient airfoil, not much good on the high-lift slow, low powered planes, in 95-10 caturgury. BUT Why try to make a new WHEEL . spacesailor
  11. YES. My instructor is great at showing the right way to slip that extra hight off. I rearlly enjoyed my traing at the Oaks. spacesailor
  12. On one aircraft . HBird, the fuel tank is over your legs, Nose heavy on take-off. ( full fuel ) BUT tail heavy on landing, ( fuel used ) No-ones said anything about that, but it must make some difference when on finals. even if the CoG is still within tolerances, ( forward on take-off. Rearwards on landing ) easier to stall with empty fuel tank in the front. spacesailor
  13. BUT That But is always lurking !. Untried aircraft with low, LOWER, hour pilot. Any problems will I get it right immediately , or do the wrong manoeuvre with dire consequences. it happens when lease expected !. spacesailor
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