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  1. SO Choose either ' cattle or Corn ' corn being softer on looks only. spaesailor
  2. EXEMPTIONS I seems those exemptions are Not worth the trouble getting them, as the police are Not allowing your exemption !. But applying the letter of the law, & your appeal will not be acknowledged. The fine for no mask while out exercising with your canine friend is over $ 500 !, more than some make in their weekly wage. The New double dose exemption is the 'Digital ' wallet. New phone for some !. New internet for the above, AND Digital tracking for ALL . spacesailor
  3. Sorry I can,t post a TV item here. But they also said covid MU is more contagious than the D strain. ( l can,t post that one either ). spacesailor
  4. Now they say " 4 to 4 months & your vaxination wears off, " Thats not good,! The flu shot lasts a year. SO 3 or 4 vaxinations each & every year. IF you have both shots, then get Covid, does your immunity get better ?. spacesailor
  5. 1984 , big brother is watching You. Utopia for some & hell for the lower class. The rich pay less tax than the Unemployed. the unemployment is lower But, some are receiving. Suplimentery Social security payments on their wage. As it is toolow. spacesailor
  6. Ferro cement concret Does flex, without cracking. The oldest boat in the world is at the bottom of a pond in Rome. Built from a type of concrete, by the Romans. Occasionally brought to life for anniversary,s. So build like the Romans with chicken wire And reo. Try the New Ferro, using epoxy instead of cement, dammed expensive though. spacesailor
  7. Conspiracy theories Now it,s out !. The police are using the Q R details to find & arrest people !? AFTER ALL THE DENIAL FROM THE C M O. The police are addmiting they did. spacesailor
  8. Except Sydney airport, please land out of sight in the sea !. I think thats the official direction spacesailor
  9. Many thanks for your fellicitations. BUT I am being informed that ( not just my family ) people are planning a serupticious gathering for fathers day. Can driving past a family home, to see family members be classed as an essential journey. spacesailor
  10. How is the epidemic transmitted. By road ! Ship driver i, to Sydney NO quarantine , Limo driver, truck driver, And were still bring plane loads in. L strain from Africa ! M strain from south America. In the movies they ended up shooting the infected. It kills that strain & all viruses. Gloomy spacesailor
  11. When l was training the emphasis was " allways look for a place to land in Any emergency ", Has this now changed to ' don't land anywhere without permision ' ?. spacesailor
  12. This place just wouldn,t be the same !, Without all those first " strong backed " personal, that made this country great. spacesailor
  13. One entity has the distinction of the ' ideot,s ' that let that First Covic ship into NSW !. While it flew the ' yellow peter ' flag, " Disease on board ". spacesailor
  14. I tried to get onto that ' my gov ' app. Filled heaps of information, and Stopped at their request for All my banking details. Those details are on their recods list. Not surprising the internet fraud is out of control. spacesailor
  15. You mean " if the land owner doen,t sue, Casa will " . spacesailor
  16. Just a note !. That ' pusher ' outboard powered aircraft looked hard to control, so make it a tractor configuration. The outbord gears are only standard ' bevel ' gears, & can be used to reduce RPM of the motor, just by different teeth ratios. Standard horizontal motor bevel geared to ( say ) 45 degrees shaft, with a reverse of thosje gears back to horizontal prop drive shaft. Could put your C G anywhere it,s needed. spacesailor
  17. After All those 'immunizations ', we had as kids, over the last 60 - 70 years. WHY aren,t we embracing this New vaccination with open ams. I jumped at the chance of NOT dying by covic disease. I probably have had Everything, except german measles, my brother got that one. I talked a couple of my grandchildren into getting the shot, because of the pain & suffering it would cause the wife & l, haveing to attend their funeral, instead of their birthday party. I am still hopeful my nephew will head this advice as well. Only one out of my extended family ha
  18. There was ! A six pot outboard converted to compressed air, running in a car, in Sydney many years ago. spacesailor
  19. jackC And Please, take that jab, if & when it,s available. As l posted ealier " one person booked in for pfizer, " had to cancel as he caught covic19. My daughter is the booking ' front desk ' contact at the medical centre. Thats how l know it,s not bull crap. I don,t want Any of my Friendly forum members on the Deceased list, l ' need ' all of you !. spacesailor
  20. And a New old two pot VW !. Called. Christine, much like the older type without having to do everything yourself Hummel still make theres, but have along wait time. the Christine makers have a quicker delivery, ' they say '. From David Cooper facebook. Could just be a hoax spacesailor
  21. AND NOW This covic19, has a new veriant ! Covic19:C:1:2. From Africa according to my news App. A bit worrisome as it appears our vacs is usless. spacesailor
  22. If l could find a large farm to fly at, l would certainly fly without CASA? Casa like the Tax office has far too much power, just for a government department. And it would be of no advantage to rejoin RAA, as they would say one thing only, Put a foot wrong & we,ll throw the book at you !. spacesailor
  23. They Are going to stop your day-dreams next week !. LoL spacesailor
  24. Google & other Apps can be switched off, l never let them have my were abouts. The phone thing is not for all people as it cost ' Internet money ' l always sign in manually. spacesailor
  25. I shall say nothing !. As l can,t find anything good about school. spacesailor
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