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  1. Questions please: Old Koreehla - what brand of epoxy did you coat your prop with & what brand - type did you spray (aeorosol?) it with? And Markdun - what brand of epoxy did you use to glue the laminates. Thanks, Bill
  2. The crash site is 600M ENE of Coombing Park airstrip (YCPK 33 37.7 S 149 7.5 E) where the ground rises several hundred feet. Appears they may have done a touch & go or missed approach on 09 & lost it on climb out.
  3. What lubricant is recommended for the Jab piano hinges? Thanks, Bill
  4. My gliding flights are often 4 - 6 hrs duration. My setup is an external catheter draining overboard via a tube attached to the u/c door. (I drop the wheel when the time comes). My catheter source is Independence Australia https://store.independenceaustralia.com/urology/condom-drainage-external-catheters?manufacturer=Urisure My power flights are generally less than 2 hrs & I can usually last that long, but I do carry a nappy in a plastic freezer bag, just in case. Another compact option is the Uribag, which can be washed out & reused. https://www.disabilityshop.com.au/uribag-por
  5. Hi Skippy, being a water based PU, I assume Stewart Systems paint / glue it is not regarded as Dangerous Goods? Were you able to import it direct via airfreight ? Did you use an HVLP spray gun when applying it? Thanks, Bill
  6. Four of them, just up the road from Molong. 32 57.891 S 148 52.873 E. I think there may have been five. One was sold, overhauled & set off for the UK but only made it to somewhere in Asia.
  7. No - ASK 21 Mi's. See posts #22 & 23
  8. They have another 7 to sell. And there's one been operating at Mt Beauty for approx 10 years.
  9. I understand the 4 motorgliders (ASK 21Mi) sold for $140000 to $150000. I'm told (but can't confirm) they all went offshore - NZ, Italy & USA (2). The two that went to the US were purchased by locals on their behalf. Given the present value of the A$ & low hours they were bargains.
  10. He's a well known & respected Bathurst recreational pilot, flying a Bristell. Appears he may have tracked direct from Albion Park to Bathurst, which took him over some very rough tiger country (my preferred route involves a dog leg via Taralga). There is a huge bushfire which would have been east of his track, but I imagine visibility would have been affected. I've been told the ballistic chute was deployed. Condolences to family & friends.
  11. Another option Lozzer. You're running RWY on an Anroid Nexus 7 (so am I in the Jab). Buy a Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro phone (~ $180). OzRwy allow you to load RWY onto the phone as a backup free. Small screen but usable, especially in my Corby, which has limited panel space. Other benefits are a spare phone & (like another glider pilot on this list who put me onto the J2) you can load XC Soar, which is a great nav / tactical tool for glider pilots. Cheers
  12. Would (should?) the Board have had a say in this? If so surprising that someone didn't ask the question whether the proposal was legal given that most members indicated they didn't want their details revealed. Anyway - how do we get this reversed? Do we individually write to RAA confirming that we don't our personal details revealed ? Other suggestions? Thanks, Bill
  13. I believe this Senate (19 Nov 2018) hearing was brought about by AOPA's CEO Benjamin Morgan agitating, over the RAA vs PPL's medical standards. I suggest viewing part 2 first. Morgan is impressive! He knows his stuff, has researched it thoroughly & is articulate (unlike some of the other participants) They’d been invited there to talk about medicals, but Morgan managed to introduce the plethora of problems facing in GA in Australia. Next suggest viewing Part 3 – CASA has brought in the big guns, but didn't convince the Committee. They've been invited back for another try
  14. 25 – 27 July – Oshkosh. I'd suggest another day if you can - there is so much to see / do. The days can be long & tiring - for your dad (& you) the "trams" make it easy to get about. Take a load off your feet by sitting down & watching the daily airshows (& the Wednesday night airshow shouldn't be missed). Finally the EAA HQ / museum is well worth a visit - allow at least 3 hours. Have a great trip! Bill
  15. Bill

    VW carby

    Anybody tried the Rotec throttle body injector? Rotec Aerosport Pty Ltd Official Site
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