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  1. Hi all, I checked past forum posts and found nothing sepcifically on this, so thought I'd share this because it might be a good 57Hp alternative to the slightly less powerful and rough 1/2 Volkswagon or other types you are still sitting on the fence about. I've been following Pete Plumb's work in the USA for a couple of years now. The half Continental O-200 (uncertified) in a two cylinder configuration known as the "Pegasus DP-1 / O-100" It's also a fully balanced engine which is a plus. It uses all continental parts you can get off the shelf, except th
  2. Hey guys, I'm really interested in these Hummelbirds also. I've also been following Pete Plumb's work in the USA on a half O-200 Continental. He calls it the "Pegasus DP-1" so I guess you could refer to it as a O-100... It has around 57hp, uses continental parts. I reckon the great thing about this engine (not just being Continental) is its balanced nature through the entire rpm range as 'opposed' (pardon the pun) to the 1/2 vw engine in the 2 cylinder configuration. (Not a big deal though). If it's not too heavy, it might be a good alternative to the 1/2 VW.
  3. Building a Hummel Bird.
  4. Do some flying before you decide what you prefer. Do some RAAus training up till solo in order to achieve it for the cheapest cost $$$. After ten or so hours decide what type of flying you'd like to do one day. Local or Xcountry? Passenger or alone? Career even? It's hard to decide what you'll actually end up doing until you've gotten the exposure. Purchase or syndicate? -I'd own something small and just hire the big one when you need it? I'm guessing your asking for opinions. Here's mine. Although people say that single seaters aren't economically viable and cost 5/6 of a two seater
  5. So I decided I might go to university... or maybe not. A lifetime HECS or now FEE-HELP government loan per eligible student is just under $100k in 2018 (or around about let's not split hairs) for the lifetime of a person seeking further education. Pay it back slowly over a zillion years if and when you get a job over $54k p/a or something of the sort. Or, how about undergoing a Commercial Pilot training program using a similar system under the Vocational Education and Training (VET) scheme. This allows you to train full-time inclusive of theory and practical flying from RPL, to then P
  6. It's been a few years since this topic was reviewed. Has anyone got any user-experience with, or seen a Czech Republic Verner Scarlett radial engine operating on any aircraft in Oz? It looks like a good alternative choice to other non-certified air cooled engine configurations. I've heard very little about them. I've only spoken with the manufacturer and one distributor in the USA, but haven't heard from any owners/operators from Australia as yet. I'm interested to see what aircraft they've been adapted to.
  7. Is that engine the 80hp Verner 5 Si or the 60+hp 5 VW?
  8. Yeah like that, but only a single seater. Is that the Fisher Classic?
  9. Sorry for not adding the most important piece of info! It's a Fisher Flying Products Youngster to be powered by a Czech Republic Verner Motor Scarlett 5V, 5 cylinder radial engine of 60hp @ 2300 rpm weighing in at 54kg with a 600hr TBO (not including the oil tank, cooler and prop). These engines are currently a tad under $14,000 AUD new delivered free (that's including import tax) according to today's prices.
  10. Sir, ma'am et all, The first time I "just landed" in these forums was in 2009 where I met some truly great people. I guess it was more of a "touch and go" really. This time I'm sure it's a full stop landing and I'm here to stay. So what happened? Dreaming big back in 2009 of owning my own plane certainly opened up a can of worms regarding costs. Although so much cheaper than GA, my poorly paid employment didn't help the situation. Albeit preaching to the choir. Battling hard and living alone these days with a single low income isn't easy. The first step was to make a change in my l
  11. Looking forward to 2017
  12. Looking forward to 2017
  13. Looking forward to
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