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  1. How do you determine whether "the airport has Existing Use Rights under the Planning Sheme"? Thanks, Bill
  2. Re the third place getters. They actually flew an RF-5 Sperber (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fournier_RF-5). During WW2 Werner Geisler flew with the Luftwaffe (109's?) and Dennis Mathews with the RAF (Typhoons).
  3. I'm interested Skip. Where do I buy them in OZ? Thanks, Bill
  4. ARO said (1B) Subregulations (1) and (1A) do not apply to prevent a member of the crew having temporary access to: (a) any part of the aircraft for the purpose of executing repairs or adjustments to the aircraft or its equipment because you wouldn't want to make a rule that would stop people climbing on the wing or undercarriage to make repairs or adjustments in flight! Then this looks like it's legal, per Subsection (1B) https://www.facebook.com/warbirdexperienceUK/videos/1231273420648581
  5. I think Dick Smith is off John Anderson's Christmas Card list ! https://aopa.com.au/dick-smith-issues-open-letter-to-former-aviation-minister-mr-john-anderson/
  6. Questions please: Old Koreehla - what brand of epoxy did you coat your prop with & what brand - type did you spray (aeorosol?) it with? And Markdun - what brand of epoxy did you use to glue the laminates. Thanks, Bill
  7. The crash site is 600M ENE of Coombing Park airstrip (YCPK 33 37.7 S 149 7.5 E) where the ground rises several hundred feet. Appears they may have done a touch & go or missed approach on 09 & lost it on climb out.
  8. What lubricant is recommended for the Jab piano hinges? Thanks, Bill
  9. My gliding flights are often 4 - 6 hrs duration. My setup is an external catheter draining overboard via a tube attached to the u/c door. (I drop the wheel when the time comes). My catheter source is Independence Australia https://store.independenceaustralia.com/urology/condom-drainage-external-catheters?manufacturer=Urisure My power flights are generally less than 2 hrs & I can usually last that long, but I do carry a nappy in a plastic freezer bag, just in case. Another compact option is the Uribag, which can be washed out & reused. https://www.disabilityshop.com.au/uribag-por
  10. Hi Skippy, being a water based PU, I assume Stewart Systems paint / glue it is not regarded as Dangerous Goods? Were you able to import it direct via airfreight ? Did you use an HVLP spray gun when applying it? Thanks, Bill
  11. Four of them, just up the road from Molong. 32 57.891 S 148 52.873 E. I think there may have been five. One was sold, overhauled & set off for the UK but only made it to somewhere in Asia.
  12. No - ASK 21 Mi's. See posts #22 & 23
  13. They have another 7 to sell. And there's one been operating at Mt Beauty for approx 10 years.
  14. I understand the 4 motorgliders (ASK 21Mi) sold for $140000 to $150000. I'm told (but can't confirm) they all went offshore - NZ, Italy & USA (2). The two that went to the US were purchased by locals on their behalf. Given the present value of the A$ & low hours they were bargains.
  15. He's a well known & respected Bathurst recreational pilot, flying a Bristell. Appears he may have tracked direct from Albion Park to Bathurst, which took him over some very rough tiger country (my preferred route involves a dog leg via Taralga). There is a huge bushfire which would have been east of his track, but I imagine visibility would have been affected. I've been told the ballistic chute was deployed. Condolences to family & friends.
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