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  1. I saw it on the news... It's a 4 engine jet. And it isn't a A380... So what is it? All I can think of is a 707, A340 or a DC-8.
  2. ONETRACK: > Alan - You have to treat animals as animals, they're not humans, and they can't be given and follow instructions, as humans can. Ummmm..... I've seen animals that are more obedient than humans, and humans that make sheep look intelligent. So that statement isn't exactly true.
  3. Yeah, ok, sorry. Got ahead of myself a bit.
  4. I'll bite. How can that work? Sure: When they did the fence there was a 12 degree magnetic variation. That was then. Now it is 16.5. So the fence won't run to cardinal points. Be they magnetic or true.
  5. That isn't an easy accent to shake though. Depending on .... Oh. Living in Oz for 60 years. Yeah, well I knew someone who was here about that time too. They had a heavy accent.
  6. Well, if you fly in circles, you don't get to see that much. I know that. :)
  7. Gee, I thought I was smart, and started to study navigation stuff.... try to get a degree or two. Seems I am not as smart as I thought. The compass has three hundred and sixty degrees. Shessh! I can't compete with that.
  8. I have heard that name before but can't think where. But knowing me, it is probably a whole other "Mark Bennette" of whom I am thinking.
  9. I am trying! I **AM** trying! But they are complicated things. And I believe costly pets as well.
  10. I'm a bloke and single. Why would I read New Idea?
  11. I saw on the news today that he (Mark) is taking a woman from Wadonga to QLD. He is in Bankstown. Good on you Mark!
  12. On a more serious note: I've been watching a lot of the videos....... I am not seeing the ailerons moving when the planes turn. Yes, one of them I did see the elevators moving, but only a little. I have watched planes turn, roll and all that stuff. I can't see any aileron movement at all. It is just me, or what?
  13. I saw the recent youtube clip of someone flying in Sydney. Yes it is nice and very much better than FS9. But what an insult to the SHB. (Coat hanger)
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